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Owl Feather Spiritual Meaning: Barred, Barn, or White? Sign!

Owl Feather Spiritual Meaning: Barred, Barn, & White

Have you been coming across a lot of owl feathers lately?

Well, believe it or not, the spiritual world could deliberately be placing them in your way to give you a sign!

In this article, we’ll go over everything there is to know about the smell of different owl feathers and their spiritual significance. 

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

Owl Feather Spiritual Meaning

owl open wings

Spiritually, owl feathers are associated with knowledge, wisdom, and mind power

Many believe that these feathers can only be found by highly intelligent and wise individuals. 

However, even if you think that’s not the case with you, coming across an owl feather could mean you have a rare skill or talent that you haven’t discovered yet. And, once you do, it’ll take you farther in life than your imagination!

Certain cultures around the world swear by owl feathers to attract good dreams and ward off evil nightmares. It’s a practice adopted from ancient times. 

Barred Owl Feather Meaning:

Barred Owl

Barred owls are commonly associated with the world of spirituality, magic, and witchcraft

Psychic individuals and people with special spiritual abilities may come across barred owls more often than others. 

These species of owls represent the world beyond the one we live in and hint towards the idea that the human mind may be powerful enough to understand and possibly even interact with supernatural forces

Great Horned Owl Feather Meaning:

Great Horned Owl

Finding the feathers of a great horned owl is believed to be a sign from your guardian angel

It means you’re under spiritual protection and the angel is constantly working to keep all negative forces away from you.

This might include the evil eye, curses, spells, and even mischievous spirits that intend to harm you

Barn Owl Feather Meaning:

Barn Owl

Finding a barn owl’s feather means that you should keep your success and achievements secret

This may be because the spiritual world believes you’re more likely to catch the evil eye. 

Although you can’t control what people envy, you can be more careful of what you flaunt.

So, continue to pray, grow, heal, and fulfill your goals in life but make sure to keep them private as not everyone is going to be selflessly happy for you. 

white Owl Feather Meaning:

white Owl

A white owl feather represents purity and faithfulness

More often than not, noble and pious people who wholeheartedly entrust God with their lives stumble upon white owl feathers.

It means they have both the spirit and the fear of God within them which keeps them chaste and on a righteous path. 

Many even believe the feathers hint at incoming blessings and rewards from the divine being himself

Spiritual Meaning Of Finding An Owl Feather

owl on tree

As I mentioned, finding an owl feather on its own is quite rare

People who find them generally have special spiritual powers or attributes that make them stand apart from the rest of the world.

These qualities may be purity, piety, and complete devotion to God that one embraces and practices from the heart

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you happen to stumble across an owl feather because there’s definitely a light within you that God and the spiritual world admire.

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Owl Feather Meaning In Native American Culture

owl on post

The Native American culture views owl feathers as a symbol of intuition and healing

They coordinate the heart with the spiritual world to receive responses from the gut.

These responses, in most cases, are about the “feel” and not necessarily linked with logic or past experiences. 

Owl and owl feathers are also seen as healers. When you find them, it’s when your healing journey begins.

This healing can be physical, mental, or perhaps even emotional if you’ve suffered major trauma in your life.

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Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing An Owl Feather In Dreams

two white owls

Seeing an owl feather in your dreams could mean that you need to allow yourself to be guided by the spiritual world

Quit being rigid and defensive all the time and let your mind and heart free float. The spiritual world will make your heart drift in the right direction and help you out of deep trouble if you’ve been stuck in it for a long time. 

Other than that, however, what you see aside from the owl feather in the dream will also help determine the nature of the spiritual message.

Ponder over it and let your intuition decode.

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7 Spiritual Meanings And Signs From Finding Owl Feathers

7 Spiritual Meanings And Signs From Finding Owl Feathers

1) Sharp and Cunning

Finding an owl feather randomly could signify that you’re an extremely sharp and cunning individual

It means you always have an understanding of situations and know how to react accordingly. There’s a plan for everything and anything in the back of your mind. 

To no surprise, you may also possess the ability to read the minds or intentions of other people which allows you to outsmart them and not fall for verbal/visual traps. 

2) Make Some New Changes

If you happen to find owl feathers while going about your everyday life, it might be a sign that you need to make some major changes in your lifestyle

These changes may include:

  • Getting adequate sleep;
  • Spending quality time with nature;
  • Putting effort into healthy relationships;
  • Or, even just shifting focus to something you’re weak/lacking at. 

Not only will these changes help you grow as a person but also allow you to develop healthier and more fulfilling habits while limiting addictions and regrettable dependencies. 

3) Physical Healing

If you recently suffered from a gruesome injury or illness, finding an owl feather could mean quicker healing for you

Although it may not cure the entire illness by itself, it can still make you feel better and promote overall well-being which, indirectly, will trigger the process of healing from the mind. 

If your illness dragged you into a hole of darkness and depression, adopting spirituality through the owl feather can help you cope with it and fight all unfortunate physical conditions

4) Restoration Of Balance

Oftentimes, stress or disturbing events can make life a little unbalanced and uncertain. 

However, finding owl feathers during this chapter in your life could be a sign that balance and stability are fast approaching.

This means you’ll soon be able to achieve optimality in all aspects of life such as work, career goals, family, relationships, and mental health. 

If this doesn’t sound delightful enough, unnecessary negativity, hate, and toxicity will be removed from your life as well ultimately leading to longer-lasting harmony.

5) Spiritual Awakening

Yes, finding an owl feather can help you achieve a spiritual awakening!

You’ll likely experience a sudden and drastic shift in your consciousness that pulls you near a greater understanding of God, divinity, and the interconnection of human life with the spiritual world. 

Not only will this awakening make you feel like a completely new person but also open your eyes to the world that’s revolving around you.

Grasping divine signs and messages will become easier and, now more than ever, you’ll feel your intuition guiding you in the right direction. 

6) You’re Very Observant

Coming across a random owl feather may also signify great observation.

It means you’re always aware of everything going on around you and can pick up on different patterns much faster than others. 

Greater observation also correlates with higher intelligence and productivity.

Think of it like a unique power that you’re given for a purpose much bigger than you may be using it for at the moment.

Recognize that purpose and let your inherent powers take you on a ride toward greatness

7) Don’t Be Hesitant To Chase Mysteries

Has there been a unique mystery or question stuck in your mind for a while but you’re just hesitant to follow through?

Well, finding an owl feather can be a sign that you should! 

It’s the spiritual world telling you NOT to take things for what or how they are and dive deeper into enigmas that haven’t been answered or decoded yet.

In fact, solving them alone could be the biggest purpose of your life!

is Finding An Owl Feather A Good Spiritual Sign?

cute owl on tree branch

In most cases….yes! Finding an owl feather can definitely be a positive spiritual sign!

It can not only guide you out of negativity and trouble in life but also give you hope for finding hidden skills and special powers within yourself.

The owl feather suggests that there may be more to you than you think

Although finding owl feathers doesn’t necessarily bring you anything like good luck, it can still remind you of your spiritual status, nobility, and purity which, during rough times in life, is a blessing in itself.

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Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now: even a simple occurrence like coming across an owl feather can have a deep spiritual reasoning behind it

Make sure you pay attention to your life and the changes taking place after such occurrences. Some may be external changes in your surroundings and some may be within yourself. 

Make sure you allow the owl feather to take control of your intuition and encourage you on a journey of self-discovery.

You’ll dig out new findings about your inherent talents and the world you’ve been living in for years. Think of it like a rebirth or reincarnation but spiritual. 

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