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9 Spiritual Meanings of Cough: Is Coughing Bad Luck?

9 Spiritual Meanings of Cough: Is Coughing Bad Luck?

You don’t want to miss the 9 spiritual meanings of coughing in dreams and real life just discovered.

Coughing is medically explained. But has it been spiritually explained? Well, not quite.

Several spiritual messages are hanging in the air about experiencing a cough that you should know. Now, this is not telling you to be spooky anytime you cough.

It only seeks to enlighten you on the messages you can receive from coughing. 

Read this article to find answers to all the possible questions surrounding the spirituality of coughing.

What does Coughing Mean Spiritually?


Coughing spiritually means expulsion. When you cough, it is believed to be a spiritual act of releasing things that are no longer needed. The universe deploys this means to free us of the things that are not beneficial to our lives.

Now, you might be asking the question “why do I need to cough?”.

The answer to this is simple.

The reason is that the things you need to let go of are special to you.

Therefore, if the universe uses another sign to communicate with you, it might prove abortive.

Your mind will not pick up those signs, and even if your mind picks them up, it will probably discard them as another message.

All of these are the reasons behind the cough.

It is a forceful release and expulsion of the things you no longer need to hold on to.

The strange part of this is that you will feel the effect of this experience within a couple of days. Those things will leave your life of their own accord.

No matter how hard you try to hold them back, they will just vanish into thin air.

This is why some ancient cultures call coughing a spiritual verdict.

Nothing can be done about it.

Once you cough, expect certain things to leave your life. The only consolation you have is that the things you need to let go of are not beneficial. Therefore, the loss is for your good.

Cough Symbolism

Cough Symbolism

The cough symbolism prepares our minds for the inevitable. Because of what happens when you cough, your mind needs to be strong to contain the pressure you will feel.

Losing things you love hurts.

This might be a friend, a thought pattern, a job, and so on. When you begin to lose things like that, your mind needs to be prepared enough to control itself.

Therefore, the cough symbolism and what happens afterward help the mind to be stronger.

The beautiful part is that your mind will remain that way.

The spiritual effect of coughing will help your mind to fully grasp what it means to be under pressure and yet in control.

The cough symbolism also tells you to never struggle with what cannot be controlled.

It tells you to accept the inevitable and be strong enough to handle what comes with it.

Spiritual Meaning of Coughing Often

Woman Coughing

When you cough often, it spiritually means that the universe has a message for you.

Coughing hard occasionally might be a sign of freedom or expulsion. However, coughing often is a different spiritual sign.

It indicates that something spiritual is going on around you.

When you cough often, the spiritual world is trying to get your attention.

Never forget this.

It is not normal to cough often (even after treating it medically).

It only points to the fact that a message is being ignored, which you need to pay attention to

Another spiritual meaning of coughing often speaks about your inner voice.

It is said that you will cough often when your inner voice begins to speak. This is always experienced at the initial stages.

After a while, it stops. However, you should use that opportunity to get familiar with your inner intuition.

Furthermore, coughing often happens when you have silenced your inner voice for a long time.

This could have been caused by doubt, fear, or low self-esteem.

You will begin to cough often because your inner voice wants to speak.

Therefore, pay attention.

The spiritual message that comes from coughing often helps you to find your inner voice.

Spiritual Meaning of Coughing when Talking

Coughing when Talking

Now, this is a huge one!

Whenever you cough while talking, people tell you to take a glass of water, right? In other cases, they might say “sorry” and so on.

But have you stopped to think if this was a mere coincidence or a spiritual activity?

If you haven’t given a thought to it, then, let me break the ice.

Coughing while talking has a spiritual meaning.

The spiritual meaning of coughing while talking cautions you.

Once you begin to speak out of turn, the universe can make you cough. This is telling you to pause a bit.

Furthermore, when the spiritual world wants you to keep your secrets to yourself, you will find yourself coughing while talking.

This spiritual sign protects you from giving out delicate information about yourself to other people.

When you notice that you constantly cough while talking to certain people, it spiritually means that they are not to be trusted.

Therefore, ensure to stay away from such people

Coughing while talking cautions and warns us of making mistakes. Especially with how we talk.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Cough: Messages and Signs

Spiritual Meaning of Cough

When you cough, there are 9 spiritual meanings you should look out for. Coughing is a spiritual activity that serves as a message and sign. Through coughing, the universe can protect you by saying the following:

1) Be careful of the people you trust

The spiritual message that comes from coughing protects your interest.

Once the universe notices that you are getting vulnerable, it will send coughing signs to you.

Therefore, once you constantly begin to cough around certain people, you should catch the sign that they are not to be trusted.

Spiritually, you should be extremely cautious of such people.

2) Watch your words

In the world, the things we say control a larger part of our lives. This is why we should be careful of our utterances.

Speaking negatively will introduce negative things into your life.

Also, speaking positively attracts positive things into your life.

