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9 Spiritual Meanings of a Pair of Doves: 2 Turtle Doves Meaning

9 Spiritual Meaning of a Pair of Doves: 2 Turtle Doves Meaning

Doves are well known to be a symbol of innocence, love, and/or peace.

From Ancient Greek times, and perhaps even before that, they have been associated with good omens — but that’s not the only spiritual message you can take from these glorious birds

I think we should take a closer look at the spiritual meanings and messages you can take from two doves, single doves, doves flying away, and other dove-based scenarios. 

Is It Normal Seeing a Pair of Doves?

Pair of grey doves

Yes, it is 100% normal to see a pair of doves.

These birds mate for life, keeping with the same partner from the very first time they mate until they moment they die.

A dove will only choose a second (or subsequent) mate if their original one sadly passes over. 

The meaning of doves in a spiritual sense often applies to a pair rather than one on its own.

A single bird tends to convey a less positive message than a pair

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Two Doves

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing Two Doves

Before talking about the meaning of seeing two doves together, it is important to know the type of dove you saw.

A white dove has a different meaning than a gray dove.

So I decided to talk about the individual meaning of each of them.

Two turtle doves meaning:

2 turtle doves
Turtle doves

Some might say that two heads are better than one.

Two people are stronger than one and can come up with more potential solutions to problems than one

There’s strength in numbers, and some believe that two turtle doves together means double the power of the message.

If one dove means joy, two doves together means double the joy

Other people believe that double the dove means double the love.

Associated with the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, it might be the case that you’re about to experience a ground-shaking love that changes you in all the best ways. 

Two white doves meaning:

2 white doves
White doves

If you’re lucky enough to see two white doves together, flying around, all loved-up and building a nest and a family, you should take it as a very good sign.

Symbolically, this is meant to mean good things for your home and family in the future. 

The doves are building a happy home in the same way that you are building a happy home — but it must be said that a ‘happy home‘ can mean different things for different people.

Not every wants to, or is built for the mom-and-pop-and-two-kids kind of life. 

Two mourning doves meaning:

2 mourning doves
Mourning doves

When one half of a dove partnership is no more, the remaining dove will find a new mate.

That, in itself, is a message of hope.

There is light after the darkness, and love after the sadness

If you see two mourning doves coming together, either in a dream or in real life, you could be receiving a good sign.

If they fly away together and you are left with a feeling of peace or happiness, it could be a sign that you are letting go of bad thoughts or feelings that once held you down.

Just as the dove flies free, so will you. 

Two grey doves meaning:

2 grey doves
Grey doves

Doves are often considered to be messengers, either from the Gods, from the universe, or from the afterlife, whatever that might mean for you.

Usually, seeing two gray doves, whether in dreams or in real life, means opportunities.

Soon you will have a great opportunity in your life!

That opportunity could be related to your job, your relationship, or anything else.

You can be very happy with this news!!! I say this because you will have a good opportunity very soon.

What does it mean when two doves visit you?

Receiving a visit from two doves

When you receive a visit from two doves, it means that there is a spiritual message for you to receive.

Do not worry!!! I know, you’re probably already thinking about negative messages…

But that’s not the case!

This spiritual message is usually something positive.

Doves usually mean that there is good news on the way.

However, I will delve deeper into this subject later on. So just look down all the spiritual meanings.

9 Spiritual meanings of a pair of doves

Spiritual meaning of a pair of doves

Overall, most people see doves as a good omen; a sign of positive things to come. In some cultures, for example, seeing a dove during spring is meant to be a sign that something you’ve been waiting for is going to come your way really soon. 

Bearing in mind that doves can convey a variety of messages, let’s look at 9 of the most important ones.

1) Two Doves Flying Away

If you see two doves flying away, or you have a dream that involves two doves flying away from you, high up in the air, it might be a sign of good times.

The birds are breaking free from everything that controls or binds them, and you might be about to do the same

Life can sometimes feel incredibly restricting.

If it doesn’t feel like you’ve been free to do things your way, keep holding on.

The doves could be a sign that things are going to change. You, too, are going to break free and enjoy life as free as the birds.

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2) Two Doves Meaning: In a Relationship

Seeing two doves together, or dreaming of such a thing, when you’re in a relationship should be seen as a very positive sign. 

  • Could you have finally met the one you’ve been looking for?
  • The one you’re going to marry and live happily ever after with?
  • Is your current partner your potential soulmate?

The universe seems to think that might just be the case

Doves mate for life and are incredibly monogamous creatures.

They find ‘the one‘ and then stick with them, knowing that life is greener where you water it.

Your patch of green can be much greener than every other patch of green around you; it all boils down to how you nurture and take care of it

3) Two Doves Meaning: Single

If you’re currently uncoupled and wish to be, keep your eyes open.

Those two doves might be a sign that your next great love is on the way.

Blink and you might miss them. 

You know what they say, though: look for love and it won’t show up. Perhaps the universe (or beyond) is sending you a powerful message: stop looking so hard for love because it will eventually find you

If it’s meant to be yours, it will find a way to get to you… just like the two doves spiritual message.

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4) Two Doves Meaning: Pregnant

  • Are you pregnant?
  • Trying to get pregnant?
  • Thinking about having a conversation with a significant other about starting a family? 

The universe might be sending you a message with those two beautiful doves.

