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Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies: 2 or 5 Pennies Tails Up?

Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies: 2 or 5 Pennies Tails Up?

Did you find 2, 3, or even 5 pennies on the ground?

So, this article is for you! That’s because I’ll explain the spiritual meaning of finding pennies tails up or heads down!

It’s no secret almost everyone gets so excited when they find a penny. However, finding pennies spans beyond just picking and confirming their worth.

These tiny, extraordinary objects have various spiritual significances you should acknowledge. 

Traditionally, many communities linked finding pennies to a source of wealth and material blessings. Spiritualists interpret this act into various messages, some of which may profoundly affect one’s life. 

This post will discuss the most popular interpretations of finding pennies. 

Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Penny Tails Up

Penny Tails Up

Finding pennies in different positions could have contrasting spiritual meanings.

For instance, spiritualists believe that if you find a penny with its tails up, it could signify a bad omen.
They further advise believers not to pick pennies in such a position because it’s interpreted as welcoming a misfortune into your life.
It’s believed that using a stick or anything other than your hands to turn the penny into a heads up could reverse the message.
Other spiritualists advise it would be wiser not to turn nor tamper with a tails-up penny upon finding it.

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Spiritual Meaning of Finding a Penny Heads Down

Penny Heads Down

Finding a penny heads down means the opposite of tails up.

This position is believed to signify that you will experience good luck if you find such pennies.
According to spiritualists, picking such pennies is safe, perceiving it as embracing positive changes in one’s life. 
Heads-down pennies are also believed to be a source of protection against evil spirits and bad luck, just like God, the Head, protects us.
It’s essential to supplement this message with prayers for protection and good luck for more effective results.

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Spiritual Meaning of Finding A Lot of Pennies Around the House

Spiritual Meaning of Finding A Lot of Pennies Around the House

You can rarely find a lot of pennies around your house. However, when it happens, it could be more than the assumption that someone put pennies in their pocket without knowing it’s torn. 

Finding many pennies is believed to be:

  • A message of success;
  • Message of abundance;
  • Message of good fortune.

Spiritualists believe this act is often accompanied by good things regarding you and your household. 

Suppose you’ve been praying for something regarding your family and suddenly see a lot of pennies around the house.

This should tell you that the divine universe has heard your prayers and will soon answer them.

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Number of Pennies Spiritual Meaning

A lot of pennies on the floor

Another dimension to look at the significance of finding pennies is their number. The most popular numbers are two, three, and five, each with unique messages.

Meaning of Finding 2 Pennies:

The number two represents things that come in pairs (just like seeing two doves together).

Therefore, many spiritual experts interpret finding two pennies around the house or on the ground as a reminder to focus on your relationships.

It could be a relationship with your partner, parent, a particular sibling, or friend

Other spiritualists believe finding two pennies could indicate a ‘fight’ between two divergent elements. The fight is not much of a conflict but strives for interdependence and harmony.

Understanding these two elements would help you create a peaceful balance between them

Meaning of Finding 3 Pennies:

The number three bears a significant contribution to spiritualism.

Besides symbolizing the present, past, and future, the number three has also been used to represent the Holy Trinity (God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) and the triad of the mind, body, and soul.

Therefore, if you find three pennies on the ground, it could have a message regarding your present, past, or future.

It could be a sign to revive a past relationship or mind your current life because it profoundly impacts the future. 

Interpreting the discovery of three pennies by yourself can be challenging. While you strive to reflect on your life, seeking intervention from a spiritualist for a better understanding is essential. 

Meaning of Finding 5 Pennies:

Discovering five pennies in whichever pattern has a substantial spiritual message.

In several spiritual beliefs, the number five symbolizes support and protection.

Therefore, finding five pennies could be a reminder from the divine world that you’re surrounded by immense support. 

This could be a great reminder that you’re not a lot, no matter how challenging life may get.

Finding five pennies could also signify that your period of abundance is soon approaching. In this scenario, you should focus more on your dreams and how to achieve them.

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Is Finding Pennies on the Ground a Good Sign?

5 Pennies on the floor

Yes. Finding pennies on the ground indicates an excellent spiritual event.

These pennies create a deep connection between you and the divine world, delivering a higher understanding of various spiritual events. 

However, this interpretation may not apply if you find two or several pennies all tails up.

Like a single tails-up penny signifies hostile forces and bad luck, several could indicate that the enemy is striving to attack you from various angles. 

Could It Be a Sign from a Deceased Loved One?

3 Pennies on the floor

Yes. Finding pennies could be a sign from a deceased loved one as they seek to pass various messages to their families. 

Therefore, if you find pennies around your house or on the ground days after burying your loved one, it’s essential to consult with a spiritualist to understand what message they could be trying to convey.

