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Incense Ash Meaning: not Falling, Curling, and Hanging

Incense Ash Meaning: not Falling, Curling, and Hanging

In this article, we will talk about the spiritual meaning of incense ash – when it falls, curls, and hangs. Incense ash can speak to us when our minds are opened. What lesson can we learn from incense ash? 

Incense ash is believed to be the remains of an incense stick. After a ritual has been performed, the remains of the incense stick that was burned is called incense ash.

Do you know that incense ash can be a spiritual sign? Just in case you don’t know, let this article help you.

People ignore the incense ash because they think that the job is finished. However, they are wrong.

In rituals and prayers, incense ash can give you a clue about the result of your prayer and ritual. Through the incense ash, you will understand what to do next afterward.

Furthermore, you can also get several spiritual messages from incense ash – even if you were not directly involved with the burning of incense.

That is, if you dream of incense ash, or see incense ash in the house of your friend, all of these are spiritual messages as well.

You don’t have to be directly involved in rituals and prayers before you get a message from incense ash.

Can Incense Ash Convey Messages to us?

Incense burning

Yes, incense ash can convey several divine messages to us. Seeing incense ash carries various spiritual messages to our minds.

However, we should only make do with the ones that directly address our lives.

When it comes to getting spiritual messages, incense ash can help clear our minds to receive what the spiritual realm has to say.

If you have questions, incense ash can give you a clue if the answer is YES or NO. spiritually, incense ash brings clarity. People who dreamt about incense ash in the past always know what direction their life will go.

Furthermore, incense ash can indicate the presence of a spirit.

For example, if you see incense ash in your home without burning incense, this means that a spirit is in your home.

People have used incense ash in the past as a notable sign of spiritual beings. Now, both pure and evil spirits can take the form of incense ash to come into your home. Therefore, check the energy around you for clarity.

Do you know that incense ash can tell if you are taking the right or wrong step? Yes, it can open your eyes to this fact.

This dream will come in the following manners:

  1. Whenever you dream of seeing footprints in incense ash, it is telling you that the decision is right. Spiritually, this is giving you a GO-AHEAD sign. Whenever you doubt the correctness of your intended action, the spiritual realm can give you incense ash as a yes sign.
  1. However, whenever you find incense ash with no footprints, it means you should stop. If you are yet to make a decision, this is a spiritual sign to not take such a decision.

Incense Ash Meaning: 7 Spiritual Messages

Incense Ash Meaning

In this section, we will talk about the 7 spiritual messages of incense ash. Incense ash can take on several forms. Each of these forms speaks tons of messages.

However, we are going to narrow these messages down to make things comprehensive and digestible. Spiritually, whenever you see incense ash forming certain patterns, you should stop to think about its meaning.

Do you want to know more about the spiritual meanings of incense ash? Then, read what comes next in this article.

Incense ash not falling:

Incense ash not falling
Incense ash not falling

After burning incense, if the incense ash refuses to fall off, this is a spiritual sign of positivity.

Whenever you see incense ash not falling, it talks about the purification of your spiritual atmosphere. It is believed that incense ash will fall off when negative energy is trying to access your environment.

Another spiritual meaning of incense ash not falling talks about the ability to hold yourself back together.

This speaks about staying in control of your emotion. If you burned incense to attain tranquility, the incense ash not falling means that you have successfully gained stability in your soul. This is a good sign.

Incense ash not breaking:

Incense ash not breaking

Just like the incense ash not falling, when incense ash refuses to break, it speaks about gaining control of yourself.

Now, there is a little twist to this message.

If you were not involved in incense burning, then, this is a message to put you in control. Through this sign, you will understand that negative situations should not overpower your will to thrive.

During rituals, if incense ash refuses to break, this is also a sign that your rituals and prayers have been accepted by the spiritual realm. Take that incense ash, break it and blow it into an open space for cleansing. 

Incense ash curling:

Incense ash curling
Image from: Reddit

If incense ash curls upward, ut us a sign that your prayers have been answered.

Whether you were involved in the burning of incense or not, seeing incense ash curling upward is a good sign of answered prayer.

Spiritually, this means that your prayers have been answered by the universe. It also speaks about getting your desires granted.

However, if the incense ash curls downward, it indicates that something is wrong with the energy around you.

This reveals that there is negative energy in your environment, and this affects the effectiveness of the incense burning ritual.

Incense ash hanging:

Incense ash hanging
Incense ash hanging

This means that there is energy left in the incense ash.

After a ritual, people blow off incense ash for many reasons.

Some people do this to invoke spirits, while others do it to signify the end of the ritual.

However, before you dispose of the incense ash, ensure that the ash is not hanging.

Once the incense ash is hanging, then you still have an opportunity to use it. The reason is that there is energy left in the incense ash, and it can be used for prayer or cleansing.

Incense ash falling straight away:

Whenever incense ash falls straight away, this is a sign that the job is done. This means that the ritual and prayers have been accepted by the universe.

Furthermore, incense ash falling straight away means that the energy from the incense ash has been used up. Therefore, blow off the incense ash into the wind.

If you dream of incense ash falling straight away, this speaks about losing the will to continue. This might be a message about your relationship, career, or willingness to do something new.

Incense ash falling straight away signifies the end of spiritual activity. It also speaks about losing the will to continue on a path.

Incense ash instantly disappearing:

Incense ash disappearing
Incense ash disappearing

If incense ash instantly disappears, this speaks about hiding one’s self in the shadows.

The incense ash might not be physically seen, but it is spiritually active.

In the same way, hiding behind the shadows does not reduce your effectiveness, it only takes away the spotlight. Sometimes, being in the spotlight can be a distraction. Therefore, be like the incense ash – instantly disappear.

In addition to this, the incense ash will instantly disappear as a sign that your energy has been cleansed.

If you are burning incense for purification purposes, the incense ash will instantly disappear to indicate that you have successfully purified yourself off negativity.

Incense burning in a Spiral Meaning:

Incense burning in a spiral speaks about the presence of a spirit. Whenever a spiritual being comes into your home, your incense will begin to burn in a spiral pattern.

This pattern means that your ritual and prayers have been recognized by spirits, and they are getting attracted to the energy you emit. 

Incense will burn in a spiral when your energy level is intense enough to attract spiritual beings.

In real life, incense burning in a spiral means confusion. It means that you don’t know what to do. Spiritually, this could also be a sign that the universe is bringing clarity.

What to do with incense ashes?

Incense ashes

If the ash was gotten from a protection ritual, then, keep the incense ash in a jar. The reason for this is that the incense ash will form a protective wall around your home. After burning incense for protection, keep the ashes in your home. 

Burning incense for wealth and good luck is a little different. After the incense burns out, blow the ash into the air.

Doing this means that you have released spiritual forces to bring good luck to you.

Is incense ash good for plants?

Yes, incense ash is good for plants. If the incense was made from natural materials, it can serve as fertilizer for the plant. 

Can you smoke incense ash?

No, don’t smoke incense ash. Smoking incense ash has no spiritual meaning.

The ash simply means that the ritual or prayer is successful.

Therefore, throw away the ash or keep it in your home.

Furthermore, you should not smoke incense ash because of the chemical components that come with smoke and incense, which might be dangerous to your health.

Final Words

Always make use of incense ash according to the information in this article. The message about incense ash and its spiritual meaning can guide you, and give you a clue about the success or failure of rituals or prayers.

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