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Orange Candle Meaning: 7 Benefits and Manifestation

Orange Candle Meaning: 7 Benefits and Manifestation

In the spiritual world, orange candles play a crucial role in providing peace, clarity, and inner joy to one’s mind and soul

And, yes, we’re talking about orange-colored candles here and not candles literally made with orange fruit. 

In this article, I’ll be guiding you on the orange candle’s spiritual importance, usage, and meanings.

So, don’t waste any more time and see everything you need to know about these magical and powerful candles!

What Does An Orange Candle Represent Spiritually?

Orange Candle

As I mentioned, in a spiritual sense, orange candles provide peace, inner joy, and clarity.

But, that’s not all there is to it.

Orange candles represent the absorption of energy from the sun which means that, after lighting one up, you should feel a sense of warmth, good radiance, and a gush of positivity in your life.

And, just like the sun is important for human life, the positivity obtained from the orange candle is important for mental and spiritual well-being

So, if you feel disconnected from your inner self or often find yourself burning in a pit of anger and frustration, the orange candle should represent a sort of spiritual comfort and light.

What Are Orange Candles Used For?

Using orange candles in love

Well, in the religious context, both Hindus and Buddhists use orange candles to perform and fulfill their rituals.

They are lit up in front of temples and shrines as a sign of respect and are often accompanied by flowers, clay, or herbs.

However, in a spiritual context, orange candles can be used for obtaining inner peace.

If you’ve been feeling restless, caught up in a lot of work or even just going through a tough time, you could maybe light up one or two orange candles and let them work their magic. 

The orange candle might also help with the feeling of being abandoned and left out as its connection with the sun’s energy allows it to radiate comfort and warmth.

Can I Use Orange Candles In Manifestation?

Using orange candles in manifestation

If you don’t already know what manifestation is, it’s simply just a psychological trick that involves devoting your intentions and focus toward a dream (success) and turning it into reality.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you can use orange candles in manifestation then the answer is… YES!

Different colored candles serve different purposes in a manifestation ritual:

  • If you’re trying to manifest love and passion, use a red candle;
  • A brown candle to manifest grounding;
  • A green candle to manifest money and wealth.;
  • And, an orange candle to manifest confidence and clarity

Orange Candle Meaning

The real meaning of orange candles

An orange candle is associated with a lot of things but, most specifically, it can help you gain clarity about what you want.

This will not only boost your self-esteem but also give you the confidence to face anything in life since you’re not just wandering around like a purposeless jellyfish. 


An orange candle could also mean a bright future.

The shiny melted wax mixed with the vibrant orange color could most certainly be your first sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’ve been feeling demoralized, hopeless, or out of opportunities lately then lighting up an orange candle could help you find meaning in your existence

Meaning in a prayer:

Using an orange candle in prayer could be an ask for positivity in life.

After going through a rough patch or recovering from an illness, you can light up a few orange candles and make a prayer to the divine asking for a shower of light and positivity over you or your loved ones. 

Or, you could be feeling wonderful and happy lately and the prayer could be for everything to continue the same way.

Meaning in manifestation:

As I mentioned earlier, orange candles can be used for manifestation and especially for manifesting confidence.

They can help you let go of your flaws and insecurities and accept who you truly are. 

Not only will this help you ooze confidence but will also make you a much more likable individual as self-confidence is an extremely eye-catching and attractive trait. 

To do a manifestation ritual, you can light up a few orange candles in front of you and narrate all that you want to manifest aloud.

Doing this at least two or three times a month can help you gain clarity over your goals and the steps you need to take in order to achieve them. 

Meaning in spells:

Candles are a staple for any “magic toolkit” that could ever exist and the orange ones, in particular, are believed to help with transformations. 

They have a long history of being paired with spells and magic and the burning flame is believed to represent the connection between the spiritual and physical world

Like different colored candles are used to manifest different things, they can also be used to cast different spells since each color has its own unique power and energy.

Catholic meaning:

Orange candles in Catholic rituals, prayers, and activities are supposed to represent the “light of god”.

This light is important when an individual is making a prayer with a certain intention or, more specifically, asking for divine guidance.

In a Catholic church, not only do people light up orange candles for forgiveness and respect for the deceased but also to feel more spiritually connected and bridged with God (Christ).

Read the meaning of blue candles.

7 Spiritual Benefits of Burning Orange Candles

Burning an orange candle

There are several benefits to lighting an orange candle. I’ll talk about the most important ones below.

