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9 Spiritual Meanings and Benefits of Frankincense

9 Spiritual Meanings and Benefits of Frankincense

There are 9 spiritual meanings and benefits of frankincense.

Knowing this will help your usage of it.

Therefore, pay attention to what you are about to read.

My experience with frankincense has been amazing. This is why I have written out my experience right here – to share with you the several benefits, powers, and spiritual meanings of frankincense.

What is Frankincense?


Another name for frankincense is olibanum. It has a deeply rooted history. The Arabian, Jews, and other medieval cultures and traditions revere this substance. Let us look at some historical definitions of frankincense.

The Arabian definition:

It is believed to be a gift from the gods. Frankincense is seen from a perspective of spirituality in the Arabian religion and culture.

The smell is believed to be divine enough to send a man into the spiritual realm. Whenever people want to travel into the spiritual world, they burn frankincense to speed up the process.

The Jewish definition:

According to the Jews, frankincense is a substance of great worth and value. The Jewish tradition believes it to be used only for extremely spiritual ceremonies.

Only a few possess the riches required to get frankincense. This is why it is not a substance that Jews believe should be wasted. 

The Jewish tradition believes that a frankincense jar can only be used up in the temple. It is always used to offer sweet-smelling sacrifices to the God of the Hebrews.

Also, it was brought to Jesus (the king of the Jews) upon his birth. 

Therefore, frankincense is of high value, with high benefits. It can be used for various things and carries divine powers. 

What Is Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil is a derivative of frankincense. To make this oil, you need to simply grind frankincense into powder, and apply it to an already made oil.

With this, you will have frankincense oil. You don’t need to extract oil from frankincense resin before you get frankincense oil. 

Just by adding frankincense resin to ordinary oil, you can get the fragrance of frankincense.

All you have to do is heat the mixture for a while, filter the oil to remove impurities, and then let it cool down before enjoying it. Frankincense oil is used all over the world. 

Just in case you don’t know, frankincense oil is one of the purest oils in the world. It is also one of the best fragrant oils in the world.

Therefore, you should consider getting one for yourself.

It originated from Africa and has since been adopted all over the world.

Because of its natural benefits, people make use of this special oil for their bodies, for rituals, prayers, offerings, and sacrifices.

We will talk about these later on. 

Frankincense Spiritual Meaning

Frankincense Spiritual Meaning

Before we discuss the spiritual benefits of frankincense, let us examine its spiritual meaning. Can the universe send frankincense to you as a message? Yes, they can. When they do, the following spiritual messages can be gotten. 

1) Service to God

Getting a frankincense gift in your dream inspires a devotional life. This is a message that helps people to serve God with their hearts.

Whenever you notice a cold attitude towards the things of God, expect to smell frankincense.

This smell is the voice of God to your soul, which prompts you to increase your devotion.

It is believed to be a calling sign from God. Smelling frankincense means that GOD wants your attention. He wants you to move closer to him, and serve him wholeheartedly.

2) Good Luck

The smell of frankincense brings good luck.

If you are going through a hard time, smelling frankincense is a sign that your hard moments are over.

It brings an announcement from God concerning your life.

Whenever you begin to smell frankincense, God is telling you to expect good things to happen.

This message is to keep your heart at rest. It is to give you peace and bring stability to your mind. 

3) Spread the glory of God everywhere you go

In Christianity, this is a spiritual meaning of frankincense. Just like the sweet smell of frankincense fills a room, Christians are saddled with the responsibility to fill the earth with the glory of God.

If you belong to this religion, and you smell frankincense, God is telling you to fulfill this divine mandate of spreading his glory.

Through your conduct, words, and actions, you are to spread God’s glory all over the world.

Just like sweet perfume smells, your good deeds will help people to love God more, and this will be rewarded on the last day.

4) You are healed

Just like the balm in Gilead, frankincense brings a message of healing.

It is a message from God to those who are sick.

Anytime you dream of bathing with frankincense oil, it is a message that brings healing.

That dream indicates that you will enjoy healing.

It takes away the pain you feel and gives you calmness, strength, and good health. With frankincense dreams, you can hold on to God’s word as an anchor for your healing. 

When you dream of rubbing your body with frankincense oil, it also signifies bodily and mental healing.

9 Frankincense Spiritual Benefits

Frankincense Spiritual Benefits

This is an important subject to consider. Whenever you see frankincense, the following spiritual benefits apply.

1. It chases evil spirits away

In African tradition, evil spirits are known to emit bad odors. Whenever they are in an environment, the place stinks and causes people to puke.

However, the sweet odor of frankincense is the opposite. It chases evil spirits away.

With its sweet smell, it will be easy to dispel negative smells and evil spirits from your environment.

Once you detect an evil foul smell, release a frankincense powder into the atmosphere. The sweet smell will eradicate that foul smell, and this expels evil spirits.

2. Anointing 


If you dream of someone pouring frankincense oil on your head, it is a spiritual sign of consecration.

The word “Anointing” is a synonym for consecration. It refers to a setting apart.

Spiritually, this is tantamount to purpose discovery.

With the frankincense oil on your head, it becomes easy to understand your purpose in life, and this, in turn, fuels your drive to accomplish it.

Additionally, this dream can impart supernatural powers to you.

