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7 Full Moon Effects On Empaths (Energy Effects)

7 Full Moon Effects On Empaths (Energy Effects)

Today I will talk about the most important effects of Full Moon on empaths.

A looming full moon in the sky is a captivating sight that can hold your gaze for hours.

It is a beautiful, ominous, and powerful vision for you!

This center stage of nature is known to throw waves through the ocean and pull the earth’s water into motion.

Perhaps you’ve heard more than this, how people would worship it, or some prepare themselves to make the most of it.

The full moon can charge the air with energy, and you feel it. There is a difference.

Maybe you’re the only one that can tell. You’re sensitive. 

You’ve never understood it, but now you want to.

So let’s investigate together how this full moon can affect an empath or a sensitive person;

Can The Full Moon Affect Sensitive People?

Full moon effect on sensitive people

The first thing to understand is that the full moon definitely holds power.

With the ability to influence waves in the wide ocean, it’s no wonder it can shift the state of our body, which is seventy percent of water!

This shift in energy can be massive for sensitive people who are more aware of their emotions, bodies, and senses.

The full moon glows because it reflects the sun’s light, and so it should be no surprise that it sheds light on the parts of us that are dark and hidden.

For sensitive people, this brings out all of their senses, their experiences, and their emotions. 

For you as a sensitive person, this means uncovering your abilities, secrets, and repressed emotions. You will feel them brimming.

You will be able to feel your emotions and those present in your environment to a greater extent.

For some people, this can be super overwhelming. We’ve already talked about some of the effects of the full moon on people, such as headaches.

This is a time you will have to be kinder to yourself.

You must listen more to yourself and the universe to make the most out of this time.

Why Empaths Can’t Sleep During A Full Moon?

Why you can't sleep during the full moon

In fact, sleep will be very hard for an empath during a full moon night.

This is for many reasons. During a full moon, the veil between the spiritual and material world becomes thinner, allowing for more communication to take place.

This is when the universe starts sending you energetic downloads of information.

Your body finds it hard to sleep and relax when constantly receiving information.

For some empaths, these messages are from their guides, passed loved ones, or even their intuition.  

Simply put, it would be trying to sleep when there are many voices around you.

Your body will find it difficult to rest and stay grounded. 

If you’re an empath that has been on this journey for longer, you will know how to ground and release your emotions to protect your energy.

If you can’t sleep during the full moon, you should read this article.

7 Full Moon Effects On Empaths

Full Moon Effects On Empaths

If you are an empath, here are the effects you should keep in mind when it’s full moon time so that you can deal better with the experiences coming to you!

1) Heightened Intuition

The full moon heightens our sensitivity during this time, strengthening our intuition.

If the universe sent subtle whispers to you earlier, this would be like shouting.

With heightened senses, reading energy and connecting with the messages sent your way are easier.

As an empath, try trusting your inner voice more at this time.

With the full moon shining light on you, it will clarify many situations that may have been confusing for you before!

If you have your period during the full moon, read this article.

2) Messages From The Other Side

Full Moons are also a time when the veil between the spiritual and material world gets reduced, which allows your dreams to become a portal.

In the nearest upcoming days before or after the full moon, you will receive insight into your life through your dreams.

The universe does this through abstract concepts, metaphors, or sometimes very clear messages when you sleep.

It is important for you as an empath to remember to journal and note down these dreams. 

They will help you understand better, and if you’ve been waiting for a message from a passed-on loved one or guide, this would be the time it would arrive!

Stay alert and ready!

3) Mood Swings

With emotions reaching their peak, as an empath, you may find yourself overwhelmed with so much information coming your way!

The full moon is known to bring on mood swings, where you might find yourself switching from one state to another due to all you are absorbing.

If you are not careful, your body will be like a sponge during this time, absorbing and reacting according to everything that soaks you.

It is important here for you to keep yourself centered and not let the brunt of your shifty energy harm your life.

At this point:

  1. Take deep breaths;
  2. Remind yourself you can start the day over;
  3. Be careful not to project onto other people;
  4. Remind yourself it will pass;
  5. The more self-aware you are, the better you can soothe yourself.

4) Exhaustion 

This excessive energy of the full moon will put your body on high alert as you also grow exceedingly sensitive.

If not dealt with properly, this can bring exhaustion, burnout, and even hopelessness.

You are an open bundle of nerves that have been receiving constant messages from the universe.

This is why taking lots of rest and drinking fluids is important.

Most empaths should also practice grounding and protection rituals to center themselves.

5) Power To Manifest

The other side of this excessive energy of the full moon is that it can also be used for good.

When the full moon brings its powerful energy to bring shifts in energy, you can harness that energy.

With heightened intuition and clarity, your power to create for yourself grows this time. 

Many people don’t realize during the full moon that, they can harness the energy that is heightened around them for a particular purpose.

What tires them out is not channeling or releasing the energy properly.

You can use this manifest to push through the last stages of a cycle you’re trying to complete to do shadow work!

Make sure to use this energy properly as an empath.

6) Bringing Up Repressed Emotions

The full moon is the universe’s way of saying your subconscious is going to be fully visible today.

For empaths, this is a time when what they have repressed will be brought to the surface. 

This may bring out difficult and repressed emotions of grief, loneliness, anger, and uncertainty.

Any thoughts you were avoiding will come to the surface.

At this point, as an empath, remember:

  • To give yourself space without judgment;
  • Give yourself comfort if you are anxious;
  • Remember, all parts are a story of yours.

This is simply a time to acknowledge what you’ve been holding in and be careful not to let these emotions project onto other situations.

The universe brings up these emotions for you, so you can work on them to fully accept yourself.

7) Good luck

The full moon can be a very lucky time empaths.

I say this because whoever knows how to take advantage of its powers and forces can get a lot of positive energy from the moon.

New Moon Effects Of Empaths

New Moon

A new moon, on the other hand, will affect empaths differently.

It will bring a feeling of rejuvenation and help release what is no longer needed to create more.

  • This is a great time to set an intention;
  • Follow your passion and curiosity;
  • Go with the flow.

For an empath, it is important during this time to trust yourself in the journey forward.

Let yourself become new with this new moon!

Harvest Moon Effect On Empaths

Harvest Moon

During a harvest moon, on the other hand, one is brought face-to-face with their reality.

You can only harvest as an empath if you acknowledge the past you have sown!

The harvest moon stays in the sky for many days, allowing moonlight to seep through the atmosphere.

In the same way, the light brings the dark into vision; the harvest moon brings your subconscious to the surface.

This is a time for you to reflect on your behavior!

The harvest moon will bring out a strong understanding of your desires, needs, and emotions and how they have led you until now!

Using the harvest moon is a great time for the empaths to focus on manifesting their wishes and directing their subconscious.

Orange Moon Effect On Empaths

Orange Moon Effect On Empaths

Next comes the orange moon; it has its own special frequency.

When it appears in the sky, things are about to change!

The orange moon will amplify what needs to finish and start so the energy can shift!

This may appear as an imbalance at first, but only to get your attention!

The orange moon can end a tough emotional cycle for an empath and give you a completely new path.

Final Words

Overall, it is up to you whether you’d like to prepare for the full moon or not as an empath.

You can work with the moon and yourself or go for a full ride!

The universe supports your journey either way, but one thing to consider is that this cycle comes every month.

The least you can do is remember to stay grounded and get your rest!

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