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7 Spiritual Meanings of Getting an Electric Shock

7 Spiritual Meanings of Getting Electric Shock

There are 7 spiritual meanings of getting an electric shock. Each of these meanings comes with power.

Dreams of electric shock are the closest to having vivid dreams.

The reason is that they have an effect in reality.

When you have an electric shock in dreams or real life, what does it mean?

This question will be answered in this article.

Additionally, your mind will be illuminated by the amazing discoveries I made whilst studying the spiritual messages of getting an electric shock.

Spiritual Meaning of Shocking Everything I Touch

Spiritual Meaning of Shocking Everything I Touch

Whenever you realize that everything you touch receives a shock, it spiritually talks about your inner power

The spiritual ability you have cannot be silenced for long.

Whether you have discovered this ability or not, it will be forced to show forth itself sooner than later.

Spiritually, we have all been endowed with unique abilities, which makes us unique.

These abilities are to be used for specific purposes. This is why you should not magnify other people’s abilities over yours.

Living in denial of your divine gifts does not stop the gifts from manifesting themselves.

When you bottle them up for long, they will express themselves through static shock.

The sudden shock you feel when you touch something is a sign that your inner abilities are trying to find expression. 

Spiritually, this indicates that you have failed to give full expression to the inner power you have.

This experience comes as a revelation; it reveals that there is an ability in you.

Additionally, it encourages you to put that ability to use.

When you shock everything you touch, it means that you have the divine ability to make an impact in your world. Use it.

Spiritual Meaning of Getting an Electric Shock in Real Life

Getting an Electric Shock in Real Life

Getting an electric shock in real life spiritually prepares you for change. It reminds you that things don’t last forever.

It comes to show you that change is an inevitable reality.

Therefore, let this prepare you for what lies in your future.

Once the spiritual world gives you an electric shock in real life, they are telling you to prepare for change.

This might be a changing season, a location change, and so on.

Firstly, the electric shock in real life has come to encourage you about embracing change.

Apart from this, it is telling you to get ready for the challenges of changing seasons.

When you get an electric shock in real life, it is also a sign of awakening.

This means that you are becoming fully aware of who you are.

In the spiritual world, getting an electric shock spiritually means that you are becoming sensitive in your mind.

It shows a full discovery of who you are, and the potentials you have.

This spiritual sign is good. It opens your mind to understand the unique abilities you possess. It also helps you to stay conscious every time.

Spiritual Meaning of Getting an Electric Shock in Dreams

Getting an Electric Shock in Dreams

Getting an electric shock in a dream spiritually means inner healing and consciousness. It is believed that getting an electric shock in your dreams happens when you are hurting from a past negative event.

It shows that you have not gotten over the experience.

The electric shock you got in your dream is the beginning of your healing.

It shows that the universe is working on your mind to heal you of every emotional hurt you have suffered in the past

In addition to this, getting an electric shock in dreams spiritually talks about an inner consciousness.

This can be termed a spiritual awakening.

It is said that an electric shock in dreams awakens the spiritual.

It brings forth our spiritual senses and kickstarts them.

The same way an electric shock can revitalize the heart is how it can revitalize spirituality.

Therefore, if your spiritual senses are not heightened as they should; the electric shock you just had in your dream is a sign of spiritual awakening.

It indicates that you are beginning to get active in spirituality. 

There are other 7 spiritual meanings of getting shocked in dreams and real life.

These messages bring further clarity to your heart concerning the universe’s message to you. 

7 Spiritual Meanings of Getting Electric Shock

Spiritual Meaning of Getting Electric Shock

Electric shock (in dreams and real life) passes messages to us.
We can either deny or accept this fact. When you get shocked by an electric current, it is because of the message it is trying to pass to us.

The best thing we can do for ourselves is to have an understanding of what this shocking experience has to say to us.

1) Peace of Mind

Don’t be surprised by this message. Anytime you get shocked, it encourages you to embrace the peace of mind.

Getting shocked in real life or your dreams shows that you are anxious about something.

It reveals that your mind is under pressure.

The message from this revelation encourages you to embrace the peace of mind.

If you are ever going to get the answers to the questions in your heart, peace of mind and a calm soul is all you need. 

The electric shock you got has come to tell you that.

Therefore, stay calm. Put yourself in control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

2) Clarity

Whenever you get an electric shock in your chest, it is believed to be a sign of clarity.

In extreme cases, light emits from electric shock.

This light is a spiritual omen of illumination.

Therefore, embrace the message it brings.

In the physical world, getting an electric shock in the chest is dangerous. However, it could be a sign of clarity.

This means that your mind will become super-active henceforth.

You will know what to do.

Every confusing situation is now under your control because of the light that has flooded your soul through the shock.

3) A release of energy

There are times you will feel weak. There are times in your life you will feel like giving up.

This is always caused by a lack of inner strength to push further.

When you get to this point in your life, having an electric shock is seen as a release of energy.

It is believed that the electric shock you get at a point of giving up is an energy distributor.

