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Green Candle Meaning: 7 Benefits of Burning Green Candles

Green Candle Meaning: 7 Benefits of Burning Green Candles

In this article I will explain to you the benefits of burning green candles and the green candle meaning in the spiritual world.

Humans have been burning candles since old ages. From European bee wax to fruits, insects, and plants, all these materials humans used in the past and humans are still using till this modern-day world.

Candles have a great significance in Christian religious ceremonies to various voodoo practices. Each candle, with its unique color, has tremendous energy.

Whether it be a celebration, home-decoration, candle march, protest, or funeral, candles are the central part of all the above. Aroma candles are also very trendy these days.

What is the spiritual meaning of a green candle?

Spiritual meaning of a green candle

Green candles are the symbol of money, wealth, fertility, prosperity, nature, and success.

Dark green candle 

Dark Green candles, obviously dark green color, humans burn these candles to connect with nature. To D.I.Y.

(Do It Yourself) candles, you can use paraffin wax, but if you want to go all-natural, use soy candles or some plant nectar to get the aroma and natural Henna (Mehendi) color to make dark green candles.

Light green candle 

Light green candles are light green and parrot colors. Humans burn them to connect with angels and Archangels, especially Archangel Raphael, who guides you in your life and brings comfort and abundance.

You can make your D.I.Y. candle through soy candles and use chlorophyll powder or Green tea powder to get light green color in your candles.

Seven days green candle

Humans used green candles in spells where humans burn these candles for seven days each. May it be the spell for attracting money, health, or a newborn child. Here we will discuss the seven-day ritual for health and drawing a new life(it could be a newborn baby or attracting a new life).

Seven Day Ritual for Health

There had been no man, woman, or animal who had not gone through any sickness throughout their life. Here are the steps to carry out a ritual for seven days with a green candle for health:

  • Carve the word ‘health’ on the green candle with a pointed needle or any pointed instrument. You must clean the pointed needle before carving the word ‘health’.
  • Sanctify the candle with Lavender oil.
  • Burn the candle and repeat three times, “What is ill inside me, may leave.”.
  • Repeat the ritual for seven days at the same time.
  • Have faith, since you carry out the ritual with a green candle, it may take time.

Seven day ritual for a newborn baby or to start a new chapter in life

Magic ritual with candles

Everybody needs or goes through their life lessons, and after that, a new chapter starts, but to attract fast, you can take the help of this miraculous green candle.

One can even try to attract newborn babies if they have infertility or have pregnancy problems. To draw the baby or a new chapter in life with green candles, follow the following seven-day ritual:

  1. Take three candles and carve the word ‘baby’ with a sharp needle or any pointy surface. Clean the instrument.
  2. Sanctify the candles with vegetable oil. You can also add any scent of your favorite flower or fruit to make your experience better.
  3. Now visualize what you want and repeat these words three times, “O Lord, please hear my plea and fill my life with abundance and fertility.”
  4. Have faith and carry out your routine. Repeat the ritual for seven days.

7 Benefits of Burning Green Candles

Benefits of Burning Green Candles

1. Heals heart chakra

There are seven chakras in our body, and each rainbow color denotes each chakra. All the rainbow colors(V.I.B.G.Y.O.R., V is for violet, I is for Indigo, B is for blue, G is for green, Y is for yellow, O is for orange, R is for red) chakra system uses all these colors. For example, the third chakra from the top, also known as the heart chakra, represents the green color. They say if your heart chakra is open, you have a very profound intuition.

So to heal the heart chakra, if your heart chakra closes, you must burn a green candle and start meditating.

2. Connects with nature

The green color is the most vibrant and refreshing, and nature uses this color itself.

Whenever we are in the heart after working and living a life in a concrete jungle when greenery surrounds us, nature keeps us refreshed and rejuvenated. They say that to connect with nature, you must burn dark green candles.

3. Connects with angels and Archangels

Guardian Angel

Angels are our guide and comforter in this bitter-sweet life. They completely change our perspective towards life and keep us away from potential harm.

They are the helping hand and messenger of God, and any human would be lucky to connect with them. So to communicate with them, we must burn Light green candles and meditate.

The green color also signifies Archangel Raphael, one of the Archangels, mainly known for healing your spirit, mind, and body.

4. Used in Feng-shui

Green candles play an essential role in Feng-shui. If your room in your house is filled with depressing energy, you can balance your energy by burning three candles at the entrance.


They also complete the five elements required in Feng-Shui, which were red, orange, and yellow fire elements, and black, blue, purple, and green combined with them to complete these elements.

For better luck, you must burn floating green candles in the North-East direction of your room.

5. Promotes fertility

We know that the green color represents fertility as Venus also denotes the green color. It is much less effective than burning a red candle that depicts his brother Mars, who links with red.

The green color also represents Mother Earth as it also shows fertility like green plants, trees, and bushes.

One must always light a dark green candle to attract nature or to connect to nature. It is just like it reflects plants.

The green color also depicts the fertility of Mother Earth. If Mother Earth is fertile, it depicts greenery; if Mother Earth is not fertile, it depicts barren land or brown color. So to attract fertility, you must burn candles on Friday as it is the day of Venus.

6. Brings stable love

The Green candle can also be used to attract love. Burning a green candle brings not only love but also brings love that is stable and long-lasting.

It is not like a red candle that gets intense, fiery, and passionate love. This love is short-lived, but if attracted to the love with a green candle, it brings a stable, balanced, and long-lasting love. The lovers form a strong bond before taking the relationship to the next step.

7. Brings abundance and success

Lighting a green candle brings abundance in all areas of life-like luck, prosperity, health, and success. No person in this world is asking for success in a place they want in this whole world.

One must carry out the spells to attract success with the help of a white candle, three green candles, ten basil leaves, an incense stick, two fluorite stones, green paper, and one photo of a person who wants to be successful. 

  1. Go in peaceful surroundings.
  2. Place the green candles in a square and the white candle close to you.
  3. Burn the incense stick and place the green fluorite crystals in between the squares.
  4. Carry out the spell by burning all the candles and the incense stick and chanting” I am successful.” three times.
  5. Let all the candles burn for 10 minutes.

Money spell with one green candle

Spell with green candle

You can attract wealth in your life or your loved ones life by carrying out a spell with one green candle, yours or his or her name and knowing yours or their zodiac sign name, and carrying out the following steps of the extent to attract money:

  1. Get a quiet and peaceful place. 
  2. Take the green candle and carve your name and your zodiac sign
  3. Now burn the candle and do the prayer to ask for money from the higher spirit
  4. Let the candle burn fully
  5. Remember that the Universe will fulfill your wish only if it’s not wishful thinking. So you have to believe and visualize whatever outcome you want with the money. For example, if you’re going to ask for a raise from your boss or get a promotion, only you can get it, i.e., you are clear how you will get the money.

What do you think about the green candle spiritual meaning and about the 7 benefits of burning this candles? Please, leave your comments bellow!

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