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8 Yellow Feather Spiritual Meanings: With Black & White

9 Yellow Feather Spiritual Meanings: With Black & White

Today I will talk about the symbolism and spiritual meaning of yellow feathers.

In spirituality, yellow is a color commonly associated with feeling happy, positivity, finding your creative muse, optimism, intelligence and intellect, and also talking people around until they see your side or point of view.

But what about yellow feathers? What are their spiritual meanings, and why are they important? 

Why don’t we find out? 

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Yellow Feather

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Yellow Feather

In the world of tarot, the color yellow is linked to air, just as red is linked to fire, and blue is linked to earth.

Yellow, red, and blue are primary colors, which means that they are important spiritual colors

Yellow is often seen as a masculine shade and is meant to be representative of a higher consciousness, sometimes referred to as ‘super consciousness’.

As you might expect, it is also the color closely associated with the sun and the sun’s energy. 

In order to work out what that means in terms of the feather, you also need to have a quick look at the spiritual meanings of feathers, too.

The two signs – the color yellow plus a physical feather – are together, which means the singular meanings will come together and meet in the middle somewhere. 

Yellow Feather Spiritual Meaning

Yellow and black feather

If you see or dream of a feather lightly floating down around you or somewhere in your view, many cultures believe it is representative of feeling light, airy, and happy enough that you could float away just like the bird’s plumage

A yellow feather, therefore, could be a very positive sign of positivity all ‘round.

Perhaps you will have some financial luck, lightening the load and making you feel lighter or brighter. (I’ll keep my fingers tightly crossed for you!

Yellow and Black Feather:

A yellow and black feather could be a sign that you are going to have positivity and hope in your future, but you may first have to go through a ‘black’ patch, which might be quite difficult.

Alternatively, you may overall have bright, happy, and energetic patches, intertwined with darker, lower, blacker patches. 

This is often the case with many things in life – they get worse before they get better.

You must hit rock bottom before you can climb back up. All the cliches ring true. 

To flip things around a little, black is also a color associated with wisdom and knowledge.

A yellow and black feather could mean that you learn something or gain knowledge about something that will enable you to lighten the load.

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Yellow Feather with Black Tip:

A yellow feather with a black tip is likely to be the tail feather from a bird – the northern flicker to be precise.

This is a woodpecker, which gives you a little idea of the message or spiritual sign to come… 

Is there a chance that you’re banging your head against a brick wall, proverbially?

That’s what a woodpecker does, bashing its beak at a tree or similar, to get to grubs and other food sources inside.

Maybe something (the universe, your guardian angel, your spiritual self, or even your higher power) is sending you a sign that you must stop banging your head against a brick wall (proverbially) in order to progress and feel happier and lighter.

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Yellow and White Feather:

The color white is very well-known for being associated with peace, love, and innocence – but what do those things mean when they’re also mixed with the color yellow on a feather?

A white feather is closely connected to the afterlife, particularly angels.

It might be the case that your guardian angel or someone in the after life might be sending you the yellow feather spiritual message.

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Yellow and Grey Feather:

When a spiritual sign seems mixed, such as with different colors, it can often mean that more than one message is being sent to you.

Spiritually, seeing a yellow and grey feather means you are not getting the message you are receiving from the universe.

You need to be more attentive!

Perhaps you’ve been ignoring spiritual messages, or you just haven’t seen them.

Either way, there might be more than one meaning or message for you to pay attention to. 

If one color hasn’t worked to grab your attention, perhaps two colors will.

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8 Spiritual Meanings and Messages from Yellow Feathers

The messages from this feathers

Although mostly seen as a positive spiritual symbol, the color yellow, feathers, and the two combines can occasionally be a negative one, or it can be a warning sign for something unpleasant or uncomfortable in your future

1) A Warning

Yellow is often the color used to indicate hazards or warnings, so you could assume that at least one of the spiritual meanings of yellow feathers is just that: a warning. 

Seeing a yellow warning by itself is not a useful sign, of course.

In fact, it’s a completely useless one.

Without further knowledge or at least a little bit of context, you’ll have no idea of what you’re being warned about. 

This is when you’ll need to take the rest of the situation into consideration. This includes: 

  • Your mood;
  • The weather;
  • Other items, people, or animals around you;
  • Things that are going on in your personal, professional, or spiritual life;
  • How you feel about the spiritual sign(s).

2) A Burst of Energy

Not just a warning, yellow is also often a color associated with energy and being energized.

If you’ve ever played The Sims, you’ll know that the energized emotion has been given the color yellow. 

