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13 Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense: Does it Work?

13 Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense: Does it Work?

Originally, the spiritual act of burning incense sticks originated from ancient Egyptian traditions.

It was passed down from generation to generation, and till this moment, it has never gone extinct.

However, people practice this without knowing what to expect. This is why some don’t enjoy the power of burning incense. 

This is why this article was written: to gather all the different spiritual benefits of burning incense, break them down into understandable terms, and help you to create an expectation for your next spiritual act of burning incense.

Therefore, let us talk about the 13 spiritual benefits of burning incense. Does it work?

What does Burning Incense do (spiritually)?


Burning incense is used for spiritual activities like rituals, spells, incantations, and prayers. It is believed that the energy from incense can help people successfully carry out spiritual work.

If you have any spiritual activity to perform, try burning incense. It adds additional energy. It works similarly with candle flames.

The smoke from burning incense can also be used for direction. We will talk more about this later.

If you need to know the different things that burning incense does, the abovementioned points are facts.

However, there are 13 spiritual benefits of burning incense. Therefore, let us get deeper into the topic.

Is there any benefit to burning Incense Sticks?

Incense sticks

Yes. there are benefits of burning incense sticks.

These benefits are divided into 13 sections, which we will talk about shortly. However, you need to understand that incense has a lot of things to offer.

Beyond the spiritual benefit of burning incense sticks, it is believed that it has medical benefits.

This is almost similar to vaping cannabinoids.

The medical benefits that come from CBD are also applicable to incense sticks. Although, it is medically advised to not inhale it excessively to prevent choking, lung problems, or exhaustion

Additionally, do you know that incense sticks can give your home a good odor? Yes, it can.

That is, even after performing spiritual work with incense sticks, the smell can create a pleasant odor in your home, and this can also smear on your outfits.

Do you see that incense sticks are important? Beyond the spiritual benefits they offer, we can also enjoy health benefits and the pleasurable aroma.

13 Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense

Spiritual Benefits of Burning Incense

As established above, there are spiritual benefits to burning incense. These are divided into 13 parts. With an understanding of the 13 spiritual benefits of burning incense, you will be able to make use of it constantly, and with the right motive.

1) It drives away negative energy

The root cause of negative events in our lives is negative energy.

This is where negative occurrences stem from.

However, we don’t have to allow negative energy around us for long. One of the ways to drive this away is by burning incense sticks.

Anytime you observe a negative pattern around your life, it is a sign that negative energy is within your soul, or around your environment. Burning incense solves the problem. 

2) It stops nightmares

Burning incense sticks to stop nightmares

Because of the ability of incense sticks to expel negative energy, it can also stop people from having nightmares.

As you inhale the smoke while sleeping, your soul will become rightly conditioned.

Furthermore, it is believed that the smoke from incense can form a protection wall in your dream, which stops you from having nightmares.

Therefore, if you have issues with bad dreams, get incense, burn it before sleeping, and get a little bit of its smoke into your soul.

3) Manifestation

  • Do you desire to see your desires come to pass?
  • Do you want to manifest everything you have ever longed for?

One of the ways to achieve this is by burning incense sticks. This is so powerful. Especially when you burn it at auspicious times like the supermoon, full moon, crescent moon, or midnight hours.

It has the power to bring your desires to pass.

All you need is a clear intention, focused energy, and a calm environment.

Once all of these are in place, you can make use of burning incense to bring your dreams to pass. If you need to manifest your dreams, burning incense is powerful to make it happen.

4) Protection

Guardian Angel

This is another spiritual benefit of burning incense sticks. At some point in our lives, we will feel vulnerable. We will feel attacked and unsafe.

This does not have to be for physical reasons; it could be a hunch, or from a dream we had.

Whenever this happens, it is a sign that we need to fortify ourselves much more.

Whilst casting protective spells, using incense can help with protection. It is also believed that burning incense sticks is powerful in itself to protect you from attacks. 

5) It keeps the mind calm

When under stress, it is hard for the mind to be calm.

Biblically, an unstable soul will never be able to receive anything from God.

This is also applicable to general spirituality.

How can you keep your mind calm? Burning incense sticks help – especially lavender incense sticks.

This helps you to be free of pressure.

For example, if you had a hectic day and feel stressed, try burning a lavender incense stick. This is very powerful enough to calm your mind

It releases a subtle cool sensation that runs through your spines and gives you a chilly feeling. All of these culminate in a calm mind.

6) It helps you to be focused on a spiritual work

Spiritual works

Anytime you notice your lack of concentration during spiritual work, burning incense sticks help.

To complete spiritual work, you need full concentration. Your mind should not waver.

Do you know why? An unstable mind scatters energy, which makes the spiritual work less effective.

You need to channel all your energy in a single place to accomplish the task. However, if this is proving difficult to achieve, you should try burning incense sticks.

The lavender incense stick also helps out.

Just keep your gaze on its smoke while performing the spiritual work. This will condition your mind, and help you to channel all your energy in one direction – which is the spiritual activity you are undertaking.

