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Home » 11 Spiritual Meanings of Broken Glasses: Dreams & Real Life

11 Spiritual Meanings of Broken Glasses: Dreams & Real Life

11 Spiritual Meanings of Broken Glasses: Dreams & Real Life

There are 11 spiritual meanings of broken glasses in dreams you should know.

These meanings and messages provide guidance.

They also warn you of a potential future threat you should avoid by all means. 

Dreaming of broken glasses is spiritually significant to our waking moments.

This is why you should pay attention to the spiritual messages of broken glasses in dreams you will get from this article. 

They will guide you, protect you, and heighten your self-awareness.

What do Glasses Symbolize?

Glasses symbolism

In the spiritual world, glasses symbolize reflection

What does this mean?

Reflection in the spiritual world indicates that what you see is what you get.

It focuses on the power of vision.

Seeing glasses encourages you to use the power of inner vision to see who you want to become.

Until you can see what you want to accomplish, it might be difficult to ever step into the reality of what your life holds.

The world we live in is a function of reflection.

It will only give you what your inner eyes can see. Therefore, hold glasses dear to your heart whenever the universe gives them to you as a sign.

This is a motivation to keep your inner vision focused on what you desire to accomplish in life. If you focus on it long enough, it will become your reality.

Glasses help our minds to see clearly. It also provides direction. 

What does it mean to Break Glasses in Dreams?

Broken glasses

Breaking glasses in dreams spiritually means carelessness. Whatever happens in your dream is a reflection of what is going on in your physical waking moments.

When you constantly dream of breaking glasses, it points to carelessness.

This means that you are losing your guard.

It indicates that you have stopped paying attention to the things that matter to your life.

This is why the spiritual world is sending broken glasses to your dream.

Another spiritual meaning associated with breaking glasses in dreams points to making wrong decisions.

Don’t forget that YOU BROKE THE GLASS in that dream.

  • This reveals that you are a major contributor to the error.
  • It reveals this to you and encourages you to rescind your decisions.

Whenever you are about to take a step, and you dream of breaking glasses, it could be a spiritual indication to not take that step.

Furthermore, breaking glasses in dreams speaks about accepting your errors. It tells you to never live in denial of your mistakes.

Own up to it and learn from it.

The universe uses broken glasses in dreams to guide us.

Through this, we will always stay on the right path.

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Eyeglasses Frame in Dreams

Broken Eyeglasses Frame

The spiritual meaning of broken eyeglasses frame in dreams talks about lack of focus. When you dream of wearing broken eyeglasses, it means that you are not focused on what you want to accomplish in life.

This is a spiritual sign of distraction.

The universe gave you that dream to caution you against allowing too many distractions in your life.

The reason is that you are at a point in your life where full attention needs to be given to what you want to accomplish.

Another spiritual message that comes from broken eyeglasses frames talks about the inability to see things clearly in the spiritual world.

Whenever you get broken eyeglasses in your dream, it indicates that your spiritual vision and foresight are not functioning as they should.

This means that you should work on your ability to see things with the power of your mind.

Broken eyeglasses frame in dreams also talks about a troubled mind. It shows how broken you are in your mind because of what you are going through.

In addition to this, it assures you of peace and stability.

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Eyeglasses Frame in Real Life


Do you know that your broken eyeglasses frame in real life can also be a spiritual sign?

Yes, it can. The universe can speak to you through your broken eyeglasses frame.

This is why you should always be attentive to everything around you.

The things you go through daily have spiritual messages embedded in them:

  • Your broken eyeglasses frame in real life talks about how you handle fragile things.
  • It talks about the power of making the right decisions when the need arises.
  • It also shows a sign of weakness.

The universe will use this sign to encourage you against losing your grit when tough times arise. 

If the eyeglass broke by itself, then, this means you should get a new set of frames.

In the spiritual world, this is a sign of a new beginning.

It indicates that the current season of your life has served its purpose. Therefore, prepare for a new season.

In addition to this, seeing a broken eyeglass frame in real life tells you to learn to accept other people’s opinions.

It tells you to be open to experiencing new things. This eliminates rigidity and introduces flexibility.

11 Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glasses in Dreams

Spiritual Meaning of Broken Glasses in Dreams

The 11 spiritual meanings of broken glasses in dreams are divine messages you should never lose sight of. Pay attention to what you are about to read right now. The reason is that your clarity of purpose is tied to these messages.

Dreaming about broken glasses is not coincidental. It is a highly spiritual experience you should not lose sight of. 

1) Don’t lose sight of your goal

In the initial stages, setting goals are always interesting and right on point.

The energy to start is always high, and we are full of strength to begin the journey.

However, when the unplanned and unwanted come, the strength begins to dwindle and it gets to a point where we lose focus. 

This is when the universe can send broken glasses to you in your dream.

This is to encourage you to never lose sight of your goal.

It was given to you at this point to keep you on the move. Getting broken glasses in your dream as a spiritual sign ensures you maintain your grit and pursue hard after your goal.

