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11 Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Smoke: Cigarette, Candle, Wood

11 Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Smoke: Cigarette, Candle, Wood

Certain signs and elements can mean a great deal to us.

Sometimes, these signs might look inconsequential, at other times, they might be visible and impactful enough to catch our attention.

I have heard people query the universe for sending little signs to them. Sadly, they have not gotten the answer to that question.

Let me share my experience with you.

Recently, I started smelling smoke all around me.

At first, I thought it was a burning bush or maybe a melting wire.

After a while, the smell became so thick that I could hardly breathe. It felt as if a fire was burning right inside my room. But, I could not see any sign.

As expected, I was so scared that I ran out of my room

It took months for me to really understand the meaning of that experience.

The spiritual world attempted to get my attention. Ever since I have not had that experience. But my spiritual knowledge is better.

Therefore, the next time it happens to me, I will be prepared.

Now, if you have not gone through this before, count yourself lucky.

I am about to share the different ways to interpret and understand the spiritual meaning of smelling different types of smoke. Therefore, read this article till the end

Is Smelling Smoke and Burning Smoke Normal?

Smelling Smoke and Burning Smoke

Yes, it is normal to smell smoke or burn smoke. For example, if you find yourself around a burning bush, you will smell smoke, and this is not a spiritual event.

Certain events are normal when the conditions that lead to them are readily available.

However, the moment the conditions are absent, seeing the happenings of certain situations is not normal

Therefore, smelling smoke will only be normal as long as you can identify the source of the smoke.

However, if you cannot identify the source of the smoke, then, it is not a normal situation.

You need to pay attention and get the spiritual message from this. 

People have asked questions like:

  • How will I know if the smell of smoke is spiritual?
  • Does it mean the spiritual world is talking to me?

And so on. 

The best way to know if it’s spiritual or not is by trying to identify the source of the smoke.

The moment you cannot identify the smoke, then, be rest assured that it is a spiritual situation that brings a message. 

Why do I Smell Cigarette Smoke when there is none? Spiritual Meaning

Cigarette Smoke

Smelling cigarette smoke when there is none means your spiritual senses are heightened.

This is the first thing you need to realize.

The fact that you can smell, see or hear what people can’t point to the fact that your spiritual abilities are working perfectly.

Therefore, keep this at the back of your mind

Another spiritual meaning attached to this is the presence of a spiritual entity around you.

In the bible, it is said that our spirits are in the form of smoke.

Therefore, when we begin to smell smoke around us, it could be an indication that a spiritual being has come around us.

This could be the spirit of our deceased loved one, an angel, or a demon.

Now, this smell cannot reveal the spirit around us. You might need to delve a little bit deeper into this through meditation or prayers. 

Furthermore, people smell smoke when there is danger. The smell of this smoke will be choking.

In some cases, you might find it hard to breathe and everything around will become blurred.

Anytime this happens, it means there is danger ahead.

It could also be a red sign to stop taking action. 

What does it mean when You Smell Smoke? Four Types

What does it mean when You Smell Smoke?

There are 4 types of smoke you will smell. Each of these types of smoke possesses deep spiritual meanings and mysteries around them you should know. Through them, the universe can speak to you about your life. Let us discuss this right away. 

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke:

Cigarette Smoke

This message comes in different forms:

  1. If you were once addicted to smoking, the smell means that your past is trying to catch up with you. It might not be about smoking addiction. This could be about something in your past that you regret, which is trying to resurface all over again. Therefore, be determined to keep your past buried and approach your present life with confidence. 
  1. Spiritually, smelling cigarette smoke also means you should avoid smoking. This looks funny or ordinary, right? But it is one of the spiritual messages you can get.

Further details about this will be discussed later on. Let us get into the next type of smoke and its spiritual meaning. 

Smelling Something Burn:

Burning and smoking matches

When you smell something burning, it is a sign of spiritual sensitivity.

This means that your spiritual senses are working perfectly.

Additionally, it is believed to be a rebirth of your spiritual consciousness.

In spirituality, it is believed that the beginning of a spiritual adventure starts with a heightened spiritual feeling.