From this dream, you will begin to exhibit supernatural abilities. This is derived from the spiritual power of frankincense oil.

3. Emotional Healing

When frankincense oil is given to you, it leads to emotional healing.

It is said that the frankincense oil binds the brokenhearted together. It helps people to heal from emotional trauma.

Spiritually, the universe will give you dreams of frankincense oil as a message of healing.

If your emotional life is torn apart, using frankincense oil makes things better.

Rubbing it on your left chest influences your emotion and begins to heal it from within. This is a spiritual benefit of frankincense.

Have you suffered in the past? Make use of frankincense oil.

4. It heals the body

Spiritual healing

In the spiritual world, frankincense is known to be an agent of healing.

This is similar to the material world.

Scientific research shows that frankincense can be used to cure many forms of diseases. It can heal asthma, tooth problems, inflammation, and so on.

Therefore, if you desire to enjoy bodily healing, make use of the frankincense powder.

Keeping it in a jar helps your body to heal up faster than usual. It enhances your recovery process.

Also, a jar of frankincense in your home keeps sickness far away from your family members.

5. It boosts self-esteem

With frankincense, your self-esteem will be positively affected.

Whenever you feel attacked by people’s opinions, or if you were insulted by someone, frankincense powder reminds you of how valuable and important you are.

It reveals that there is a lot of good you can achieve in this world.

Additionally, it gives you the confidence to stand among people. With the energy from frankincense, you will never listen to people’s opinions about you.

We can call this mental healing.

The sweet fragrance from frankincense boosts self-esteem. It gives you a positive image of yourself.

6. Calmness

Relieves pressure

If you are under pressure, frankincense can restore peace to your heart.

It has a therapeutic healing property which qualifies it enough to be a healing agent.

If you always want to be in control under pressure, then rub your body with frankincense oil.

With the smell of this oil, it becomes easier for you to remain calm and in control of how you feel.

Additionally, frankincense oil reminds you of the power of self-control.

This means that when someone offends you, smelling the fragrance of frankincense oil keeps you calm.

It stops you from responding harshly to that situation.

7. It protects babies from the demons of their past lives

It is said that frankincense works well for babies.

When you give birth to your child, it is recommended to bathe the child with frankincense oil and keep a jar of frankincense powder around the child’s bed.

This protects the baby from the demons of his past life.

Because of reincarnation, people can carry over their past demons into their current life cycle, and this is what contributes to several abnormal behaviors in children.

To prevent this from happening to your child, it is good to bathe him with frankincense oil.

This oil possesses the divine power to keep evil spirits far away from your child.

8. It gives sound sleep

Frankincense incense to help in sleep

People that are struggling with sleeplessness should bathe with frankincense oil, or burn frankincense incense.

The smell of frankincense gives the soul a soothing feeling. This feeling causes the soul to be refreshed and comfortable.

With this state, sleep will become easy.

The therapeutic benefits of frankincense induce people to sleep. With this substance around you, your mind will always be at peace, and this is how sleep comes, and is sustained.

If you experience jerking while sleeping, frankincense will also help you out with this. Your sleep will be hitch-free and peaceful.

9. It eliminates nightmares

People who suffer from nightmares often make use of frankincense. It is believed that frankincense possesses the supernatural power to prevent nightmares.

Its sweet smell helps your dream world to be saturated with goodness and positivity,

Because frankincense eliminates demons, it will be easy to eliminate nightmares.

Therefore, to stop yourself from having nightmares, using frankincense is good.

It possesses all the qualities of a good spiritual substance for nightmares. This is what I used for my sister when she was a little girl, and it worked perfectly.

Frankincense Incense Spiritual Benefits

Frankincense Incense

Frankincense incense can be used for several purposes, and give several benefits.

  1. For prayers: Frankincense incense does the following to your prayers.
    • It helps you to pray with focus. For your soul to be focused on prayer, you need additional energy to channel. Frankincense incense is the right choice. When you channel this incense properly, your soul will be focused enough to pray.
    • Because of the sweet smell of frankincense incense, it becomes easy to get answers to your prayer. 
    • Frankincense incense stirs up faith in your heart to believe God for your answers. After praying, faith is a necessary factor. With the smell of frankincense incense, your environment will be charged with positivity and faith, which keeps you in the right posture for answered prayers.
  1. For rituals:
    • With frankincense incense, your rituals will be acceptable to the spiritual world. The sweet smell from this incense induces spirits to pay attention to your ritual practices.
    • The smoke from frankincense incense invites good spirits. To be assured of good spirits, burning frankincense incense is necessary.
  2. For direction:
    • The smoke of frankincense incense clears your mind, and helps you to know what to do.

Should I use Frankincense oil and incense for Spiritual Protection?

Spiritual protection

Yes, frankincense oil and incense can be used for spiritual protection. They protect you from the following:

  1. Bad luck.
  2. Negative energy.
  3. Evil spirits.
  4. Bad dreams.

Burning the frankincense incense and rubbing the frankincense oil keep evil and negativity far from you.

Final Words

Frankincense is used for many reasons and has several spiritual benefits. Therefore, always make use of this spiritual substance for your benefit. Take advantage of what you’ve learned, and apply it by getting frankincense oil and incense for yourself. 

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