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Red Candle Meaning: 7 Benefits in Love Spells & Manifestation

Red Candle Meaning: 7 Benefits in Love Spells & Manifestation

Red candles have long been associated with love. Romance, passion, and intimacy all fall under the broad category of this term.

Many of us may think of love as just a want but SURPRISE SURPRISE… IT’S A NEED!

Love is important, in fact, crucial for human survival

In this article, I’ll guide you on the spiritual importance, benefits, usage, and different meanings of the red candle.

So, better buckle up because this is about to get… real… ROMANTIC?!?

What does a Red Candle Represent Spiritually?

Big red candle

If you don’t already know, different colored candles represent and symbolize different things.

Check below:

  • A black candle represents spiritual insight and wisdom.
  • An orange candle represents the sun and the positivity and hope obtained from it.
  • The green candle represents wealth and fortune.
  • Purple candles provide divine protection.
  • And, the red one represents true love, passion, and desire

The color red is governed by the Mars planet.

It represents the fire present within our hearts.

This fire fuels progression in life, willpower, energy, physical desire as well as physical strength

What are Red Candles Use for?

Using a red candle in a spell

As I mentioned, red candles are generally used in meditation and spiritual activities to attract love, beauty, passion, or physical desire

But, apart from this, red candles can surprisingly be used for obtaining greater physical power as well.

They can promote athletic activity, bring up energy levels, soothe injuries or physical pain, and help you perform better in sports (especially competitive ones). 

Can I Use Red Candles in Love Spells?

Candles and spells

Of course!

Some might even argue that red candles are solely made for that purpose. 

As I mentioned earlier, love is crucial for human survival. We might not admit it but everyone needs it, in one way or the other

So, whether you’ve caught feelings for someone and want them to reciprocate or still searching for the “perfect” partner, using red candles in love spells may help you achieve favorable results faster and more effectively!

Red Candle Meaning

The spiritual meaning of a red candle

Although red candles are known to represent things like love, desire, sex, and fertility, there’s SOOO much more to them that just isn’t often mentioned.  

Red candles can protect from negative energies present around us.

These include jealousy, evil eye, backbiting, and demoralization.

They help us channel our negative thoughts in positive thoughts.

A red candle also means warmth and comfort.

Lighting one up can help you feel at ease during stressful times or long periods of constant overthinking.

The red color combined with the candle’s flame can provide you with the warmth needed to recover and rejuvenate peacefully. 

Meaning in a Prayer:

Using red candles in prayer could mean hope

As humans, we all go through tough phases, heartbreaks, work problems, and bad days, often making us lose hope. 

In such cases, lighting up a red candle and making prayer can help you win your lost hope back.

The process would be slow and gradual but even achieving a tiny glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel is all that’s needed to rise and keep going

Catholic Meaning:

In Catholic churches, you’ll often find red candles lit. What does that mean?

Well… it just means Christ is present there. 

A red candle can signify prayer made for the health and protection of your loved ones or yourself and its flame is often associated with Christ’s intense passion and hope.

Meaning in Manifestation:

Unlike other colored candles that may help you manifest things like wealth, fame, or self-confidence.

The red candle is the perfect all-rounder in this case. 

Not only does it help you manifest platonic love, an improved sex life, intimacy, and romance but also the great courage, valor, energy, and mental endurance needed for better athletic and competitive performance

A red candle can also help you:

  • Manifest attractiveness and physical beauty which allows you to feel good about yourself;
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence;
  • And possibly even attract true love. 

Meaning in Spells:

A red candle is a witch’s go-to tool to make spells more potent and effective

A love spell cast with red candles can work wonders in attracting romantic or platonic love and bringing you closer to your deepest desires in a matter of no time. 

The color red in candles is also believed to shorten the time it takes for spells to work.

7 Spiritual Benefits of Burning Red Candle

Burning a red candle

Lighting and burning red candles can bring you many spiritual benefits. Let’s see which ones?