In some spiritual beliefs, coins that seek to deliver messages from departed loved ones are known as Pennies from Heaven.

Should I Be Concerned Spiritually?

A lot of pennies: A sign from heaven

Indeed, it would help if you didn’t ignore the discovery of pennies because they may indicate communication from the divine world

Overlooking this encounter could easily make you miss out on an important message that would have changed your life positively. 

Whenever you find pennies on the ground, seeking spiritual intervention from an expert is essential to understand their significance better.

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You are now equipped with the most popular spiritual interpretations of finding pennies in different positions and numbers. 

Hopefully, the next time you discover a penny, you’ll have different perspectives other than “it’s good luck” before picking it up.

Not every of the above messages will apply to your life, so take enough time to discover the specific ones

37 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Finding Pennies: 2 or 5 Pennies Tails Up?”

    1. Yes I know this is my time to shine. With my family n more to come this is heaven sent God is here with me n family always!

      1. Here recently I have been finding pennies on the ground. I pick them up always and say to myself “pennies from Heaven”. It puts this big smile on my face.

        1. My Brother passed passed recently. Since his death I have seen pennies in my house and in my place of employment frequently. I know my Brother was very protective of his family.

  1. i lost my husband in NOv of 21 and been so depressed, i found 3 pennies at work then found another at the time clock. stopped at the store and found 2 more. I was like ok what is up with the pennies, when i looked it up to see what it meant. I was glad to know that he is still watching over us.

    1. I also lost my husband in November of 2021. I’ve found Pennie’s since then that I know are from him. In my blanket, and at work. Just this morning I asked him to send me one. Right there, at work, was a penny. He does that every time I ask.

    2. Avatar
      Jennifer McCullough

      My story is very similar it’s so similar I don’t even have to say you’re almost spot on I was trying to just find out what the difference between the heads up and heads down mean and then one time I found three heads up but I lost my husband a couple years ago as well and I’m finding pennies everywhere but I’m having fantastic luck and I’m helping people everywhere and it’s just amazing thank God it’s definitely protecting me

  2. Almost every day I find a penny or 2. When I pick it up, I can feel such joy and glad I picked it up!!! Once running to get on the bus I saw several Pennie’s but felt danger if I made a shot stop and picked them up I was putting my life at risk, therefore I just got on the bus and didn’t think of them or how many there were. So I believe I made the right choice.

    1. Wednesday 2/23/2022 I found 4 pennies on the ground so I picked them up I can’t wait to see what happens for me, Thanks for the info I have always said a penny makes a dollar if you get enough of them.

  3. I’ve been finding a penny here and there all over my house on the street I even went to my friend’s house sat down at her table she says look down I look down there’s a penny at my feet at her house. It’s crazy it’s been going on for a couple months. I do feel like I need a change a transition is the word but I’m not sure where I’m going.

  4. So weird! I meditate daily. I was in the shower on 2/15/22 and a penny fell out of my hair, I was manifesting and it just happened, literally I heard the penny fall and hit the shower floor.
    I have been praying for a narcissist who is in and out of my life that I love to get some help, but he won’t and in oct I ended the relationship.
    Was hoping it was a sign he made want to change.

  5. Thanks for the reading, right on point, , am going through the storm , with my finances, relationships health, housing, cars , I was not sure what’s going on , but lately, every second there is a penny or two on my part , I will pick it up and said thank you father, and put it in my purse, reading the meaning gives me hope , thanks a million

  6. I found three random pennies in my living room floor while making sure everything was picked up before my grandbaby got here the crazy thing is, the floor is always clean.. I felt it was a sign of somekind

  7. I really enjoyed reading this article on finding pennies. However, what about seeing 5 (euro) cents almost everyday and everywhere I turn. My garden, my doorstep, even my car! Can someone help with explanation please. Hearty thanks.

  8. Thanks for the article, I’ve lost my husband 6/16/2020 @ 6:23 am. Worst day of my life…. Ever since then I’ve been finding Pennie’s. Today I stopped for gas and found three new pennies on the ground, so I picked them up and googled what was the meaning and it led me here.

  9. I do believe when I find pennies I always believed that my father and my family is looking down on me telling me everything is going to be okay I believe that something good is coming and I will be financially fit in a little while be still in now it’s my favorite saying today April 26th I found four pennies tomorrow is 6 years with my stepfather died and I just know I just feel his presence thank you

  10. I am always finding one to six pennies at a time in one day. I see one here later I see another one or more. I fine so many pennies I dream about finding them in my dreams. I always pick them up muddy, turning colors, ran over and over. I just wonder why I am always dreaming about finding one to three pennies at least two to three nights a week and the next day I see dimes, nickles and more pennies. I just pick them up and tell The Lord THANK YOU!!!

