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13 Spiritual Meanings of Menstrual (Period) Blood in a Dream

13 Spiritual Meanings of Menstrual Blood in a Dream

Dreaming of menstrual blood has 13 spiritual meanings you should know.

  • You might be wondering why this dream happens to you frequently.
  • Or possibly, you are worried that something bad is going to happen to you.

However, I want you to forget all you have ever known concerning having this type of dream. 

You are about to get access to premium spiritual explanations that bring everything about this dream into the proper perspective.

Therefore, if you have ever had this dream in the past, now is the time to understand the message you have been getting.

People have believed in the past that ONLY FEMALES should dream of menstrual blood.

This is because females experience this monthly cycle. However, this belief has been proven wrong.

Men have had this dream in the past as well.

Although, they were too ashamed to speak of it

As a man, do you understand why you had dreams of menstrual blood in the past? 

Have you successfully found the answer you were looking for (concerning this dream)?

If not, then you need to pay close attention to what you are about to read.

Both males and females are eligible to get this dream from the universe. Although, the messages might differ.

This is why you should read and understand this masterpiece for clarity.

Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Bleeding in a Dream

Menstrual Bleeding

In this article, I will love to differentiate between the spiritual meaning of menstrual blood and bleeding for both males and females. The reason is that a dream that is as important as this should not be mixed.

The messages are distinct and both genders should know what the universe is saying to them at every point.

When you dream of menstrual bleeding, it is something to not ignore or take lightly.

Therefore, let us discuss the spiritual meaning of this type of dream.

For Male:

Man dreams

Whenever you dream of a woman going through menstrual bleeding, it could speak about an anxious state you are going through in your life.

Women who menstruate go through this process of anxiety and depression.

Therefore, as a man, having this dream reveals that you are anxious about something.

It shows that you are under pressure to accomplish a goal.

Furthermore, this dream speaks of the inner insecurities you feel about being a man. It could also mean having low self-esteem as a man. 

For Female:

Female dreams

For females, this dream speaks of understanding your divine timing.

When you dream of suddenly seeing a flow of menstruation blood, it could mean confusion about the season of your life.

This type of dream is given to help your mind become more conscious of your time and season. 

It is undeniable that the world we live in is governed by seasons. Whenever you find it hard to discern WHAT SEASON YOU ARE IN (as a female), you might dream of menstrual bleeding. 

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Period Blood in a Dream

Period Blood

Now, this might be a little bit disgusting for some people. Especially when the period blood you saw does not belong to you. However, that is not enough reason to ignore the message it brings to you.

Let us talk about 2 spiritual concepts of having this type of dream, and what they can mean to our individual lives. 

Don’t forget that both males and females can have this dream.

For males, you are going to see the period blood of someone else (since you cannot menstruate).

However, females can dream of seeing their period blood or that of another female. 

Dream of Your Menstrual Blood:

As a female, whenever you dream of your menstrual blood, it reminds you of your femininity.

Do you know that it is becoming difficult to accept your femininity in this generation? The stereotypical attitude of people has made being a female an atrocity.

However, through this type of dream, the spiritual world can remind you to never look down on yourself as a female.

Even when others don’t see you as important, remind yourself that the universe has made you that way for a purpose. 

Dream of Someone Else’s Menstrual Blood:

This dream can be categorized into 2 parts:


Dreaming about menstrual blood speaks about the issues you have to face in life.

Generally, men often see the menstrual cycle as the PROBLEM of women.

In the same way, dreaming of it reminds you to own up to your problems, and put in your best effort to OVERCOME them all. 


If you dream of another person’s menstrual blood, it is an indication that someone like you needs your help.

This dream can become so clear that you will know whose blood it is.

For example, if the blood is that of your friend, then she needs your support. Be inspired to lend a helping hand to people who need it.

Biblical Meaning of Menstrual Blood in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Menstrual Blood in Dreams

The biblical concept of menstrual blood in dreams is a lot different from other religious messages.

In the mosaic law, menstrual blood is seen as an impure thing, and anyone that touches it will remain impure for 7 days.

In the book of Leviticus, the law was stated clearly

When a woman begins her periodic menstrual cycle, she is taken outside the camp for 7 days – until her blood flow stops.

This is when she is returned to the camp as pure.

Therefore, dreaming of menstrual blood could be an indication of impurity and unrighteousness

Another biblical meaning of this dream speaks of self-righteousness, which is enmity against God.

