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Coughing up Blood in a Dream: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Coughing up Blood in a Dream: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Coughing up blood in a dream gives a clue about your life. It opens your eyes to see deeper things about yourself that you never knew.

Furthermore, it comes with a lot of warnings that should never be ignored.

You might have had this dream in the past and ignored it; However, your approach should change

Do you want to know why you should never take this dream for granted?

Read this article as I explain the spiritual meaning of coughing up blood in a dream.

Can Dreams where I see Blood be Dangerous?

Blood in dreams meaning

Yes, dreams, where you see blood, can be dangerous. Spiritually, blood talks about the essence of life. It helps us to see the importance of holding on to our spirituality. It also helps our connection to the spiritual world.

Therefore, having dreams of losing blood can be a dangerous sign from the universe.

It could mean loss of life, loss of health, loss of spiritual sensitivity, and so on.

Although, there is a good side to dreaming about blood. But you need to understand that blood dreams should never be taken for granted.

Never turn a blind eye to your consistent dreams about blood. This is a dangerous sign, and if care is not taken, can lead to fatal negative consequences.

You will have dreams about blood as a warning sign. That is, the spiritual world will send this dream to warn you about something.

How to get specific details is by paying attention to where the blood came from, or what happened around the blood.

Never see dreams about blood as one of those dreams to ignore. It comes with a specific message that must be paid attention to.

What does Coughing up Blood mean in a Dream?

Coughing up Blood

The first message that comes from coughing up blood means that something is wrong.

This is a common message to get from coughing up blood in a dream.

Spiritually, this should make you alert and concerned. Amongst the common dreams to have, coughing up blood does not make the list.

  • It is a one-of-a-kind dream that only comes when something is wrong.
  • It comes when you need to address an issue.
  • Also, it is not a casual form of a dream that should be disregarded.

Spiritually, coughing up blood in a dream also signifies that you are not taking enough care of your health.

When people fail to rest or pay enough attention to their health, the spiritual world will send them a sign by causing them to cough up blood in their dreams.

This is a warning sign from God.

With this dream, your mind should catch a glimpse of what will happen if you fail to take proper care of your health.

Therefore, take this dream seriously.

Another spiritual meaning of coughing up blood is bad speaking. This dream indicates that you have spoken some negative words. It is believed to be a sign of caution. 

11 Spiritual Meanings of Coughing up Blood in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Coughing up Blood in a Dream

Anytime you cough up blood in your dream, 11 spiritual meanings can be gotten. Each of these meanings is significant and can give us a clue about what is happening in our lives.

1) A warning sign

This is the first and most important meaning of coughing up blood in a dream.

Later on, we will get more specific with the messages.

However, you need to embrace this at first.

Dreams about coughing up blood are a warning sign that should not be trivialized. You must never ignore having dreams about coughing up blood.

This is because such dreams create an impression that something is going wrong with our lives.

If we have pretended to have it all together in the past, the dream has come to reveal our vulnerability. It has also come to warn you against denying the message it brings. 

2) You are at a crucial moment in your life


Consistent dreams about coughing up blood help your sense of timing.

It comes to reveal that you have entered a crucial moment of your life that requires delicate and strict attention.

This moment of your life determines if the future will be bright or dim.

It is what you do at this point that shapes the future.

This is why you’ve had dreams about coughing up blood for a long time. It has come to give you this clue to help you out in your many decision-making processes. 

3) Be careful of what you say

One of the messages that come from coughing up blood in a dream is concerning our words.

It is important to understand that spoken words can determine what will happen to us in the future.

Some people have encountered calamities because of a negative statement.

This is why the universe is creating a warning sign through the dreams you have had about coughing up blood.

If you are quick to utter negative words out of frustration, this dream has come to encourage you to take extra caution.

Ensure to watch the words you speak from that moment.

4) Someone wants to trap you by your words

Negative people around you

When you cough up blood in a dream, it can also reveal the negative intentions of people toward you.

Dreams about coughing up blood indicate that someone wants to trap you by your words. However, you must be willing and able to embrace divine wisdom.

Take a cue from the life of Jesus; the Pharisees and Sadducees tried countlessly to trap him by his words but failed.

This was attributed to the high level of wisdom that Jesus functioned in.

Therefore, ensure that you embrace similar wisdom for yourself. The moment you dream about coughing up blood, take extra caution to never be caught in your words.

5) You are not taking enough care of your body

Physically and spiritually, coughing up blood is a health problem.

Therefore, anytime you find yourself coughing up blood in your dream, it says that your health is deteriorating because you have not taken good care of your body.

