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13 Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits and Properties

13 Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits and Properties

Sandalwood has 13 spiritual benefits and properties you should know.

Just like every other spiritual plant, you can use sandalwood for several other things apart from medical and beauty. 

In this article, we will explore deeper details concerning sandalwood, which opens your eyes to other spiritual ways of applying sandalwood.

Read on to find out the spiritual meaning, spiritual benefits, and spiritual properties of sandalwood.

Sandalwood Spiritual Meaning

Sandalwood Tree

In the spiritual world, sandalwood is a plant of great benefits and significance. When you get sandalwood, it reminds you of the need to take things one step at a time.

We might be tempted to think time is far spent. However, sandalwood can tell us otherwise.

The universe gives us a message through sandalwood because it possesses the spiritual quality to calm us down.

It tells us to not be in a haste to accomplish any goal or perform any task.

The spiritual meaning of sandalwood also encourages us to pay attention to the beauty of nature. It establishes a connection between us and the power of nature.

Connecting with nature relieves you of stress. It refreshes your mind and eliminates negativity.

Through the spiritual significance of sandalwood, you will become spiritually grounded. Spiritual grounding talks about connecting with mother earth.

It ensures you are connected to the source of creation, which is mother earth.

Sandalwood also talks about standing strong in the face of difficult situations.

It opens your eyes to realize how strong you are even in the presence of tough issues. 

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Sandalwood

Smelling Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits

Smelling sandalwood indicates that your spiritual senses are functioning properly.

This is a good spiritual omen.

It indicates that everything around you is functioning well.

Whenever the spiritual world wants to establish a connection with people, it happens via smelling sandalwood.

In addition to this, smelling sandalwood spiritually means you should trust your sense of judgment.

The ability to differentiate between the smell of sandalwood and other plants spiritually represents your ability to make correct judgments.

It is also encouragement from the spiritual world that causes you to trust more in your decisions.

It boosts your self-esteem as well.

Sandalwood Metaphysical Properties


Sandalwood’s metaphysical properties make it easy for people to connect with the spiritual world.

Whenever you find it hard to connect with the spiritual world, try using sandalwood.

Because of the metaphysical properties it has, your mind will be calm and silenced enough to connect with the spiritual world and also get divine messages from the universe

Additionally, sandalwood’s metaphysical properties work on your mind.

It ensures that your mind functions as it should.

Sandalwood is also powerful enough to bring your desires to pass.

Burning the sandalwood and creating an intention alongside is a powerful way to manifest your intentions. 

13 Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits and Properties

Sandalwood Spiritual Benefits

The 13 sandalwood spiritual benefits and properties we are about to see give you a clue into what you will enjoy while using sandalwood. Just so you know, sandalwood is one of the power plants that bring spirituality close to people.

Therefore, there is no denying its spiritual benefits and properties. All that is left is to identify specific spiritual benefits and properties that are crucial to daily living. 

1) Courage

Using sandalwood restores courage to your heart. It is sent to you at a point of fear and despair.

Especially when you are on the verge of doing something important. Using sandalwood for yourself makes you bold enough to take huge steps.

Sandalwood is always recommended for people that are scared of making mistakes when it comes to decisions and actions.

It has spiritual properties that strengthen people’s minds and spur them towards accomplishing their goals. 

Therefore, if you need a push towards your goals and objectives, then sandalwood is a great spiritual plant to use.

Keeping it around you is enough to make you bold

2) It takes away self-doubt

Doubts about yourself

Self-doubt cripples your ability to use your potential.

Nobody should be in this frame of mind.

The reason is tied to how negatively it affects the mind. Self-doubt makes you feel bad about yourself every time. It also stops you from believing in yourself.

To overcome this negative feeling, try meditating on the power of sandalwood at least twice a day.

Additionally, using positive affirmations with sandalwood helps. The energy from sandalwood eliminates fear and doubt.

It places you in a position of faith and courage.

Because of the spiritual effect that sandalwood has on people, it is known to make people drunk with a desire to explore all of their potential.

3) Spiritual foresight

The spiritual benefit of sandalwood also affects the ability to see into the spirit world.

You need to understand that your spiritual senses are divided into:

  • The ability to see;
  • Ability to hear;
  • Ability to speak;
  • And the ability to perceive.

Sandalwood affects the ability to see into the spirit world.

Therefore, use it for spiritual foresight.

It blesses you with divine intuitive abilities that help your inner eyes to see into the future without ambiguity or confusion.

For spiritual foresight purposes, sandalwood is a powerful item to use.

4) Spiritual sensitivity


Establishing a spiritual connection with the spiritual world is paramount.

Losing your spiritual sensitivity makes it difficult to get spiritual messages. Without spiritual sensitivity, you stand at risk of falling into errors.

This is why you should work hard at developing your spiritual senses.

Sandalwood can help with that.

It possesses the spiritual properties that enhance spiritual sensitivity. It makes your spiritual senses heightened enough to pick signals around. 

Keep sandalwood around you at all times.

The smell from this plant works on your mind and goes into the deepest recesses of your soul. With this, your spiritual self will be rejuvenated.

5) It eliminates negative energy

When you use sandalwood, expect to be free of negative energy.

Here are 5 examples of negative energy:

  • Depression;
  • Sadness;
  • Grief;
  • Anxiety;
  • Fear.

Allowing negative energy in your mind for a long time leads to mental imbalance.

It destabilizes you and eventually affects other parts of your life.

