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Period on Full and New Moon: 10 Spiritual Meanings

Period on Full and New Moon: Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of having your period during the full moon and new moon? Let’s find out!

One of the sacred things that can happen to a lady is her period. The spiritual world believes this to be the time of spiritual sensitivity and a heightened perception for ladies.

Sadly, many ladies don’t understand the reality behind their menstrual periods. They focus on the pains, emotional changes, and other physical and biological effects of their menstrual discharge.

This is why they don’t experience certain changes in their lives. This article has come to shed more light on this spiritual matter.

  • Is there a spiritual connection between the menstrual period of a lady and her evolution?
  • How can you interpret the spirituality of having your period?
  • What are the things you should do whenever you are going through your periods?

All of these will be discussed in clearer detail. 

Furthermore, we will majorly talk about the spiritual meaning of having your period on a full moon or new moon.

The spiritual effect under this condition is far more reaching.

Therefore, pay attention to this subject.

If you are a lady or you are a man that has ladies around, you should read this article with keen interest. It contains some unpopular opinions about period and spirituality.

Is it normal for my period to Coincide with the Full moon and New Moon days?

Period on full moon days meaning

Biologically, there is nothing supernatural about having your period during the full moon or new moon days. The reason for this is that your period should either come in the middle of the month, or at the end of the month.

These are also the times when the full moon and new moon appear in the sky.

The new moon comes out at the end of the month, while the full moon shows up on mid-month days.

Therefore, there is nothing spooky about having your periods on the full moon and new moon days. This is according to science.

However, when we come to spirituality, there are a whole lot of things about your period that are not normal – especially whenever it coincides with the full moon and new moon days.

The question to ask is:

  • “Why should my period come at this time?”;
  • “Why did it not come at a different time?”;
  • “Why is it starting and not ending at this time?” .

All of these questions will prove to you that there is nothing normal about your period coinciding with the full moon and new moon days.

This is why it is important to look into the different spiritual meanings of having your period during these 2 special moon phases.

There are several moon phases in the sky.

Why did your period choose to coincide with both the full moon and new moon days? This is something to pay attention to, and we will discuss the spiritual meanings of this occurrence in the next section. 

Period on the Full Moon: Spiritual Meaning

Period on the Full Moon

Before we discuss the spiritual meanings of having your period on full moon days, what is a full moon? A full moon is self-explanatory. From the word “full”, it is when the moon is 100% illuminated by the sun.

A full moon is in the sky whenever you can fully see the moon in its round shape. This is the time of the month when you can see the moon in its purest and brightest.

This happens around the middle of the month and begins to dwindle towards the end of the month.

Therefore, if your menstrual cycle always falls during the full moon cycle, it is something to never take for granted, and the following spiritual meanings will tell you why.

This is the time of self-awareness:

If you always have your period on full moon days, it is saying that the time for self-awareness has come. That is, you need to realize that you are gradually becoming the perfect woman.

Furthermore, it is telling you to constantly accept the woman you are becoming.

Understanding this message is believed to boost your self-esteem healthily.

During the menstrual cycle, some women suffer from low self-esteem. If this is what you go through during your menstrual cycle, then, this message is for you whenever your menstrual cycle coincides with the full moon.

It is time to manifest:

It is believed that the full manifestation of a woman begins to unfold whenever she starts menstruating.

Now, if this menstrual period begins to fall on full moon days, it is already a clear indication that the time to manifest has come.

That is, you have entered the season to reveal who you are.

You have come into a moment of a great display of your potential and skills. In addition to this message, the universe is encouraging you to take away every self-doubt you have about your abilities.

Menstrual cycle times are great times of self-awareness, self-discovery, and an explosion of confidence. Therefore, leverage on the power from the full moon.

Embrace who you are:

Those who battle with an inferiority complex will understand this message better.

If your period suddenly coincides with full moon days, it is believed to be a warning from the spiritual world that you are not embracing your feminine side.

It is a warning sign from the spiritual world that you are trying to ignore who you are in an attempt to fit into the mold of society.

This is what the universe is trying to correct. You must embrace who you are. The energy of the full moon will open your eyes to see this message clearly.

High spiritual sensitivity:

During the full moon, our energy levels are raised to a spiritual frequency. Now, ladies normally experience this increased vibration during their menstrual cycle (without the full moon).

Now, if you combine both, it is always an explosive spiritual heightening. During this time, you can pick up any spiritual sign.

It is believed that ladies who go through their period during full moon days can call a spirit, and it will appear in a few seconds.

The power in them at that moment is high. Therefore, experiencing this allows you to speak the right words, and receive the right messages from the universe.

