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I Was Born on the Full Moon: It’s a good luck sign?

I Was Born on the Full Moon: It’s a good luck sign?

Being born on the full moon makes you special. This is the first thing to realize.

Yes, it is good to know whether being born on the full moon brings good luck or not, but the most important thing to understand is that being born on the full moon makes you different from others.

We will talk about this in detail. But let us discuss the meaning of a full moon.

The full moon has different names and spiritual meanings for each month.

What does this mean? You should realize that the full moon has been given different names and spiritual meanings by people.

Understanding the different names and spiritual meanings for each month helps us to get what it means to be born on the full moon of each month.

In this article, we are going to be talking about deeper details of the full moon and how it affects birth.

When you are done reading this article, you will know if being born on the full moon brings good luck or not.

The Influence of the Full Moon on Pregnancy

Be pregnant during the Full Moon

The conception or pregnancy stage is the beginning of a new life. It is believed that life starts from the womb and not from birth.

Therefore, the full moon will begin to influence the baby from the womb.

Now, this influence will not only be felt by the baby; it will also be felt by the mother. Do you know why? It is because the baby and mother share the same connection in pregnancy

How can the full moon exert its influence on pregnancy?

This is very simple.

As a matter of fact, the mother does not need to be open to the full moon. The fact that a woman is pregnant makes her open enough to the energy of the full moon.

Pregnancy is the only factor that is needed for feeling the effect of the full moon on pregnancy.

What is the influence of the full moon on pregnancy?

The influence of the full moon on pregnancy starts with the mother.

Because of the connection between the mother and child, it becomes easier for both parties to feel the same effect.

  • During the full moon, the mother will feel contractions. That is, she will feel like her time to deliver is due.
    • Now, in the spiritual world, this is a message that prepares the mother for childbirth. To the child, this awakens his/her natural senses.
    • Once the full moon is in the sky, it influences the natural senses of the child and begins to form them.
  • Another influence of the full moon on pregnancy affects the mind of the mother and child.
    • Because of the intense energy that will be felt by the mother, she might lose control of her feelings. Now, this will also affect the child.

The Influence of the Full Moon on Births

The Full Moon on Births

Giving birth is a different game. Unlike the conception or pregnancy stage, giving birth is like bringing an idea to reality, or birthing an impossibility.

When this is done on the full moon, there is a difference. As I have stated earlier, the full moon is special and different from other moon phases.

Therefore, anything that happens during the full moon must be different.

It is either positively charged or negatively charged.

During births, the full moon can affect one or two things. There are 2 superstitious beliefs about how the full moon affects births. Let us look into these:

1º Superstition:

It is believed that giving birth during the full moon between January – June might prove difficult and extremely painful. Now, why will the influence of the full moon become that negative during those stages?

It is said that giving birth should not be at the beginning of the year. It should either be in the middle or towards the end.

After further research, I discovered that the reason for this belief lies in the fact that giving birth signifies an end to a season and ushers in a new beginning

2º Superstition:

The second superstition says that giving birth from June – December is a good luck sign.

It will come with less contraction and difficulties because it aligns with the mystery of timing.

Therefore, when the full moon between June and December coincides with giving birth, it eases the pains of childbirth.

On the mother, the influence of the full moon on births is always felt by her. At this point, the child is not actively working. The baby is preparing to begin a new journey on earth.

Therefore, the mother feels this energy alone.

I was Born on the Full Moon: 6 Spiritual Messages

Messages and influence of Full Moon

Once a child is born, he frees the mother from sharing the effect of the full moon. During birth, the mother feels this effect alone. However, after birth, the tide turns and becomes a burden on the child.

Being born on the full moon has 7 spiritual messages. These messages are also guides, predictions, and prophecies about how your life will turn out.

These messages don’t only address your present life stage; it also talks about your future. 

Therefore, if you were born on a full moon, and you don’t know your purpose or destiny, the 7 spiritual messages of being born on a full moon will tell you what to do, and what to expect

1) Be careful of extremism

Extremism means you are always at the extreme end of a thought pattern.

It means that you are never found in the middle of thought patterns. That is, you never create a balance between thought patterns.

There is a belief that every extremist was born on the full moon.

Now, what brought about such a belief pattern? It is simple. During the full moon, everyone is at their peak of vibration. This is the moment where people act irrationally. 

Imagine being born during this moment! It means that your source is rooted in the intensity of energy, which can lead to extremism.

You should be careful about this.

