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11 Spiritual Meanings of Not being able to Breathe (In Dreams)

11 Spiritual Meanings of Not being able to Breathe (In Dreams)

In the spiritual world, there are 11 spiritual meanings of not being able to breathe in dreams and real life.

We will explore all of these in this article.

People find it hard to breathe for different reasons. However, the common reason for not breathing properly is that a spiritual message is on its way to your soul.

This means you should always stay open-minded to get the message.

  • Is it bad to not breathe well in real life?
  • It’s a spiritual message?
  • Should I be concerned?

We will look at this questions alongside other questions for clarity.

Spiritual Meaning of Not being able to Breathe well in Real Life

Spiritual Meaning of Not being able to Breathe well

When you find it hard to breathe well in real life, it is tied to your lack of perception. The nose is a spiritual sense organ that enhances perception and discernment.

People who find it hard to breathe in real life might be having perception issues.

They will be easily deceived by people. In addition to this, they will not know how to differentiate between good people and bad people.

Finding it hard to breathe in real life indicates that your spiritual sensitivity is on the low.

This spiritual message calls for deep attention and reflection.

Whenever you have difficulty breathing in real life, the universe is calling for meditation and spiritual reconnection.

It is not normal to have difficulty breathing in real life.

Only a spiritual attack could have caused this to happen. Getting this sign from the universe should put you on alert.

This should make you more vigilant than ever before.

The reason is that your spiritual senses help you to overcome spiritual obstacles. This creates the need for them to function properly.

Spiritually, when people find it hard to breathe well, it points their attention to the pressure they put on themselves.

The universe tries as much as possible to remove pressure from people’s minds.

When you are under pressure, it sometimes becomes impossible to think straight or creatively, and this can affect you in ways beyond comprehension. 

Whenever you can’t breathe well, see it as a spiritual sign that should not be ignored, and work on understanding the message it seeks to convey.

Furthermore, become spiritually connected with the universe. Your spirituality is tied to your ability to breathe.

Spiritual Meaning of Not being able to Breathe in Dreams

Sleeping and not breathing

In Africa, whenever people find it hard to breathe in their dreams, it is believed to be a spiritual attack.

Africans hold this thought dear to their heart because of the proof they have.

Whenever an evil spirit attacks people, the first activity that happens is difficulty in breathing or not breathing at all.

Africans believe that evil spirits do this to stop such a person from screaming out for help.

Therefore, the spiritual message they get from this experience is an attack from an evil spirit, and this creates the need for protection.

In your dream, whenever you find it hard to breathe, it points to the issues you are facing in real life. You are becoming choked by these situations.

This is why you find it hard to breathe in your dream.

Your mind is revealing this to you through your dream because the dream world is the physical realm of the mind.

The moment you start having issues with breathing in your dream, understand that you are getting choked by the issues of life.

You need to take action. It is time to pray harder, work harder, and ensure your heart is at peace at all times.

Dreams about not being able to Breathe: It’s a bad sign?

Spiritual signs from dreams

There are 2 schools of thought concerning this.

  • The first school of thought talks about the perception of Africans concerning this situation. Africans hold the thought that having dreams where you are not able to breathe is a bad sign.

They believe that the spiritual world is like the physical world.

Therefore, breathing in and out should also happen in that realm.

The moment this becomes impossible, it is an attack. When people wake up from that dream, they perform incantations, spells, and rituals for protection.

  • The second school of thought believes that this dream could be a good sign or a caution sign. That is, the spiritual world can give you this experience as an assurance of good things, or a warning to abstain from some things or some set of people. 

How should you react to dreams about not being able to breathe?

The best way to react to such dreams is by first paying attention to the dream.

Thinking and meditating on the dream comes next, after which you start getting answers to the reason behind such a dream. 

11 Spiritual Meanings of not being able to breathe in real life and dreams

Spiritual Meaning of not being able to breathe

You should never take this type of dream for granted. The reason is that it has a direct influence on your waking moments. These 11 spiritual meanings of not being able to breathe in real life and dreams will help you find your precise message from the universe.

1) A Spiritual Attack

This is the first spiritual meaning of not being able to breathe in dreams.

The moment you find it hard to breathe in your dreams, it indicates that you are under a spiritual attack.

The reason for this is tied to your vulnerability.

Furthermore, the presence of negative energy could have attracted evil spirits. Therefore, you should watch out for those loopholes when you wake up.

2) Too much Negative Energy around 

Negative energies

When negative energy becomes too much, you will find it hard to breathe.

Now, this is tied to the atmosphere around you.

Some atmospheres are good and conducive for the free flow of air because of positivity.

However, other atmospheres are thick with bad energy.

When you stay in such an atmosphere, breathing becomes almost impossible.

Whenever you find it hard to breathe, it means that negative energy is around you. This means you should purify your atmosphere.