1) Gain Clarity Of Your Mind & Thoughts

If you’re dealing with constant stress and indecisiveness, lighting up an orange might help you gain clarity over what you want and how you can get it

This clarity ensures that you’re not distracted by things that aren’t important or necessary for getting what you want to achieve.

But, for a lot of people, work pressure, competition, overthinking, and lack of sleep can severely muddle up your decision-making abilities and thoughts.

So, putting aside all that’s in your head and lighting up an orange candle in a quiet room might just be what you need to detangle and defog your mind.

2) Helps With Anger & Frustration

Anger issues and frustration can really get people to distance themselves from you or even abandon you.

This may be caused by the uncertainty of you lashing out and hurting people both physically and emotionally. 

As humans, we all have bad days and a little bit of anger is okay… SOMETIMES (if justifiable).

But, when it starts getting out of hand and uncontrollable, you may want to take it as a sign of lighting up an orange candle and allowing its calming energy to really sink deep inside your head. 

Not only will this help you deal with your temperament issues effectively but also make you more playful, easy-going, and tolerant which are quite the attractive traits in an individual.

3) Boost energy!

If you’ve been feeling low lately, an orange candle might just just be what you need for a boost of energy!

As I previously mentioned, the orange candle absorbs energy from the sun.

And, this energy can help brighten up the dullest and most tiresome of days!

The radiance from the candle can stimulate the part of the brain which is connected to mood.

Not only will it instantly cheer you up but also rush jolts of energy inside your body which can drastically improve productivity, brain functioning, and work capacity!

4) Boost Creativity

Apart from boosting energy, orange candles can work wonders in boosting creativity as well!

If you’re an artist, this boost can help you get into your “artistic zone” much faster or come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems. 

Creativity also helps you:

  • Visualize the bigger picture;
  • Express yourself better;
  • Relieve stress;
  • And, even motivate yourself!

So, if you happen to work in a creative field like architecture, design, or visual effects, lighting up an orange candle and letting your mind absorb its radiance once or twice a month can really get your creative juices refilled and flowing!

Remember: A person that has lost touch with his or her creativity is an imprisoned person. 

5) Get In Touch With Your Surroundings

Being out of touch with your surroundings can feel like being in a coma.

You don’t know what, how, and when something is going on around you, and, even if you do, you may still feel disconnected from it

This can happen because of overthinking, stress, or other tragic events that may have traumatized you enough to feel disconnected from yourself and the reality around you.

So, to get over that and get in touch with your surroundings, absorb the sun’s radiant energy from an orange candle (inside a quiet/undisturbed room) once or twice every month.

6) Manifest Whatever You Want!

Whether you want to be a successful business owner one day or be accepted for Harvard Law School, a manifestation ritual performed with orange candles can really help you turn your dreams into reality!

However, you need to be mindful of the fact that manifestation by itself won’t get you anywhere.

The only thing it can help you with is focusing and visualizing your goals so that you can figure out the steps to achieving them.

So, fortunately, or unfortunately, you still need to make an effort.

The role orange candles play in this is that they can help clear away distractions from your mind and reshape your thoughts according to your desires, therefore, eventually leading you to success

7) Achieve Positivity In Life

Although this might sound quite cliche, positivity is CRUCIAL for a healthy and sustainable life.

And, if your life doesn’t seem to show any signs of positivity then the orange candle can help with that. 

The vibrant orange color alongside the yellow flame reflects hope, light, and optimismThe only three things required for a positive life and mindset. 

So, burning one of these once in a while can most definitely help you crawl out of the tunnel of darkness and negativity you might be stuck in.

Should I Really Use Orange Candles?

About these candles

Well, if you ask me, my answer would be… YES ABSOLUTELY!

As I mentioned, different colored candles have different powers and energies. And, the orange one does not only help you manifest your dreams but also benefits you in tons of other ways from boosting confidence and creativity to defogging your mind. 

However, when using orange candles, it is important to know where and how frequently you should use them.

Ideally, they should be used in a church or a quiet room to obtain the most benefit. 

How frequently you use them obviously depends on your intent but once or twice a month should suffice for most people.

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now.

All good things such as positivity, playfulness, peace, and hope can be achieved with an orange candle.

Its radiance can transform you into a better, more creative, focused, energetic, and thoughtful person.

Also, its ability to draw energy from the sun can help clear out a cloudy and stressed-out mind which definitely makes the orange candle a jack of all trades! 

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