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7 Harvest Moon Spiritual Meanings for 2022 and 2023

Harvest Moon Spiritual Meaning for 2022 and 2023

The harvest moon will happen in 2022 and 2023.

It happens every year, but the ones in 2022 and 2023 are special.

This is why you should fully prepare to take advantage of it by understanding the spiritual meaning of the Harvest Moon phase.

This is a moment that only a few people understand.

This article seeks to change that narrative. With the proper explanation you will get from this article, you will be well positioned to savor the energy of the coming harvest moon for your benefit.

Harvest Moon Year:Dates:
2022September 3, 2:08 P.M. EDT
2023September 29, 5:57 A.M EDT
2024September 17, 22:34 P.M. EDT

What is the Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon

The harvest moon is full. It got its name from farmers. There is a bit of history behind the harvest moon. Because this moon comes out immediately after sunset, it allows the evening to be illuminated with moonlight.

Now, farmers are always stuck in their farmlands at sunset and may have to sleep there to complete the harvest of their crops the next day.

However, with the harvest moon, they can harvest all of their crops within a single day.

In the afternoon, the sunlight aids them to harvest their crops, and the harvest moon at night also gives them enough illumination to continue the harvest exercise.

In appreciation of the moon’s benevolence, it was named after the harvest.

Therefore, when you hear of the word “harvest moon”, it is referring to the time of the year that has brighter evenings than others. 

Furthermore, this moon is referred to as the harvest moon because it comes out during the time of harvest.

If not, it might have been called the planting moon, or strawberry moon, and so on.

The harvest moon comes out during harvest seasons. This is why it is given that name by farmers.

When is the Harvest Moon in 2022?

Harvest Moon in 2022

The harvest moon for 2022 is expected in September 10. During this month, all summer-grown crops are harvested, and it also ushers in the beginning of autumn.

September is the autumn month.

This month is when we will experience the harvest moon and the autumn equinox. It is believed that the harvest moon precedes the autumn equinox. 

To be more precise with facts, the harvest moon will happen between the 9th – 11th of September, 2022, which precedes the autumn equinox of 2022.

Before this day, we might be experiencing some sparks of the moon for a series of days. However, expect it to become stronger and brighter on the 23rd of September. 

Now, what does this imply? It means that you have a few months to prepare for the harvest moon.

Farmers have enjoyed the benevolence of the harvest moon for years.

The time has come for you to also have a taste of the moonlight’s kindness.

Later on, we are going to talk about the spiritual meanings of seeing the harvest moon in 2022 and 2023, this will help you get prepared for this celestial event

When is the Harvest Moon in 2023?

Harvest Moon in 2023

We are expecting the harvest moon to rise in September as well. For 2023, you must be prepared for the harvest moon because of the energy it releases. During September, several things change us.

Therefore, we must never allow this great opportunity to pass us by.  The harvest moon in 2023 falls between the 9th – 11th of September. This is similar to the harvest moon time for 2022. 

What does this tell you? It means that there is a special reason for this coincidence. The spiritual world has sent the harvest moon for both years at the same time to give us all an equal chance at enjoying the benefits they have to offer. 

For 2022 and 2023, don’t take the rise of the harvest moon for granted.

I am pretty sure that farmers are preparing to take advantage of the harvest moon for 2022 and 2023.

You should also be rightly positioned in your mind.

The season is upon us, we must be prepared. As we delve deeper into this subject, you will understand the reason for your preparedness. 

The spiritual powers of the harvest moon cannot be overemphasized. They can help with the difficult situations in our lives. Therefore, let us look into it.

The Spiritual Powers of the Harvest Moon in 2022 and 2023

The power of the moon

When the harvest moon comes up in 2022 and 2023, something spiritual will happen.

There will be a shift in the core of our souls, and this is proof of the power of the harvest moon. 

The harvest moon has the spiritual power to illuminate our minds.

Whenever we are confused, meditating on the harvest moon brings clarity to us.

Now, as we prepare for the harvest moon in 2022 and 2023, we must understand that it is a moment and opportunity to finally understand what to do with our lives.

During the harvest moon in 2022 and 2023, every unresolved conflict will be sorted out. 

Another power of the harvest moon talks about speed and swift action.

If you are battling with indecision, procrastination, and laziness, the harvest moon in 2022 and 2023 might be the best time to overcome this dilemma.

In the spiritual world, the harvest moon has the power to make us hardworking. This is what to expect as we approach it in 2022 and 2023.

Harvest Moon Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

Harvest Moon Spiritual Meaning

In the spiritual world, the harvest moon can speak to us. Furthermore, the universe can speak to us through the harvest moon. This means that the harvest moon can appear to you in dreams or real life.

When it does, what message does it bring? The 7 spiritual messages of the harvest moon in this article should help.

1) You still have enough time

The harvest moon gives you enough time to accomplish your goals.

For example, if you are battling depression as a result of delayed expectations, the harvest moon will come in a dream to encourage and motivate you.