One of the ways it expresses itself is through the smell of a burning substance or material.

Smelling Candle Smoke:

Candle Smoke

Smelling candle smoke means your prayers will be answered.

When God wants to answer your prayers, he might speak to you through the smoke. Now, this might be the smoke of incense or the smoke of candles.

Therefore, whenever you begin to smell candle smoke, it means that your desires and prayers have been answered.

Expect physical evidence henceforth. 

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Burning Wood:

Burning Wood

The moment you begin to smell burning wood, it is a sign of the presence of God.

The Bible has enough records of this.

Fire is a spiritual sign of God’s presence.

Whenever fire burns on the altar, you can smell burning wood.

Therefore, smelling burning wood signifies the presence of God. It creates an awareness that God is with you.

Is Smelling Something Burning a Sign of what (Spiritual)?

Spiritual signs of something burn and smelling

Smelling something burning is a sign of spirituality. It is an omen that calls people’s attention to the spiritual world.

Fire and smoke are 2 major elements of spirituality.

They can be given to us as an external aid, which stirs up curiosity to learn more about the spiritual world.

The smell of a burning substance is also a sign of spiritual sensitivity.

When you smell something burning and the evidence can’t be found around, it means the spiritual world is trying to get your attention.

Don’t take this sign for granted. The next time you have this sign from the spiritual world, it is to make you sensitive.

People have reported smelling smoke or a burning substance while hearing voices.

Because of how scary it was, they assumed that ghosts were after them.

Well, that is not true. Hearing voices while smelling smoke is still talking about your spiritual sensitivity.

It is always given to help us stay alert at all times. 

7 Biblical Meanings of Smelling Smoke

Biblical Meaning of Smelling Smoke

All through the bible, there are instances of smoke experiences. For example, a cloud of smoke entered the tabernacle during the time of Moses, and they could not minister because it depicted the glory of God.

Therefore, smelling smoke according to the bible is of great spiritual significance. Let us discuss the 7 biblical meanings of having this experience. 

1) The Glory of God is Revealed

When it comes to smelling different types of smoke, it can be used to typify the glory of God.

When people smell smoke, it means they are receiving the glory of God in an environment.

It is also believed that people who have this gift are called to be prophets of pastors. However, ordinary people with no special spiritual calling can experience this

According to the bible, it is always used to reveal the glory of God and compel people to worship him.

2) Praise God at all Times

The Bible calls our praises a sacrifice.

When an animal is burned on the altar of sacrifice, there will be smoke, and people will inhale such.

In the same way, our praises to God can go to His presence in the form of smoke.

Sometimes, we will perceive this.

Whenever you smell smoke, it is encouraging you to live a life of praise and worship to God.

Even when things don’t seem to be positive around you, still, maintain an attitude of praise. 

Haven’t you heard of the saying “When you praise God, He will raise you up”?

This means that your blessing will come from heaven as you constantly praise God.

3) The Holy Spirit is Present 

The presence of the holy spirit can be depicted as smoke.

The holy ghost was seen as cloven tongues of fire in the book of Acts.

Additionally, it is believed that wherever there is fire, there must be smoke.

This is why smelling different types of smoke might be a sign that the holy spirit is present.

It could be an omen to also baptize you with the holy ghost and fire. 

4) Your past should be forgotten

Earlier on, we discussed that the smell of cigarette smoke might be an indication of your past that is trying to hold you down.

Especially when you were an addicted cigarette smoker in your past.

Whenever this happens to you, always remind yourself that you are now in Jesus Christ, and old things have passed away.

Therefore, walk in the newness of life that Jesus has given to you.

The devil will always try to resurrect your past with cigarette smoke.

You must always remind yourself that the past is over.

5) Your prayers are answered

Smelling incense smoke is a sign of answered prayers.

Have you been praying to God for a situation? Worry no more.

The smell of your incense around you brings good news to you.

It reveals that the angel of God has brought the answers to your prayers. From this moment, expect to receive answers to all the desires in your heart.

With faith, everything you have ever prayed for will become a reality quickly.

This is the biblical meaning of smelling incense smoke.