In the spiritual world, blood dreams bring a warning sign and help us to take extra care.

When it comes to your health, dreaming about coughing blood is encouraging you to take care of yourself.

Take a break from work if you can, and sleep for a long time. Maintain a healthy diet, and get yourself back to the proper shape.

6) Speak out

Speak everything you need to say

There is a category of people that do not speak when they’re hurt. They keep nursing those hurts in their hearts and continually get emotionally drained.

If you fall into this category, then having dreams about coughing up blood is encouraging you to speak out.

It is telling you to stop nursing the hurts silently.

This is a message that challenges you to speak up.

Most times, introverts get messages like this from the universe.

Anytime you receive a message in this shade, speak out. Call the person that hurt you, and express how you feel without restraints.

7) You are worried

Dreams about coughing up blood are a sign that you are worried about something.

It means that there is something you are not happy about.

The dream has come to reveal your frustration. When you wake up from this dream, think about your worry, and release it into the atmosphere through prayers.

Additionally, this dream can reveal your worries, and also assure you that there is nothing to fear.

This dream can give 2 different messages. It can reveal the current state of our lives, and also assure us that everything is under control.

8) Someone broke your heart

Woman with a broken heart

When you dream about feeling chest pain while coughing up blood, it is a sign that someone has broken your heart.

This might be your friend or spouse. Whoever it is, the universe has brought this message to encourage you and heal you faster.

Dreams about coughing up blood are saying that you should move on.

It is okay to feel the pain of betrayal, but you need to be courageous enough to let go of the past.

The person that broke your heart simply does not deserve to be with you.

Therefore, as you let go of the hurt, avoid any further interaction with the individual.

9) It is the dawn of a new era

When a child is born, the sign of birth comes with blood.

This signifies a new beginning.

Now, this is similar to coughing up blood in a dream. It signifies rebirth and resurrection.

Spiritually, this means that a new era has come.

It indicates that you are about to enter a new phase of your life.

This is good news because of the opportunities that are lined up for you in the coming season.

10) You need to stop losing confidence

Spiritual confidence

Every time you cough blood, it spiritually means that you are losing confidence.

Once this becomes consistent, it might take a while but you are going to lose the confidence to approach situations.

The dream you are having about coughing up blood is warning you and encouraging you at the same time.

It is warning you to stop looking down on yourself and encourages you to allow confidence.

With the energy from this dream, you will discover your true voice again, and use it for yourself.

When you dream about coughing up blood, it means that you are gradually losing confidence in yourself, which needs to be dealt with.

11) Stop wasting your time

Dreams about coughing up blood are a sign of time wastage. It indicates that you are not doing the necessary things. This sign is not good.

Therefore, address it with every sense of urgency.

Once you have this dream, it is time to let go of unnecessary things, and focus on what you need to get done. 

The energy that comes from having such a dream helps you to be strict with time management

Dreaming about Blood Clots mean

Blood clots in a dream meaning

This speaks about being in a difficult situation. When you dream about blood clots, it indicates that there is a situation in your life that has kept you on a spot for too long.

The reason is that you don’t know what to do about the situation and how to get out of it.

This is why you had such a dream.

Now, all you have to do is pray for guidance and direction.

Ask the universe to help you out of this situation, and open your mind to fresh ideas that will come henceforth. 

Another spiritual meaning of dreaming about blood clots talks about the healing process.

It is believed that blood clots will form over a wound to begin its healing process.

However, the injured person must be patient enough to allow the healing process to be completed and then allow the scabs to fall off by themselves.

Spiritually, it is the same message.

You need to be patient to go through the healing process. This message is majorly for those that have suffered emotional trauma in the past. 

Should I worry about this Dream?

Spiritual problems in dreams

Yes, you should be worried about this dream.

Consistently dreaming about coughing up blood is not a normal phenomenon.

People who neglect this dream have been met with terrible situations. The reason was not for punishment purposes. It was due to their adherence to the instructions from the spiritual world.

Therefore, never deny the reality of this dream.

As much as it is necessary to keep yourself from negativity, you must also ensure that the dream is not trivialized.

This is how to keep yourself on the safer side of life.

When dreams about coughing up blood come, it comes with a definite warning sign and everyone should pay attention.

Final Words

Beyond the medical implications of coughing up blood, the spiritual world also has something to say.

In this article, we have exhausted all there is to know about the spiritual meaning of coughing up blood in a dream. Therefore, take advantage of this information for the next dream you will have about coughing up blood.

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