Through this shock, the universe is encouraging you to embrace your inner strength.

Furthermore, the spiritual world is telling you to leverage their strength.

Rather than give up, push harder with the divine strength you received via the electric shock.

4) Healing

Electric shock also means healing.

Whenever you get an electric shock, it indicates that you will be healed of your sickness.

This is a message of assurance from the spiritual world. It reveals that your sickness will not linger for long anymore.

Therefore, rather than focus on sickness, pay more attention to healing.

Through the electric shock, the healing process has begun and will manifest in no time.

5) Spiritual sensitivity

Whenever you get an electric shock, it is a sign of spiritual sensitivity.

It wants your spiritual senses to become activated.

The spiritual world is telling you to pay more attention to spirituality than ever before.

When you begin to lose sight of spiritual signs, omens, and messages, you might get constant electric shocks.

This is not to punish you. It is a call to attention.

The spiritual world wants you to never lose sight of the spiritual signs around you.

Whenever you fail to pay attention to the spiritual signs around you, you become vulnerable to spiritual attacks.

This is what you should avoid. This is what the electric shock is trying to prevent. Therefore, pay attention to this message and act on it with alacrity.

6) Carelessness

When you get an electric shock by stepping on a naked wire, it is a sign of carelessness.

This spiritually means that you are not paying enough attention to detail.

You have the responsibility to pay close attention to every detail of your life.

Doing this will enhance your inner perception to know what to do.

It will also increase your mind’s sensitivity to not fall into errors and mistakes. 

7) You have a strong urge to take an action

Electric shocks indicate a strong urge and will. In spirituality, it reveals inner self-will to take action.

When you get electric shocks, it spiritually means you should take that action.

The strong urge you feel is validation from the universe. Therefore, act on it right away.

What does it mean when you keep getting shocked?


It means that you are not paying attention to the spiritual messages of electric shock.

The universe will give you repeated experiences to ensure that the necessary message is passed across.

It also happens to position your mind to know what the universe has to tell you.

Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual concerned

Yes, you should be concerned about getting shocked in dreams.

This is not your usual dream cycle.

It happens once in a while; and when it does, meditate on it till you know what the universe is trying to say.

Final Words

There is enough power in electric shocks to send messages to our souls. Therefore, be open to this experience.

Yes, it is going to be startling, painful, and gruesome (at some point); but you need to learn how to look past the pain and shock. Focus more on the message for a better way of life.

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5 thoughts on “7 Spiritual Meanings of Getting an Electric Shock”

  1. You where 100% on point. Been feel these electric shock in my entire body. Its been a amazing experience but weird. I literally thought then anything can produce electricity including humans lol. It really kept like a easy real extric shock. Its God i felt it, he speaks through the universe. My dream country to visit and even to live is Norway Oslo. Im in Africa and i just recieved an opportunity to apply to be one of the delegates at Nobel peace prize ceremony fully paid trip to Norway as a student. I pray and believe God this will be my first flight and its going to be amazing. May the universe smile back at me with a total confirmation to give more excitement or what i had not applied for yet and dont qualify by age but i believe agaisnt odds is the best testimony. ” God”

  2. Weird things have been happening at night. I mean things that I cannot find any information on. My husband called out to me last night, as his body stiffened and I watched him literally being electrocuted. I am an empath/energy worker, so I felt it, even before I touched him. I tried to pull it all from him because he was in so much pain. It took a while. He finally fell back asleep. That was so painful. He’s ignoring all the signs, isn’t he? We’re twin flames, which is more rare than you’d know. I feel stuck right now because he will not do his shadow work and more forward on his spiritual path. I’m struggling with energy right now. I’m so bogged down. Will it even help if I get cleansed (a very long, detailed one- and expensive) next week? Everything got worse AFTER I did deep cleansing and deep cleansing on our homes for 3 days.

  3. I’ve been feeling a shocking sensation at our kitchen sink, it’s strange because when it happens I’d have the wife come check it out, and when she’d touch it, she feels nothing.
    My children claimed to have felt it along with me, but not my wife?
    It doesn’t happen all the time, but at random, and it’s only the kitchen sink.
    I am spiritually working towards the rebirthing process and have also been noticing when I spontaneously decide to look at the clock, it’s reads 2:22 or 3:33 most of the time.
    I’ve simply began accepting that I’m crazy because I prefer insanity over sanity and it’s small little box.

    Thank you for sharing the meanings to spiritual electric shocks, but does this information come from experience?

    1. Hello,

      It seems like you’re experiencing a spiritual awakening and not being crazy! I mean, don’t you really think that those little things are just a little too much to be coincidences?
      Your wife may not feel it because she is not opening herself to the spiritual journey and letting the signs come through. But, they are definitely coming though for you and your kids.

      I also feel like you have a special gift that could have been passed to your kids, which is why you all feel it. Take some time to meditate and pray. Stay open and pay attention to the little messages you receive during the day, you’ll see that there are still so many things you are ignoring.

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