6) Your Angel is around You

Through the smoke, your awareness can be triggered about angels.

The Bible speaks a lot concerning angels. When an angel appeared to Manoah and prophesied about the birth of Samson, it was recorded that it ascended back into heaven with smoke.

Therefore, smoke can be used to speak about angels

The next time you wake up at midnight to smell smoke, it is an omen from God’s throne.

It reveals that your guardian angel has come to visit you.

Therefore, open your heart to this message whenever it comes to you. 

7) You are Special

When people smell incense smoke, it is believed to be a motivational message from God.

The Bible records that God is interested in all of His children.

He treats them as important, and would never allow anyone to bring them down

You must begin to see yourself in this light from now. Not only are you special to God, but you are also valuable to men.

God will speak to you through the smoke of incense.

Therefore, be open to receiving this message whenever it comes. The Bible speaks about this consistently.

You must pay attention to it, and receive this meaning into your heart. With this, your self-esteem and confidence will be improved. 

I Keep Smelling Smoke Every day: It’s a Bad Sign?

Smoke and bad luck

It is not a bad sign to smell smoke every day. Through this experience, you can get warning signs, directions, and good luck messages.

In addition to this, it can also speak to you about the spirit of your lost loved one. 

Ancient traditions also affirm that the smell of smoke creates an aura of protection around people.

For example, if there is a pandemic in a community, using the smell of smoke creates an invisible barrier against such sickness. In the same way, it can be used to ward away evil spirits and ghosts. Therefore, pay attention to this. 

Can it speak of unfortunate incidents as well? Yes, it can. However, in most cases, it only reveals good luck, brings a warning or provides direction.

Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual problems from smelling smoke

Yes, you should be concerned about this experience.

Whenever you smell smoke without knowing its source, ensure you pay close attention. It is not an ordinary sign to meddle with.

Through this omen, spirits can communicate with people, God can speak to us, and we can communicate with the spiritual world. 

Over the years, we have seen an increasing complaint about this experience.

If you have also had a similar experience, then, this article has provided the best answer and solution to your question

Because of the deep spiritual properties of smoke, it is highly recommended that you never take its smell or appearance for granted. 

Final Words

Smoke is spiritual. There are enough proofs around us to validate this conclusion.

They are either possessed by spirits or used by God to speak to us.

This is why you should never joke about anything concerning it

Whenever you smell smoke, whether cigarette, candle, or wood, ensure you refer back to this article.

A sign like this is auspicious. It can determine your future, and if properly utilized, you will enjoy a series of positive events in your life. 

Therefore, when next you smell any type of smoke without finding a viable source of the smell, pay close attention. A message lies in it for you. 

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23 thoughts on “11 Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Smoke: Cigarette, Candle, Wood”

  1. Avatar
    AnnaKristinaMay Diza

    i smell cigarette smoke in my room in the middle of night and the only thing that pop up in my mind is my brother who happen to pass away last year.because of pandemic i never had a chance to see or visit him till now.i feel so heartbroken

  2. I recently sold the last bit of furniture in my bedroom that my husband and I had from the beginning of our marriage. Him passing years ago, i finally could let go. Since just before the pieces where taken out, I have smelled wood smoke in my bedroom at night. I’m hoping it’s my husband’s approval of what I’ve done.

  3. I have smelled stale cigarette smoke faintly in my house shortly after my husband died in Jan 1996. I also smelled his sweet pipe tobacco and brewed coffee (a routine he always kept) in the mornings. It went away and now since our eldest son threatening complete disconnection in the past week, I started smelling the stale cigarette smoke (no cigarette smoking in the house since late 1980’s) that presents in the basement and one of the smaller rooms on the main floor. Always a sense of it coming from above me. Then on a breezed walk alone with my dog yesterday, I smelled the sweet tobacco from my husband’s pipe surrounding me. I’m not sure the symbolism of the stale cigarette smoke but my husband’s sweet tobacco I feel is about wanting to help me to forgive and let go. This issue with our son coming up is very similar to an attitude/position my husband had held to the end. I smoked cigarettes and quit in 1977. I am wondering if the message has to do with looking at changing a bad habit and a reassurance that I can do it.