2) Avoid Distractions

Everyone gets distracted.

What differentiates us from each other is the ability to manage distractions.

Spiritually, seeing broken eyeglasses in your dreams consistently indicates that you are getting distracted.

It also shows that you get distracted too easily.

Learn from the spiritual message. Guard your heart with this omen.

If you will ever achieve greatness, you must be ready to stay focused on the objective.

This is an important part of life, and it is good for progress.

Seeing broken eyeglasses in your dream shows that you are getting too many distractions, which must be controlled. 

3) Your friends are a distraction

Do you know that some friends can be a distraction to your goals?

I know this hurts, but it is a fact you should never doubt.

When your friends begin to distract you from your goal and purpose, you will see them breaking an eyeglass in your dream.

Through this dream, you will learn to stay away from their distractions. 

Getting a sign like this does not indicate that they are bad.

The distraction they cause might be unknown to them.

However, you must be determined to stay focused. If needs be, stay away from them for a while until you fulfill the task at hand.

4) You need inner strength

Seeing broken eyeglasses in dreams shows a sign of weakness.

This means that you don’t have the inner fortitude to stand strong in hard times.

This is a spiritual message that encourages and does not condemn you.

Anytime you dream of seeing broken eyeglasses, it indicates that your mind has been affected by what you are going through at the moment.

It creates a need for inner strength.

This dream tells you to seek inner strength.

You can do this through positive affirmations, listening to motivational teachings, and meditation

5) Confusion

When you are at a crossroads and don’t know what to do, it is depicted as broken eyeglasses.

Therefore, the moment you have dreams of broken eyeglasses, take it as a spiritual sign of confusion.

It creates the need for clarity and enlightenment. 

In the spiritual world, beings speak to you via images in your dreams.

The image of broken eyeglasses you saw in your dream was sent to not only reveal the state of your heart but also encourage you to seek direction.

It tells you to never make decisions with such a confused mind.

6) Self-Discovery

Dreaming about eyeglasses talks about self-discovery.

  • This dream indicates that you don’t know who you are yet.
  • It expresses this concern in a graphic way to get your attention.
  • In your waking moments, devote more time to discovering who you are. 

Devote your energy to understanding what you are meant to accomplish on earth.

Living your life without a sense of purpose and direction will get you nowhere. You will end up running a race that is not yours, and this gives you no fulfillment. 

Therefore, go on a journey of self-discovery.

7) Stop Listening to other people’s opinions about you

When you dream of borrowing people’s eyeglasses because yours is broken, it is not a good sign.

This spiritually indicates that you allow other people’s opinions about you to define who you are. 

Most times, the reason behind this state of mind is a lack of self-discovery. Whenever you don’t know who you are, you will rely on other people’s definitions.

This is the wrong way to live your life.

Therefore, the universe sent this dream to caution you, and inspire you to discover who you are for yourself.

Anytime you give people too much power over yourself, they will take advantage of you and manipulate you for their own good. 

8) Protect your Mind

Seeing broken eyeglasses in dreams is a spiritual sign of the fragility of the mind. 

What does this mean?

It means that your mind is very fragile and can be hurt by little things.

This is not a bad sign. It is okay to have a fragile mind, but this puts extra work on you to protect that mind.

Dreaming of broken eyeglasses shows that your mind can be destabilized by little things

Therefore, guard your heart at all times. Protect it from people who will try to manipulate you. 

9) That Idea will not work out

This seems like a bad message, right?

Well, it is not.

It is a message that saves you from committing a grievous mistake.

Spiritually, eyeglasses mean our ideas and conceptions.

When you dream of broken eyeglasses, it is a sign that your ideas will not work out. 

The universe is telling you to think creatively and get new ideas.

10) Protect yourself from spiritual attacks

Broken eyeglasses in dreams could also be a sign of spiritual attacks.

Whenever you see a dark figure breaking your eyeglasses in a dream, it means that evil forces are trying to penetrate your mind and cause confusion and an eruption of negative energies.

Therefore, protect yourself with spells, rituals, and prayers.

11) Your dream life is active

Remembering the dream about eyeglasses indicates that your dream moments are active.

It is also a sign that your spirituality is heightened enough to pick such signals.

This is a good sign as regards your spiritual life.

Is Dreaming about Broken Glasses a Bad Spiritual Sign?

Broken glasses and bad luck

No, dreaming about broken glasses is not a bad spiritual sign.

Dreams such as this only seek to guide us.

Once we open our minds to this guidance, it becomes easy to navigate our ways through life. 

Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned about dreaming of broken glasses.

When you have such dreams, take time out to meditate on the spiritual significance and meaning.

The information in this article is perfect to guide you further.

Final Words

Your broken eyeglasses are not a waste. Before you dispose of them, think about the 11 spiritual meanings of broken glasses (as stated in this article). Get a message for yourself and let this be your guiding light.

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