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11 Spiritual Meanings of Swimming in a Dream

11 Spiritual Meanings of Swimming in a Dream

Today we are going to talk about the spiritual meaning of a different dream than usual.

This dream does not only happen to people that love swimming. It can also happen to people that do not love swimming or are outrightly scared of water.

Therefore, this article is for everyone.

If you have had recent dreams of swimming, the 11 spiritual meanings in this article will help you to further understand the message from the universe through swimming dreams.

What does Swimming mean in a Dream?

Woman swimming

Swimming in a dream is a sign of courage. Especially for people that are scared of swimming.

Anytime you dream of swimming in a river or pool, this is saying that you are ready to overcome your fears.

Spiritually, this means courage.

It is a sign that you have decided to take that huge step towards achieving something significant.

In the bible, something similar happened at the Jordan river. God told his people to walk through the river. However, all they needed was faith and courage.

Eventually, they walked through that huge river and never sank. This is a lesson to learn.

Having a dream of swimming should inspire you to also walk through the ocean of despair.

Apart from courage, swimming in a dream signifies the freedom to make choices, and become who you were meant to be.

Anytime you feel bound, dreaming of swimming means freedom.

It shows you that you have the choice to become who you desire. It also reveals that nobody is holding you back. 

Do you know that Africans associate dreams of swimming with bedwetting? Trust me, this is funny as it sounds but true. It is said that people with this problem are battling addictions that they need to overcome.

Dreaming of Swimming in Clear Blue Water Meaning

Swimming in Clear Blue Water

This is a sign of purification. The clear blue water is believed to purify your intentions. Anytime you feel contaminated, try swimming in clear blue water.

This is one of the means to get yourself cleansed.

Furthermore, this ritual can be carried out under the supermoon. This is also similar to having a dream of swimming in clear blue water. This is a sign of cleansing.

In addition to this, having a dream of swimming in the clear blue water under sunlight is a refreshing message.

  • It encourages you to let down your guard, and allow life to flow through you.
  • It lets you know that life does not have to be so uptight. You can enjoy the natural things of life with freedom.

Another spiritual meaning of dreaming about swimming in clear blue water speaks about chakras.

This says that your chakras are functioning properly. In another way, it speaks about the purification of your chakras.

Swimming in clear blue water is a message to not be ignored. Therefore, always pay attention to this dream whenever you have one.

Swimming in the Ocean Dream Meaning

Swimming in the Ocean

This is a sign of freedom. Spiritually, the ocean speaks of the ability to make choices and make decisions. It also speaks about not holding back your potential.

Several times, we allow our environments, backgrounds, and the opinions of people to determine what we are meant to accomplish.

Well, the ocean has a different view.

To free you from this shackle, you are going to see yourself swimming in the ocean. You don’t need to do this in real life. The dream has enough power to free you from the shackles of self-deceit.

Another spiritual message that comes from swimming in the ocean is a connection with the spiritual world.

Water is one of the elements of the earth. Therefore, swimming in the ocean says that you are making a connection with the spiritual realm.

This also heightens your spiritual senses and inspires you to pay attention to your spiritual self. 

In addition to this, it is believed that swimming in the ocean helps people to attain emotional and mental clarity.

This means that when people find it hard to properly channel their emotional and mental powers, the ocean will help them out. 

Dreams about Swimming in a Lake Meaning

Woman Swimming in a Lake

Compared to an ocean, lakes cover a smaller water area.

Therefore, swimming in a lake means that you are giving less room for yourself to explore hidden potentials.

One of the reasons for this denial stems from the condemnation of external influences.

Therefore, you have to watch out for this dream.

Anytime you dream of swimming in a lake, it clearly illustrates a sense of constraint, unlike the ocean which reveals total freedom.

In addition to this, when the lake is full of fish, then swimming in it reveals that you are surrounded by opportunities but need to take advantage of them.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Swimming in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Swimming in a Dream

Apart from the abovementioned messages, there are other 11 spiritual meanings of swimming in a dream. Let us discuss them in detail.

1) Comfort

Whenever you are swimming in a warm river (under a cold weather conditions), this is a spiritual sign of comfort.

It is saying that you desire to live a comfortable life that is free of worries.

Swimming in a warm river under cold weather speaks about wanting to enjoy comfort. Well, as the bible says, “you will have what you say”

2) Not willing to face challenges

This is a warning sign. Dreaming about swimming and running out of the water is saying that you are not willing to face the challenges of life.

This is why you ran out of water.

Now, if the reason for running out of that water was due to the cold weather, it is also talking about the same situation.

The universe is saying that you are not persistent and dogged enough to go through the hard times of life. This message comes as a warning sign to encourage you to bravely face your fears.

3) Good luck

Clear blue water in dreams

Swimming in clear blue water also speaks of good luck.

