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Moon Child Spiritual Meaning – What does it mean?

Moon Child Spiritual Meaning - What does it mean?

Do you know what is the Moon child spiritual meaning? I will explain everything you need to know in this article. Just continue reading bellow.

Moonchild is a person who is connected to the Moon somehow astrologically, physically, spiritually. They somehow have worked in their previous birth or are working for the Moon energetically.

They are also known as the Star Seed; but why? We’ll find this in the following article.

What is a Moon Child?

What is a Moon Child

A Moon Child is a person who is connected so deeply and intimately with the Moon that they could feel the Moon talking back to them. Of course, all the people are connected to the Moon, but the Moon Child and the Moon are exceptional.

Moonchild is a person whose moon sign is Cancer(notice not the Sun sign). So this is how you become a Moon Child if you are working with the:


You were somehow working with the Universe or Universal energies in your previous birth.

You know the Universe is vast, and thus its energy is also very vast, and being connected to the Universe and feeling its energy is a big task and for a Moon Child to handle the task of judging this energy is a rollercoaster ride for emotions.


You feel a connection to the spirits or did the work with the Moon in the spiritual realm.


You are a member of ‘Star Council’ and are training with the help of the rituals, prayers, or work directly connected to the Moon. You also have a connection with other realms from time to time.

Past Lives

You have been working for the Moon in the form of moon rituals and prayers in the past lives.

What is the spiritual meaning of a Moon Child?

Full moon

The spiritual meaning of Moon Child is that you feel connected to the Moon spiritually. Like the Universal and planetary energies, and you can quickly feel the change or shift like a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse or retrograde in these energies.

Everybody is connected with the Moon, but the Moon Child is connected so deeply and intimately with the Moon that they could talk with the spirit of the Moon.

So the Moon Child has a psychic spiritual connection with the Moon. 

The Moon Child has more creativity at night than during the day, of course, they are connected to the Sun but not like they are connected to the Moon.

They are also more connected with the people, especially their emotions, than ordinary people. They even feel the Moon talking back with them when they say something to the Moon.

In astrology 

A Moon Child is a person whose moon sign is Cancer or under the influence of the Moon or somehow related to the Moon.

You can find your moon child with your details like name, day of birth, the month of birth, year of birth, place of birth (you can find the latitude and longitude of your place of birth to find your moon sign better). It is different from the Sun sign, where you see it with the help of the day of delivery and the month of birth.

In spirituality 

A Moon Child is a person born under the influence of the Moon and feels a connection with the Universe and planets and their energy. They purge whenever there is a shift in the energy of the Moon, Universe, or even a person.

In bible

There is no direct reference to a Moon Child in the Bible, but we can still find some connection.

According to the Bible, a person connected to the Sun, the Moon, and the stars is glorious. 

In Bible Genesis, it is mentioned that Jacob felt that he is the Sun, his wife is the Moon, and his twelve children are the stars.

Moon in the Bible

As we already know, the Moon Child is a person who is connected to the Moon or a person who feels some connection to the Moon. Here Jacob feels a connection to the Moon as his wife; this depicts that he and his wife both feel a link to the Moon, so he and his wife are Moon Child, and his children are the Starseed.

According to the Bible, Moon Child cannot work without the guidance of God. In the Bible, God is being compared to a fiery star, and Sun is a fiery star, and due to Sun, all the organisms, plants, living and nonliving work.

Therefore, go anywhere the Sun, the Moon, and stars remain the same. Similarly, go anywhere God is present; you cannot see it, but you can feel Him. Whereas the Moon Child can glow(that means work) only under the presence of God, just like the Moon cannot shine without the light provided by the Sun.

5 Signs you are a Moon Child

Signs you are a Moon Child

Even if you don’t recollect that you are a Moon Child, you can connect with these signs, which helps you know you are a Moon Child. Here are the signs

1. You Are Sensitive To The Lunar Phase

The Moon keeps changing every day one day, it is a Full Moon, and the other day it’s reducing to the No Moon phase.

Each day it is different, and each day the moon child feels different.

They feel the surge of energy on the Full Moon just like an ocean creates waves on a full moon due to the Moon’s gravitational and magnetic pull. This phenomenon is how the Moon Child feels like a surgeon the Full Moon.

2. You Are Sensitive To Energy Change

Just like the Moon Child is sensitive to the changed Moon phase or the Lunar phase, it can also detect energy Change.

Spiritual energy

We know energy cannot be formed or destroyed, but it can change from one form to another; thus, whenever there is a change from one form to another, the Moon Child can feel the change.

3. You Are Attracted To Anything Related To Moons, Stars, And The Sun

You know the law of attraction. It says, “Like attracts like.” Since the Moon Child experiences the Moon or the Moon-related things in their subconscious mind, they attract everything related to the Moon, stars, and the Sun.

According to the Bible, Jacob and his wife feel free to feel the connection with Sun, Moon, and the stars, i.e., Jacob thought that he is the Sun, His wife is the Moon and his twelve children are the stars, this indicates he too was a Moon Child.

4. You Are Drawn To Movies Like Star Wars Or Movies Related To Other Worlds Or Realms

As we already know, the law of attraction states that” Like attracts like.”

That means the Moon Child has the experience of past lives related to working with the Moon, or they are the starseeds in their subconscious mind. Thus, they attract movies related to other worlds or realms such as star wars, Thor, etc.

5. You Have A Homesick Feeling, But You Don’t Know Why?

Some Moon Children are Starseed. It means they have just originated as a spirit and just got separated from the soul of the Moon! Or they are young and baby souls and came here to gain the experience on Earth.

To them, the Moon is just like home, and they got separated from the Moon to take birth on the Earth. That is why the Moon Child feels homesick.

These are the five signs that you could be a Moon Child. Don’t get discouraged if you are not a Moon Child, and everybody is unique.

If you are a moonchild, you can also get attracted to manifestation techniques like the Ho’oponopono technique, law of attraction techniques like visualization, and many Universal laws like Karma.

6. And 1 more sign

Another sign of being a Moon Child is that you are attracted to stones or crystal. Products like Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, and many more.

You may also have sensitivity to moon phase or planetary shifts and changes like a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, or retrograde.

You may also have inconsistent sleeping patterns! Like when you wake up in the early morning hours, like early morning, 3 a.m. If you find yourself more emotional than normal or are on an emotional rollercoaster, then you may be a Moon Child.

If you question social norms like working nine to five, then you can be a Moon Child too. And if you value your freedom and happiness over money, then you can be a Moon Child. So be happy as Moon Child.

Do you already know the moon child spiritual meaning? If you still have any question, please, leave your comment bellow.

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  2. I’m definetely a moon child. Now can you tell me the purpose of a moon child in this realm? Day by day i’m discovering mysterious knowledge but its hard to survey freely as it is contrary to my upbringing(Christianity). I’m willing to learn as i want to live a life full of meaning and purpose 😉

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