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Rock Hitting Windshield Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

Rock Hitting Windshield Spiritual Meaning: 7 Signs

I must admit I was never really exposed to having a rock hit my windshield especially when driving. But a few years ago while traveling in a developing country, I had the unfortunate chance to experience this unpleasantness.

We were driving in one of the developing countries in Asia.

I was there for the food and the shopping and was being driven by my host, a good friend of mine.

Then we passed by a bridge of some sort. As we were about to enter the tunnel, a rock landed on the windshield.

I was seated in the front seat while my friend was in the driver’s seat. So, you can just imagine how my heart jumped as the rock hit the windshield.

Fortunately, the windshield didn’t break

My friend said there have been reports of little boys who are throwing off stones and rocks from bridges.

They are bored and hungry, my friend explained.

Some have been arrested already and sent to juvenile centers but apparently, some are still doing it often.

This recent experience made me reflect deeper on this occurrence. Is there a spiritual meaning to this?

Could Breaking the Windshield be a Spiritual Sign?

Spiritual signs from breaking the windshield

There may be a spiritual sign behind the breaking of the windshield.

I think the heavens are telling us that life’s events can be unexpected. What we should anticipate is the unpredictability of life.

The windshield is not something that breaks easily. It is not like other objects like mugs that easily break or can be expected to have a short life.

Many times, a windshield would crack or break because of an unexpected force.

This is much like life. Many times we get down on our knees to beg or pray because we end up feeling absolutely broken unexpectedly.

One moment our life was good and the next moment, we are at a loss on how to move forward. 

This is why I think that a windshield breaking could be a sign from the heavens. It is a great reminder of how life can be quite unpredictable.

A windshield breaking is much like life where we just deal with the hard and unexpected things that happen to us.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Broken Window

Broken Window

When you have a broken window then brace yourself for some possible pain.

Spiritually, a broken window signifies the end of something, particularly a relationship.

And sadly endings can be quite painful for many.

  • The broken window can be the cue that your romantic relationship is ending. If you are married, one of you may file for divorce soon.
  • It could also mean that you might be ending your relationship with a lover. You two may have been trying to work out your differences sometime now but to no avail.
  • The window that’s broken could also signify the end of a business relationship. You may be parting ways with your current employer. Or your relationship with a business partner has come to an end and the venture will then be split into halves.

A relationship that’s ending can be quite sad. But keep in mind that endings can be beautiful because new beginnings await.

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Spiritual Meaning of a Rock Hitting a Windshield

Spiritual Meaning of a Rock Hitting a Windshield

1) Stop bottling all your emotions

When a rock hits a windshield, this could be heaven’s way of telling you to stop bottling all that you are feeling.

This could be a sign from the heavens to take the time to find someone you trust like a friend, family member, or churchmate to share your feelings with

Aside from feeling better about sharing what’s troubling you, this person may also be in a position to help you out of your problems or dilemma.

Do your best now to make your burdens easier for you to handle.

If you fail to unburden yourself properly or promptly then you might just break into pieces much like some windshield that breaks after a rock hits it.

2) Small blessings

Sometimes the windshield may break into small ones after a rock hits it.

This could be heaven’s way of telling you that you will be a recipient of a series of small blessings.

These include:

  • A small prize from a raffle;
  • Some salary raise;
  • A new gadget;
  • A gift from a loved one;
  • More time for rest;
  • A vacation or a nice trip somewhere.

The ones above are letting you experience the rock hitting the windshield so you can be prepared to receive small blessings simultaneously soon.

3) Seize the day

A rock hitting the windshield could be the supreme being’s way of telling you to seize the day.

Most often, the rock hitting the windshield is unexpected and sometimes can cause serious injuries.

Given the unpredictability of life, you may want to make the most out of your day every day. Live life to the fullest.

Carpe diem, seize the day!

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4) Breakdown the barrier

You may consider breaking down some barriers between you and the person you love or care about.

When the windshield gets hit by a rock, think of what sets you and your family and friends away from each other.

If there is too much pride or emphasis on one’s social standing, then learn to let them go.

The heavens want you to let go of the personal barriers that are keeping you from being the ones you love.

5) A betrayal

The windshield being hit by a rock can also be a sign that soon you may experience a betrayal

This betrayal may hurt so badly and can cause you to grieve for days.

The relationship with this person will be badly broken and even beyond repair.

This is pretty much like the windshield that has been broken beyond repair after getting hit.

6) A plateau

Are you working on something like a project, maybe at work or something personal?

Perhaps you have been spending hours working on this project but seem to be getting nowhere.

Or maybe you’ve been working for something but unable to achieve your goal.

The rock hitting the windshield reflects the stagnation or plateau of whatever you are working on.

You may not realize it but you are not making much progress anymore.

7) Unsafe travels

When the windshield gets hit by a rock, then this could be the heavens’ way of telling the drivers and the other passengers not to travel anytime soon

This is a warning by the ones above that travel for those who experienced the rock hitting the windshield is unsafe.

It may be wise to defer or postpone any travel, especially long-distance ones.

You are being warned by the heavens that you might get hurt badly if you do travel.

An accident or catastrophe may happen to you when you are away from home.

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Is This a Negative Spiritual Sign?

About this spiritual occurrence

Not necessarily.

Sometimes a rock would hit the windshield because the heavens are warning you of something bad that will happen soon or remind you of what needs to be done so you can be a caring person to others. 

Sometimes you get to experience a rock hitting the windshield because the ones above are telling you that small blessings are on their way.

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Shall We Conclude?

I can personally say that a rock hitting the windshield can be quite unpleasant, one that you don’t want to experience again.

But when this happens, set your fears aside.

The heavens may be sending you a very important sign for you to follow.

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