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Home » Smelling Cigarette Smoke when there is None: 11 Meanings

Smelling Cigarette Smoke when there is None: 11 Meanings

Smelling Cigarette Smoke when there is None: 11 Meanings

In this article, we will be talking about the 11 spiritual meanings of smelling cigarette smoke when there is none.

This happens quite often, but it does not have to be cigarette smoke. We can smell things that aren’t there physically. We can often smell things like perfume, ointment, food, or cigarette smoke. Each of these smells has its spiritual meaning.

The sense of smell is crucial to our sensitivity to the natural world. This is the same in the spiritual world.

Through your smell, the universe can communicate various messages to your soul.

The things you smell in the natural are as important as how you perceive things in the spiritual. This is why you should understand the meaning of the things you smell.

Whenever you smell cigarette smoke when there is none, it means that the universe has a message for you, and we must decipher what this message is.

Therefore, let us dig into the world of spiritual smell and see what it has for us.

Why do I randomly Smell Cigarette Smoke (Spiritually)?


Smelling cigarette smoke spiritually means that your spiritual and psychic senses are perfectly working.

Before we begin to delve deeper into this subject, you need to first appreciate this fact. Several people walk the earth without a sense of spiritual smell to perceive things in the spiritual world.

Therefore, the fact that you can smell cigarette smoke when it is not there is a sign that your spiritual senses are working as they should.

Now, there might be some disruptions here and there, which will be discussed later on in this article.

However, smelling cigarette smoke spiritually means that your abilities to perceive and discern are working as they should.

Now, another spiritual meaning of smelling cigarette smoke when there is none is that the universe wants to get your attention.

The key to accurate perception and discernment is attention.

Whenever you pay close attention to a thing, your spiritual senses will be automatically activated to detect some hidden mysteries.

Therefore, whenever you are thinking about an issue, and cigarette smoke begins to smell around you, it indicates that you should pay more attention. There is more to the issue than meets the eyes.

Spiritually, smelling cigarette smoke might also indicate that you are battling an addiction to smoking and alcoholism.

This is not commonly found, but it is a possible spiritual message that helps people overcome addiction.

Phantom Cigarette Smell: Is it normal to smell this smell?

Phantom Cigarette Smell Meaning

No, it is not normal to have a phantom cigarette smell. Both medical science and spirituality agree on this fact.

Smelling things that aren’t there is called an olfactory hallucination, which should not persist for more than 2-4 weeks. Therefore, it is a temporal disruption that should go away. If it persists, then it is a medical condition that should be treated. 

Spiritually, this is true. Whenever you smell cigarette smoke when there isn’t anyone smoking, it is not normal.

Phantom cigarette smell simply means that you are perceiving cigarette smoke when there is not any cigarette around. This situation is spiritual and has several implications attached. 

Therefore, whenever you experience the phantom cigarette smell, never overlook it.

Probe this condition and experience it till you understand what it means. The universe does not joke with things like this.

You will not have this smell without a reason and a purpose.

In the past, you might have ignored it and moved on with your life. However, with the information in this article, you should know better

When you smell cigarette smoke spiritually, it is not normal. There is something spiritual going on behind the scenes, which your eyes need to be opened to see.

Could it be a Ghost or my Guardian Angel?


Smelling cigarette smoke when there is none can be the sign of a ghost, but not your guardian angel. Truly, angels can come in form of fire. However, their odors are not linked with cigarettes.

When it comes to the presence of ghosts, they can come in the form of smoke, which has a touch of cigarette flavors.

Why will a ghost come with this flavor? It might be due to the spirit’s life on earth.

If the ghost was addicted to smoking while on earth, it will retain that odor in the spiritual world, and whenever it passes by you, the cigarette smoke smell will fill your being.

Guardian angels come with more pleasant flavors of smoke like banana flavors, or mint flavors.

Unlike cigarette smoke that smells harshly, and releases fear and anxiety into your soul, the smoke smell of a guardian angel will launch you into a world of comfortable fantasies, which keeps your heart at peace

Therefore, ghosts can come in the form of cigarette smoke while guardian angels can’t.

11 Spiritual Meanings of Smelling Cigarette Smoke when there is None

Spiritual Meaning of Smelling Cigarette Smoke when there is None

Smelling cigarette smoke when there is none is a spiritual sign. Spiritually, the universe can use this condition to speak to us on different matters. However, I have outlined the 11 top spiritual messages that are most likely going to speak to you. Let us talk about these 11 spiritual meanings.

1) A ghost is around

The presence of a ghost does not mean it has come to check up on you. It might be passing by your house to another person’s house.

However, your high spiritual senses were sharp enough to perceive its presence through the cigarette smoke smell.

Whenever you smell cigarette smoke when there is none, it spiritually talks about the presence of a ghost.

2) You are a prophet

One of the qualities of prophets lies in accurate discernment and perception of spiritual things and matters.

Therefore, if you have this divine ability, the universe will begin to call your attention to it through the phantom cigarette smell.

Spiritually, it is called the prophetic training kit.

The universe is trying to train your sense of spiritual smell by giving you cigarette smoke when there is none. As you meditate on this, you will give more expression to the prophetic gift in you.

3) Your spiritual senses are working perfectly

Spiritual senses

Before now, you might have prayed and practiced several meditation exercises to make your spiritual senses active.

Therefore, once you begin to smell cigarette smoke when there is none, it is a spiritual sign that your attempt to become spiritually active is successful.

Smelling phantom cigarette smoke is a sign of spiritual sensitivity. This is not something that happens to everyone.

Therefore, it is a privilege to be a part of the FEW that enjoy the privilege of spiritual sensitivity.