No matter how tempted you feel to become an extremist, always stay in the balance.

Always find a place in the middle of thought patterns. This leads to the next spiritual message.

2) Always be open-minded

Take it or leave it! People that are born during the full moon have a rigid mindset. They find it difficult to believe other people’s ideas count.

Now, it is not their fault. It is due to WHEN they came into the world.

The full moon is always referred to as the perfect moment for ME-TIME. It is that moment in a month when you share moments of privacy with yourself.

This energy will also be transmitted to a child that was born during the full moon and will become his lifestyle.

This is why they don’t accept other people’s ideas. They just want to stick with their convictions and opinions.

Now that you know you were born on the full moon, check yourself. If you realize that you are rigid in your mindset, this is a message for you.

The universe is encouraging you to be open-minded. This means you should learn to accept other people’s opinions.

3) You have a strong conviction

Now, this is a good sign. People that are born on the full moon are blessed with this quality.

They have a conviction that never changes easily. There is a difference between having a firm conviction and being rigid in the mind. 

When you are rigid in your mind, it means you are not ready to accept that you did wrong, or other people are right.

It means that you always want to be right – even if you know that you are not. Now, this can lead to delusion if care is not taken. 

However, having a strong conviction does not mean you possess a rigid mind.

A strong conviction simply means you are not ready to change your values and qualities for anything.

It means you are not easily influenced by people.

Unlike having a rigid mindset, you can be influenced by people when you have a strong conviction but it comes after very concrete evidence.

4) Your generosity is an advantage

Another spiritual quality of children born during the full moon is a generous heart.

Now, since they have issues with extremism, their acts of giving will be very extreme.

If you are born on a full moon, you should know that you possess a kind heart. This is something I have noticed. The full moon releases a special breed of people that can give their life to others.

Therefore, don’t feel your generosity is a curse.

Yes, people will take advantage of your kind heart.

Some might take it for granted. But you need to understand that your acts of giving are an advantage. It stands you out among the crowd and positions you for greatness.

5) You know what to do

The full moon unveils the whole moon in its full essence.

Once you see the full moon, everywhere becomes lightened up.

This is similar to the life of a child that was born during the full moon.

This type of baby will always know what to do. It is rare for children of the full moon to be found confused. 

6) A strong connection to the moon

Children born during the full moon will always feel drawn toward the moon.

You will find them sitting under the moon every night.

Once the full moon comes out, they will be very active and optimistic.

These children are always called the moon children. If you were born on the full moon, take this as a message to always harness the energy of the moon.

In which Full Moon Month were you Born?

Full pink moon

When you are born on the full moon, there are specific messages for you per month.

  • January: This encourages you to accept friendship. Don’t be a lone wolf.
  • February: It tells you that you are lovable. If you were born during the full moon of February, you may get into a romantic relationship early in life.
  • March: Being born on March’s full moon ushers you into fullness. This means you should enjoy your life as it comes. It helps your mind to never wish for what other people have. It helps you to be content with your possession and level of success.
  • April: This spiritually talks about having a positive mindset. Babies born during April’s full moon will possess a positive mindset. You will realize that they are always optimistic.
  • May: During May’s full moon, everywhere is always beautiful because of the flowers. Therefore, being born on May’s full moon means that your life will be pleasant.
  • June: Persistence was formed in you when you were born during the full moon of June. Therefore, make use of it when things get tougher.
  • July: It talks about growth. People that were born on the full moon of July will love reading books and working on themselves. 
  • August: If you were born on the full moon of august, you will always possess a perfect sense of timing.

The full moon in September – December speaks the same message. It tells you to always look forward to new beginnings.

This means that your life will be wrapped in a lot of new beginnings and phases. Being born during the full moon of September – December prepares you for constant changes in your life

When a Baby is Born on the Full Moon it’s a good luck sign?

Full moon and good luck

Yes, it is a good luck sign for a baby to be born on the full moon.

Such a child will possess a healthy mindset and perception, be optimistic, attract good luck, and never be pressured to prove a point.

Can the Full Moon Attract Positive Energies to Me?

The energies from the moon

Yes, the full moon can attract positive energies to you.

Because of how intense its spiritual energy is, you can harness it for your benefit.

Meditating on the full moon opens your mind to new possibilities.

Final Words

If you were born on the full moon, now, you know that it is a good sign. Therefore, keep your mindset healthy. Yes, you are special, but not useless or beneath other people. Raise your shoulders high and expect good things to happen to you.

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