The prophet Isaiah compared our self-righteousness to filthy rags.

The Hebrews use the word ‘filthy rags” for the towel that women use to clean their menstrual blood flow. 

All of these point to the fact that menstrual blood is not a positive sign according to the bible.

It speaks more of impurity, unholiness, sin, or moral confidence that God hates.

Hindu Meaning of Seeing Period Blood in a Dream

Period Blood

The Hindu meaning of seeing period blood in a dream means success.

During my deep spiritual research into the concept of period blood dreams, I stumbled upon this meaning.

At first, I was defensive because of my preconceived notion about period blood. 

However, after opening up my mind to get new ideas, I realized that women who experience their period blood flow are seen as COMPLETE.

It means that another successful month has gone by.

This is the concept of Hinduism.

Hinduism believes that the attention should not be on the blood but on the success of the woman in maintaining her status as a complete woman. 

Now, bringing this to general living, whenever people see period blood in their dream, the Hindu meaning reveals that they will attain a level of success very soon. It is also seen as a sign of completed projects.

That is, whatever they have started will be completed.

It could also be an inspiration to people – telling them to remain diligent in what they do; because just like the period of blood flow will stop in a few days, everything must surely have an end.

13 Spiritual Meanings of Menstrual Blood Flow in a Dream

Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Blood Flow in a Dream

Just before we wrap up this article, I think it is best to expound more on the spiritual meanings associated with menstrual blood flow in dreams. This will help our understanding much more, and also open us up to having this type of dream consistently. 

1) Prepare for your menstrual cycle

As a lady, dreaming of menstrual blood flow could be a spiritual timer.

It is known that some things we see in our dreams actually play out in real life.

For example, when we see ourselves having headaches in dreams, it could point to falling sick in real life.

In the same way, dreams about menstrual blood flow could mean your menstrual cycle period is around the corner. 

2) Let go of what you’ve held on to

The concept of menstruation talks about the release of unfertilized eggs.

The body has held on to these eggs for 30 days and needs to eject them.

This is why you experience a menstrual cycle as a female.

Now, whenever you dream about having this blood flow, it is a message from the universe, which encourages you to let go of irrelevant things.

It is inspiring you to stop holding on to the things that do not matter in your life. 

3) Get your wife a gift

Strangely, one of the messages people get from this dream speaks of buying gifts.

Especially for men (husbands).

Whenever you dream of the menstrual blood flow of your wife, it spiritually prompts you to get her a gift.

The reason for this is that she needs someone to care for her, and buying gifts is one of the most powerful love languages in the world.

If you truly care for her, you will adhere to this message.

4) Don’t Be Careless

Whenever you dream of seeing a lady walking about with a menstrual blood stain, it shows a sign of carelessness.

This is a warning spiritual sign from the universe. It applies to both males and females.

You need to be careful with how you live your life.

When you become incessantly careless, several things will come into your life unannounced, and you stand the risk of suffering terrible unfortunate situations

5) Success

According to the Hindu religion, having this type of dream speaks of attaining success in life.

It means that you are going to enjoy success either in your career or business.

Most times, this message is tied to making huge money at work. In that dream, you will see yourself or someone else having a menstrual blood flow in a beautiful room.

When this happens, it is an omen of success.

6) You are Perfect

As a lady, it is sometimes difficult to accept the fact that going through menstrual cycles MUST happen.

The pain you feel, coupled with how disgusted you feel with the blood can dampen your self-esteem at times.

However, the universe is speaking to you through menstrual dreams.

The spiritual world is encouraging you to see yourself as perfect.

Despite all, you have to go through, you are as perfect as you can be.

7) Prepare for Tough Moments

Menstrual periods are the toughest for ladies in a month.

Just as they must go through those moments, dreaming about menstrual blood flow (either as a man or woman) prepares you for tough moments as well.

This dream tells you to expect challenges to come.

However, it also helps your mind’s eye to see the benefit of challenges rather than the challenges themselves. 

8) Prepare for change

Menstruation means change.

Therefore, having dreams about it tells you to prepare for change.

Whether as a male or female, anytime you dream of menstrual blood flow, it prepares you for a transition.

This could be:

  • A relocation;
  • Career change;
  • Or other forms of change in your life. 

Be reminded that these changing moments are crucial parts of your life. You must be positively disposed towards those moments.