Coughing teaches you to watch your words.

Whenever you are about to speak wrongly, the universe can caution you by sending a cough to your throat.

This minor interruption is meant to save you from releasing negative energy into your atmosphere, and by implication, your life.

Cough helps you to watch what you say. It helps you to keep your atmosphere free of negativity.

3) Stop making rash judgments

When you cough, it could also mean that your judgments and perceptions are biased.

The universe knows our hearts.

Therefore, expect to be reprimanded when you make judgments in a biased way.

Coughing tells you to not make rash judgments.

When you consistently make rash judgments, it weakens your sense of perception, and this eventually affects your spiritual core.

Therefore, ensure that your judgments are unbiased and without prejudice.

See people for who they are.

Stop trying to impose judgments on people. Allow your pure mind to make clear judgments. This benefits your spiritual core and the power of your perception in the long run.

4) Trust in yourself

People with low self-esteem are known to suffer from coughing occasionally.

This is because they have failed to release their potential out of fear or the feeling of inadequacy.

Therefore, when you notice constant episodes of coughing, it is speaking about your lack of trust.

The spiritual world is encouraging you to trust in yourself.

  • Look on the bright side.
  • See how good and capable you are.
  • It is time to release your potential.

All of these are spiritual messages that can heal your esteem and make you confident enough to express yourself.

5) Use your voice for the greater good

When you cough out loudly (in public), this is a spiritual sign of fear.

Through this experience, the spiritual world reveals that you have stopped using your voice for the greater good, and it has to stop.

Therefore, become deliberate from the cough experience.

No matter how people oppose your cause or conviction, choose to stand for what you believe is right.

This message can be sent together with the message that boosts your self-esteem.

When you have healthy self-esteem, you will not bother about what people have to say about your stand.

6) Stop telling people your secrets

Certain patterns come with this message. You will notice that cough comes when you are about to tell someone your secret.

This will happen more than 3 times in a row. It is no coincidence. Having cough sessions just as you are about to tell someone your secret is a clear sign to STOP TALKING.

Spiritually, this sign warns you to not trust people with your secrets.

No matter how trusted they are, you are in a season of loneliness and all your secrets must be kept to yourself alone.

When the time is right to share your secrets with people, other signs will follow.

7) Trust your inner intuition

Listening to our inner voice is a sure method of gaining clarity of mind.

It helps us to make precise moves and take definite actions.

When you start ignoring your inner intuition, that is when you begin to seek external opinions before you know what is right.

Guess what? Most times, you will become more confused by seeking external opinions.

Therefore, coughing is the best sign to give.

The voice that comes from coughing originates from the inward man.

This is telling you to pay attention to your inner intuition and trust is enough to make certain decisions. 

8) It is time for a change

Coughing out blood signifies a new beginning.

It indicates that you are in for a fresh start.

This could be a relocation, change of job, or some other form of change. However, when you cough out blood, it is telling you to embrace change. 

In addition to this, coughing out blood also tells you to learn to adapt to change.

It helps your mind to be flexible.

9) Emotional Healing

Coughing with chest pain is believed to be a sign of emotional sickness.

It means that you have suffered from heartbreak recently.

You coughed out with chest pain to show what you are going through.

The universe begins your healing process right after the cough experience.

If you are going through an emotional traumatic journey and you find yourself coughing out with chest pain, it spiritually means that you are going through emotional healing.

In line with this message, the universe will encourage you to be open-minded and also ready to let go of the hurt.

Spiritual Meaning of Coughing while Sleeping

Coughing while Sleeping

When you cough while sleeping, it awakens your spiritual sensitivity.

The primary reason for coughing while sleeping is that your spiritual senses need to be awakened.

You need to become spiritually heightened.

Another spiritual meaning of coughing while sleeping means that you are in the midst of a tough situation.

It reveals that your heart is disturbed by a particular situation.

Spiritually, the universe is telling you to embrace the peace of mind and mental stability.

Another shade of this message is an assurance that everything will be alright.

Can Coughing be a Negative Spiritual Sign?

Signs from the Universe

Yes, coughing can be a negative spiritual sign.

However, it does not always bring a negative spiritual sign.

Follow the guidelines in this article carefully to ascertain if coughing is a negative spiritual sign or not. It could bring caution, warning, or encouragement.

The situation surrounding it is what matters the most. 

Should I be Concerned?

Warning sign

Yes, you should be concerned.

When you find yourself coughing out loud, coughing constantly, coughing with blood, or coughing with chest pain; you should be concerned.

These 4 types of cough are spiritual signs. They bring messages that you need to know

Your mind will be open to getting those messages when you turn your attention to the spiritual meaning of coughing.

Final Words

For clarity and protection, don’t ignore the spiritual message that comes from having a cough.

The moment you feel off about your cough, spend some time alone and reflect on the experience. There might just be a message around the corner waiting for your attention.

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