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Yellow Candle Meaning: How to Pray with Yellow Candle?

Yellow Candle Meaning: How to Pray with Yellow Candle?

What is the meaning of a yellow candle? Let’s find out.

Candles have been incorporated into various traditions, rituals, and spiritualism for centuries, from Temples to Churches.

Thanks to developing technology, candles have also witnessed significant enhancements, primarily through color. 

Different colors in candles have various significances Biblically, spiritually, or traditionally. One of these colors is yellow, which boasts profound meanings in each area. Besides their calming effect, these candles work well with spiritualism. 

If you’ve been curious about the significance of yellow candles and how to pray with them, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know. 

Yellow Candle Meaning

Generally, a yellow candle is a sign of peace, hope, guidance, and wisdom.

Lighting this candle is believed to pave the way for everyone seeking to communicate with the divine world.

You will receive abundant guidance in different matters upon burning this candle. 

The yellow color or the wax that goes down while this candle burns symbolizes the richness of financial wealth and wisdom. That explains why the candle was popularly used by the ancient rulers and in highly privileged homes. 

Traditionally, many communities burnt yellow candles to indicate security, believing it would guard them from their enemies and the devil’s evil plans.

Today, a yellow candle is lit mainly for meditation as it creates a peaceful atmosphere and eradicates negative energies. 

Yellow Candle Meaning in Prayers

Woman praying with a yellow candle

Praying with candles is a long-lived Christian practice that dates back to the early Church.

Using a yellow candle in your prayers could indicate that God will enlighten your spiritual path and help you make more informed decisions regarding your spiritualism. 

Spiritual experts associate yellow candles with the sun’s color, which lets us see everything clearly without struggle.

Praying with a yellow candle will likely help you see things beyond the usual way, hence increasing your intuition

It’s also believed that praying with a yellow candle facilitates quicker responses to your prayers since it allows one to pray with more focus and devotion.

Lighting this candle during prayers fosters a deeper connection between you and your Creator, even after the prayers. 

While this candle has such a substantial significance in your prayers, it’s crucial to maintain faith in God and live according to His word.

That way, your prayers with a yellow candle will be more effective

What Is Yellow Candle Used For?

Using a yellow candle in spiritual world

A yellow candle is used in different areas of life, including spiritualism, traditions, or relaxation.

Focusing on spiritualism, this candle signifies light, guidance, and understanding of responsibility towards the divine realm. 
You can use this candle during prayers to attract clarity to things you don’t understand, as it’s believed to enhance intuition.  
Many believers use this candle to increase their creativity and innovation in different fields because it fosters high mental focus and productivity.
If you’ve lost the energy to pray or even undertake your usual responsibilities lately, you can light a yellow candle during prayers or meditation.

Spiritual professionals believe the candle refills you with positive energy as it burns. 

How to Pray With a Yellow Candle?

Praying with a candle by my side

Understanding how to pray with a yellow candle is essential as it makes your prayers more practical. To pray with a yellow candle, you need to set your purpose on prayer before getting the candle

Find a peaceful place to pray and remove any clutter that may distract your attention while you pray.

You can now light the candle and place it on a well-leveled surface away from combustible materials. 

With the candle burning, you can start praying while gazing at the flames. Other people prefer to bow down or look elsewhere. You can extinguish and store the candle safely when you’ve exhausted your prayer.

 Some people reflect upon the experience to evaluate their feelings and if they’ve received any guidance or insight before turning off the candle.

You can repeat this process whenever you want to pray with a yellow candle until you achieve your intention and do so for other purposes.

7 Spiritual Benefits of Burning Yellow Candles

Spiritual Benefits of Burning Yellow Candles

1) Helps You Focus

Having a monkey mind seldom helps you concentrate during your meditation practice. If you are keen on meditating to attain spiritual knowledge and awakening, constant distractions can hinder your meditation practice. 

Lighting a yellow candle during your meditation can help you focus on the spiritual energy surrounding your body.

With deep focus, you can also connect with the universal spiritual energies. A yellow candle lit up during the meditation practice will help you absorb the spiritual energy in the universe and connect with your higher self. 

2) Opens a Divine Communication Array

Lighting a yellow candle during the prayer helps you tap into energies that connect you with the spiritual realm. These are divine energies that are connected to the Almighty and will gain focus, clarity, and optimism. 

You can light a yellow candle and say your prayer while focussing on the candle flame and feel the divine energy surging through your core during the ritual. It is possible to establish a spiritual communication array by focusing your energy on the candle flame

You will receive a Holy response as the candle starts melting away. This divine communication array is hard to establish. With concentrated energy and focus, one can establish a spiritual communication array. This will connect you to the Almighty and his Guardian Angels. 

