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11 Full Moon Physical Symptoms (Beware of Headaches)

11 Full Moon Physical Symptoms (Side Effects)

There are 11 full moon physical symptoms you should know. These symptoms are side effects of the full moon.

They define how we respond to the energy of the full moon, and this can be physical, mental, or spiritual.

In this article, everything you need to know about the effect of the full moon on people has been revealed.

Read on to find out the spiritual and physical symptoms of the moon.

Can the Full Moon Affect People (Spiritually)?

Full Moon

Yes, the full moon can affect people spiritually

The moon is a celestial being that possesses great power. The light of the moon has been used to perform several spiritual tasks for centuries.

In today’s world, there seems to be not much emphasis on the power of the moon because of the sophistication of human endeavors.

However, this does not rob the moon of its power.

Every day, we are affected by the moon that shines at night. We might not know this because we have not paid attention to it.

Also, the effect of the moon intensifies as moon cycles move from one to another

When the full moon comes up in the sky, the intensity with which it shines affects people spiritually. It is best to know this.

Do you know why? Understanding the spirituality of the full moon helps you to focus on harnessing and channeling its energy for your benefit. 

The full moon affects people emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We will get into more details later on.

This information is important as we prepare to see another full moon this month.

Whenever the full moon shows up in the sky, people are affected.

Whether they know this or not, the effect happens.

How does a Full Moon Affect People?

Full Moon affecting someone

This question has been asked by people over time. However, not much has been said about how the full moon affects people. Let us talk about this right now. 

Firstly, understand that the full moon is not normal. It is a special new cycle that marks the end of a month and the beginning of a month.

It is also the moon that spiritually marks the beginning of a new season even as it marks the end of a new season.

What does this tell you?

This means that the effect of the full moon on people prepares them for the new season.

Whenever the full moon shows up in the sky, one of the first things that happens to people is an urgency to plan.

You will notice that your mind starts planning for the next day, and in some special moments, you might find yourself pacing up and down with numerous plans in your mind.

Also, the full moon causes people to emit energy at an intense level.

During the full moon, you will feel the strong pull and urge to react to situations harshly.

I have a friend that cries during every full moon. This is how he responds to the effect of the full moon.

The full moon can affect you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Why do Full Moons Affect Me?

The Full Moon powers

There are 4 reasons why the full moon affects you.

1) When you are in your birth month

This is the primary reason why you are affected by a full moon.

The moment you are entering your birth month, the full moon preceding your birth month will affect you mentally and spiritually.

For example, if your birth month is December, the full moon that comes out in November will affect you.

On some rare occasions, the full moon that comes out in December will also affect you.

2) You are spiritually connected to the full moon

Spiritually, some people are more connected to the full moon than others. This is why people react to the full moon in diverse manners.

The moment you observe that the effect of the full moon is more intense on you than others; a possible spiritual explanation could point to the fact that you are spiritually connected to the full moon.

Your connection might be by bloodline or attached to a purpose you are to fulfill.

3) The full moon has a message for you

Do you know that the full moon can bring divine messages?

Yes, it can.

The spiritual world can send the full moon to you as a message.

This is where spiritual sensitivity comes in.

Now, the effect of the full moon in this context might not be intense as it were. However, you will feel a slight change in your body, soul, and spirit

Once this happens, know that a possible spiritual reason is tied to the fact that the full moon has a message for you.

4) The full moon is your power image

As humans, our obsessions with the moon are not at par with each other.

Some are more obsessed with the moon than others.

One of the reasons is that the moon can become an individual’s power image.

A power image is a picture or engraving that speaks to people, guides them, and keeps them focused when they are distracted.

If the full moon is your power image, then you will be affected during the full moon.

Is it Normal to have Headaches during the Full Moon? 

Headaches during the Full Moon

No, it is not normal to have headaches during the full moon. The full moon does not send headaches to people. Having headaches during the full moon is a sign that a message has been sent to you. 

We have gotten reports from people about how they have headaches during the full moon. Well, this is the answer.

Headaches during the full moon are not common.

People who get headaches need to pay more attention.

It is a sign that the universe is saying something to you through the headache you have during the full moon.

If you observe closely, you will realize that such headaches don’t happen during every full moon. Let this help your mind and provide clarity for better positioning.

Is it Normal to Get Sick during a Full Moon?

The Full Moon and your health

No, it is not normal to get sick during a full moon. When you get sick during a full moon, it could be due to one of the following spiritual reasons:

  1. Environmental factor.
  2. Spirituality: This is when the spiritual world has a message for you.
  3. Exposure to negative energy.