Furthermore, learn how to adapt to changes

9) Stop Looking down on Yourself

Through the dreams about menstrual blood you’ve had, the universe can inspire your heart to become more confident in yourself.

Several situations in life can compel us to bend our backs in shame.

People can talk down on our abilities in such a way that our esteem is shattered.

When we get to this lowest point, the universe will always be there to help us.

One of the ways we can receive this help is through menstrual blood dreams. The universe sends this dream to help your mind.

It brings a message of confidence.

It tells you to stop looking down on yourself. 

10) Take Responsibility

No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape responsibilities.

At certain points in your life, people will have to leave you alone to take care of yourself.

For example, a menstruating lady cannot call her mother or friends to clean up for her. She needs to take responsibility for doing it herself.

Therefore, the next time you dream of a lady cleaning up her menstrual blood, it is a message from the spiritual world that tells you to take responsibility for your life

11) Your Desires are Coming to Pass

This is another message that comes with having dreams of menstrual blood flow.

Especially when the dream came more than 4 times progressively.

It is a clear indication that everything you desire will come to pass. 

12) An unexpected miracle is about to happen

When you dream of a lady laughing at the sign of her menstrual blood, it is a good sign for you.

This indicates that an unexpected miracle will happen in your life.

A dream like this is a positive omen from the heavens.

It helps your mind to expect a miracle soon.

13) Stay Positive

Anytime a lady fails to see her menstrual cycle WHEN it is expected to come, she will panic.

In some cases, if she had sex before this moment, she might think of possible pregnancy, which becomes a thing of concern  – until she realizes that her menstrual cycle was simply changing dates.

Then, she is happy and positive

But do you know that she could have been positive all the while? This defines your life. If something you expect does not happen WHEN you expect it to, don’t give in to fear.

This is the message from having a menstrual blood flow dream

Is Dream about Period Blood a Bad Spiritual Sign?

Sanitary napkins

No, it is not a bad spiritual sign.

Dreams about period blood speak a lot about our lives, the decisions we make, and the seasons we are about to enter.

People have attached several negative spiritual messages to this dream in the past.

Well, they have been wrong.

The positivity that surrounds this dream outweighs the concern you should have. 

Therefore, whenever you dream about period blood, see it as a positive sign more than a negative one.

With the information you have gotten so far, this would not be a difficult feat to achieve

Should I be Concerned?

Spiritual problems

Yes, you should be concerned about having this type of dream.

However, not in a bad way. It is not normal to dream about period blood or the menstrual cycle.

Therefore, it is normal for your mind to be troubled. Your emotions and curiosity will be triggered.

This does not mean you should give in to negativity.

Your concern should only lead to having a perfect understanding of the message from the universe to you with this dream.

When you open up your mind in this manner, the light will shine.

Everything will become clear enough. 

Final Words

Whether as a male or female, there is nothing wrong with having dreams of menstrual blood.

All you have to do is to understand why you had the dream, and what the universe is trying to say. This type of dream is not meant for females alone.

Therefore, everyone can benefit from the message it brings

With the in-depth information you have gotten from this article, you can finally begin to understand WHY the universe sent a dream like this to you. This leads to the beginning of a new spiritual adventure for you. 

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  1. Just simply dreaming of menstruation blood means death? I’m having panic attacks right now and overthinking because I asked God last night for a sign if everything’s gonna be alright and of my parents will have a long lives and this is the answer that I got. Please tell me that I misunderstood this I’ve been overthinking, anxious, crying for the past hours. I wanna kill myself now so bad. Please tell me that I completely misunderstood it 😭

    1. I think when we google things it doesn’t help
      I would do a reading with a person that has good ratings somewhere, don’t tell them anything about your fears or what you wrote on here and just listen to see what they say first then ask them questions because everyones paths is different and this page cannot answer to everyone .

  2. It just means let go of the negative ways of thinking. Don’t worry too much just enjoy the present. Hopefully this helped. God bless. Be safe

  3. My periods have stopped for many years I’m 45 last night I had a dream of being on my period. Any advice on the meaning please,
    Thank you!

  4. I am expecting to be pregnant and last night I dream where I am on my period and also I saw my self where I was in a byke when I reached where I was going to,just to come down from byke my pad fell down and immediately I picked it up rap it in nylon threw it away. Please I want to know the meaning.

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