Apart from purification, the clear blue water brings good luck to the life of anyone that swims in it.

Therefore, if you ever dream of swimming in the clear blue water (under the sun), it means that good things are going to happen in your life.

This dream comes to prepare you for the great times that lie ahead.

In addition to this, it helps you to stay positive whilst expecting the promise of the spiritual realm. This is a positive omen.

4) Control your emotion

Whenever you dream of swimming in an ocean, it could also signify a lack of control.

Several people believe that water is a spiritual omen of human emotion. This is why emotions get triggered easily through the water.

There is a sense of reality in this belief.

The ocean has no boundaries. This is also like several people’s emotional energy.

Therefore, if you see yourself swimming in an ocean, it creates a relationship. However, that is not the message. The message that comes from the ocean wants you to stop releasing your emotions without control.

The spiritual world wants you to always be in control of how you feel, and express yourself. As much as freedom is good, you should learn to bring it under control.

5) You have a kind heart

Man swimming

If you dream of swimming naked, this reveals that you have a pure heart.

In the spiritual world, nakedness signifies sincerity.

It lets us know that there is nothing to hide from people.

Swimming while naked adds icing to the cake. It intensifies the message. This message makes it clear that you have a pure and kind heart, which always desires to reach out to the helpful.

Take this as an encouragement from the universe to keep at what you do.

6) Your friends can be trusted

Anytime you dream of seeing your friends swimming while naked, it is also a spiritual sign that they can be trusted.

Just like you, they have nothing to hide.

In addition to this, they have your best interest at heart. It is believed that swimming dreams foster relationships between friends, and help married couples understand themselves better.

Seeing your friends swimming while naked is not a bad sign. It only reveals the state of their heart and describes it as pure.

7) Difficult times are ahead

Swimming with your clothes on

Anytime you dream of swimming with your clothes on, this is not a good sign.

It is an indication of difficult times ahead.

Spiritually, this message comes to prepare you for difficult times.

Do you know why? There is an inevitable truth of the universe that says that difficult times must come at one point or the other.

What differentiates us is our response to such times.

Therefore, having a dream of swimming with your clothes on is to prepare you mentally and emotionally for what lies ahead. It talks about the not-so-good times in your future.

8) You are not proud of your past

Running away from swimming speaks about not being proud of your past.

Well, you don’t have to feel condemned by this message. We all have pasts that haunt us. However, people decide to not dwell on them.

If you have become overtaken by your past mistakes and failures, take this dream as a message.

Let it motivate you to let go of your past failures. It is okay to not want to talk about it but don’t let it hold you down.

Believe that you are better and wiser to avoid such from happening again. Most times, this happens to people that have made mistakes in the past.

9) Victory

Woman in the beach

If you dream of walking out of the water after swimming, this signifies victory.

  • It says that you have won over your inner battles.
  • It shows that you have defied all odds to become who you are.

Having this dream is a spiritual assurance that the challenging times in your life are not meant to last forever.

This dream means that you are coming out stronger and better than who you were. It also speaks about growth and full equipping.

10) Baptism of the Holy Spirit

In the bible, we have a record of Jesus who was baptized with the Holy Spirit after coming out of the water.

Biblically, this is saying that you have the spirit of God in you.

It also means that you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit.

As a Christian, you are going to have dreams about swimming in the river as a sign that the Holy Spirit dwells within you.

In addition to this, God will use this dream to assure you of his presence.

This dream helps you to not doubt God’s presence in your life.

11) Change

The river is a symbol of change. Therefore, swimming in it means embracing change.

Do you know that it is difficult to embrace change? The challenges that come with change can be emotional and psychological.

Swimming in a river signifies that you are ready to embrace the challenge that comes with change. 

In addition to this, swimming in a river is a sign of a new beginning.

This aligns with the message of change. This dream opens your eyes to see the coming season of your life.

It also comes to prepare you for the sudden change that is about to happen.

Biblical Meaning of Swimming in a Dream

Swimming in the Bible

This is a sign of surrender. Anytime you see yourself swimming in a dream, it is saying that you are ready to surrender yourself to the will of God.

It can also be an encouragement to let go of your will while embracing the will of God

Furthermore, the biblical meaning of swimming in a dream speaks about forgiveness and letting go of hurts.

Through this dream, God will show you the possibility of letting go of hurts just as the ocean removes specks of dirt from its face.

Could this dream be a warning sign?

About this dream

Yes, having dreams where you are swimming can be a warning sign.

However, it mostly comes as an encouragement or a good omen.

Therefore, be positively disposed towards this dream.

Final Words

When it comes to the water element, every interaction is spiritual.

Therefore, you should look forward to having further encounters with the water element, or meditate on your past experiences. If you had an experience of swimming in a dream, then let this article guide you to the proper interpretation.

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