People don’t fall sick during a full moon

11 Full Moon Physical and Spiritual Symptoms

Full Moon Physical and Spiritual Symptoms

The following physical and spiritual symptoms should be gotten during a full moon. Check with these 11 full moon physical and spiritual symptoms to know how you react to the full moon.

1) Laughing Hard 

This looks strange, but it happens to a lot of people. When the full moon comes up in the sky, you might start laughing out loud for no reason.

In extreme cases, you will laugh so much and shed tears in the process.

The full moon triggers your emotional life, and if something good happened to you recently, you will express the joy intensely during the full moon.

2) Anger

Spiritual anger

Because of the intense energy that comes from a full moon, you will feel a surge of anger flowing through you.

You don’t have to act on this feeling.

However, it is almost impossible to not express your anger.

The intensity of the full moon’s energy might be uncontrollable at times. However, try to control how you react.

This prevents you from making mistakes that will affect you in the long run.

If you get angered easily, the full moon intensifies the energy. This is a symptom you should look out for as we approach another full moon.

3) Hearing Voices

When the full moon shows up in the sky, you might hear voices.

This does not mean you are mad. It is just a spiritual sign. Your spiritual life is reacting to the energy vibration from the full moon.

This is why you are hearing voices

You don’t need to do anything to stop those voices from stopping. When the full moon cycle ends, you will stop hearing those voices.

The benefit of this experience is that your spiritual senses will be heightened afterward, and it becomes easier for you to get further spiritual messages.

4) You will feel sick


Now, this does not happen to everyone. However, it is possible to feel sick during the full moon.

Not every full moon sickness is spiritual.

How will you know when the sickness is attached to the full moon? You will observe that the sickness leaves the next day after the full moon.

This means that the symptom you felt is directly attached to the energy from the full moon

When the full moon shows up in the sky, and you start feeling sick, it means that a message is embedded in the full moon for you.

5) Slight headaches

This physical sign is also rare. Just like full moon sickness, not everyone experiences headaches during the full moon.

If you do, then there is a message you need to get.

You will observe that this headache does not come during every full moon. It only comes during specific months.

Once you get the trick, it better positions you for those months, and heightens your sensitivity to those months.

Slight headaches are one of the symptoms that comes with the full moon and it brings spiritual messages to people.

When you feel a headache during the full moon, it indicates that the universe wants to communicate with you.

6) You might feel like running away from everyone

You need to be alone


Don’t run away from everyone.

This is just a feeling that will subside after the full moon cycle ends.

However, you will feel this intense emotion as long as the full moon is in the sky. 

Here is a little secret you should know: The full moon possesses the divine ability to expose your hidden emotions.

The things you have bottled up in your mind will be exposed by the full moon.

Therefore, if you have been hurt by people, you will feel the weight of that hurt during the full moon. However, don’t act on it.

It will pass within a day or two.

7) You will start getting a rush of ideas

Because the full moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, your mind will be hyperactive during the full moon cycle.

Suddenly, ideas will begin to drop into your mind for a new project.

You will start planning a new adventure, and so on. 

During the full moon, your creativity will be at its peak.

Take advantage of this moment to create a better plan, and make better decisions.

8) You will find it hard to sleep

Difficulty falling asleep

When you find it hard to sleep during the full moon, it means that you should have a moon bath.

This symptom is telling you to harness the energy of the full moon.

It is necessary for the new season you are about to enter.

9) Having visions of beings

During a full moon, you might see visions of spiritual beings in your home.

The reason is that the full moon opens a spiritual portal for spirits to visit their loved ones.

Therefore, expect to see an appearance of the spirit of your loved one.

10) Spiritual sensitivity

Spiritual sensitivity

Your spiritual senses will be heightened during the full moon.

When the full moon rises in the sky, you will suddenly become conscious of the spiritual world.

The reason for this is that your soul is harnessing and channeling the energy of the full moon to resuscitate your spiritual life.

11) You will feel drawn to the full moon

This symptom proves that you have a spiritual connection to the full moon.

It could also indicate that the full moon is your power image. 

Should I Avoid the Full Moon?

Full Worm Moon

It is impossible to avoid the full moon. 

Rather than avoiding the full moon, embrace it.

Let its light dawn on your soul and heal you from within.

No matter the symptom you feel during the full moon, never close off your mind to its energy.

Several benefits are embedded in this auspicious moment of the month.

Final Words

The full moon is coming soon. Prepare yourself adequately and also watch out for one of the 11 full moon symptoms in this article. When you get any of these symptoms, act where necessary. Never let the full moon cycle end without harnessing its energy for yourself.

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