With sandalwood, you can maintain your sanity. It eliminates negative energy. 

Whenever you feel choked by negative energy, you can burn sandalwood incense to eliminate such.

This keeps you positive and stabilizes your mind.

6) Stable Health

Good and stable health

Sandalwood possesses the spiritual ability to restore your health.

The moment you consistently notice a decline in your health, try keeping sandalwood around you.

Because of the energy that emits from sandalwood, you can be assured of enjoying good health.

In the spiritual world, sandalwood is a spiritual plant of healing powers.

It can restore your health and balance your body systems.

Whenever you dream of placing sandalwood in water, it means that the universe is healing you from diseases.

The spiritual properties of sandalwood ensure that your healing process is sped up.

If your sickness was caused by a spiritual attack, the energy from sandalwood stops such an attack and protects you from future spiritual attacks on your health.

7) Mental stability

The beautiful aroma of sandalwood helps your mental health.

It keeps you mentally stable. Use sandalwood consistently for mental stability.

The moment you notice the wrong emotional energy in your mind, try burning sandalwood incense.

It possesses the ability to relieve you of every mental issue.

The relaxing ability of sandalwood makes it the best option for mental stability.

Whenever you get sandalwood as a spiritual sign, it means that you should embrace the peace of mind at all times.

No matter what goes wrong around you, remind yourself that you can control how you feel and what goes on in your mind. 

8) Protection

Guardian Angel protection

Sandalwood protects you from spiritual attacks.

Sandalwood possesses the ability to protect people from evil spirits and negative energy. Therefore, expect to enjoy this benefit.

If you sense vulnerabilities in your atmosphere, it is best to use sandalwood.

Hanging sandalwood at your door post prevents evil spirits from attacking you. It also ensures that your mind is kept safe from becoming influenced by negativity.

It is believed that sandalwood stops the evil eye from having its effect on you

9) It attracts good luck

For good luck purposes, sandalwood comes in handy.

Whenever you use sandalwood, expect good things to happen. In the spiritual world, sandalwood is one of the ways to attract good luck yourself. 

For wealth and prosperity, make use of sandalwood while praying.

Burning sandalwood incense for prosperity and wealth is a great way to intensify the energy around you that attracts wealth.

The negative energy from other people stops bad luck from affecting you.

It creates a wall around you that keeps bad energy from you.

Keeping sandalwood around you helps your mind to believe in the possibility of a good turnaround. 

Beyond the physical things you will experience with sandalwood, your mind will also be affected by the positive energy.

10) Sandalwood brings clarity to your heart

Spiritual clarity

Whenever you are confused, sandalwood ensures that your mind remains calm.

It brings clarity and precision to your heart.

If you have questions in your heart and sandalwood appears to you in your dream, this is a message from the universe assuring you of getting an answer in no time.

Furthermore, sandalwood tells you to trust in your intuition.

It opens your mind to see the potential you have to take the right step and make accurate decisions.

The smell of sandalwood clears the mind and opens it up to beautiful ideas.

11) Sleeping benefits

For good sleep, try using sandalwood.

People with sleep problems can overcome this by using sandalwood. Keep sandalwood in your room, or under your pillow to enjoy this spiritual benefit.

The moment you do this, your mind will connect with the energy from sandalwood, which makes you sleep.

Sandalwood is a great therapeutic plant that stops you from having sleep problems.

It brings your mind to a calm state and this helps you sleep better.

12) It expels negative dreams

Woman having nightmares

Having bad dreams is a sign of irregularities in your chakras.

Furthermore, it could be caused by depressing thoughts.

Using sandalwood takes away these factors and gives you good dreams.

Whenever you observe a pattern of negative dreams, try using sandalwood for yourself. It possesses the energy to eliminate negative dreams. 

13) It cures skin problems

For skin problems, try using sandalwood.

It has the ability to take away skin problems.

Therefore, make use of it for your skin problems.

The spiritual properties of sandalwood ensure that your skin problems are over.

Sandalwood Incense Spiritual Benefits

Sandalwood Incense

There are spiritual benefits of sandalwood incense. Let us discuss them as follows:

  1. Sandalwood incense is good for purification purposes: When you sense contamination in your spiritual atmosphere, use sandalwood incense for your environment. The aroma from sandalwood incense clears your energy and purifies your atmosphere.

  1. Good luck: Sandalwood incense ensures good luck stays around you. Burning sandalwood incense takes away bad luck from your environment. It prevents negative energy from lingering around you for a long time.

  1. For prayers: Using sandalwood incense allows your prayers to be answered. It ensures the ascendancy of your prayers to heaven and guarantees the answer of such.

What is Sandalwood Oil Good For?

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil clears blemishes.

It removes acne, pimples, and skin problems.

It enhances your beauty and makes you look attractive to other people.

Additionally, sandalwood attracts good luck.

When you rub sandalwood oil on your body in the morning, it brings good luck to you.

One way to attract good luck apart from positive affirmations is sandalwood oil.

The moment you use sandalwood oil, positive energy will flow towards you

Sandalwood oil is a great spiritual essential oil for ritual purposes and prayers. Therefore, make use of it for any spiritual activities you are embarking on.

Final Words

Sandalwood is good for you.

Use it consistently and regularly for spiritual purposes and physical purposes.

The information in this article has provided details concerning the benefits and properties of sandalwood oil and why you should use it regularly. Therefore, make use of this information for yourself.

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