3) Invoke Psychic Powers

The yellow candle is known for helping you get mental clarity and increase your focus during meditation practice.

However, you can also light a yellow candle during psychic rituals. The yellow candle helps you attract the energy that helps you with your psychic abilities and tarot readings.

Light a candle

This energy will help your reading become more efficient and clear. The color yellow represents communication. Lighting a yellow candle can help you establish a spiritual communication array with the spiritual realm.  

4) Communicate with Guardian Spirits

Since yellow is a color representing communication, it becomes even easier to establish a spiritual link with your guardian spirits in the spiritual realm.

Connecting to a spiritual realm can be very cumbersome, especially if you lack focus. In this case, lighting a yellow candle will help you establish a link with the spiritual realm that helps you communicate with ease. 

Guardian Spirits

While connecting with your guardian spirits, you may find yourself feeling at ease. With the help of the yellow candle magic, you can permanently create a bridge of communication with the spiritual guides that will help you during your tough times. 

5) Cleansing Negative Energy 

Many people suffer mainly because of the negative energy that surrounds their being and affects them deeply.

Sometimes it can be tough to cleanse the negative energy in your surroundings. In such a case, you may end up conducting an energy cleansing ritual that allows you to banish the pessimistic energy. 

Lighting a yellow candle during an energy cleansing ritual will help you obstruct the dark energy affecting your emotional and physical well-being.

To make this more effective, you can light a yellow candle each day for an hour for an energy cleansing ritual that will banish all the negativity within you and your surroundings. 

6) Attract Energy in Third Chakra

Our body has eight chakras, out of which the third chakra sits between your navel and the chest. This chakra is famously known as the solar plexus.

Lighting a yellow candle will help you attract the energy in the third chakra that helps strengthen your character and self-esteem and fills you up with transformational power that can change your life. 

Focusing on your third chakra during the meditation practice alongside lighting a yellow candle during a ritual will help you connect with your higher conscience. This will help you attain divine wisdom.  

7) Yellow Candle Magical Spells

Beyond the rituals and meditations, yellow candles are used for magical spells. You can conduct a money spell during a yellow candle ritual that will help you build your wealth and attract abundance. 

During your down days, a yellow candle spell can fill you up with life-surging energies that can help you feel better during the day.

A yellow candle magic spell must be conducted between 12 to 1 pm when the sun is at the highest point in the sky. You can administer your yellow candle spell on Wednesday and Sunday to ensure that

Should I Really Burn Yellow Candles?

Two yellow candles

Burning yellow candles primarily depends on the specific spiritual goals that you wish to achieve.

A yellow candle is the best option to accomplish:

  • Spiritual guidance;
  • Happiness;
  • Clarity;
  • Abundance;
  • Creativity;
  • Healing;
  • And richness in spiritual matters. 

However, other candle colors can attract several spiritual goals, such as red, white, orange, or pink.

You can even combine different colors, although not too many, for more effective results. Consulting a spiritual expert on which candle color is ideal for your intentions would be essential. 

Are Yellow Candles Positive?

The positive energy from candles

Yellow candles are strongly associated with positive and uplifting outcomes. Praying with these candles will likely achieve success, creativity, spiritual and material richness, joy, tranquility, and protection from the devil’s plans.

Other positive effects of yellow candles are guidance and an unimaginable energy regarding spiritual matters.

However, the practicality of these candles often depends on one’s spiritual beliefs, faith, and intentions.

It’s essential to approach the topic with a clear purpose, an open mind, and guidance from a specialist. 


In a nutshell, yellow candles substantially influence various spiritual matters. In fact, their significance spans beyond spiritualism, making them the second most embraced candles in general life after white candles

The advantages of adding yellow candles to your spiritual life are uncountable. Therefore, lighting a yellow candle will most likely push you to greater heights regardless of where you are with your spiritual journey. 

Consult a spiritual professional on which shade of yellow is best depending on various intentions. That way, you’ll likely experience more desirable results since various shades signify different things.

Silver CandleOrange Candle
Red CandleBrown Candle
Gold CandlePurple Candle
Black CandleBlue Candle
Green Candle

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    1. Green candle best. Burn the candle till it finishes. Even after your prayers. I just got this info on youtube channel by a mane Pamela am about to start mine, never don it before. she’s has like more than 500k plus subscribers. While burning the candle blend nutmeg and be sprinkling on it while praying. Just have faith and believe

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