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9 Candle Magic Colors Meaning: for Protection and Love

9 Candle Magic Colors Meaning: for Protection and Love

Do you know the candle magic colors meaning? I’ll teach you the spiritual meaning of each color and some spells for protection, love and money.

Candles are powerful.

This is the reason why witches and those who practice magic cannot do without candles.

Candles possess powerful energy, which makes contact with the spirit world easier. It is believed that whenever you want to connect with the spiritual realm, making use of candles is a necessity. 

Candles are a combination of fire, light, and air. These are 3 powerful elements that can be found in the source of magic. Therefore, candles are great for magical practices.

There is something called “color magic”. Color magic is the use of different colors to perform magic. It is believed that colors speak different languages in the spiritual realm. The type of colors that you use determine the energy you will attract. 

In this article, we are going to see the 9 different magical colors of candles and what they symbolize in the spiritual world. 

What are candles for in the spirit world?

White candle

Candles are a channel of communication

Candles are a channel of communication between spirits and man.

Whenever you want to establish a communication channel, candles are powerful to this effect. The power that lies in candles can establish a smooth communication channel between the spirits and man.

Whenever you sense a disruption in how the spirits communicate with you, then you need to either change the color of the candle or increase the light of the flame. Candles are powerful and can create a communication channel in the spiritual world.

Candles are great for invoking spirits

Whenever you want to call upon the spirit of the dead, then using candles is a necessary part of the ritual process.

In many witchcraft practices, candles are always used to summon the spirit of the dead.

A lot of practices are seen where candles are placed in a particular order to trap the spirit of a lost loved one from returning to the underworld.

Candles are also used in different ways when it comes to invoking the dead. Therefore, it is significant for this purpose. It is believed that the smell of candles is appealing to spirits.

Candles are ritual objects

In the spirit world, candles are known for their significance when it comes to performing rituals.

Either healing rituals or invocations, the candle is necessary for performing. Blood rituals also need candles before it can be effective.

It is believed that the elements of fire, light and air are the reason why the candle is a powerful instrument for performing rituals in witchcraft practices.

9 Candle magic colors meaning

Candle magic colors meaning

In magic, colors are significant. This is why you should not joke with colors. I have stressed this fact enough in the previous section of this article. Therefore, in this section, I will be exposing you to the different spiritual meanings of magical colors. 

1) White candle

A white candle has the following magical meanings:

  • Burning white candles is used for purification rituals. This is done whenever you feel contaminated. The white color in the spiritual realm is a symbol of purity and sacredness. Therefore, burning a white candle will cleanse you of every filth and contamination.
  • Burning white candles will bring peace to your mind. The white color in the spiritual realm is a symbol of peace. White candles will calm your mind. Whenever you are agitated, it is time to burn the white candle. It is believed that the smell of the white candle brings a soothing sensation into your mind and puts you at ease.
  • Burning white candles is great for the enhancement of your psychic powers. Whenever you feel disconnected from your psychic abilities, just burn the white candle. It is believed that the color of the white candle will create a prophetic atmosphere around you, which will charge your psychic abilities and make you function in them better than before.

2) Black candle

The black candle is used for defensive spells against negative energy. Black is an ugly color and in the spiritual world, it is a sign of war, defense, and protection.

Therefore, whenever you begin to feel negative energies around you, the black candle is the best to burn.

It is believed that the black candle will absorb every negativity around you and protect you from negative charges.

In addition to this, the black candle is a strong defensive candle. It will shield you from harm and protect you from evil. With the black candle flame, you will be able to put an end to unfortunate situations in your life.

3) Green candle

The green color is synonymous with nature. In the spiritual world, the green color has a lot of abundance and fertility.

Therefore, burning green candles will attract good luck, prosperity, abundance, and progress to your life.

Whenever you want to perform money magic, the green candle is the best candle for this.

The green color will create the perfect atmosphere and scent that attract good luck into your life.

4) Yellow candle

The yellow color magically represents joy and happiness.

Therefore, by burning yellow candles, you will attract joy and happiness into your life.

If you have been observing negative trends and cycles, which have put you in a state of sadness, then burning the yellow candle will change everything around you and fill you up with joy and happiness.

Furthermore, burning the yellow candle will increase your intellectual power and give you clarity whenever you are confused.

5) Blue candle

The blue candle will bring you emotional healing.

This is used for those who have experienced a breakup in the past, the blue candle will bring emotional healing.

In addition to this, the blue candle will give you focus and determination to live your best life.

Blue color breeds confidence and it has this significance in the spiritual world.

Therefore, if you need to fill your soul with focus and a strong will, the blue candle has the perfect energy for this.

6) Purple candle

If you want to support yourself with additional energy for magical practices, the purple candle has the perfect energy that is compatible with magical practices.

In addition to this, purple candles fill you with spiritual enlightenment. It also boosts your creativity.

7) Orange candle

This candle is good for enjoying progress in your career.

If you are experiencing setbacks in your career, then an orange candle will give you the good luck you need to experience progress in your career path.

It also brings joy and fulfillment into your life. It creates the perfect energy that attracts success in career and education.

8) Pink candle

The pink candle is the best for love magic.

The pink color is known for love.

Therefore, whenever you want to perform love magic, using pink candles will create the perfect energy for love and intimacy.

