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Fortune Cookie Online: Daily fortune cookie the real truth!

If you want to play the fortune cookie online, you no longer need to go to a Chinese restaurant, you can play in our virtual game. Fortune cookies will only give you the real truth about your past, your future and your present.

Look carefully at the 3 fortune cookies and click on 1 of them:

Each fortune cookie contains a different message for your life. By choosing a random cookie you will be letting luck work for you. As soon as you click on 1 of them, you will receive your message. The message that will come out to you was already predestined for you. It may contain a secret, a tip, a teaching for your future, or an important warning sign.

You should read the message carefully and think about its influence on your life. It may sound simple, but it will relate to something important to you. It all depends on your luck, if you’re on a lucky day you get a positive message, but if you’re on an unlucky day you get a bad message. The only way to know is to play. So, don’t waste any more time and get started right now, it’s free!

How does the online fortune cookie work?

This virtual game is very simple, easy and quick to play. A fortune cookie is a cookie that contains a piece of paper with a small sentence written on it. This sentence is a message for your life.

In fact, these cookies were not used by the Chinese in games, but as a means of communication. They used this trick to pass messages while they were at war with the Mongols.

It was a simple and efficient way that allowed them to communicate without being discovered. So, when they received a cookie, they knew it was a sign of luck, as it had been another message that had escaped the enemy and would benefit them in the war.

Thanks to these cookies, the Chinese managed to escape the Mongols and be free. From that moment on, they started calling them fortune cookies, as they were the ones who helped them out of this terrible war.

These days cookies are still famous! However, if you can’t go to China to open yours, you can play in Angelical Balance right now to receive your message of the day!

What will my message of the day say?

It depends. Each fortune cookie contains a different message and each player receives a different cookie. So, your message of the day will depend on your luck.

Messages can be about different fields of your life:

  • Tips about your love life;
  • Messages about your financial life;
  • What you should or shouldn’t do today;
  • An advice and tip for today;
  • Warning signs about something that might happen.

Don’t worry though! You will only receive the real truth about your life. You will receive a short phrase that must be interpreted with time and patience. I say this because this phrase may seem to say nothing, but if you know how to interpret it, you will be able to unravel many of its messages.

For now, our fortune cookies are unrelated to the horoscope, but they will soon be. So be sure to visit and try our game whenever possible!

We are constantly improving it and adding new lucky phrases for you.

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