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9 Spiritual Meanings of Hip Pain: It’s a Bad Sign?

9 Spiritual Meanings of Hip Pain: It’s a Bad Sign?

Having hip pain has 9 spiritual meanings. These meanings are messages, and they tell us whether hip pain is a good or bad sign.

I will share my discoveries concerning the spiritual meaning of having hip pain with you in this article.

You should know that your body can send spiritual signs to you through pain.

Therefore, be open enough to get these messages and act on them wherever it is needed. 

What are the 9 spiritual messages of hip pain?

Read on to find out

What does Hip Pain Mean Spiritually?

Hip Pain

In the spiritual world, having hip pain means an inability to make progress as you should.

The hips are necessary to function perfectly for our mobility.

Once your hips are not correctly aligned, or your hip joints are fractured, you will find it hard to walk fast and properly.

Spiritually, having hip pain shows signs of not making progress as you should.

This spiritual sign describes what is going on in your life at the moment. 

Hip pain in the spiritual world could also talk about past mistakes and failures.

It shows that you are going through an emotional trauma because of the things you have suffered from in the past.

Spiritually, this message has been received mostly by those who have suffered from failed and broken relationships.

What Chakra is Associated with Hips?

Sacral chakra

The hips are associated with the sacral chakra.

Chakras are energy points that are distributed across your body.

They are believed to be the energy transmitting centers that determine how we react to situations, and how our mind functions.

There are 7 main chakras. You will find them along the spine.

Amongst these 7 main chakras, the sacral chakra comes second. In spirituality and color symbolism, the sacral chakra is depicted by the orange color.

The sacral chakra is the energy point that helps our creativity.

The sacral chakra is also believed to be directly associated with sexuality. When the sacral chakra functions properly, our sexual life will be improved.

The sacral chakra is connected with water. Therefore, it enhances our freedom of expression.

Whenever you notice a blockage in how you express yourself, it might be due to a blockage in the energy flow from your sacral chakra.

The hip is connected with this chakra. Therefore, a problem with your hip could be a sign that your sacral chakra has been compromised. 

Hip Pain Spiritual Meaning: Left and Right Side


The spiritual meanings of hip pain can be specific. The left hip pain spiritual meaning differs from the right hip pain spiritual meaning.

We need to get both specific spiritual messages. It helps us to accurately discern what the spiritual meaning of our hip pain talks about.

Right Hip Pain Spiritual Meaning

When your right hip pain becomes consistent, it spiritually points to a lack of direction.

It signifies that your mind is boggled up with a lot of plans and goals.

This has stiffened your ability to make clear decisions. It has made it difficult for you to enjoy the divine direction.

Having right hip pain spiritually means you should calm your mind.

It is telling you to cut down on your numerous goals. The universe is telling us to take things one step at a time. 

Left Hip Pain Spiritual Meaning

Having left hip pain means indecision. When you suffer from indecisiveness, making progress becomes impossible.

You will only make progress when you have decided on what to do.

Another spiritual meaning of the left hip pain is an attack on creativity. When your left hip pain becomes consistent, your creativity has been attacked

Emotional Meaning of Hip Pain

Emotional Meaning of Hip Pain

Do you know that your emotions can be affected by hip pain?

Since the hip is connected with the sacral chakra, it is expected for our feelings to be connected to our hips as well.

When you have hip pains, your feelings and emotions can be affected.

Having hip pain means that you feel insufficient for a task. Another word for this is having low self-esteem.

The spiritual world is encouraging you to embrace healthy self-esteem.

Furthermore, having hip pain also speaks about feeling unloved. It means that you don’t feel perfect enough to be loved by people.

The reason for this is tied to how you have suffered in your past relationships.

9 Spiritual Meanings of Hip Pain

Spiritual Meaning of Hip Pain

Going through hip pain has 9 spiritual messages. The spiritual meaning of hip pain encourages, motivates, and instructs our minds. It also brings peace and assurance to us.

Whenever you have hip pain, the following spiritual messages are for you. Open your mind to them.

1) You are capable

For those suffering from inferiority complex or imposter syndrome, your hip pain is not coincidental.

It was deliberately given to you by the universe to speak to you.

Whenever you have hip pain, it means that you should stop feeling low about yourself.

This message is telling you to stop thinking that you are not sufficient enough to accomplish a task.

The universe has sent this hip pain to encourage you.

It is opening your eyes to the fact that you have all it takes to accomplish a task. It is telling you that you are capable and talented.

2) Be patient

If your hip pain was caused as a result of falling (while running), then this is a message of caution.

  • The universe is telling you to be patient.
  • You are hasty and impatient.
  • This can affect your progress in the long run.

You need to embrace the virtues of patience and wait for God to make things happen in his own time.

Falling and having hip pain means your impatience has negative consequences. 

3) Focus on your inward self

Having hip pain tells you to focus on your inward self.

Spiritually, this indicates that you have become too focused on other people than on yourself.

The time has come to focus more on your inward self.

You need to pay attention to the core of your being.