Generally, smelling things that aren’t there is a sign that your spiritual sense of smell is working perfectly, and by implication, all your spiritual senses will be working perfectly.

4) Your past is resurfacing

In the past, if you were a cigarette addict, but you were able to overcome it, smelling cigarette smoke when there is none is a sign that the past is beginning to resurface.

Now, this does not mean that you are going to return to smoking. It does not need to have anything to do with smoking.

The smoking issue might just be a spiritual eye-opener to talk about other issues of your life with grievous pasts.

Through this experience, you will understand that the past you have hidden and forgotten is rolling back into your memory. This is the time to consciously guard your thoughts to prevent such from happening and becoming prevalent.

5) You are scared of falling back into error

People that are scared of errors will always perceive cigarette smoke when there is none. If this constantly happens to you, it is because of your fear of errors.

Now, this fear is not bad.

It simply means that you are cautious and watchful.

Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

Oftentimes, people with this type of spiritual condition will realize that the cigarette smoke smell does not stay for long.

However, it comes often. This is a pointer to the fact that you don’t want to fall into your past mistakes anymore. It reveals your inner desire to stand complete and perfect in the will of the universe.

6) You are anxious

Anxious person smoking
  • Do you have a new project to start?
  • Do you plan to relocate to a new state?
  • What are your plans for tomorrow?

Whenever something important lies ahead of you, smelling cigarette smoke when there is none will be constant.

The reason for this is that you are anxious about what lies ahead.

This anxiety is because you don’t know what the future holds for you.

Most times, we will feel anxious when starting something new, and the best way for the spiritual realm to communicate this to us is through the phantom cigarette smoke smell.

7) A disruption in your sense of spiritual smell

Smelling cigarette smoke when there is none can also be a disruption to how you perceive things.

Yes, it can be a sign of spiritual sensitivity.

However, whenever you start smelling cigarette smoke every time you want to make a decision, it is a sign of disruption.

Now, this message is for you if you love smoking.

People who are in love with smoking develop a personal bias toward cigarettes.

Spiritually, smelling cigarette smoke when there is none means that you are allowing your personal biases to tamper with the purity of your spiritual perception. This is a warning sign from the universe to stop. Always make spiritual decisions from a point of transparency.

8) Avoid some persons

Bad persons

This is another message from the universe concerning smelling phantom cigarette smoke.

Once you constantly smell cigarette smoke when there is none, it is a spiritual sign that makes you suspicious of people.

This sign also cautions and warns you against interacting with certain persons.

Therefore you should pay attention. Anytime you start thinking about someone, and cigarette smoke fills your smell, it is a NO sign from the universe.

It is an indication that the person does not have your best interest at heart. So, avoid him/her.

9) You are about to remember something

If you were trying to remember something from your past, smelling cigarette smoke when there is none is a sign that you will remember.

Why is that? You were able to define the smoke by its smell. Therefore, you will soon remember the past incident or detail by its name. 

10) You are thinking of someone


If your close friend or relative who loves smoking passes away, intermittently, you will smell smoke when there is none.

Every time this happens, it is a sign that you are thinking about the person.

That is, you miss the person so much.

In the other realm, it is saying that the spirit of your lost loved one is around, and also misses you.

The phantom cigarette smoke smell is a connection between your soul and the soul of the dead.

11) Fear of addiction

If you love smoking cigarettes, but are scared of becoming addicted, the phantom cigarette smoke smell will always happen to you.

Now, this has 2 different meanings.

  • Firstly, it talks about your fear of addiction.
  • Secondly, it is a warning against addiction.

Therefore, as much as killing and suppressing the fear is important, you must also take caution lest you eventually become addicted to smoking cigarettes out of carelessness.

Why do I keep Smelling Cigarette Smoke: It’s a bad sign?


Smelling cigarette smoke is not a bad sign. It does not bring bad luck to people. It is not a bad omen as well.

It mostly focuses on providing divine insights, arousing your emotions, and telling you what to do. Smelling cigarette smoke provides guidance and caution.

Final Words

Phantom cigarette smoke is spiritual with coded spiritual messages.

This article has given you all that is needed to decode the messages from the phantom cigarette smoke. Therefore, the next time you smell cigarette smoke when there is none, you will know what it means and what you should do.

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4 thoughts on “Smelling Cigarette Smoke when there is None: 11 Meanings”

  1. I am not only smelling cigarette smoke when there is none around but it is also physical, like someone blowing the smoke in my eyes. My eyes will burn so bad they will start watering, as with my throat, making me cough. Sometimes the smell is so intense that I’ll actually sneeze. Nobody else in the room can smell this smell other than me! It doesn’t happen every single day but very frequently. I’ve smoked cigarettes years before and quit, then I started vaping about 2 years ago, I quit cold turkey 2 months ago. Also, both my parents have passed and they were chain smokers. Just throwing all possibilities out there since I have no idea if I’m going crazy or if maybe my deceased parents are wanting me to know they’re around. When this turned physical for me with coughing from the smoke and sneezing from it is when I started becoming very determined to finding answers.

    1. I’ve been getting it too recently.

      I think the point is to remember what you were thinking about at that time you smelled the smoke… and correlate it to how you felt about the smell. If you were annoyed, I think it means a no or negative response. If you felt the smoke as pleasant relating to a good memory, then it’s a positive affirmation of something.

      I believe it is a type of psychic training which is a blessing from Our Creator.

  2. Every now and then I smell cigarette smoke, usually in my bedroom, where I currently live, I also smelled it after my auntie passed away in another appartment that I lived in.
    Yesterday at work I smelled it and as it is indoors clearly no one was smoking.
    I also from time to time, will here my named being called that was always at my various places of work.
    What does all mean.

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