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Incense Smoke Pattern Meaning: Color, Spiral, Swirling

Incense Smoke Pattern Meaning: Color, Spiral, Swirling

Do you desire to know the incense smoke pattern meaning? Then, this article is for you. We have all the interpretations of incense smoking with images!

When it comes to understanding incense smoke’s spiritual meaning, it takes a high level of spiritual insight.

However, I have broken all of these down into simple actionable steps to help you start your journey of comprehending the different spiritual meanings of incense smoke.

Therefore, if you desire to understand what your incense smoke is saying, then read this article till the end

Does Incense Smoke have a Spiritual Meaning?

Incense burning

Yes, incense smoke has a spiritual meaning. You cannot effectively understand the effect of your incense without the incense smoke. Actually, it is the incense smoke that gives you an idea of what is happening in the spiritual realm around you.

Therefore, paying attention to incense smoke is very crucial to your rituals, spells, prayers, and manifestation rites.

Whenever you realize that your incense smoke is coming out in a particular manner, pay close attention

Paying attention to incense smoke is spiritually important because of its direct effect on your soul.

Beyond the divine meaning of incense smoke, paying attention to the incense smoke and observing its patterns also opens up your mind to spirituality.

From our findings, we realized that people have been asked to sit down in front of incense smoke and observe its patterns to become spiritually active.

Therefore, one of the benefits of looking at incense smoke is spiritual sensitivity.

Does the Color of Incense Smoke have a Spiritual Meanings?

Incense with white smoke color

Yes, the color of incense smoke has a spiritual meaning. One of the ways to understand the meaning of your incense smoke is by observing its colors. This is very easy.

Actually, it is one of the fundamental ways to know what your incense smoke is saying. The color of your incense smoke has spiritual meanings and messages. 

When burning incense, 3 colors are prominent. Let us talk about them.

Black smoke:

This is one of the colors of incense smoke you should pay attention to.

Whenever your incense begins to emit black smoke, it means that your energy is not perfectly aligned with the ritual you are performing.

This says that you don’t have a stable intention.

Once you see this, switch off the incense, and wait for 7 days before burning another incense. If you stay under this black smoke for long, it will tamper with your chi, and attract bad luck to your life.

White Smoke:

The white incense smoke is a good sign. During prayers, the burning of incense is important.

When your incense smoke is white, this means that your prayers have been answered. It is a sign that your heart’s desires have been granted by the spiritual realm.

Once this sign shows up, start giving thanks and wrap up your prayer.

You can leave the incense to burn out if you like. White smoke is a good sign that your energy, focus, and intention align with the energy of the incense stick.

Gray Smoke:

This reveals that the realm of the spirit is beginning to notice your incense.

Once your incense smoke turns gray, it indicates that spirits are getting drawn to your offering, rituals, or prayers.

This is a very crucial point.

Once this happens, you need to maintain a strong intention and focus. If not, you are going to attract every kind of spirit into your room, which will disrupt the purity of the spiritual act of burning incense.

Whenever your incense emits gray smoke, it indicates its effectiveness.

However, it is the most important moment of the whole spiritual process. 

Incense Smoke Pattern Meaning

Incense Smoke Pattern Meaning

Apart from reading the incense smoke meaning through its color, you can also observe its patterns to know the message from the spiritual world.

Observing incense smoke patterns helps you to know the answer to the question in your heart.

It also helps you to know if your heart’s desire will come to pass or not. If you want to know about the success of your prayers and rituals, observe the pattern of your incense smoke. 

In addition to this, let me break down the incense smoke pattern into 2 ways:

  1. The direction of the incense smoke: This means that you should observe the direction of the intense smoke. Is it going up or down? Is it going right or left? Once you ascertain this, it will become easier to know what the smoke pattern means.
  1. The swirling movement of the incense smoke is also another pattern to look into. Look out for the pattern of your smoke. Is it forming a spiral? Is it forming a circle or a ladder? Once you identify a form, the meaning is not far-fetched.

These two smoke pattern types will be discussed below for clarity purposes.

Incense Smoke Direction:


Pay close attention to the direction of your incense smoke. The direction of your incense smoke says a lot about the success or failure of your spiritual activity.

If the smoke goes up or down, it speaks a message. If it turns right or left, it also reveals a message. Let us talk about the spiritual meaning of incense smoke direction.

Smoke going right:

If the purpose of your incense ritual is for direction, then the incense smoke will go to the right as an indication that you are on the right track.

For example, if you want to relocate, but don’t know if it is the right choice or not, pray to God while burning incense.

While doing this, observe the smoke direction pattern. If it burns to the right, it is a YES sign. That is, you are making the right decision.

Smoke going left:

This is saying that your energy level is low. Burning incense with a low energy level leads to an ineffective spiritual activity.

Once this happens, switch off the incense and increase your energy levels by meditating or chanting spiritual sounds.

For direction purposes, the smoke going left means that you are not taking the right step.

It is saying that you should reconsider your actions. In some extreme cases, it is a NO sign from the spiritual world.

Smoke rising too fast to the top:

This means that you have a lot of requests. This incense smoke pattern will be commonly found during prayers.

When you are performing love or protection spells, your smoke will not form a pattern of rising too fast to the top.

However, during prayers, this will often happen.

Once you observe this, it is a sign that you have a lot of desires. Additionally, a smoke rising too fast to the top can signify faith.

