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Smelling Roses and Flowers Spiritual Meaning

Smelling Roses and Flowers Spiritual Meaning 

What is the spiritual meaning of smelling roses, flowers and even lilacs out of nowhere? Let’s find out!

Can you recall the beautiful feeling that comes with inhaling the beautiful scent of roses and other flowers? Most especially if it was from your loved one. There is this special feeling that comes with the erotic smell. 

Now, beyond this feeling, there is something spiritual and significant with the smell of roses and flowers. You might be surprised to read this, but it is a fact. You have been sitting on a lot of special spiritual moments without knowing it. 

  • Do you remember those times you smelt a flower without seeing one around?
  • How about the moment you entered your room and started smelling roses?

Those moments are spiritual. You have to understand what they mean. This will help your mind to become rightly positioned to take advantage of such spiritual moments. This is why I have written this article.

I will reveal the different messages that come from the smell of roses and flowers.

Furthermore, I will open your mind to understand the spiritual energy that comes from these flowers. You don’t have to wait for valentine’s before paying attention to the smell of flowers. It can happen anytime, and when it does, you must pay attention.

Why should you pay attention to the smell of roses and flowers around you?

Read what comes next in this article.

What is the spiritual meaning of smelling roses and flowers?

What is the spiritual meaning of smelling roses and flowers

Whenever you smell roses and flowers, there are 5 different spiritual meanings. You have to always pay attention to these messages from the universe.

Every moment you share with the smell of a rose or other beautiful flowers is to be cherished and enjoyed. However, beyond the physical pleasure, there is a spiritual symbolism attached to those moments. 

This is why you should read the following messages, and hold them, dear, to your heart as you wait for the next spiritual moment of smelling roses and flowers.

The presence of Jesus:


The smell of roses indicates the presence of Jesus. The beautiful scent from the rose is a sign that Jesus is around you. If you are a Christian, the smell of rose is a sign that Jesus is around you.

Therefore, you should say your prayers.

The presence of Jesus comes into your life to show you love and encouragement. When this happens, you will become an effective Christian who loves God and wants to fulfill his commandments.

Smelling roses is one of the ways to understand the Love of God.

If you have been struggling with condemnation, Jesus can send the smell of flowers as a sign that He loves you, and does not condemn you. Several Christians have been uplifted in their spirits through the smell of flowers.

Therefore, this is a possible spiritual meaning of smelling flowers and roses.

Someone is praying for you:

Woman praying

The bible makes us understand that prayers are in form of sweet smells and odors. Therefore, whenever you begin to smell a rose or other flowers, it is a sign that someone close to you is offering prayers to the universe on your behalf.

This is an encouragement.

Whenever I have this experience, it fills my heart with courage. It gives me this assurance that I am safe from harm.

You will most likely not know the person offering this prayer, but the smell of roses and flowers is just to create a consciousness in you that someone cares for you, and prays for you every day.

The next time you smell a rose or other flowers, simply say a loud amen to the universe and watch the positive energy that comes into your life.

Miracles are coming into your life:


When you begin to smell roses in the early hours of the morning, it is a sign that you should expect miracles to come into your life.

Perhaps, you might have been praying to the universe for a particular situation, which looks impossible. To help your faith, the universe sends the smell of roses into your life as a sign that a miracle is coming into your life.

Miracles are the possibilities of the spirit world, which brings solutions to the problems of man.

Therefore, your mind should expect miracles. When you smell a rose or other flowers, expect miracles to happen in your life. This will be sudden, and life-changing. It will affect your family, relationship, finances, and health. 

The universe is trying to establish communication with you:

Spiritual connection with the Universe

When you smell a rose, the universe is trying to establish communication with you. This is for a special reason. There is a message to deliver to you. However, the noise around you is blocking your inner man from communicating with the universe.

Therefore, one of the ways to establish this connection is through the smell of roses. The moment you smell a rose, your mind has to become calm and silent.

This will help you to listen to the universe, and get the message that you need to hear. This does not happen every time.