9) Red candle

This candle is used for seduction and lust. The red candle is used for sex magic.

In the olden days, the red candle is always seen in brothels. It is believed to ignite sexual desires in both males and females.

Therefore, whenever you want to perform sex magic, the red candle has the perfect energy to create a conducive atmosphere for sexual desires and passion.

So, do you already know all the candle magic colors meaning? Let’s continue!

The importance of using the correct colored candles

Colored candles

Different colors of candles are used for different practices and reasons. You need to know this before burning candles. Burning the right colored candles has a lot of benefits.

You must ensure to know what you want to achieve before proceeding to burn any candle.

A lot of people don’t know this secret and this is why they have been experiencing wrong energy charges while performing rituals or magic.

Furthermore, a lot of people have gotten wrong results because they burned the wrong-colored candles. Therefore, it is important to use the correct colored candles because of the following reasons:

Attract your desires

Attract desires

Whenever you burn the right colored candles, your desires will be granted faster. It is believed that the right colored candle creates the perfect spiritual atmosphere for the desires of your heart.

I will be revealing the different color candles and their spiritual meanings. However, you have to first understand that to bring your wishes to pass quickly, you must burn the right candle.

This is why you must know what you want to achieve before picking the color of the candle to burn.

Attract the right energy

Energy in candle magic colors meaning

Whenever you burn the right colored candles, you will attract the right energy for your magical practices or rituals.

It is detrimental to keep a wrong energy charge around you, which is not suitable for what you want to achieve. The colors have spiritual meanings and they attract similar energies based on what they mean spiritually.

Therefore, burning the right colored candle will attract the right energy to you – thereby making your magical act effective compared to using the wrong-colored candles.

Help you in the right way

Spiritual help with white candle

Burning the right colored candles will condition your mind properly to channel your inner energy into the magic of ritual.

For example, if you are depressed, you must burn a candle that has a color, which represents joy spiritually.

This will help your mind. The smoke and smell that erupts from this candle will fill your mind with joy and help you properly channel your inner energy to achieve what you want.

As a beginner in the practice of magic, you must ensure that the right colored candles are used for rituals. Never mix them up.

If you are having difficulties with recognizing the different spiritual meanings of colored candles, then read this article to the end.

I am going to reveal the 9 colored candles for magic with their spiritual meanings. This will help you to know which candle is suitable for the type of magic you want to perform.

Which candle should I use for protection?

Black and white candle to protection

The black candle is good for protection.

The defensive atmosphere that comes with black candles is good for protection against evil and negative energies. Therefore, whenever you want to cast a defensive spell, using the black candle will do a perfect job. It has all the required energy to this effect.

What candle should I use for love?

Red candle for love spell

According to what we have seen above, the pink candle and red candle is the best candle to use for love.

Whenever you want to ignite the passion and love in your partner, then the pink candle is the best pick.

Apart from enjoying the love between partners, the pink candle is good for friendship. You will attract the right type of love by using the pink candle.

3 Simple spells with candles

Candle spell for love and protection

I will teach you how to perform 3 simple spells with candles.

You don’t need to become a witch before you perform spells. The simple methods I will be revealing will work perfectly for whatever you desire.

1. Spell for love

Pink candle for spell

Let’s start with a very simple love spell. To do this, you just need to follow the step by step below:

  1. Sit down in a quiet place where there will be no distraction.
  2. Clear your mind of every form of thought that might block your energy or divide your attention. You need 100% attention to perform love magic.
  3. Light up the pink candle.
  4. Write your first name and the last name of the person you love on a white piece of paper.
  5. Make sure you draw a circle around both names.
  6. Visualize yourselves loving each other and holding your hands in perfect harmony. 
  7. While visualizing this, recite this incantation “Our fate is sealed, we are one, so mote it be, it is done.
  8. Let the candle burn out. 

2. Spell for protection

Spell for protection

Do you feel that you are in need of spiritual protection? Do you need protection from negative energies? Or against your enemies? We have the ideal spell for this! Follow the step by step below:

  1. Create a circle with salt.
  2. Ensure to put the name of the person inside it. If it is yourself, then put your name inside the salt circle.
  3. Light up the candle.
  4. Recite these spells:
    • “Please protect me, send only good vibes and only good energies to my way, create a magical shield, strong, powerful, and sturdy, a shiny armor to protect me, so mote it be.”
  5. While reciting these spells, spend some time visualizing yourself surrounded by a bright light.

3. Spells for money

Light green candle for spell

Last but not least, we have a spell with a green candle to attract money and prosperity. If you need financial help, you can and should go to the spiritual world. Learn how to do it below:

  1. Light the green candle.
  2. Envision yourself spending money and having all of your needs met.
  3. After this has overwhelmed you, recite the following spells:
    • “Grant to me, my wish I make. With harm to none for my sake. Prosperity and wealth, bring henceforth to me. With blessings that I will surely see. So mote it be.”

Did you like to know our spells? Enjoy the strength and spiritual magic of them all. You can be sure they will improve your life!

Final words about the candle magic color meaning

By using the perfect colored candles for whatever desire you have, you will enjoy an effective magical act that will give you instant results. The 3 simple spells can be cast from the comfort of your homes for instant results. 

So, what did you think about the candle magic colors meaning? And about the spells for protection and love? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below!

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