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Home » Driftwood Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and 7 Powers 

Driftwood Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and 7 Powers 

Driftwood Spiritual Meaning: Symbolism and 7 Powers 

If you’re a fan of nature, chances are you have encountered a lot of different types of wood in your life already.

Wood and even trees in general are known to naturally sustain life. Trees definitely are one of the greatest gifts that nature has given us.

However, there is one type of wood that isn’t really discussed that often.  This is what you call driftwood.

Half of that being said, did you know that there’s also a hidden spiritual meaning behind this particular type of wood?

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss some of these hidden spiritual meanings and what they could mean about your own life.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, don’t hesitate to continue reading below.  

What is Driftwood?


To start, let us first discuss what driftwood is physically.

The term refers to pieces of wood that have been washed up on the shore of various bodies of water through large waves or tides. 

Usually, these particular types of what can be found after a strong storm with high winds and flooding.  

It can sometimes be confused with weathered wood.

However, if you want to have construction done in your house, you have to make sure that you can figure out the main differences between the two types of wood. 

Fortunately, we can answer this for you.

Weathered wood usually refers to the type that has been chemically treated to simulate the wear and tear of time.

It is a synthetic version of driftwood.

Driftwood, as mentioned earlier, is a type of wood that has been washed up on shore through natural phenomena such as storms, tidal waves, and the like. 

What Does Driftwood Represent Spiritually?

Driftwood Represent Spiritually

Now that we know the physical meaning of the word, we can now move on to what it represents spiritually

Driftwood as a symbol can mean a variety of things. Since essentially it is a washed-up piece of wood, this object can represent someone who is lost and directionless.

Someone who just floats through life without a clear purpose.

In short, driftwood represents someone who could also be considered a lost soul.

Have you ever felt this way? If the answer is yes, then this may be a good symbol for you and your life as a whole.

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Spiritual Meaning of Driftwood 

Spiritual Meaning of Driftwood 

As mentioned earlier, it can represent someone who is lost and without direction. An individual who just goes with the flow.

This means that if you identify with driftwood as a totem in your life, you may need strong guidance.  

This can refer to an authoritative presence that can pull you back from the abyss of loneliness and loss. This person can be a teacher, a family member, a friend, or generally someone you can trust.  

Once you find this person, you may become extremely motivated and willing to do everything in your power to fulfill your new mission in life.

You may even discover new things about yourself and others in the process.

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Symbolism of Driftwood

Symbolism of Driftwood

This piece of wood can remind us of the ravaging of natural elements.

How do the sun, wind, and water affect life as a whole? It can represent death and decay as well.

This means that if you are a fan of driftwood in your designs, you like the unique and organic quality of this implement.

The driftwood can also signify transformation and change

Since driftwood is essentially wood that has been broken off and washed ashore, it can signify rebirth for anyone who happens to find such an item on the beach.

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7 Spiritual Powers and Benefits of Driftwood

7 Spiritual Powers and Benefits of Driftwood

1) Rebirth

As mentioned earlier, a driftwood is a piece of another larger natural specimen that drifted off to survive on its own.

It symbolizes being triumphant despite all the challenges that one may encounter.

If you happen to chance upon this piece of wood anywhere, chances are you have survived a lot in your life.

It may also mean that good things will come your way sooner rather than later.

2) Transformation

Driftwood also signifies the change in one’s life.  It may be a sign that an evolution is coming into your being.

It may not be physical or anything tangible, but you will certainly know it once it happens.

3) Reality

This particular piece of wood also reminds us of the reality that is life.

It serves to remind us that no matter what life throws at us, we can still survive and thrive if we just find the strength within us.

However, the driftwood also shows us that life is not a bed of roses.

It is testament and proof that though everything may look battered there’s still a chance for us to survive and live another day.

4) Peace and Tranquility

Driftwood also offers peace and tranquility.

Since it is something that floats amidst stormy waters but remains still, it shows that we humans can also be that way.

Someone that doesn’t let anyone, or anything affect them. Someone who has peace of mind despite the various trials that one might experience.

5) Healing 

Driftwood can also offer a significant amount of healing.

After severe emotional turmoil, one can use the driftwood to remind himself that everything will be OK.

It is a significant reminder that though life may not be good to you at times, you always have the power to move on and heal yourself given enough time.

6) Purity 

Since driftwood comes from the purest of the natural creations, the tree, it can symbolize purity and cleanliness of the heart.

If you happen to encounter driftwood, let it remind you that you are a heaping bowl of pure love that can nurture and care for others as well as offer protection when necessary.

Of course, you should also know that driftwood is a strong implement that can be used to hurt others as well.

The key is to find a balance between protecting himself and remaining chaste in mind and heart.

How can you do this? By determining the purpose of the act.

Are you going to use the driftwood to protect other people or hurt them just because you can? If you answered the former, you will have remained pure of heart despite using driftwood as a weapon.

7) Sacrifice 

This is one of the heaviest symbolisms a driftwood can possess.

It signifies the responsibility that people can bear as human beings.

It encompasses the reality that not everything may come your way, but you will get through it if you keep the faith and forebear.

All you need to do is keep quiet and let life take its course.  Everything else will follow for sure.

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Is Finding Driftwood a Good Spiritual Sign?  

Finding Driftwood

The answer to this question is yes. Why? Because this particular object reminds us that there is hope still in this life. 

It is a sign that change is coming and that good things may yet come his way if he just has the patience to wait.

Shall We Conclude?

With all these symbolism and powers, you should try to explore using driftwood more in your designs or any other daily activity. It will give you the strength you need to power through your day without difficulty.

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