That is, it is saying that you have faith in God to answer your prayers.

What should you do when your incense smoke goes in this direction? Keep praying and applying faith. Your heart desires will be granted speedily.

Smoke dispersing through the environment:

Anytime this happens, it is saying that your environment is getting purified.

If you conduct a purification ritual, the incense smoke will disperse through the environment as a sign of successful cleansing.

Every negative energy in your atmosphere has been dispelled through the incense smoke direction.

For purification rites, the incense smoke dispersing through the environment means that the process is completed.

Incense Smoke Swirling Meaning:

Incense Smoke Swirling
Incense Smoke Swirling

When incense smoke forms a swirling pattern, it speaks about a twisted mind.

If you are burning incense to calm your mind, the swirling pattern signifies that the process has started.

This pattern reveals the state of your mind as twisted and then begins to transform into other patterns as the cleansing and restoration process continues.

When your incense smoke begins to swirl, it means that the process of healing has started.

Another spiritual meaning of the incense smoke swirling pattern says that the smoke is finding it hard to break through because of too many defenses.

Incense Smoke forming a Spiral:

Incense Smoke forming a Spiral
Incense Smoke forming a Spiral

Whenever your incense smoke forms a spiral pattern, it is a symbol of good luck and positive energy.

If you are burning incense to cleanse your environment of negativity, observe the smoke pattern even as you meditate or cast an intention.

Once the incense smoke begins to form a spiral, it is saying that good luck has come.

This pattern is a symbol of positivity.

Most times, the smoke will turn white during this process. When the smoke turns white after forming a spiral pattern, it is a sign that the process is over.

For purification purposes, smoke forming a spiral also indicates a successful penetration of positivity. It reveals that the purification process has started to affect your soul and your spiritual atmosphere.

Incense smoke forming a ladder:

Incense smoke forming a ladder
Incense smoke forming a ladder. Image from: Pinterest

When your incense smoke forms a ladder pattern, it has two spiritual meanings:

  1. It means that the energy in your environment is sufficient enough to carry out the spiritual activity of incense burning. This is a good sign. The ladder simply talks about free access to the spiritual realm.
  1. Incense smoke forming a ladder pattern also means that you are connected to the spiritual world. Therefore, the ritual and prayer processes will be successful.

Incense smoke forming a ladder means that there is enough energy, and you are spiritually connected.

Therefore, the process of cleansing, protection, or prayers should start.

Incense Smoke Forming a Circle:

Incense Smoke Forming a Circle
Incense Smoke Forming a Circle. Image from: Reddit

This spiritually means that a portal is opened. Once your incense smoke immediately forms a circular pattern, a spiritual portal has been opened. 

During an incense ritual, there are 2 ways to know when the portal has been opened: 

  • The incense smoke will turn gray.
  • The incense smoke will form a circular pattern. 

Once you notice one of these incidents, you need to be careful of what you think because the most important part of the ritual process has begun.

Incense Smoke Splitting in two:

Incense Smoke Splitting in two
Incense Smoke Splitting in two

For direction purposes, when your incense smoke is split into two, it is also a NO answer.

Just like the smoke moving in the left direction, the splitting pattern of the smoke says that you should not take that action or decision.

For purification rites, if your incense smoke splits into two, it means that you are not focusing your energy enough on the spiritual process. It indicates an interference with your energy level.

During prayer sessions, whenever the incense smoke splits into two, it means that you are doubting in God.

This smoke pattern is a warning sign. Immediately call yourself to order, express faith in God, and say those prayers again.

What does it mean when Incense Burns straight up?

Incense Burning straight up

This means access. Whenever your incense smoke burns straight up, it means that you have access to the spiritual world.

This is saying that your incense has opened you up to a new level of spirituality. 

In the bible, the smoke of sacrifices goes up into the heavens when God has accepted their sacrifices.

Therefore, in spirituality, incense burns straight up when your prayers have been accepted.

As much as observing other incense patterns are important, you must also look forward to this pattern.

Once your incense burns straight up, it means that everything is going well with your spiritual practice.

What does it mean when Incense Smoke blows toward you?

Incense Smoke blowing toward you

This means that a spirit has entered your room. Burning incense is a spiritual activity that can attract spirits.

The type of spirit you attract depends on your energy level, and the incense you are burning.

For example, if you are burning cinnamon sticks, and your focus is on material wealth, the goddess of wealth will come into your room.

Anytime your incense smoke blows toward you, it is clear that the spirit of the incense you are burning has come.

Also, the purpose of burning the incense is about to be accomplished by that spirit.

Final Words

This article has broken down all you need to know about incense smoke meanings. Therefore, always observe the colors, patterns and movements of your incense smoke to know if your desires have been granted, or if you need to adjust your energy level.

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  1. Good evening. I found your article on incense smoke pattern meanings directly after ritual during which invocation was involved and I experienced for the first time smoke from 2 sources creating very unusual patterns, both the sage and the burning paper upon which I wrote a spell for protection of my Sons home .
    They both smoked individually on their own going straight up and began to intermingle blowing straight up as they did so. I’m wondering if this was Mother Gaia and Father God showing their presence tangibly. I could feel them as I usually do when I invoke. Do you have any insight? Thank you for taking the moment to read this.
    Blessed Be

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