  11. A wonderful article. I enjoyed it very much. I found a penny at my front door today. Minutes after that, I saw a bluebird, which means hope and good luck. At first I couldn’t see if it was truly blue or another color. So I took a photo. Still could not see if it was blue. It then flew and pitched close enough so that I could see that it was a bluebird. I’ve been feeling down lately and asked the Universe for help to solve things so that I can have stability. The funny thing is that I ordered a statute of my angel last night. What quick response from my angel! She is represented by the color blue. It is such a wonderful feeling to feel that you connect. I look forward to see how things pan out with the message from the penny. Thank for the article and from the feedback, others find it as uplifting as I do.

  12. I literally found a penny heads up right in front of me after I was sitting down on my lil porch area tonight after writing down a few of my manifesting dreams. I picked it up and decided to look up what finding a penny meant spiritually because I remembered not long ago i seen somewhere it was connected spiritually and did not realize that. After reading this I was filled with joy. These past few days I’ve been going through it honestly. And it’s been hard to stay positive, but I know my God is always looking out and he even sent me a penny message right in front of my place to let me know, I got you!! Thank you!!

    1. Sitting on my little porch right now found two pennies here last night left them here until now and I’m reading your article about sitting on the porch and finding pennies how amazing and uplifting words can’t even describe

      1. I got the message loud and clear, thanks so much🥰 it really made my day sense I found a penny and the meaning really goes with what I’m actually going through. I feel so blessed 🙌 😇. Thanks to Spirit, the Univers, my guardian angels, spirits guides, my love ones that passed to the other side and thank to you guys for doing what you do. Be blessed 🙌.

  13. This article changed my life,it spoke to me directly.i thank God for all the blessings.thanks to the universe it all sense of the shinny coins I found.

  14. Found a strange 150 yr old English half penny coin with a little hole in it as if it could be worn as a medal. It was on the tiled floor in my house as I came home yesterday. I had never seen it before in my life. I put it on the table while I put other things into the kitchen when I got back to the table the coin had disappeared. I looked everywhere behind the radiator in the bin under the table I had a head torch on and searched thoroughly but no sign ( although I did find a 2 Euro coin and an English 5p coin during my search).
    This morning when I woke up I went into my upstairs back bedroom to have a look out of the window and there on that table was this 150 year old English penny..
    I was flabbergasted how did it get there?
    I actually thought I was losing my mind..

  15. What if two pennies are tails but another heads? Does that matter, does it change the meaning of finding three pennies? Should you sage the penny if you’re going to carry it with you in case another person lost it and you don’t want their energy?

  16. My husband just passed he collected money of all kinds I was feeling sad and going through one of his drawers, I found a two pound bag of wheat leaf Pennie’s and other monies I didn’t know he had it made me smile,and cry all at once, this was him in a ziplock

  17. I just found a penny heads up with my birth year on it. Funny thing is I literally spotted it in the dark… Any insight or feedback would be nice. Thank ya’ll

  18. I find single Pennies often, As I pick it up I say “ prosperity “ and even chuckle at the universe and their humor that I’m being blessed with prosperity one penny at a time. I keep all the coins I find on the ground in a special jar. Sometimes it’s dimes nickels and an occasional dollar bill. I just recently found six pennies laying together on the ground and wondered the meaning , I knew it was a significant meaning and now I know Im close to my breakthrough .

  19. I haven’t heard much about what people do with the Pennies they find. I’m curious. Personally, I toss those pennies into what I call a wishing well. Basically a steam of water that cascades over two concrete layers. I wonder what will come my way. Hopefully I can remove my financial worries, take a trip with my daughter and help others.

  20. What if you cannot pick up or take the penny but come across one in a strange spot? I was “facing” the cereal boxes designated to my department to help the store, and I came across a penny stuck behind the hinge perpendicular to the shelf. I just thought it was weird and left it be. That night, while working my second job as an Uber driver, the offer coming across was $11.11 for Michael. So when the ladies plus Michael were settled , there were 4 passengers, I asked “Ok, so what’s so special about Michael? And does anyone have anything to do with 11:11? The girls laughed about my question. I didn’t really get the answer I was looking for they just said Michael is basically always out with the girls as a bestie. The woman in the front seat though said, “Well, 11 is my favorite number..see” and showed me a tattoo of 11 on the inside of her left wrist.
    Now, that’s kind of freaking me out because almost 3 years ago when i walked out of a car accident with airbags deployed and all, the only visible damage from the accident was a bruise on the inner side of my left wrist.

  21. I found 6 pennies in my truck that were just like the three on the ground I just found just now, they are just like the ones that mean good luck, what does that mean?

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