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What Does it Mean When God Sends Cardinals? 7 Biblical meanings

What does it mean when God sends cardinals?

Do you know what does it mean when God sends cardinals and what does a cardinal symbolize in the bible? I will explain everything to you in this complete article!

Cardinals symbolize luck, a strong bond in relationships, harmony, balance, manifestation, and much more. They are considered as the messengers of God or visitors from heaven.

Ever witnessed a cardinal in your yard or a garden? If you have, this is the right place to learn all you want about cardinals. In this article, I’ll be discussing the spiritual messages conveyed by the cardinals, the types of cardinals, and the biblical meaning of cardinals.

And if you are one of those who has never got a chance to witness a cardinal, then if you don’t know the significance of a cardinal, you might miss a message from the divine power.

The importance of cardinals and why they are known spiritually

Cardinals in the spiritual world

If you are a bird enthusiast, then you might fall in love with these birds. The appearance of these birds is just gorgeous. They are pretty and cute. 

Crimson red which makes them bright, and they shine in direct sunlight. Provided these birds visit your garden or yard, you should feed them regularly, and they might become friends with you. If they do, you will get to see them the whole year because these birds are non-migratory. 

They do not migrate to other places in winter. They make thick nests, and some renovate their nests per year, and some make a new one.

Though these birds do not migrate in winter, either they make their nests inside tree holes or congested tree branches. Another good thing about cardinals is you would usually find them in pairs because they prefer to live with their partners rather than living alone.

Let’s now discuss What does it mean when God sends cardinals?

What does it mean when God sends cardinals?

What does it mean when God sends cardinals

Whether you spot a cardinal in real life or dream about it, there is some message being conveyed by God.

These birds are abundantly found in America. Americans consider the number 12 as a lucky number, and as a matter of fact, a cardinal’s nest mainly contains 12 eggs. 

Symbolizes good luck

It’s believed that you might get lucky in your professional or personal life at 12 noon, 12 at midnight, in 12 days, or maybe the coming 12 months are going to be very lucky for you. So rather than wasting time on unnecessary things, you should focus on what you want to accomplish in your life.

Cardinals signify relationship

Cardinals signify ‘relationship.’ They are so loyal to their significant other that they never change their life partner for the rest of their life.

Cardinals and relationships

So this shows a strong, loyal and never-ending relationship that continues forever. People often see cardinals out of a sudden, maybe between a celebration or a wrong time.

When you see a cardinal, be careful

But when you see a cardinal, you should notice the situation and accept its meaning according to it. If you are facing a hard time in your professional life and witness a cardinal, you might be missing some critical thing to focus on as a result of which you aren’t able to achieve what you want or maybe what you deserve.

A cardinal is considered a positive message from the supreme being, so if you witness a cardinal when you are happy or celebrating something, you can consider it a blessing from God.

Patience and tolerance

Cardinals also represent patience and tolerance, these birds do not migrate to other places in winter, unlike other birds, so this shows their tolerance. They make thick nests and live there the whole winter. 

A cardinal in your yard

If you are continuously observing a cardinal in your yard or wherever you go, then it might be one of your loved ones from heaven.

Cardinal in your yard

It might be trying to convey some message, might be trying to tell you not to regret something, or might be trying to warn you about something in your future, or it might have come just to watch out for you. Now I think you know what does. It means when God sends cardinals.

If you wanted to achieve a goal

If you wanted to achieve a goal in the near future and you are now exhausted working hard for it and stopped chasing your goal, then the cardinal might be telling you to keep patience and work hard. Patience is the key to success.

You just have to keep hope, be patient and work hard until you reach your goal. You will succeed for sure. Never lose hope and never be impatient. 

The meaning of the cardinal according to its color

The meaning of the cardinal according to its color

The meaning of the cardinal in spirituality and in the Bible may depend on its color. Below it has the different meanings according to its color.

Red Cardinal

The color red indicates courage, passion, love, anger, aggression, and also sacrifice. The red cardinal also does signify Jesus Christ’s blood. Among all types of cardinals, the red ones are the most common.

These birds are pretty cute, attractive, and tiny in size, yet they are pretty easy to spot because of their bright red color, which most often shines under direct sunlight. 

When you feel you are alone in your life or you have recently lost someone close to you and get visited by a red cardinal, then it might be trying to end your solitude and show you the path to move forward in your life.

Though red color means fire and aggression, you should burn all your sins and start a new life with a fresh start.

Yellow Cardinal

These cardinals represent sunshine, self-confidence, and wisdom. These cardinals are extremely rare. Before 2016 people thought there were no yellow cardinals, but these cardinals started being spotted with time.

