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7 Spiritual Meaning of Chains: Necklace, Bracelet

Spiritual Meaning of Chains: Necklace, Bracelet

The necklace and bracelet you use should not be seen as mere fashion accessories.

In the spiritual world, they are highly significant and should be treated as such. Wearing chains, necklaces, and bracelets has a lot of spiritual meanings you need to know. 

In this article, we will extensively discuss the spiritual meaning of chain necklaces and chain bracelets. 

Do they bring good luck or bad luck?

Read on to find out more about your jewelry.

Spiritual meaning of chains


In the spiritual world, chains are seen as a sign of restriction.

Now, in some cultures, they are regarded as an omen of bondage. But this isn’t true in its entirety. Sometimes, what we refer to as bondage is a restriction from doing certain things that are detrimental to our growth.

This is what chains represent

Furthermore, chains are an omen of control. They remind and inspire people to keep themselves in check. The ability to control your emotions is a great spiritual power. Whenever you wear your chain, be reminded of this spiritual fact. You can always control your emotions. 

I believe that chains are spiritual objects of good luck. Wearing them to attract luck works perfectly. These fashion accessories can purify your core – attracting positive energy to you. 

Chains are also seen as an omen of originality. Seeing them inspires people to stick with their uniqueness. In one way or the other, we all have our special functions. Therefore, stop trying to be like others.

Be like the chain on your neck. Be unique. Bask in your originality. Put your unique skills and abilities to great use.

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Chain necklace spiritual meaning

Chain necklace

A chain necklace spiritually talks about your thoughts. It inspires you to put your thoughts under control. According to the law of attraction, wearing a chain necklace reminds you to harbor only positive thoughts

This is because the thoughts in your heart will affect what comes into your life eventually. This is a hard spiritual truth. But you need to accept it. 

In addition to this, a chain necklace could be a sign of weight loss.

When I discovered this message, it was funny to me at first. But, I realized that several ancient cultures hold the same belief. 

Wearing a chain necklace can reduce your overall body weight. 

If you forget to remove your chain necklace before sleeping, it is seen as an omen of anxiety and fear. Take this as a sign to overcome your anxiety. There is no need to be anxious about anything. 

Spiritually, a chain necklace speaks of releasing your will to the universe. That is, trust in the universe to direct you on the right path. 

Also, it is believed that a chain necklace brings good luck and fortune. Wearing it in the morning could attract positivity into your life – causing several good things to happen during the day. 

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Chain bracelet spiritual meaning

Chain bracelet

Spiritually, wearing a chain bracelet on your wrist is a sign of control.

This speaks of gaining mastery over your emotions, thoughts, and actions.

Those who wear chain bracelets are constantly reminded to never give in to pressure. 

In addition to this, a chain bracelet speaks of diligence. If you dream of wearing a chain bracelet, this means that you need to be hardworking.

Don’t give in to laziness and procrastination. Develop a strong work ethic. 

Furthermore, a chain bracelet is an omen of inner beauty. It inspires you to be confident in yourself. This message is especially for females. A chain bracelet reminds them to be proud of their looks.

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Gold chain spiritual meaning

Gold chain

A gold chain spiritually means good luck. Wearing it attracts good luck into your life. Before you wear your gold chain in the morning, ensure to speak words of affirmation for good luck.

Doing this charges the energy of your chain. 

In addition to this, a gold chain spiritually means self-confidence. It helps your esteem. If you’ve failed at something in the past, gold chains are spiritual reminders that you are not defined by your past. They inspire you to believe in your abilities. 

Gold chains are omens of prosperity. Dreaming about them means you are going to enjoy God’s blessings. 

Black chain spiritual meaning

Black chain

A black chain is mostly used for protection. Those who wear it would be shielded from negative energies and bad spirits. 

The next time you wear your black chain, keep this in mind. It is a spiritual amulet of protection against evil spirits. 

Furthermore, a black chain represents the need for inner clarity. It inspires people to listen to their inner voices. If you need answers to questions, your black chain reminds you to pay attention to your instincts. 

The spiritual meaning of a black chain also speaks of consistency. It inspires and reminds people to stick to the path they choose.

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7 Spiritual benefits of wearing chains

Spiritual benefits of wearing chains

Do you know that wearing chains has spiritual benefits? Yes, it does. This will be addressed right here. 

I discovered 7 spiritual benefits of wearing chains and I thought to share them with you. 

Read on to find out more. 

1) Good Luck

Wearing chains brings good luck into your life. Because of the positive energy in this jewelry, a lot of good things will happen to you by wearing it. This is one of the reasons I wear my chain every day. It brings goodness and fortune to me. 

2) Healing

The healing energy of chains can work for a speedy recovery from sickness. If you are sick in your body, try wearing chains for some days. You will discover that healing has begun. It is believed that chains can absorb sicknesses from people’s bodies – leaving them fully recovered. 

3) Emotional stability

One of the spiritual meanings of chains is “stability”. Well, it can also be a spiritual benefit. This fashion accessory can restore stability to our emotional lives – giving us the inner power to control our feelings. 

Therefore, if you’ve lost control of your emotions, regain control by wearing chains for a couple of days. 

4) Emotional Healing

Through chains, you can also enjoy emotional healing. They don’t just bring physical healing but also emotional healing. 

If you recently suffered from a loss, betrayal, or break-up, then, your chains can be the best therapeutic companion you need. 

The physical energy in chains helps you to heal up from the past. It fuels you with the strength to move on with your life. 

5) Prosperity

Gold chains are known for prosperity. Wearing them attracts good luck into your life for wealth and abundance. 

This is one of its numerous spiritual benefits. 

6) Spiritual sensitivity

Black chains can increase our spiritual awareness. Wearing them at night makes you spiritually sensitive to what goes on in your environment. If you notice a decline in your spiritual awareness, wear a black chain around your neck for some days. You will be spiritually charged again. 

7) Protection

Do you feel vulnerable? Then, it is time to wear your black chain. This releases protection energy around you – warding off negative spirits and bad energies. It’s a major spiritual benefit of wearing a black chain. 

It fills you with an inner assurance of safety from spiritual attacks. 


Chains have fascinated humanity for centuries. They’ve been used for several spiritual purposes. All of these point to the fact that these are not just mere fashion accessories. They are spiritual amulets with significant meanings for everyone. 

As we have discussed in this article, use them for guidance. In addition to this, enjoy the spiritual benefits that come with using them.


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