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Ammonite Fossil Spiritual Meaning: 7 Healing Properties

Ammonite Fossil Spiritual Meaning: 7 Healing Properties

An ammonite fossil is an ancient relic. Believed to be inhabited by water creatures over millions of years, this object holds deep spiritual powers and healing properties. If you have ever found or seen one recently, this article is for you. 

Sometimes, the universe brings important objects like this our way to teach us profound lessons.

It also releases powerful messages to us and is beneficial to our health and overall wellbeing

Therefore, read this article to find out what an ammonite fossil means in the spiritual world. 

Ammonite fossil spiritual meaning

Ammonite fossil

The ammonite fossil has unique spiritual messages for you. Pay attention to what you are about to read right now.

If you’ve seen this in recent times, then, one of the spiritual messages you could get talks about the interconnectedness of life

The spiral shape is believed to represent the concept of sacred geometry. This discloses that an ammonite fossil reminds us to see a connection between everything around us

The concept of interconnectedness explains how everything in the universe came from one source and is connected. When you understand this, your mind will never see an event as coincidental. 

Furthermore, the strong outer shell of an ammonite fossil speaks of tenacity. It speaks of resilience. In ancient times, people used this object as a spiritual reminder to stand strong in battle. 

Today, we don’t necessarily have to fight battles, wars, etc… 

However, we fight battles in our lives every day. Just like the strong outer shell of an ammonite fossil, ensure you stand strong amid all these pressures. Don’t give up.

In addition to this, the ammonite fossil is a sign of self-discovery. You found it because the universe wants you to discover your potential. You need to understand who you are, and what you’re destined to become. 

The spiritual significance of an ammonite fossil transcends human understanding. It’s a deep mystery that has been unraveled for thousands of years and possibly millions of years.

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Spiritual meaning of finding an ammonite

Ammonite on the ground

As I discussed earlier, an ammonite fossil is incredibly powerful. It is relatively easy to find around but has deep symbolic messages and interpretations.

When you find an ammonite fossil, one of its profound meanings is self-discovery.

It’s quite easy for us to get lost in the world around us. The overwhelming situations in our lives can blind us from discovering who we’re meant to be. This is why the universe orchestrates certain events – like finding an ammonite fossil. 

Once you get this sign, it is time to retreat.

You have to discover who you are. This is crucial to unlock the unique skills and talents you possess. 

Finding an ammonite fossil is a positive omen. It means your desires will be met.

During a moment of prayer, if you suddenly have a vision about finding an ammonite fossil, this means you have gotten answers to your prayers.

This fuels you with hope, encouragement, and faith

When a woman finds an ammonite fossil, it’s an encouragement. This sign was given to help boost her confidence.

The ammonite fossil emits positive energy for inner healing.

Therefore, a woman who has lost her esteem due to certain situations might find an ammonite fossil at the beginning of her healing journey

Spiritually, when you find an ammonite fossil near the ocean, this is telling you to expect great things to happen in your life. It’s quite a positive sign as well. For example, if you are going through a difficult moment, this might be the beginning of a positive turnaround.

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Ammonite fossil properties

Ammonite fossil

The metaphysical properties of an ammonite fossil help the mind. Its therapeutic powers are responsible for calming an agitated mind. It is believed that this object can expel negative energy from an individual’s mind.

Therefore, if you feel emotionally and mentally fatigued, you should get an ammonite fossil for yourself. Its magical power calms the mind. 

This fossil has existed for a long time.

Over these periods, it has absorbed enough magical and earth powers. With these powers, an individual can connect with his/her ancestors. 

This is why some witches, conjurers, and psychics keep ammonite fossils around them during certain spiritual practices. It’s like an energy anchor for them. 

If you feel spiritually disconnected, try using ammonite fossils as an anchor during meditation. Its grounding properties will help your chakras realign once again. This object has absorbed enough power to charge up your spiritual senses

Its protective powers are responsible for warding off negative energy and bad spirits. Hanging it in front of your door shuts out bad energy. To keep yourself always secured, you can cut a part of it and make it a pendant to wear.

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7 Ammonite healing and magical properties

Ammonite healing and magical properties

Ammonite fossils have 7 healing and magical properties you need to know. This will be discussed extensively right away. 

Any of these spiritual powers can be used to your advantage. 

Let’s delve into these 7 magical properties. 

1) Healing

This fossil has healing powers. If you feel sick in your body, place an ammonite fossil by the right side of your bed.

This speeds up your recovery process. Additionally, if you are going through an emotionally traumatic moment, an ammonite fossil releases its therapeutic powers to calm your mind by kickstarting your healing process. 

2) Stability

The grounding properties of this fossil make it possible to attain stability.

For years, an ammonite fossil has remained on the ground. Because of this, it has absorbed enough of the earth’s energy, which is needed for grounding exercises. 

When you are fully grounded, you will attain a heightened awareness and stability of mind. 

An ammonite fossil can accomplish this for you

3) Good Luck charm

In some cultures, this fossil is used for good luck. It’s believed to possess magnetic powers that pull good fortune closer to people.

Therefore, if you desire to enjoy some form of good luck in any aspect of your life, I will recommend ammonite fossils.

Hang it in your home, or wear it on your body.

4) Spiritual connection

Because of this fossil’s great spiritual significance, you can connect with the spiritual world by meditating with it.

An ammonite fossil makes spiritual connectivity possible. It awakens your chakras, clears off any spiritual blockage, and opens your consciousness about the unseen realm. 

5) Inner resilience

The hard shell of this fossil can imbue men with inner strength. If you give up too easily, it’s time to get an ammonite fossil.

Meditate with this constantly for a while. 

You will notice a change in your approach towards challenges. The energy from this ancient object will fuel your determination and resilience to not give up.

6) Manifestation Properties

The amplifying energy of an ammonite fossil can help you during manifestation.

It keeps you focused on your intentions and brings your desires to reality.

By tapping into the powers of this fossil, you can manifest your desires with clarity of mind.

7) Protection

An ammonite fossil can be an amulet of protection. Placing it in front of your door keeps evil spirits away from your home. It also shields you from bad luck.


Ammonite fossils are fascinating objects. For years, it has been used as jewelry, amulet, and spiritual artifacts. 

As we have discussed in this article, take advantage of its magical and healing properties for yourself

Conclusively, using an ammonite fossil brings good luck. Therefore, ensure to ONLY emit positive energy while using it for spiritual purposes. 

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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