Light is at the end of the tunnel. Doves are great parents and role models, and you will be, too

In some cultures, seeing a single dove while you’re pregnant is a sign that you are having a boy, but this isn’t believed in all places around the world. 

5) A Death on the Cards?

Sadly, a dove isn’t always a good sign, especially if a single dove appears in your dream and then flies away.

This can be symbolic of a death in your future, and of someone that means a lot to you. 

This bird is seen as a messenger from heaven, and sometimes that’s not always a good thing.

As much as doves can bring you much longed for messages from the afterlife, they can also be a sign that someone you love is going to the place they have just come from – the afterlife.

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6) A Period of Peace and Tranquility

The dove is symbolic of peace and tranquility, so seeing one (or more than one) could be seen as a message from the universe.

That message reads, quite simply, that tranquility is in your future. 

Has life been a little hectic for you lately? It sounds as though things are about to quieten down. 

Have you been arguing with a partner a lot? One way or another, it will all get resolved. 

You will find peace.

You just need to hold out for a little while longer. 

7) Seeking Unity?

If you’ve been not united with someone for a while, seeing a pair of doves in your dream, or in real life, might be a foretelling of the future.

Perhaps, just perhaps, you will resolve your differences and find a common path between you? 

It’s impossible to expect us all to have the same thoughts and opinions all the time.

Life would be very boring if that were the case. Plus, what would we complain about? 

Although the doves might be a sign that unity is coming, it’s still down to you to figure out how to make it happen.

Someone needs to take the first step, after all. Is it time to apologize? Put a misunderstanding right? Reacquaint yourself with old friends?

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8) Close Alignment and Harmony

When two doves come together, something binds them together.

They are aligned, as one, in unity.

Perhaps this is a sign for you to take away with you? Perhaps you need to or are about to go through a period of alignment. 

Alignment can refer to a wide variety of things, including: 

  • Relationships with partners;
  • Family relations;
  • Spirituality;
  • Health;
  • Friendships.

Have you noticed that things seem to be a little out of sync lately? Are things not coming together as well as they usually would? Perhaps you’ve fallen out with someone and wish to make things right? Or you’ve lost your way spiritually? 

The doves are bringing you a good sign: those problems will soon be resolved

9) Stop Neglecting Your Spiritual Self

If the doves in your life or dreams are constant and repetitive, it might be the case that you’re not picking up on whatever messages someone or something is trying to send you.

It might be a sign or message from a loved one that has passed over, because the dove is linked to being a messenger for the afterlife. 

  • Perhaps, just perhaps, the thing you’re ignoring is your spiritual self?
  • Doves are very spiritually-linked animals, so perhaps they’re just reminding you to get back in tune with your spiritual side?

Think about it. What happens when someone knocks on your door, and you don’t answer? They knock a second time, and they might even knock a third

That’s what’s happening here: the doves keep coming to you, to deliver the message.

It’s time to stop neglecting your spiritual self, because you are missing important spiritual messages and signs

Is seeing 2 doves a Sign from Heaven?

Pair of doves and good luck

Yes, in many places around the world, from ancient times right up until the modern day, doves are seen as a sign from heaven

White feathers, for example, are supposed to be a sign that a passed over loved one is near, sending you a little message to say, they love you. 

Doves flying high in the sky can be a sign that you’re going to lose someone close to you.

The bird is, technically, taking that person and flying them far away, into heaven

Is receiving a visit from two turtle doves a good omen?

Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove

Although there are a few less than positive connotations, doves are usually seen as a positive sign, depicting joy, innocence, purity, and love.

If you hear one or more doves cooing, for example, a far-away love will return to you.

This could mean: 

  • Your first love;
  • An ex-boyfriend;
  • A partner who’s been away for work;
  • An old hobby you loved, revisited;
  • Returning to a previous job/career that you loved.

Final Words

Doves are magical and usually bring us very positive messages!

So when you see a dove, you can thank God! This dove comes to bring you messages of faith, hope and good luck!!!

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    Adaji, Samson Omonu

    Thank you.
    Dove’s visit has been part of my story. Right from childhood, adolescent, teenage, as a youth and now as a middle aged person.
    I had a visit of two mourning doves this morning being 18th November,2021. They were cooing persistently, while the process is repeated as they go and return shortly afterwards.
    I am inspired by this article.

  2. Hi a month ago i found a dead dove next to my door steps…today in the morning i open the door and i see a dove that looked a bit sick walking aways was on my door steps….what could be a meaning of this?

    1. I would interpret this in the same way dream items are interpreted.
      It may depend on the type of dove you found in both circumstances, but a dead dove indicates the end of a process (be it a relationship, or friendship) or it indicates that one is dying, the sickly dove could mean a relationship needs attention. Again, the type of dove would likely narrow the scope, but that is how I would interpret these signs.

  3. Two grey doves visited my home in he morning,they first perched on the ground then flew to the roof of the house.what does it mean?

  4. I’m thankful for this Article
    Saturday I saw a sparrow trapped well it had a way out I tried to direct it it I had my little puppy in hand Gorky
    Now today 2 doves one white first then Gray one just out no where I had just open my door to balcony I was quiet startled and said is there a message😉🤗❤️The they walk around few steps I could had touch them they where so close and then they both flew on roof I’m on 3rd floor plz help

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