They are found in the probability of 1 in 1 million. If you belong to North America, Canada, or Mexico, you might get to spot some red cardinals, but you have to have some extraordinary luck to spot yellow cardinals

Yellow Cardinal

These look just too attractive; they are bright enough and shine under direct sunlight because of their yellow color.

Yellow cardinals also signify uniqueness. You are unique in this whole world, be yourself, try to be the best version of yourself, and you will get the best out of yourself. You don’t need to be compared with anyone. And, you should think of being better than what you were yesterday.

Blue Cardinal

Blue represents calmness, stability, composure, patience, and clarity. So, it means you need to calm yourself and think of the decisions you have made in the past, assess them, and eventually, you’ll know what mistakes you make and how to rectify them.

You cannot achieve your goal without patience. People generally lose patience, lose their calm and face unwanted mistakes which cost them more than anything. You should always be stable at every stage of your life.

Dead Cardinal

If you find a dead cardinal, then you should not just ignore it and walk away. You should bury it in an appropriate place. A dead cardinal might be a symbol of manifestation or rejuvenation. 

You might need to change your mindset and see things from a different perspective so that you can find the solutions and overcome the hurdles in your life. On an average, cardinals live for upto 3 years, but even in those 3 years, they make their life meaningful. They are loved by people, respected by people, and considered as the messengers of God.

What does the cardinal mean in the bible?

Red cardinal biblical meaning

In the bible, vitality or liveliness is signified both by Jesus Christ’s blood and cardinals.

This depicts life and the hope to live in strong physical and mental health. You should never lose hope to live. You should never bring destructive thoughts into your mind, which could harm you and hurt the people around you who love you and care about you.

The highest authority in a catholic church is also called a cardinal. They wear a red-colored robe which signifies Jesus Christ’s blood. In the Christian community, cardinals have become essential creatures for pious people.

Can seeing a cardinal be a message from heaven?

See a cardinal and the spiritual message

Yes, seeing a cardinal can definitely be a message from heaven. Several anecdotes are proof of cardinals delivering messages from heaven.

A girl’s boyfriend was murdered, and whenever she felt low or sad thinking about him, a red cardinal used to come and sit in her yard until she stopped crying.

A woman had never seen any cardinals in her life, but when her husband died, she spotted a cardinal a few days later, and she continued spotting cardinals from time to time. She continued to spot cardinals for four years.

So, do you know what does it means when God sends cardinals? Is this a coincidence or a message from heaven? Let me know in the comments section below.

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6 thoughts on “What Does it Mean When God Sends Cardinals? 7 Biblical meanings”

  1. I believe cardinals are messengers from heaven, i have a pair that live in my back yard, i pretty much see them everyday and feed them. i’m a bird watchers and really enjoy seeing them, i also have a blue jay.

  2. I love Cardinals, they bring me so much joy and lift me up. When my husband and I moved into our home, I would see flocks of them in our backyard. I only saw that twice,I didn’t know or think they would flock together like that, but they did 2 separate times. Then one day, I walked into my kitchen,looked out the window, and on a branch very close to the window, a cardinal landed, it sat there looking at me so inquisitively. After about 3-5 minutes, off it went. That to me was a visit from a loved one. Thank you God. Then, last year I was driving to my sister’s, and a cardinal swooped down toward my car, and when I arrived at her house,the poor thing was wedged in my grill, I tried to pry it loose very carefully, but it was only going to rip the poor little thing apart. I was going to bury it, but could not stand trying to remove the precious little thing.It broke my heart.❤️😔❤️

  3. Today I was feeling a little down. Sitting by the window I noticed two red cardinals circling the house of and on all day long together. It definitely got my attention. 😊

  4. A whole flock of cardinals landed in my overgrown back yard yesterday-males and females and also a red headed woodpecker along with them. Cardinals are not migratory in my area and I wonder what a huge flock landing in my yard could mean. I am not in good health so maybe my departed family came to see me, or I go soon. If anyone knows please tell me, it was beautiful to see anyway and has never happened, ever, in my yard, in any place I’ve ever lived.

  5. No biblical references shown about cardinals being loved ones from heaven. You say it’s biblical, but not one verse to back it up, all that is given on what people have claimed the colors mean something. It’s all a manmade myth!

  6. Avatar
    Annette L. Specht

    I did not see any cardinals today, ( except at work through the window, but a resident pointed it out to me) l did not see or was even thinking about cardinals, BUT,,, What does it mean if i am not seeing one , but only to come across my mind???

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