Emotional balance:

Women that go through their periods under full moon days are believed to be emotional wrecks.

The reason for this is that; the full moon releases high emotional energy, while menstrual discharge does the same.

Therefore, ladies under this condition are highly emotional.

However, it can be controlled.

Therefore, take this as a message of revelation and caution.

The spiritual world is revealing that your emotional energy is high.

However, you should keep yourself in the balance. If you don’t do this, you might say a lot of wrong things, and make a lot of mistakes during your period.

Period on the New Moon: Spiritual Meaning

Period on the New Moon

Unlike the full moon that shines in all of its glory, the new moon comes out slightly as a thin crescent. This is the beginning stage of the moon phase.

Therefore, it is sometimes invisible to us on earth and then begins to come out gradually. It is said that 0% of the moon is illuminated during the new moon phase.

Now, whenever you have your menstrual period on new moon days, the following spiritual meanings are for you.

Everything will be alright:

Take this as an assurance. Going through your period during the new moon phase is an assurance sign from the universe.

Both experiences are dark moments.

The new moon is also referred to as the dark moon, which does not illuminate the earth.

Your period is also a dark moment because it comes with a lot of pain and emotional changes.

However, with this experience of your period on new moon days, you should become assured that the darkness will not last. You should be rest assured that you will see the light of joy, hope, and happiness.

Pay attention to your health:

Having your period on new moon days is a warning sign. It reveals that you are not paying enough attention to your health.

You might be wondering how this experience coincides with your health.

Well, spiritually it does.

The menstrual discharge with the new moon energy displays a moment of gloom.

Spiritually, gloom is associated with sickness.

Therefore, whenever your menstrual cycle suddenly aligns with the new moon, it is saying that your health is not balanced.

It is warning you to take care of your health.

The cause of this health issue might be over-worrying, and so on. Therefore, take time to observe your health, and work on what is necessary.

It is time to begin afresh:

Giving birth to babies is connected to blood, which is identical to periods. The spirituality of the new moon also connects to the beginning of a child.

Therefore, having your period on new moon days indicates an opportunity to start afresh.

This is a message that inspires you to write a new story.

It is saying that the past is over, and you have another opportunity to decide what you want from life.

Most times, a new phase of your life will begin after the menstrual cycle.

You are under an influence:

Whenever your period (suddenly) ends on the day that the new moon shows up, it is revealing that you are under a spiritual influence.

That is, all of your actions, decisions, and utterances in the past were not from your right mind.

This message is like 2 sides of a coin.

If your actions, decisions, and utterances were positive, then it is revealing that your mind has been controlled by your guardian angel. However, if the decisions, actions, and utterances were bad, then it is a sign that you are under a spiritual attack.


In the bible, the blood on the doorposts of the Israelites protected them from all the plagues of Egypt.

One of the plagues was thick darkness.

Now, if your period coincides with the new moon (which is also called a dark moon), it is a sign of protection.

This is saying that you are enjoying safety from harm.

Furthermore, your menstrual period on new moon days scares away evil spirits and leaves your environment uncontaminated.

My Period is Sync with the Full Moon: Should I be Concerned?

Period Sync with the Full Moon Spiritual Meaning

Whenever your period comes in sync with the full moon, it is mostly a positive sign. Therefore, you should simply pay attention to the message it brings.

Most times, full moons are times of manifestations.

They are moments of great discovery. Several people have stepped into their destinies during the full moon.

Therefore, whenever you have your period on full moon days, take a deep breath, meditate on the power of the full moon, and allow the messages in this article to illuminate your soul.

However, if your period ends at the beginning of full moon days, then, it is a warning sign that calls for concern.

This could mean that you have missed out on a life-changing opportunity. Furthermore, it might indicate impatience. That is, you have been too hasty in making conclusions, which are beginning to affect you.

My Period is Sync with the New Moon: Should I be Concerned?

New moon

Having your period on new moon days is something to be concerned about. The energy from the new moon does not work in sync with menstrual cycles.

This is because the dark effect from the new moon signifies something bad. However, don’t be scared if this happens.

That is, whenever your period comes in sync with the new moon, it is nothing to be scared about. It mostly brings warnings, which will protect you from becoming exposed to spiritual attacks and emotional imbalance.

Whenever your period shows up on new moon days, pay attention, and be careful of the things you do during your menstrual period.

Final Words

Menstrual discharges are also called periods. This is a season that can open your mind to several possibilities and potentials.

It is also a season that can crush your confidence because of how it makes you vulnerable. Therefore, ensure you leverage both the full and new moon as an anchor to help you through your period days in the month.

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