Get rid of the negative energy. Once this is accomplished, your breathing will be restored.

3) The universe wants you to stop doing something

Not being able to breathe properly is a form of restriction.

In the spiritual world, it could be a warning sign to stop doing something.

When you are about to take an action, and you suddenly have difficulty breathing, the universe wants you to stop taking that action.

The reason is that such action is dangerous and might have negative consequences in the future

Getting this warning sign from the universe is also protecting you from mistakes.

Pay attention to the sequence. Whenever you notice a difficulty in breathing while you are about to take an action, it is a sign to STOP.

4) Pay attention to your health

Spiritual health

This message has been given to about 11% of the people we spoke to.

They claimed that the moment they felt choked in their breath, this message dropped in their heart as a still small voice.

Expect to get this type of message as well.

Whenever you stop paying attention to your health, you will possibly get this message to draw your attention to your health, and also warn you against taking your health for granted.

5) Lack of self-expression

People find it hard to breathe in real life because of their lack of self-expression

The spiritual world sees how hard it is for them to express themselves, and steps in to help them.

However, they will not understand what is about to happen to them if they don’t know the root cause.

This is why they will initially have difficulty breathing to reveal the problem.

Whenever you have difficulty breathing, it is a message from the universe concerning self-expression.

You need to be confident enough to express your opinions about an issue without the fear of stigmatization or persecution. 

6) Stop Doubting yourself

Be strong

One of the main spiritual reasons for not being able to breathe in dreams is doubt.

Your self-doubt has stopped you from accomplishing your goals.

The spiritual world has sent this breathing problem to you as a revelation of what is going on in your mind. 

You need to stop doubting yourself.

The time has come to believe in your potential and talents. You have what it takes to achieve anything you desire.

It does not matter if people realize this or not.

Believe in yourself before others believe in you. The spiritual world is encouraging your heart to remove every doubt and uncertainty in your heart. Freely go after your dreams.

7) Mental Stress

The universe reveals mental stress through the inability to breathe

Mental stress can affect every aspect of your life in ways you cannot imagine. This is why you should combat it.

As much as you can, try to never be stressed in your mind.

Understandably, things are tough for you at the moment. However, always find time to restore peace to your heart before you sleep at night.

When you are stressed in your mind, negativity happens, and this makes you an easy target of spiritual attacks.

8) Lack of Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection

Not being able to breathe also indicates a lack of spiritual connection.

The moment you start finding it hard to breathe in real life and dreams, it is because your spiritual life is not properly aligned.

Furthermore, it reveals that you are not connected to the spiritual world

This explains why it is hard for you to get spiritual messages from the spirit world.

This reveals the reason for constant mistakes because of a lack of spiritual perception and discernment.

Getting this message indicates that you should go on a spiritual journey to reawaken your spiritual senses and get back in shape.

9) It is time to get out of your comfort zone

Whenever you find it hard to breathe, one of the reasons is tied to discomfort.

This means that you are no more comfortable with where you are.

In the spirit world, the message for you inspires you to leave your comfort zone.

The dissatisfaction you feel is proof that you need to move out. It is time to take huge risks. You are in a season of taking huge leaps of faith.

This might make you uncomfortable for a little while, but it eventually culminates in the greater good.

10) Conflict with your friend

Problems and conflits

When you dream of someone stopping you from breathing, it reveals a conflict between you and your friend.

The spiritual world is encouraging you to resolve such a conflict.

You need to embrace forgiveness every day.

Your friends might hurt you, but your choice to be affected or not determines your response.

Keeping hurts in your heart spiritually causes breathing problems as well.

11) Be patient

When you find it hard to breathe because you are exhausted or tired from running, the message here for you speaks about patience.

Your impatience has caused you to exhaust your inner and mental energy.

It has brought you to a standstill and you feel too weak to move on

Learn this lesson right now, and embrace patience.

This experience is telling you to slow down. You need to understand the place of proper spiritual timing and placement.

When the time is right, you will accomplish the goal you aimed at. 

Being Suffocated and can’t Breathe in a Dream: It’s a Warning Sign?

Suffocated in dreams

Yes, it is a warning sign for you to take things easy.

When you are suffocated and can’t breathe in a dream, it means that you are getting choked by the numerous responsibilities you have placed on yourself.

This spiritually reveals that you are putting too much pressure on yourself.

Hence, creating the need to stop

Should I be Concerned?

Warning sign

Yes, you should be concerned about not breathing well in dreams and real life.

This message comes with strong warnings.

Anytime you experience this, reflect on the reason for this experience, and let the 11 spiritual meanings in this article guide you to a clear message.

Final Words

Watch out for your inability to breathe. The moment it becomes consistent, then there is a message for you. Use the information in this article to properly navigate your path to precision.

Have you had difficulty breathing in the past? What were the messages you got? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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