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5 Spiritual Meanings Of A Broken Glass ( Glass breaking by itself? )

Spiritual Meaning Of A Broken Glass

Before getting into the spiritual meaning of broken glass, you must understand what glass represents or symbolizes.

Generally, glass is an impressive eternal material with some magical characteristics. You may break it, melt it, transform it into other forms, but in the end; it would always be what it was, i.e., a glass.

Glass is commonly considered a symbol of vulnerability, fragility, and brittleness. It has a dual symbolism.

Where glass is considered as a symbol of protection and strength,  it is a representation of fragility too. It stands for things you can see and are aware of but also the things which you are unaware of and can not see. Sometimes, it also symbolizes invisible protection, but kind of fragile. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of  Broken Glass?

What is the Spiritual Meaning of  Broken Glass

Broken glass represents not only actual things that are broken but also broken relationships. It symbolizes things that are bad, and that can not be recovered. 

You might be thinking that glass is generally something that symbolizes revival as it can constantly be recycled. Well, it is correct that broken glass can be revived and shaped up.

Still, in a new form and shape, the previous form is lost. Hence, it is believed that broken glass symbolizes transformation and reversible change. It also indicates that you have to accept the changes and evolve, no matter how hard it is and their nature.  

Another spiritual meaning of broken glass is that life goes on, and you should not “cry over spilled milk” but take the bull by the horns and move forward.

Will I have 7 years of bad luck?

Romans were the first who linked seven years of bad luck with a broken mirror. The fact behind 7 years of bad luck is related to another Romans’ superstition suggesting that life renews itself after every seven years. They believed that any broken part of your life or health would be fixed after every seven years.

So if you broke a mirror and the final thing it reflected was your image, you will have to undergo seven years-long lousy fortune. After seven years, the curse will end, and your good fortune will be revived.    

Specific measures could possibly prevent such bad fortunes. For example, they believed that if you bury the shattered pieces in the moonlight, the curse will reverse instantly. Another method was to fragment a shattered mirror to a graveyard and touch it against a tombstone.  

However, in this modern-day world, none of these suggestions are either believable or advisable. If you broke a mirror either accidentally or intentionally, you would certainly be fine. Just collect the shattered pieces and clean the floor.   

Should I be concerned?

Generally, there are lots of superstitions about broken glass and its association with good fortune or bad fortune. These superstitions vary with regard to time, culture, and people.

Some people are firm believers in the spiritual meaning of broken glass, while others do not mind breaking a glass or confronting a broken glass. 

The belief that a broken mirror brings either good or bad fortune emerges in the time of Romans. These Roman people were highly superstitious.

However, with the passage of time, it was realized that glass is just a glass, and they are not cursed. Therefore, if you break a mirror accidentally or deliberately, you should not be concerned or worried and should not take it as a curse.

All you have to do after breaking glass is to prevent yourself from any injuries and dispose-off the shattered pieces. 

5 Superstitions About Breaking Glass

Superstitions About Breaking Glass

Superstitions about broken glass exist in different cultures across the globe. Following are some superstitions and beliefs related to various broken glass objects. 

1. Breaking a bowl, cup, glass, or bottle made of glass

People consider a broken cup or bowl made of glass as a lucky sign and believe that it brings good fortune and money. It symbolizes that you will get some great news about your financial matters.

It also denotes that a moment of celebration is coming your way as broken plates and cups indicate happy events such as celebrations, partying, and gatherings.    

  • In some parts of the world, breaking glass is celebrated as a wedding ritual to bring good fortune and chase away evils. For example, in Jewish wedding rituals, a glass is broken intentionally to make love eternal and marriage long-lasting. 
  • In contrast, when glass is broken accidentally, it symbolizes a warning sign. For example, it might suggest you handle money reasonably and be more cautious about people around you.
  • Some people consider it fortunate and a sign of good luck when a glass or bottle of wine is broken while they are grilling and cooking or so. 
  • Another example that symbolizes the spiritual meaning of broken glass is “Ship Christening”. It is a common and old tradition where a bottle of champagne is broken over a ship’s bow to ward away evil spirits and ensure a safe journey and luck to all the crew.

2. Breaking a figurine made of glass

Did you just break a glass figure? So, it can mean two different things:

  • If you accidentally broke a figurine made of glass, the meaning is subject to what the figurine meant to you.
  • If it was dear to you, it suggests that you are possibly to lose something or someone significant in your life.

3. Breaking or seeing broken glass

  • Some people believe that if you are dealing with a loss, you will be breaking or seeing many broken glass objects. 
  • On the other hand, some people symbolize the breaking or seeing many glass objects with a sign of guidance and ease. It suggests you accept the fact that you have lost someone or something and move on. 
  • It is not easy to accept any loss, so it is okay to feel down and lack motivation. However, these broken glass objects tell you that you can not do anything about what has been done. Just go through it.
  • Also, seeing broken glass frequently indicates disconnection, broken relationships, isolation, and disappointments, or so.