However, when it happens, you must be aware that the message is important.

Failure to pay attention might stop you from paying attention to important details about your life, and this might lead to negative situations and events.

Therefore, allow the scent from roses and other flowers to awaken your inner man to establish a connection with the universe.

Something good is about to happen in your life:

Good luck

The smell of roses is a sign of good luck. Whenever you smell a rose, it means you are about to experience good luck. This might be concerning your job or relationship.

When the smell of a rose or another flower becomes thick around you, it means you are about to experience good luck.

Generally, the energy around flowers is full of positivity and good luck. This is why they positively affect everyone that opens his/her heart to them.

Therefore, the next time you smell a rose or another flower, speak out your intention with an assurance that something good is going to happen to you.

What does it mean when you smell roses?

Smelling roses everywhere

Whenever you smell roses, it brings peace and calmness to your mind. This is the first impression that comes from the rose flower.

In the spirit world, a rose flower is best known for calmness. It eases the mind of all worries and anxiety. It teaches you to live in the moment, and stop worrying about the future. 

There are other details attached to smelling roses. When you pay attention to these details, the following spiritual messages can come to you through them.

Smelling roses out of nowhere

It is possible to smell roses out of nowhere. When this happens, it is believed that your guardian angel is around you. It is an implication that your guardian angel is holding a spiritual rose close to your nostril and inspiring you to inhale it. 

What does this mean?

Firstly, smelling roses out of nowhere is a sign of the presence of your guardian angel. Since the angel is holding the rose flower, the smell also indicates that your guardian angel is around. Therefore, as you breathe in the smell, create an intention and breathe it out for manifestation.

Secondly, smelling roses out of nowhere is awakening your intuition. It is teaching you to trust your inner voice, and amplify its uniqueness. It is inspiring you to always trust your guts when it comes to making decisions. 

Finally, smelling roses out of nowhere is a sign of luck. It is an indication that lucky money is coming into your life. No matter how wild your mind gets, you will not be able to discern how the money will come.

The smell of roses out of nowhere simply creates the atmosphere that attracts good luck and lucky money.

Smelling roses in your room

This carries a deeper meaning. Your room is a sign of secrecy, and anyone you bring into your room must be intimate. Whenever you smell roses in your room, it is a sign of deep love between you and your spouse. If you are married, smelling roses in your room is a sign of a fruitful marriage.

However, if you are not married, smelling roses in your room is an indication of love. It is showing you that the time to get married is closer than expected.

Therefore, you should begin to make plans for marriage. If you have not found your spouse, the universe will enhance your sensitivity and surround you with an energy that will attract your spouse to you.

Smelling roses in the room is a spiritual sign of intimacy and love between couples.

What does it mean spiritually when you smell flowers?

Smell flowers

Smelling flowers carry different spiritual messages. However, the common messages are as follows:

  • Courage.
  • Sensitivity.
  • Tenderness.
  • Uniqueness.
  • Love.
  • Good luck.

Whenever you smell flowers, it carries the abovementioned meanings. Smelling flowers do not have any bad luck attached.

Therefore, if you get a funny negative feeling at the scent of flowers, simply ignore it. That feeling is a distraction to stop you from basking in the beautiful atmosphere of a flower.

There are 3 major factors to consider when you smell flowers. These 3 factors are events. Whenever you smell flowers under these 3 conditions, here is what they mean.

Smelling flowers everywhere

Smelling flowers everywhere indicates a change of season. This is a clear spiritual message that should never be ignored. The flower’s scent is a sign that you are about to enter a new phase of life. Therefore, you should be prepared. 

Whenever you constantly smell flowers everywhere you go, it is time to reflect on your actions and plan effectively for the next phase of your life.

Furthermore, smelling flowers everywhere is a sign of goodness and mercy. Whenever you smell flowers everywhere, it is believed that goodness and mercy are following you.

However, you have to believe it and stay conscious of it. Doing this will deliver the result to you.