7) Emotional Stability

People who experience mood swings should burn incense sticks.

Emotional instability is not good for spirituality. It affects how receptive you are to the spiritual world, and how you judge people and make decisions.

To avoid this, burn incense sticks at night.

With cinnamon incense sticks, your emotional energy will be channeled properly. This also ensures that your mood is rightly positioned.

8) Positivity

Positive Thoughts

Do you know that burning incense sticks make people positive? Okay, let me say it better.

Do you know that burning incense sticks give positive vibes? I bet you didn’t.

But, you should keep that in mind. You don’t need to hear good news before you will be positive; neither do you need motivation.

Through incense sticks, you can inhale positivity into your soul, and stay positive even if everything around you points to negativity.

Incense sticks like cinnamon, lavender, and cedar can help to achieve this.

Therefore, if you are always full of pessimism, doubts, and skepticism, try burning one of those incense sticks for positivity.

9) The smoke gives direction

Incense sticks are not just for good luck, love, and protection. They can also give direction.

For example, if you need to know what to do about certain things, burning incense sticks can help you. All that you have to do is observe the pattern of the smoke.

Anytime the smoke pattern goes to the right, it is a symbol of YES. However, if it goes to the left side, then, it is a sign of NO.

There are other smoke patterns to observe. Therefore, the smoke from burning incense sticks is a good way to find direction.

10) Good Luck

Attracting good luck with incense smoke

This is a common spiritual benefit of burning incense sticks.

As a tradition, people burn incense sticks in the early hours of the morning while releasing words into the atmosphere.

They believe that this brings good luck. Is this true? Yes, it is.

Burning incense sticks attracts good luck to people’s lives. Just as it drives out negative energy, it attracts positive energy, and this brings good luck.

Therefore, practice burning incense sticks in the morning for good luck.

11) Healing

Spiritually, you can use incense sticks for healing.

Chamomile and Jasmine incense sticks are good for this purpose. The smell from these incense sticks can purify your soul of every emotional hurt, keep you relaxed and fill you with a new resolve to move on with your life.

For bodily healing, you might need to add prayers or spells; however, it works for this purpose as well.

By inhaling the smoke from incense sticks, your body begins to recover faster than usual.

This also brings about spiritual healing. Burning incense sticks will make your spiritual sense more active than they were in the past.

12) Meditation


When practicing meditation, burning incense sticks is one of the ways to have a successful meditation.

Do you know why?

  1. The smell from incense sticks keeps your mind conditioned. This gives you a feeling of spirituality and helps you to be conscious of what you are doing.
  2. As discussed earlier, it helps you to be focused. Having a consciousness of spirituality mixed with focus is great for meditation.
  3. It deepens your spirit during meditation. As you inhale the smoke and think about its spiritual relevance, you release your soul to travel through the realm of the spirit until it gets deeper.
  4. Burning an incense stick helps you pass time. This means that you can decide to not stop meditating until the sticks have burned out.

Therefore, if you need to meditate WELL and LONG, burning incense sticks is the solution.

13) Spiritual invocation

This is a much deeper spiritual benefit.

I believe it is mostly for spiritualists and those that practice deeper spiritual activities like invocations.

Burning incense sticks help invoking spirits to become more effective.

All you need to do is know the favorite incense of the deceased. Once you burn it and cast your intention on seeing the spirit, it will happen. 

Can I burn Incense at any time?

Burning incense sticks

Yes, you can burn incense at any time. It still carries the same power and gives the same spiritual benefits. However, most people burn it in the morning and night for the following reasons:

Morning purposes:

  • For good luck purposes.
  • For direction.
  • To calm their nerves ahead of the day’s activities.
  • To say their prayers, and connect with their spiritual side.

Night purposes:

  • To prevent nightmares.
  • For spiritual protection.
  • Healing sleeplessness.
  • For prayers and spiritual connection.

If you have free time during the day, you can also burn incense at that time. However, you need to be careful of getting choked.

Afternoons are heated moments of the day. This is why it is not always advised to burn incense at that time.

However, cooler moments like morning, evening, or night are great. In addition to this, these cool moments help the mind to be ready for spiritual activities.

Therefore, there is nothing bad about burning incense sticks in the afternoon provided that you keep the windows open for proper ventilation, and don’t stay long around the smoke.

Can Incense Sticks harm my Spiritual Health?

Using incense against spiritual attacks

No, they cannot harm your spiritual health. Rather, they boost your spiritual health by:

  • Making you more conscious of the spiritual realm.
  • Establishing a connection between your spirit and soul.
  • Helping your spiritual senses to be active.
  • Enhancing your discernment to pick divine signals around.
  • Fostering better communication between you and your spirit guide.

Final Words

This article has provided useful tips concerning burning incense. With the information you have, you can deliberately burn incense sticks and know what to enjoy.

For easy spiritual activities, good luck, protection, and many more, never stop burning incense sticks and if you are new to this spiritual practice, there is nothing to fear.

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