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Super Blood Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning: 5 Things To Do

Super Blood Wolf Moon Spiritual Meaning

Today we will be discussing the super blood wolf moon spiritual meaning and the sacred meaning behind such an occurrence. 

Being a fan of a lunar eclipse, you must be familiar with the blood moon that occurs in rare circumstances during such instances. It was named the blood moon because, during the lunar eclipse, a red tinge appears on the moon, making it seem like it was bleeding. There was a super blood moon that recently occurred on May 26, 2021. It was visible in the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. 

But diving back into the blood moon jargon, there is a phenomenon that is a rare occurrence. That phenomenon is known as the super-blood wolf moon. But what is a wolf moon? 

A full moon occurring in January was named the wolf moon as the wolves howl seeing the moon during such a period.

What is the super blood wolf moon?

Super blood wolf moon
Super blood wolf moon

Super blood full moon is a phenomenon that occurs when the total lunar eclipse occurs on the day of the wolf moon and supermoon and also develops a reddish appearance that mesmerizes its bystanders.

But as beautiful as this sounds, a super blood wolf moon is a rare occurrence. 

During such a period, the moon has to be closer to the earth. Secondly, it should coincide with the blood moon, otherwise, you will not see a red moon. The moon rotates around the earth in a similar way to the earth rotates around the sun. So the moon has a total orbit of 27 days. The moon also undergoes some changes during its 29.5-day orbit. 

Since lunar eclipse occurs on the night of the full moon as the sun illuminates its light through the moon.

The moon functions on a different plane than the earth and the sun. An eclipse is a phenomenon that occurs when these two planes tend to intersect. 

During the blood moon, the moon gets completely blocked by the earth. This causes the light from the earth’s surface to reach the moon. In short, the light that illuminates the moon causes the red tinge to appear on its white body.

The reddish tinge is mainly due to the pollution or space debris revolving around the orbit. The dust particles in space make the moon look darker than usual.   

What is the spiritual meaning of the super blood wolf moon?

Moon in the spiritual world

According to the references given in the Bible, the super-blood wolf moon usually symbolizes the end of the world. There was a prophecy related to the blood moon given by preachers following Christianity known as Mark Blitz and John Hagee. 

According to the prophecy of these famous preachers, the lunar eclipse must occur four times on Jewish holidays alongside the full moon on six days.

A partial eclipse should not take place in between these days that causes any intervention. Following these events will be the beginning of the end for this earth. 

The Book of Joel, which is one of the books from the Twelve Minor Prophets series, also signifies that the world will end when it witnesses the blood moon.

The book elaborates its statement that heaven and the earth will experience a form of fire and blood along with different pillars of smoke. 

In other words, it means that there will be bloodshed and volcanoes on the earth’s surface. It also states that the sun will be shadowed by complete darkness. The moon will turn into the color of blood. This phenomenon will lead to a terrible day for all of us.

The Book of Revelation mentions a little about the blood moon in its verses 12 through chapter six.

These verses suggest that when the blood moon appears over the earth, then there will be storms and earthquakes shaking the surface. In short, it reveals that the apocalypse will strike the planet and everything will end in a short period. 

5 Things to do during a super blood wolf moon

Symbolism of the blood moon

1. A New Beginning

The Bible clearly states that the blood moon can cause havoc on our beloved Mother Earth. But even on other terms, many ancient texts believe that a blood moon or any form of the eclipse is a bad omen. However, after even the darkest hour comes a ray of sunlight gives you hope to start over again. 

Hence, the blood moon occurring in the night sky should be a sign to start anew in life. This means letting go of the past and focusing on the present as you rebuild your life around yourself. 

2. Reflect on Your Life

Watching a super blood full moon can energize you and give you optimism. Although there is a lot of taboo related to eclipses and how they bring bad luck, we must use it as an opportunity to reflect on life. 

Even if things have gone astray or you are struggling with something, use this as an opportunity to reflect, accept, breathe, and let go. Life can be mysterious in many ways. Super blood wolf moon only teaches us that we can right our wrongs. After every dark tunnel, there is a door that illuminates hope. 

3. Spiritual Growth

Lunar eclipses are a common phenomenon, but super-blood wolf moons are rare. As a result, you can use this as an opportunity to grow in a spiritual sense.

The blood moon can help you develop psychic powers through rituals that connect you with your guardian spirits. 

The spiritual realm is often a difficult place to connect. You can perform rituals during the eclipse days to establish a communication link with your guardians or ancestors on such eventful nights. 

4. Explore the Inner World

Moon usually symbolizes the inner world that consists of our desires, emotions, and fears.

You can use the super-blood wolf moon phenomenon as an opportunity to explore your inner world.

Take caution as you may end up feeling a tad bit vulnerable while you are exploring your emotions. But at the same time, you can use this as an opportunity to face your fears and become emotionally powerful. 

5. Feel the Optimism

During the eclipse, the cosmic energy remains strong and vulnerable at the same time. Sometimes you can even have emotional blocks that can stop you from feeling positive energy. However, this is the perfect time to tap into universal energy. 

You will feel the optimism in your surroundings. Many people also practice chakra meditation or yoga to tap into the cosmic plane during such events. 

Can the super blood wolf moon be dangerous?

Super blood wolf moon is dangerous?

The conspiracy theories surrounding the super-blood wolf moon can be scary. Many people had read about the end of the world prophecy and believed it could be the end of the road.

However, is the blood moon as dangerous? There have been numerous blood moons that have occurred over the decades. Earth has witnessed many eclipses, yet we are still here alive and well. 

Many times you may even miss out on seeing the blood moon. This is because many eclipses occur during the monsoon seasons. So, the eclipse of the blood moon remains invisible, hiding behind the foggy weather or a flock of clouds.

A blood moon is yet another scientific term to refer to a total lunar eclipse. Since it already derived its nickname from the red tinge, people just get super scared hearing the phrase. Ancient Native Americans used to address the full moons as pink moons if that makes you feel any better. 

If you are planning to watch a blood moon, you must be aware that it is safe to view the lunar eclipse over the solar eclipse. Since blood moons are a rare occurrence, you should not miss them.

Although, some conspiracies state that the blood moon or any other eclipse causes earthquakes or tsunamis. 

However, this is a rare occurrence that seldom takes place without any warning. Another conspiracy theory that clouds everyone’s vision is that the blood moon may affect your zodiac energy. In other words, bad luck will strike you very soon. 

Beyond any of this, the super blood wolf moon is a natural phenomenon. You want to experience the blood moon at least once in your lifetime.

On most days, the blood moon rarely surfaces or remains visible only in certain geographies. If you are lucky enough to see it, then you should grab this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those who have missed the super blood wolf moon in May 2021 can see the next one taking place in May 2022. 

What do you think about the super blood wolf moon and the spiritual meaning? Please, leave your comment bellow!

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