4. Broken mirrors

Broken Mirrors

The superstitions about the broken mirror are particularly more controversial. Generally, it is believed all around the globe that breaking a mirror is bad luck.

  • The most famous belief and superstition about breaking a mirror are that if you break a mirror, you will have seven years of misfortune.
  • A broken clock or wristwatch made of glass is also widely believed to be a bad sign. It also symbolizes no progress and delay in work. Sometimes it indicates that you will be stuck in a hostile situation.
  • Some people also assume that a broken sandglass or clock is a warning sign and suggest that you will not progress in work. In such a situation, you should wait, be patient, and do not rush.
  • It is also suggested to get rid of the broken sandglass or wristwatch as soon as possible to progress and move forward. 

5. Broken window

Broken window

A broken window because it has several different meanings. Let’s talk about the most important ones next:

  • If your room window is broken, it symbolizes that you are weak, delicate, and fragile. It suggests that your invisible defensive shield has been damaged, and there is nothing to shield you.
  • It may also mean that you are too worried about taking care of others and have forgotten about your own comfort and health. 
  • People who believe in the spiritual meaning suggest that a broken window appeals to you to give yourself some time and protect your aura.

Finally, we have a spiritual reflection on the broken glass. Continue reading below.

Broken Glass Symbolism

Broken Glass Symbolism

Broken glass is a sign of the end of a cycle

Whenever a glass breaks, it signifies an end. Therefore, whenever you see broken glass, the universe is indicating the end of a current cycle of your life.

Most times, this might be good news. Therefore, you should be hopeful that the coming cycle will be full of positivity.

Broken glass is a sign of a broken relationship

Whenever you find broken glass, it is an indication that your past relationship cannot be fixed anymore.

Therefore, you should move on with your life. It is impossible to fix broken glass or a broken egg.

Therefore, it is the same with your past relationship. If you have been gathering hopes about it, it is time to give up and move on. You will find love again – but it will be with a new person.

If you accidentally break a glass, it is good news

It is a sign that you have taken away negativity, and you are about to embrace a new side of life that is filled with good luck and prosperity. A broken glass carries a symbolism of good luck.

Whenever you break a glass, it is an indication that you are going to experience good luck. Most times, this has a lot to do with your finances.

A broken glass sends a message of carefulness

Most times, we let down our guards because we feel there is no harm coming our way.

However, whenever you accidentally break a glass at the midnight, it is a clear sign that something is about to happen to you because of your carelessness, and you will only be able to prevent this occurrence by becoming careful and vigilant. Breaking glass symbolism points to our carefulness.

This is how we are going to be able to avoid the danger that lies ahead. If you choose to not pay attention to this warning, then a broken glass can be bad luck to you.

Broken glass is a sign of diversification

Whenever you see broken glass, the universe is inspiring you to embrace diversification. It is time to let go of your rigid mindset, and accept the ideas and perspectives of the people around you.

This way, you will understand the power of diversity and use it to your advantage.

Feng Shui Meaning of Broken Glass

Feng Shui

Your spiritual defenses are weak:

When you find broken glass, it is an indication that your spiritual defenses are weak. Glass is a fragile item that needs to be treated with care. As beautiful as this sounds, our spiritual defenses must not be like a glass that breaks easily.

This will pose no threat to the evil spirits around.

Whenever you find broken glass, the feng shui tradition believes it to be a warning sign that you are vulnerable to the enemy’s attack.

Therefore, it is time to increase your spiritual defenses.

This can be achieved through the following means:

  • Protection spells;
  • Positive affirmations;
  • Make use of the evil eye bracelet or the Hamsa hand bracelet;
  • Using the eagle tattoo;
  • Hanging rosemary or bay leaf at the doorposts of your house;
  • Burning protective incense, smudging sage, or burning a black candle with your intentions on the candle;
  • Saying protective prayers to the universe for safety.

Following the above-mentioned steps will help you to stay out of the attacks of the enemy.

You are going to experience abundance in your life:

Another spiritual meaning of broken glass in the feng shui tradition has to deal with abundance. whenever a glass is broken, it shatters into pieces that cannot be counted.

If a glass breaks into uncountable pieces, it is a sign that you are going to experience abundance in your life. This is good news and it brings joy to the heart of everyone that receives it.

The feng shui tradition holds that whenever we break a glass into uncountable shreds, the universe is indicating that money is coming into our lives. Therefore, we should be expectant of this massive change in our financial status.