Smelling flowers before someone dies

There is a myth to this. It is believed that when you smell flowers before someone dies, the universe is showing you reincarnation.

What do I mean?

The universe is revealing to you that the person will come back as a beautiful flower.

Therefore, you must master that scent (if you can’t tell the name of the flower by scent alone). By mastering the scent, you will be able to identify the presence of the deceased by the flower scent.

The spiritual meaning of smelling flowers before someone dies in heaven. When you smell flowers before the death of your loved one, God is showing you that the person is going to heaven. This is to give you hope that your loved one has gone to a better place.

Holy Spirit smells like Flowers

When you smell flowers, it is a sign of the holy spirit’s presence. If you are in church, the smell of flowers means the holy spirit is going to move mightily in that service. When you are alone, it is a sign that the holy spirit wants to speak with you and show his power. 

Therefore, whenever this happens, open your mind to the holy spirit. Let him fill your heart with his light.

Smelling Lilacs when there are none

This is a sign that the spiritual world is real. In spirituality, lilacs point out attention to the spirit world. Therefore, when you smell lilacs when there are none, it is simply proof that the spirit world is real – even though it is not visible.

It can be a good sign?

Spiritual messages and signs

It is a good sign.

If you pay attention to the smell of flowers like lilacs, you will understand the ways of the universe, and become acquainted with the spirits.

In addition to this, you will know what to do and develop strong inner stability. The presence of flowers brings positivity into the lives of people.

Final Words

As you go about your daily activities, pay attention to strange events like smelling roses and other flowers. When you begin to perceive this, refer to this article, and help your understanding. This positions you rightly for exploits and good luck.

So, do you already know what does it mean spiritually when you smell roses and flowers? Please, feel free to leave your opinion in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “Smelling Roses and Flowers Spiritual Meaning”

  1. After my daughter died I was in my car and this powerful smell of roses filled the air! There were not any roses or any flowers in my car. I told a friend of mine she said that it was a sign that my daughter was safe and she was ok. After reading this it has truly eased my mind.

  2. It was a miracle after my encounter. I came back from a church programme and immediately I stepped into my house, there was a strange pleasant smell. It was absolutely amazing.

  3. oh my cat got run over and it was time of 1st anniversary it slipped my mind felt bad a little got some nice roses red and white and placed them were i buried her ( she was my spiritual teacher ) a couple of hours later i was on the stette stood up and thought i could smell roses in my nostrils i went to the open window , not not from there , then it hit me again just in my nose , i checked the room no flowers
    but then i read the article above and felt it was my cats spirit as the fave pics i have of her are with roses

  4. We are just sitting down, me listening and worshipping God my husband praying and we smell nice flowers . I googled the meaning, that the presence of the Holy Spirit smells like flowers, the nice smell come again. Huu so nice

  5. I am sitting here watching TV. An am overwhelmed with the smell of flowers around me. Will let everyone know if any thing happens
    I currently am having many health problems at this time

  6. I just Lost my only child so young very talented young all over the world got trap with wrong friends who took advantage. All I can say my world shook up and its not same.i cry everyday 😢 💔 😪 😭 😔 I’m lost without her. She couldn’t live without her Ma and this dumm head controlled. All I ask God to get justice And 🔐 who has done this toy baby
    I do smell flowers 7 days a week. Even when I’m at store home shower. I do believe Jesus has her in his arms. Nothing like this I was prepared for this. I’m all broken 💔 😞 😢 😪
    Please any one reading this message pray God help bless me get justice.

    1. Avatar
      Darlene benoit bearden

      I lost a son 13 and a daughter five years later…my sons accident was dec.25th and passed new years day…today I smelled flowers all day in my room…my daughter passed 5 years later bringing home her newborn son…I cry everyday too and was having a hard time today and I could smell flowers all day…God bless you for your loss…please inbox me if you ever need an ear and a person to cry with…people don’t understand the loss of a child if they never lost one I’ve lost two…Merry Christmas

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