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15 Symptoms of a Love Spell Working (Must Read)

15 Symptoms of a Love Spell Working

In this article I will show you 15 physical and mental symptoms of a love spell working.

Love is one of the most prominent topics discussed all over the globe. We have all seen various movies highlighting different types of love and things related to it. You must have also heard about cupids matching two people together through their arrows. As we all know, love is flying in the air after all. 

But what is more well-known are the various love spells used to make people fall in love. Love magic is using different love spells that will enable you to find love. So, if you are looking for true romance but seem to have tough luck finding your better half, love magic is the way to go. 

But some people are victims of these spells. Not every magic will help you succeed. Some can play a quick uno reverse card and lead you on the dark side. So, if you have been a victim of the love spell or if you are experiencing some symptoms related to it, this article will help you understand them in a better way. Without further ado, let us dig into the love magic and its symptoms. 

9 Physical symptoms of a love spell working

Physical symptoms of a love spell working

1. Physical Attraction

Being in love means loving the person with your mind, body, and soul. It means accepting them in every shape and form. Most of the relationships also put great significance on physical bonds that you share with your other half. But what if you find yourself physically attracted to someone you have met for the first time? 

One of the symptoms of love spells is that you feel a deep attraction towards the other person. You may have just seen them for the first time in your life, but you feel like your souls are connected. Hence, physical attraction is the first sign that the love spell is working. 

2. Strong Sexual Desire

With love comes a sexual desire that drives you to love your partner and satisfy them. In relationships, it is common for the partners to be sexually active. It also gives a signal related to the health of your relationship. 

But feeling a sexual drive for someone you have just seen is somewhat surprising. Men might get a surprise erection upon seeing the other person for the first time. Women may experience some surprise shifts in their bodies. The sexual desire to physically love the person is another symptom of the love spell working its way in your life. 

3. Thinking of that Person

The side effect of love also includes constantly thinking about the person you love. You may find yourself attracted to that person and think about them every day. It will seem vague that you start thinking about someone you have hardly seen before. You may constantly think about them every day and every night.

Sometimes you will also experience sleepless nights as you can’t seem to stop thinking about that person. Your head is filled with that person’s thoughts constantly. In such a case, it is a sign that you may be under a love spell. 

4. Heart Beats for Them

If you love someone, you will often find yourself saying that your heart beats for them. It is because you are in love with them. However, you come across a stranger and realize that your heart is suddenly beating very fast.

As soon as you glance towards them or see that person, your heartbeats are erratic. Your heart goes all crazy within your chest. So, when your heart beats fast around that person, it may seem that you are under a love spell. 

5. Disinterested in Other Things

Healthy relationships mean working on yourself along with the other person so that you can live peacefully. That also means having your interest and giving it significance. 

Usually, people who fall in love for the first time go a little crazy and want to be around their partners. But if you are experiencing sudden disinterest in your life, it may seem strange. You will find yourself preoccupied with the thoughts of the other person. You will not make any efforts to do anything beyond thinking about them. 

6. Wanting to Touch Them

In relationships, physical touch is a thing. Touching is an affectionate way used to comfort the other person. Some people seem so close yet so far away.

This may seem like a case for the love spells. You have seen this person maybe once or twice, yet you want to touch them. You want to hold them in your arms and embrace them for an eternity. 

7. Feeling Obsessed 

Usually, in a relationship, an obsessed partner is considered to be a toxic partner. If your partner is constantly obsessing over you, it seems like something is wrong with them. This is what a love spell does to a person.

You are constantly obsessed with the thoughts of the other person. The only thing you want to talk or think about is them. It is a sign that the person is experiencing the after-effects of love magic. 

8. Desire to be With Them

Relationships are accompanied by the desire to be in your partner’s presence all the time. You want to be with them and do different activities with them.

But you can find yourself having a desire to be with someone weird and strange. You want to be close to them and in their presence. You have this strong desire to be surrounded by them. 

9. Feeling a Pull 

Love spell puts the other person in an energy circuit that makes them feel a pull towards the other person. You feel that the other person is calling for you. It makes you want them in some form or the other. 

6 Mental symptoms of a love spell (victim)

love spell mental side effects

1. Mood Swings

Love spell puts the person in such a phase that they start experiencing mood swings. You are either feeling too happy thinking about the person or too sad for unknown reasons. This constant mood swing is quite unhealthy for your mental well-being. 

2. Anxiety

Love spells make the person very anxious. You are nervous about whether the other person will want or accept you in their life. At the same time, you have this fear that they will let you go and you will be all alone. 

3. Depression

A person put under a love spell experiences depression. They lose interest in life and other activities because they feel the absence of the other person.

Although it is normal to feel lonely without your partner, the love spell makes the person go ballistic. They feel a deep abyss within themselves that makes them question their purpose in life. 

4. Feeling Exhausted

You feel fatigued take over your body while you are under a love spell. You are constantly feeling tired and unable to do anything in life. And if you feel restless and uneasy within your being. Most nights you will experience insomnia as your mind is filled with thoughts related to the other person.  

5. Developing Addiction

To cope with the pain and constant hollowness, you may develop some form of addiction. You might start taking drugs or drinking alcohol on an everyday basis as a form of coping mechanism. 

6. Controlled By Others

The person who performs a love spell on you will bewitch you and have you under their control. As a result, you may constantly fulfill their desires or wishes without placing any priority on your own

How do you know if someone put a love spell on you?

Spells and protections

Love magic is a strong one that can impact and alter the way people are living their life. There is no one way of knowing whether a love spell has been cast on you.

But there are ways through which you can determine if you are under a love spell:

  • Things in your surroundings seem a little out of place. You may experience a change in the rhythm or the way you live your life. 
  • Feeling physical attraction towards someone you have barely known in your life. The idea to touch them will seem strange yet you want to just do it. 
  • You feel depressed and anxious all the time. There is nothing wrong in your life yet you feel hollow within and restless in your everyday environment. 
  • You may notice a person wearing a particular scent or a piece of jewelry in your presence indicating they have cast a spell on you. 
  • Going to a professional spell caster who studies your aura and determines whether you are under a love spell.

If you have experienced anything listed above, then you must understand that you are under a love spell. After reading this, I hope you gain clarity about the various symptoms of a love spell.

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