  4. I have been smelling cigarette smoke very strongly in my face so much to where its hard for me to catch my breath. It has been happening for a few months now. I believe in the spiritual realm and I am sensitive to it. I work for hospice and have had it 2 people that smoked very heavily. Could it be one of them or what or who? I’m not sure what to make of it really. It seems to be happening more Frequently. Thoughts?

  5. I have been smelling cigarette smoke very heavily, every where I go. I’m not a smoker neither is my husband, we have never aloud cigarette smoking in our home. It becomes so strong that it makes my nose burn. It reminds me of when I have walk past people who are smoking. My biological father smokes, my adoptive father smoked (deceased), my brother smoked (deceased), and many Uncles who are now deceased. It makes me wonder who is around me, and causing this horrible smell consistently. I absolutely hate it, and smell it even when I’m not at home. It’s disturbing to me, because I don’t know where it is coming from.

    1. this started happening to me on new years day my brother was smoking a cigarette at my front door and here we are six days later and im smelling smoke all day every day. in my room in the store off and on but more in my room

  6. My friend (who was also my neighbor) and i used to sit on rocks outside and smoke cigarettes while watching comedy specials on my phone. We would share cigarettes all the time but he passed away late 2021. I randomly stumbled upon a video that reminded me of him and seconds after he came to mind, i smelled the smoke but couldn’t find anyone near me smoking so i knew it was him. I miss him a lot and he has been visiting me in dreams lately so maybe this is just another way he is showing me he’s around.

  7. I usually smell fire smoke, in the middle of the night or early hours in the morning, and I constantly have a bad feeling about it, and for example there are plans made once that smell comes up everything doesn’t fall in to place, and I just don’t understand as to why

  8. Has anyone ever smelled candle smoke ? I have, I also know someone who experienced it too, after a loved one passed away recently. recently on the day of my Moms funeral service back in May 2022, I truly believe it has a connection to the spiritual world. I believe it was a positive sign from God, guardian angels and my lovely mother. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, please let me know if you have experienced something similar.

    1. Yesterday I had to put my much beloved kitty down due to cancer. She had been with me for 10 years and 1 month. I saved her from starvation, we became best friends, and we loved each other. She was one of the great loves of my life.

      Just a few minutes ago I smelled a candle burning directly under my nose. There was no heat, of course, but the smell was strong. I believe this was to tell me my kitty is alright. I miss her dearly but I am comforted by this.

      My prayers for my friend were heard. Thank you, Lord.

  9. I’ve been smelling a cigar smell randomly since I was a child. I do not remember of anyone who smoked. I really want to connect with the meaning behind it. How do I do that?

  10. Just this week, I started smelling a fire or like something is burning n the stove. I have checked around and nothing. First it was in my kitchen and now my bedroom. I feel like my daughter and her beautiful young family is in a spiritual warfare in their home (possession, etc.) I am praying this a sign of good things to come.

  11. I’m still not yet understanding the smell of smoke tht I’m experiencing. It’s like cigarette smoke. It was very profound now not so much but yet prevalent. Why am I smelling smoke again?

  12. Thank you!I’m in praying after I prayed I smell different kinds of smoke there are candles, burn woods, ensense then after I cried a lot because I feel peace

  13. I smell cigarette smoke not a lot but have been since about 2016 it is now 2023 it’s very distinctive I read about medical causes but for some reason I do believe it is spiritual in nature it’s happening right now which is why I’m in this platform but also I’m living in my mothers home and my sister is here my aweful uncle just moved out and his wife passed over two years ago she used to live in this house we started seeing a calico cat in the backyard then I’ve at the front door and just yesterday my sister took a picture if this calico cat now with a black cat are these omens ?

    1. The cats are not omens but I believe the scent of cigarette smoke may be the calling card of a spirit. I have smelled my fathers cigarette smoke scent several times and he has been dead since the 1980s.

  14. Both my daughter and myself have been smelling candles burning. The smell is not the smoke of the candle, but the candles that are burning. I would like to know what this means please.

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