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Home » Purple Candle Meaning: 8 Benefits of Burning Purple Candles

Purple Candle Meaning: 8 Benefits of Burning Purple Candles

Purple Candle Meaning: 8 Benefits of Burning Purple Candles

Candles have been a symbol that represents hope during your struggling days. But, do you know what is the purple candle spiritual meaning and benefits?

The light of the candle burns the brightest on the darkest days. But there is more to the candle than just prayers and belief. Historically, candles have been used for magic by witches. But in modern times, candles are lit for spiritual purposes

But candle magic is not just about spells and uttering mantras. Candle magic is also associated with picking up the right candle color.

Different colors are selected for various purposes. Every color will radiate a different frequency that will help your magic become more effective. There is something known as chromotherapy that is a technique that uses colors to heal people. 

Similarly, different color candles will have distinct implications that will help you with your candle magic. Many candle colors range from white, yellow, red, brown, and green. However, the color purple is very magical yet creative. We will now find the essence behind the purple candle and how one can benefit from purple candle magic. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a purple candle?

Spiritual meaning of a purple candle

The color purple stands for royalty and symbolizes mythical arts in history. Lighting a purple candle usually means that you wish to generate energy within your third eye and improve your psychic power

Purple candles are an excellent choice if you want to use them for your divine meditation practice, spiritual ceremony, or magic spell ritual.

Usually, a purple candle is used for a psychic reading that will help you gain spiritual guidance and fill your core with spiritual energies assisting you during your divine ritual. 

Dark purple candle 

Even purple candles have different shades used for distinct purposes. Dark purple or indigo-colored candles are used to foretell the future or by clairvoyants. Lighting a dark purple candle will help you to achieve dreams and drive you towards success. 

If you are an ambitious person struggling to face certain life hurdles, lighting a dark purple candle will help you face your fears head-on. Lastly, dark purple candle magic will stimulate the third eye and help you elevate the energy levels in your sixth chakra. 

Light purple candle

Light purple or purple candles are used by those who wish to be more compassionate. Lighting a purple candle will ignite a light within you and connect you with your Higher conscience.

A purple candle will stimulate your crown chakra and elevate your energy levels to help you access the spiritual realm. 

7-days purple candle meaning

A 7-day candle is a tall candle that will remain ignited for as long as a week to help you with your candle magic. Usually, a 7-day purple candle is ignited to enhance your psychic abilities, divine powers, and spiritual wisdom. 

A 7-day purple candle is used to reverse a spell and banish any negative energy surrounding your core. Lighting a 7-day candle will also help you heal and push you towards spiritual awakening

8 Benefits of Burning Purple Candles

Burning candles in the spiritual world

1. Provides Divine Protection

While conducting a séance, also known as a ritual that connects you with the spirits of your deceased loved ones, purple candles are used alongside white candles.

Purple candles will provide divine protection against the evil spirits that might hinder your spiritual connection or even get latched onto your soul. Purple in itself is an angelic color whose candle is used for spiritual protection from negative energies.  

2. Helps With Vision Quests

A vision quest is used by those who want to interact or meet that guardian spirit that is protecting them.

If you are on a vision quest to connect with your spirit guide, then lighting a purple candle can help you in more ways than you can think. This can be a part of the cultural gathering or even a personal pursuit that might be underway. 

Vision Quests

Since purple candles are known for stimulating a spiritual awakening within you, they might help you in your vision quest. Lighting a purple candle will give you the energy to connect with your spirit guide.

In case you end up connecting with your guardian spirit, then you might be in for a small surprise. Usually, spirit guides appear in animal form. Guardian spirits adopt an animal persona that is visible throughout your connection over time.  

3. Builds a Gateway

The purple candle acts as a gateway towards the spiritual realm and helps you connect with your spirit guide in times of need.

During your spiritual journey, you can encounter different spirit guides that will help you throughout your journey.

Some of the guardian spirits are specialized in certain areas and help you during your life struggle. As a result, lighting a purple candle will help you contact your guardian spirit with more ease and stability. 

4. Spiritual Healing  

A purple candle can heal you through various spiritual energies. Lighting a purple candle will enhance your divine abilities. This will enable spiritual energy to heal your core. Purple is a magnificent color that is linked to various religious beliefs.

Spiritual Healing  

As a result, lighting a purple candle generates powerful spiritual energies. This will enhance the healing process during the ritual. 

5. Awaken the Third Chakra 

As per Hindu mythology, your body consists of eight chakras. Out of these, the seventh chakra sits in the crown of your head.

The crown chakra highlights a violet or purple color energy.

The crown chakra is well-known by its name, Door to Almighty. This is mainly because through your third eye you can get enlightenment. You can connect with your higher self. So, lighting a purple candle will help you awaken your crown chakra and attain nirvana. 

6. Ritual Assistance 

Many people light candles while conducting rituals or during their prayers for progress. Purple candles also serve a similar purpose.

While doing some spiritual work or performing a divine ritual, lighting a purple candle will help you progress in your spiritual journey.

The purple candle contains powerful energy that multiplies over time with the ritual progression. The enhanced energy gets reflected by the spiritual flame that melts through your purple candle during the candle magic. 

7. Various Magic Spells

Different colored candles are used during various magic spells. Lighting a purple candle is well-known for using a spell that banishes insomnia to awaken your spiritual core.

There is a prominent purple candle spell called ambition or power spell. The ambition spell helps you achieve your ambitions and gain power in your life journey.

You must burn purple candles on Wednesdays to reap benefits. Wednesday represents the color purple and hence lighting a candle on this day is very helpful. 

8. Akashic Records & Astral Projections 

Many people want to get to an advanced stage in their spiritual journey that will help them attain enlightenment and wisdom. Such people also wish to have a spiritual awakening that will enable them to gain access to the Akashic Records (record of universal events). Lighting purple candles assists you in reading the Akashic records through an advanced spiritual progression. 

The purple color symbolizes divine energy that can assist you during your rituals. Lighting a purple candle will also help during your astral projection.

During your astral projection, your soul leaves your body behind to travel across the universe. Burning a purple candle will help you attain a higher spiritual plane that acts as a base for astral projection.

Purple candles in zodiac signs

Purple candles in zodiac

In addition to this, the purple color highlights itself among the zodiac signs. If you are a person who believes in divine astrology, lighting purple might benefit you if you belong to a particular zodiac sign. Shades of purple are represented among four different zodiac signs such as: 

  1. Sagittarius – Represented by an archer and ruled under the planet Jupiter
  2. Pisces – Represented by two fishes and ruled under the planet Neptune
  3. Aquarius – Represented by a water bearer and ruled under the planet Uranus
  4. Leo – Represented by a lion and ruled under the Sun

Lastly, here are some of the useful tips that can help you during your purple candle magic: 

  • Light a purple candle during the new moon night to attract divine energy for spiritual awakening. 
  • To cut down on any negative energy you can light a purple candle on a full moon. 
  • Ensure that you never leave any candle unattended that could plausibly burn your room or your house down. 
  • The magic is powerful and can be overwhelming at first. However, you must understand that the universe will make some changes in your life and put you on the correct path. 

What do you think about the spiritual meaning of a purple candle? If you have any question, just leave a comment bellow.

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