This is the reason for your hip pain. It is a sign that you have stopped focusing on yourself. The time has come to make yourself the center of your focus. 

When you focus on your inward self, you will become familiar with your inner voice. Knowing your inner voice helps you.

It helps your intuition to become sharp and sensitive.

4) You are not comfortable with the current state of your life

When people are not comfortable with the current state of their living conditions, hip pains tend to become consistent.

Their hips will hurt so badly that they will not be able to move.

The reason is that having such negative energy will affect your sacral chakra, and this comes physically as hip pain.

When this happens to you, encourage yourself.

Tough times don’t last.

What you are going through at the moment will soon pass away.

Persevere a little bit and it will be all over soon. The universe is also encouraging you through this pain to look beyond the pain and focus on the bright future ahead of you. 

5) Love yourself

Hip pain is a spiritual sign of a lack of self-love.

In the spiritual world, having hip pain means that you don’t love who you are becoming.

Most times, we don’t have control over who we are becoming.

The reason is tied to what our spiritual destiny requires from us.

If your destiny requires you to behave in certain manners, it might be impossible to stop that from happening.

Judging yourself based on these metrics makes it hard for you to love who you are.

Your hip pain shows this as negative and encourages you to change the narrative. Love yourself. Appreciate who you are becoming. Build healthy self-esteem.

6) A miracle is coming

Having hip pain biblically talks about a miracle.

In bible history, Jacob experienced hip pain after wrestling with an angel. The angel touched his hip pain and gave him a promise.

This promise was an answer to Jacob’s prayer.

In today’s world, that biblical story can repeat itself in our lives. 

When your right or left hip begins to pain you, it spiritually indicates that a miracle is coming.

It means that your prayers have been answered by God just like Jacob’s.

7) Have a Strong Desire to succeed

Hip pains could be an excuse for not making progress.

You need to become deliberate about taking necessary actions towards making progress in your life.

This is a message that comes from having right hip pain.

When your right hip begins to pain you, it spiritually indicates that you are losing the desire to succeed because of the pressure you are going through, or laziness and complacency

Through your right hip pain, you will discover that your desire to succeed needs to be stronger than it was in the past

8) Your sacral chakra is not working properly

One of the ways to know if your sacral chakra is working perfectly or not is to check for hip pain.

When you have hip pains, it signifies that your sacral chakra is not working properly.

This might affect your creativity, and your ability to make use of your inward intuition.

If you want to heal your sacral chakra, do the following:

  • Make use of affirmations.
  • Essential oils are also great for sacral chakra healing.
  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.

Any of those methods works perfectly and restores your sacral chakra.

9) Protect your mind from negative influences

Whenever you dream of having hip pain, it is telling you to protect your mind from negativity.

The dream indicates that negative influences are trying to penetrate your mind, and you should be on your guard against this.

Should I be Concerned?

About the pains in spiritual world

Yes, you should be concerned about hip pain.

Whenever it happens, ensure to pay attention to it, and get the spiritual message from it.

With the information you have gotten in this article, you will not find it difficult to know what the universe is saying to you through your hip pain.

Final Words

In spirituality, your hip pain is a message. Don’t discard it as a mere coincidence because it is not. Open your mind to the spiritual meaning of having hip pain.

This helps the alignment of your spirit, soul, and body. We hope that you have gotten the answer to your questions on the spiritual meaning of hip pain. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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  1. I loved this. Just wonderful. Hit on all the areas I needed to see and be aware of. Time to meditate and tweak that sacral chakra and be like water. Let source flow me where I am going to go.

  2. Couldn’t enjoy the article because of all the pop up ads. Very annoying. Ironically, spirituality is supposed to be about just that and sharing knowledge we learn with others, not how much money we can make I the materialist world from big business and advertisements. Seems you still have a lot to learn as you walk along your spiritual path.

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  4. I can identify with all I read. I have crohnic left hip pain and I recently became unable to work and had to move with my mother and its not easy when you constantly hear hoe she hates we are here and wants us to leave her damn house. I recently took over giving her meds and that is a huge no no there even with my siblings that let’s her do what she wants with them and them as well. This house is so full of drama and where me and my kids come from its calm and relaxing. Over here its yelling cusing especially when we don’t move fast enough for her. Then she gets on the phone and plays victim to my sisters so then they running over talking stupid and loud so you can hear them one said what f***** she worried about all the lights on she ain’t paying for a mufthabg. Then the middle sister makes it out as she’s concerned (throw a rock hide her hand) go back and repeat EVERYTHING I said and turns it into a mess. They put the front up to the outside they are all that. When in actually if we had not been here when my mom fell out of the bed ( they gave her meds to her she forgets she has taken them falls asleep fell out of the bed broke her femur punctured a muscle and if me and my kids had not been here she would have died. But And, no one sees this not in my family. I told God I am wanting more of his peace I once had joy not being confined and confused. I have gained over 25 plus pounds eating with no contious And, it has played a tremendous role of my hip pain. I hate the place I’m in and hate even more we had to move in with my mom!

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