You will see the harvest moon in your dream as a sign that you have enough time. It is telling you to stand above the negative feeling that runs through your mind. 

One of the reasons behind this negative emotion is competition.

  • You feel you don’t have enough time because of the accomplishments of other people.
  • You have decided to run on the timetable of others.

The universe will correct this mindset by sending the harvest moon to you in a dream.

When you wake up from such, reaffirm that you are in control of your destiny, and you will never put yourself under pressure.

2) It is a season of harvest

Just as the name sounds, the harvest season brings harvest to us.

Under the energy of the harvest moon, our past efforts will begin to yield results.

If you are struggling to believe that you are productive, the harvest moon will come to reveal otherwise.

The universe is speaking to you through the harvest moon concerning productivity.

God is telling you that your efforts are going to be productive soon.

Therefore, if you don’t get results till the commencement of the harvest moon season; then take the harvest moon season as a good sign. The reason is that your efforts will yield positive results during this season.

3) Abundance

Since it is a season of harvest, it is also a season of abundance.

Harvest seasons are abundance moments. Our barns are always filled with crops.

In the spiritual world, this is a sign of prosperity. That is, the harvest moon comes to reveal that your life is going to be filled with prosperity, riches, wealth, and every good thing.

This is going to be abundant and overflowing.

If you have suffered from lack in the past, take the harvest moon as a sign of abundance and prosperity.

4) You have another chance 

Do you believe in second chances? The harvest moon in 2022 and 2023 is an embodiment of second chances.

During this time of the year, several people are allowed to start afresh.

This means that if you have made mistakes in your past, the harvest moon allows you to begin on a new slate.

Even if you had a bad past, you now have another opportunity to move on.

During the harvest moon in 2022 and 2023, take the initiative to redefine who you are meant to be. 

5) The end of a season of your life

One of the ways to know the current phase of your life is by paying attention to the harvest moon.

Whenever the harvest moon shows up, it signifies the end of a season.

Just like the harvest moon in September brings an end to summer; seeing the harvest moon also means an end to the current phase of your life.

It has come to reveal that your current phase is wrapping up.

Therefore, take stock of it, and let it prepare you for what lies ahead.

6) Spiritual sensitivity

When you see the harvest moon, it calls for spiritual sensitivity.

The energy from the harvest moon helps our spiritual senses to become heightened.

People that are born during the harvest moon season are called prophets.

The reason for this is because of the intense spiritual energy that surrounds the harvest moon.

If you are not born during the harvest moon, you can also benefit from this by opening up your mind to the harvest moon’s power.

As you ponder on the spiritual significance of the harvest moon, your senses will open up, and this leads to increased intuitive power.

7) Good Luck

The harvest moon for 2022 and 2023 brings good luck.

When you dream of the harvest moon, it brings good luck and healing to your life. With the energy of the harvest moon, it becomes easy to attract positive things to your life.

Additionally, the cool light from the harvest moon satiates your soul and places you in a comfortable position.

Because of this, your mind will become calm and confident even when things go south. 

Furthermore, the harvest moon keeps good people around you and wards off evil people.

Since it cannot accommodate negative energy, expect to only be surrounded by good and positive-minded people.

What should I do during this Lunar Phase?

Moon rituals

Since the harvest moon comes towards the end of the year, the first thing to do is have a reflection on the whole year. As a tradition, I sit under the harvest moon every year to evaluate how far I have come.

This has been my saving grace for a long time, and you should try doing the same.

When you reflect under the harvest moon, your inner eyes will see the things that need to be worked on, and also recognize the amazing feats you have accomplished.

Apart from reflecting on your past, you need to spend time preparing for change.

During this lunar phase, we are going to experience several major shifts.

The best way to protect ourselves from feeling the effects of this change is to meditate on it long enough till our minds fully accept the reality of change

Another way to harness the power of this lunar phase is by speaking positive words.

Positive confessions help us to effectively channel the energy of the harvest moon. This leads to positive changes around us. 

Is this Moon Phase Spiritually Important?

About this lunar phase

Yes, this lunar moon phase is spiritually important because of the following reasons:

  1. It marks the end of the summer season: whenever a moon marks the end of a season, it is spiritually important. People should pay attention to this moment because of the spiritual exchanges that happen.
  2. It also prophesies about a coming season: The harvest moon reveals that the autumn equinox (which happens on the 23rd of September) is around the corner. The autumn equinox is the beginning of a new season. All of these fit properly into the reason behind the spiritual importance of the harvest moon phase.

Final Words

As we prepare for the harvest moon in 2022 and 2023, let the information in this article stick to your heart. We hope that you have a great spiritual experience during the coming harvest moon phase.

Moon PhaseDate
January Full WolfJanuary 6, 2023
Snow MoonFebruary 5, 2023
Full Worm MoonMarch 7, 2023
Flower MoonMay 5, 2023
Black MoonMay 19, 2023
Thunder MoonJuly 3, 2023
Harvest MoonSeptember 29, 2023
Beaver MoonNovember 27, 2023
Cold MoonDecember 26, 2023

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