  • What could you need a burst of energy for?
  • Or a little hit of motivation?
  • Have you been working on a big work project but have been struggling to get it finished?
  • Or a home renovation that’s taking up a lot more of your time, money, and effort than originally planned? 

If you’ve been lagging and thinking of quitting, take that yellow feather as your sign not to give up.

It’s a sign from beyond, letting you know that you have what it takes to complete the task, whether you think you do or not. 

Grab that energy, use it, and finally get the job done! 

3) Good Talk, Good Talk

Some spiritualists believe that yellow feathers are symbolically linked to communication.

Specifically, good communication

A good chat can work wonders in several situations. It can help to clear up a mistake or mix up, fix a flailing relationship, save a job, make a friend, and much more besides.

Seeing a yellow feather might be a reminder for you to remember the power of good communication.

Alternatively, it might be a sign of an important conversation coming up in your future. 

4) You’ll Experience a Period of Healing

Yellow is often seen as a healing sign. It is linked to a wide range of ‘healing’ messages, including: 

  • Rejuvenation;
  • Energy;
  • Agility;
  • Physical revival.

This could mean that you are going to have a period of feeling well, after a long or prolonged period of being unwell.

Alternatively, perhaps you’ll get a better grasp of a new medical condition, allowing you to live a happy, uninterrupted life. 

5) Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The song is as popular as it is for a reason: it’s catchy, and – to some extent – it sends a very true message. 

Stop worrying so much. 

Start being happy. 

All of that is much easier said than done, of course, but leaving behind some of the negativity and focusing on being positive can be beneficial.

Seeing a yellow feather could be the reminder you need to let go of negativity and grab hold of positivity.  

6) A Sign of New Life

Yellow is the color of the sun, which is responsible for all life on earth.

Without the sun and it’s energy and warmth, we simply wouldn’t exist on this planet. It’s a weird thought, isn’t it? Can you imagine what the planet might look like without us? 

Because of that associated, the color yellow is sometimes linked to new life, fertility, and new life possibilities

If, for example, you have been having trouble getting pregnant, you might find that you suddenly do become pregnant, or you find yourself coming to peace about the idea of not having children or exploring other paths. Maybe you’ll get accepted for adoption or another route of becoming a parent. 

Either way, the sign is a positive one, and you can more than likely take a positive message away from it

7) You Are Exactly Where You Should Be

Some spiritualists see yellow feathers as a sign that you are on the right path, exactly where you need to be, at exactly the right time in your life. 

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re doing the right thing, or making the best decision, this sign might be for you.

A yellow feather can be a sign that you are doing the right thing, even when it feels like you’re not. 

Stop doubting your own ability to do something. You can achieve more much than you ever believe, but only if you replace some of that pessimism with some optimism. 

8) Be Grateful for What You Have

Bright yellow is a color that’s easy to see.

It stands out because it’s bright, bold, and very obvious. Very few things are bright yellow, which is what makes the color quite a stand-out one.

Green is the color of trees and grass, the sky is blue, so-on and so-forth. 

Could that very obvious color be a sign that you’re missing something very obvious?

Life is crazy right now.

Some might go as far as to say it was insane. Every day we wake up and read stories in the media that seem as though they’ve popped out of a end-of-world action flick. In the midst of all that, it’s easy to lose sense of what’s important. 

And it’s very important to be grateful. 

No, you don’t have your dream car – but you do have a car. Some people don’t have that. 

And no, you don’t have a mansion on that nice street in town – but you do have a roof over your head. Some people don’t have that

I know you don’t have those cool new trainers that cost half your rent for the month – but you do have something on your feet. Again: some people don’t have that

Remember to be grateful for what you have while you’re on the pursuit for all the things you don’t. 

Are Yellow Feathers a Good Sign?

The spiritual signs from yellow feathers

Yes, yellow feathers are a good sign; however, they can also be a bad one, too. 

Spiritual moments, dreams, and messages from beyond are all subjective, and they all mean different things to different people.

The message attached to a yellow feather won’t be the same for you as it will for someone else

Should You Pick Up and Keep a Yellow Feather?

It is thought best to leave the yellow feather exactly where you found it, putting it back if you have picked it up.

Although the sign is for you, the feather doesn’t belong to you.

It belongs to nature, where it should stay.

That feather will start to get scruffy and decompose, but that’s the way of the world.

If you want the best result, leave the feather right where it is.

Final Words

I hope now you know what the yellow feathers really mean. Finally, I look forward to your comment below.

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