1) Unlock Intuition

As humans, we all think there are only two ways to go about a situation. 

  • Right or wrong.
  • More or less.
  • Better or worse.

And, in this, we always seem to make our choice based on two things… logic and past experience. But, sometimes… just sometimes, we might throw logic and past experience out the window and go with the option that just “felt right”.

That “felt right” or “gut feeling” is called intuition

Intuition plays a huge role in human life but we often seem to ignore it either because of peer pressure, the fear of being judged or just being wrong. 

However, if you look at it in a way, intuition can seriously empower you

Just think of it like this: You make decisions based on what “feels” right to YOU, which translates to the fact that… YOU’RE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE!

2) Achieve True Happiness!

We might think our happiness lies in buying the latest and greatest Range Rover or a crazy expensive Rolex but a lot of these materialistic things only generate temporary happiness. 

True happiness lies in fulfillment and contentment with yourself

Accepting the person you are and the people around you, appreciating little gestures, letting go of past regrets, avoiding regretful decisions in the future, and living in the moment are the only things that can allow one to live the most fulfilling life possible

If you’re having trouble with any of these things, lighting up a red candle is the best way to deal with it as it is seen as a symbol of internal fulfillment and happiness. 

3) Improve Sensitivity

Being sensitive in today’s cruel world might sound counter-productive but, believe it or not, sensitivity is a crucial aspect of a good life

Not only does sensitivity allow us to understand and feel other people’s emotions but it can even help us become better and more nurturing fathers, friends, family members, citizens, or just better human beings in general

Sensitivity can also help us:

  • Socialize better;
  • Communicate and express better;
  • Build long-lasting relationships;
  • Improve bonds;
  • Become more emotionally intelligent.

If you find yourself turning into a sadistic serial killer or just caring dangerously little about important things or people then burning a red candle might help restore and normalize your sensitivity levels for the better.

4) Improve Mood

A bad mood is not only frustrating for the person who has it but can also hurt and ruin other people’s moods as well

Lighting up a red candle is known to promote feelings of joy and drastically brighten up a dull and bland mood.

It can bring up energy levels in a way that distresses the body if it stays at rest

The flame of a red candle should immediately make you feel like your gloomiest of days just got struck by the brightest ray of sunlight.

5) Boost Energy!

Stemming straight from the last one, the red candle, when burned, ushers energy inside your body almost instantly

If you’ve been feeling a little dead or just out of functioning energy lately then burning a red candle will not only help erase lethargy or laziness but can even boost the body’s endurance. 

6) Increase The Effectiveness Of Spells

As I mentioned earlier, red candles are essential for a complete witch toolkit as they not only increase the effectiveness of spells but also shorten the time it takes for them to work in your favor. 

If you have a love interest that just makes your heart go crazy then casting a love spell over them with red candles could possibly make them yours forever! 

7) Promote Passion & Fertility

The red candle is a symbol of love, desire, and passion.

But, if we think about it, the candle is essentially an all-rounder in this case!

It brightens up the mood, increases energy levels, and stimulates emotions that eventually trigger lust.

Burning a red candle helps clear the mind of all stress and promotes a romantic mood which is important for a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

Should I Really Use Red Candles?

4 Red Candles

Well, if you ask me… I think EVERYONE should use red candles!

Everyone might not use it to attract love or promote romantic emotions but, since the candle has quite a diverse range of meanings and benefits, it can definitely come in handy for other purposes like boosting energy, improving mood, promoting positivity, providing hope, or achieving true happiness!

Final Words

Well, after reading all that’s written above, there’s one thing you must know by now. A red candle is quite attractive…

Not only because of its striking bold color but also its energy.

The candle can ignite a fire of lust inside you and drastically increase your sex drive, pleasure, and intimacy.

It also serves as a light at the end of the tunnel and, for some, as a means of realizing and accepting their true selves which eventually leads to true happiness and fulfillment in life!

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