It signifies the end of a cycle

In the feng shui tradition, it is also believed that whenever a glass is broken, it signifies the end of a cycle. It symbolizes the end of a life cycle and ushers us into the beginning of the new phase of our lives.

Biblical Meaning of Broken Glass

Broken crockery

Whenever you see broken glass, the bible has the following spiritual meaning and explanations for it.

  • It is a sign of sin. Whenever you see broken glass, the bible tells us that God is warning us against sinning. Broken glass can hurt our feet whenever we step on them.

    Therefore, it is a caution that we should stay away from sin. Sin has terrible consequences, and it leads to eternal damnation. Therefore, allow the broken glass to warn you against it.
  • God is warning you against taking a decision. Whenever you see broken glass, it is a sign that you should not make a decision. Taking a decision will be synonymous with walking on glass, which will lead to terrible consequences.

    Therefore, allow the broken glass to guide you. Don’t decide in your heart. pray to God for clarity and direction before taking that decision.

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glass in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glass in a Dream

Whenever you dream of broken glass, it is the end of a cycle of your life.

It is time for you to look forward to new adventures in life. It is time to look forward to meeting new people and creating a new path for yourself in life.

Broken glass in a dream signifies the end of the current phase of your life, which ushers in a new beginning for you.

Glass Breaking Omen

Glass breaking by itself

A broken glass carries an omen of good luck and bad luck.

Whenever the universe warns you against a decision in your heart, you should take heed. If you fail to take heed, the broken glass will be a bad omen.

Therefore, your attitude to the spiritual message of a broken glass determines what you will experience.

Should I be afraid of Breaking Glass?

What does broken glass symbolize

As we have already discussed, what does a broken glass mean in spiritual terms?

So, if you are a spiritual person and believe in old rituals, you should be concerned about breaking glass.

Depending upon the situation, the broken glass may symbolize damaged things and vanish for good. It is believed that if you broke a glass intentionally, it is considered a bit of bad luck. However, if you broke a glass accidentally, it means that you will get good news or deed from someone.

On the other hand, if you are not a true believer in the spiritual symbolization of broken glass and afraid of breaking glass – You have an anxiety disorder called “Spasmenagalia Phobia”.

Effective treatment for that anxiety or phobia is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), frequent confrontation with the feared object (also called exposure therapy).

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  2. Good morning yesterday in the afternoon 12past glass broken itself in from of my come worker n i while were on phone talking its just broken into pieces with no reason ,we cant explain why were just shock.

  3. I came across this article after being suspicious about two instances of glass breaking in one week. Within that same week, there were two more occurrences of glass breaking. The fourth time it happened, I experienced a heartbreak. I do think this has significance but we have to pay attention – be present, fully aware and grounded.

  4. i keep braking glass for no reason sometimes i drop it sometimes i forgot there is glass nfront of me and then accidentally pushed the computer

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    1. Superstition used to say bury broken glass to reverse a curse of 7 years. If you broke the glass then saw your reflection 7 years bad luck, unless you bury it

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    I was drinking with my friends I never touch my glass yet but wen I want to drink
    I see my clas break in itself. What is the meaning

  8. My friend came to visit and after his departure the vase on the table with Watter holding a plant felt on the grow braking in large pises and the other Glass was small but I put a heavy ornament on top which made it fall over and it broke this two pieces broke and less then 5 minutes apart 😱🥲

    1. You need to practise extra sensitivity and softness with yourself. Perhaps you have been having self-esteem issues or creating self-conflicting thoughts. Reverse them into positive affirmations. ‘All is safe, all is well’ is one of my favourites. Another is ‘I am always divinely protected’. Repeat them to yourself regularly. Also look up Louise Hay. Thank-you kindly.

  9. I have been finding broken glass on my floor the last two mornings. Nothing in my house has been broken to where the glass came from.
    I looked into the glass and it is Antique glass. Only blue glass is being found on my floor in the morning.

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  13. Ol’ butterfingers over here broke a stemless wine glass pulling it out of the cabinet for some OJ, after being thoroughly annoyed with a text convo with someone toxic and deciding to put them on mute. Unfortunately they’re family so blocking them isn’t choice. lol To distract myself I looked at finances – two of my accounts said $148, then the glass thing happened! I looked up 148 angel number and it speaks of good fortune. How does my toxic text convo tie back in? That person is helping me with rent while I recover from a financially abusive relationship with my daughters dad- so single mom needing a hand. Hopefully 🙏 this is a sign that my business & finances are about to flourish so I can detach from the toxic.

  14. I heard a glass break this morning . It was thin glass and didn’t fall. I was asleep and the sound aroused me but I wasn’t afraid. I prayed for new relationships in my life; I pray that the sound of glass breaking means new beginnings.

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