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Yellow and Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning: 9 Signs For You!

11 Yellow and Black Butterfly Spiritual Meanings (Bible)

What is the spiritual meaning of a yellow and black butterfly? Let’s find out!

Believe it or not, there are actually several types of yellow and black butterfly, each with their own significant meanings in the spiritual and physical world.

Giant swallowtails, for example, are beautiful to look at but detrimental to farms, specifically citrus farms.

They’re also super common, which is not the case for the southern festoon, which is rare in its natural habitat (Southern and Central Europe).

Let’s take a look at the yellow and black butterfly spiritual meanings, and what it means for you. 

Yellow and Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Yellow and Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

Yellow and black butterflies are often symbolic of joy and sadness, with one coming after the other.

A butterfly that is more yellow than black indicates happiness with a small patch or ending of negativity.
The other way around, mostly black with smaller yellow patches or spots, indicates negativity with a positive ending. 
This isn’t the spiritual meaning for everyone, of course.
It’s wise to remember that as you read through these potential meanings and messages. 

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Black Butterfly with Yellow Spots Spiritual Meaning

Black Butterfly with Yellow Spots

The color black represents a wide range of things, and it is known to absorb negativity and negative energies in the same way that black and dark shades absorb the heat of the sun.

It is also linked with the following: 

  • Mystery;
  • Authority;
  • Strength;
  • Bold;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Protection;
  • Self-control.

Yellow, on the other hand, is the color of the sun, joy and happiness, and energizing energy. For some, it’s also the color of not feeling brave or even cowardice.

Other connections include:

  • Creativity;
  • Intellect;
  • Approachability;
  • Friendliness;
  • Hope;
  • Action;
  • Confidence;
  • Purification.

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Black and Yellow Butterfly Meaning in the Bible

Black and Yellow Butterfly

Butterflies are associated with a theme of resurrection in the bible, and this is especially the case with black and yellow butterflies.

The black parts of the insect represent death and yellow parts represent life.

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Yellow and Black Butterfly in the House Spiritual Meaning

Yellow and Black Butterfly in the House Spiritual Meaning

Butterflies and other spiritual signs that come into your house are usually urgent.

Alternatively, you may have ignored or missed other spiritual signs up until that point.

Because you’re not getting the message, the divine realm is putting it right in front of your eyes, where it is impossible to ignore.

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Meaning of a Yellow and Black Butterfly Flying Around Me

Meaning of a Yellow and Black Butterfly Flying Around Me

In some cultures, the humble butterfly is a kiss from the angels.

In simple terms, the butterfly flying around you is more than likely sent from someone you love, who has passed over into the spiritual realm.

Do the colors mean anything to you? My Grandma and I shared the love of green and lilac when I was a child, so if I were to see a butterfly with those colors, I would instantly assume it was my Grandma stopping by to say hello. 

Perhaps the colors represent their favorite colors, or a favorite sports team’s colors, or something else.

The first thing that bursts into your mind is usually the basis of your spiritual message’s interpretation.

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9 Signs From Seeing a Yellow and Black Butterfly 

Yellow and Black Butterfly 

It is essential that you remember the simple starting point for deciphering the meanings of spiritual omens or signs: it is highly personal and will definitely vary between individuals, continents, and cultures

If you encounter a black and yellow butterfly and it holds special meaning for you, take some time for introspection and meditation to understand what it might mean in your own spiritual journey. 

1) You’re Spiritually Unbalanced

Black and yellow are two highly contrasting colors. The presence of both on a butterfly, therefore, symbolizes the need to balance opposing forces or aspects of your life.

This might include light and dark, the conscious and unconscious, or the material and spiritual. 

Are you focusing too much on one aspect of your life? Work, perhaps? Or spending too much time with a significant other and neglecting precious time with family and friends? 

2) It’s Time You Found Joy 

The color yellow is one of joy, positivity, and happiness.

Seeing a black and yellow butterfly could be a symbol of your need to find some joy and happiness in your life.

Have you spent too much time and energy on helping other people and none on self-care? It’s time to take back the time and spend it on yourself.

What makes you happy? Do you even remember? Watch a movie, read a book, cook a delicious meal, or go for a hike in the mountains. Do whatever you need to do, to find happiness. What’s the point in living if you can’t enjoy a little joy? 

3) Change, Metamorphosis, Transformation

The black and yellow combination on a butterfly can represent significant changes and transformations in your life.

Yellow is all about energizing, resurrection, clarity, and enlightenment. Black, on the other hand, is the unknown, mysterious, and hidden

Do you need to take the first step on a journey of physical, emotional, or spiritual change? Or are you already going through a transformation and perhaps unsure of the journey going forward? Whatever the case, it’s definitely time to do something

Nothing changes if nothing changes! 

4) Focus on Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow is the color associated with the solar plexus chakra, and the darkness of black could indicate that you need to spend some time focusing on that area.

Tell me, are you also suffering from low self-esteem, fear of rejection, heightened insecurities, difficulties with asserting yourself, increase anger or frustration, or rising anxiety and nerves?

Those are all symptoms of a blocked or unaligned solar plexus chakra. Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to put right. 

Yoga poses that focus on the solar plexus area are great for realigning this chakra, such as camel, boat, and warrior poses.

At the same time, focused deep breathing and visualizing a burst of yellow light in front of you, using positive self-involved affirmations, and acknowledging your own issues in a task of self-awareness are great tools. 

5) You Need to Make Changes

If you keep going the way you’re going, you’re not going to get the life you desire.

A black and yellow butterfly can indicate a message of negativity, and that you must change something in order to find happiness again.

In essence, the black is tarnishing the yellow

Rather than being fearful of the black, focus on the yellow – the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Stare at it, take it in, and then take action.

That’s what yellow wants you to do: energize yourself, move yourself, and get the life you want. 

6: You’re Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

Sticking with the yellow solar plexus chakra for a moment more, black and yellow butterflies can be a sign that you’re entering or in the middle of a spiritual awakening.

2023 is a year full of spiritual alerts, and especially for finding your spiritual self for the first time, rediscovering it, recognizing that you are a Starseed, or more. 

Do things feel a little… different? Do you feel different? Maybe you’ve just found your answer. 

7) A Need for a Spirit and Soul Cleanse

A mostly yellow butterfly with small black areas could be a sign that your soul or spirit is growing mold.

Just like the black spots on that butterfly, small spots of mold are growing on the parts of you that you can’t see.

There is negativity and disease rotting your soul.

If you don’t cut out or eradicate the negativity, the disease in your soul will continue to grow, until you lose a whole part of yourself. 

A spirit or soul cleanse is necessary in this situation. Perhaps your chakras are blocked or out of line, or you’re surrounding yourself with too many negative energies, or there’s no balance in your physical and spiritual life.

There are many causes, but you need to find the right one in your life, so you can cut it out and regain happiness again

8) A Sign of Good Luck

If you see a mostly black butterfly with yellow or gold-colored spots, there’s a chance that you have wealth, prosperity, abundance, or other forms of good news and luck.

Whatever you’ve been through, however hard it was, the bad times are coming to an end and good things are in your future. 

9) Time for a Fresh Start?

Butterflies are a well-known sign for complete transformation, but the pretty one fluttering around you could be telling you that it’s time for you to find your fresh start.

Maybe this is something you’ve been thinking about for a while or has popped into your head from time to time.

If it is, you should see this sign as a positive yes

You will be protected (black) from all mysterious new events and adventures ahead of you, and they will be joyful (yellow). 

Is Seeing this Butterfly a Good Sign?

Spiritual signs from these butterflies

Yes, seeing this butterfly is a good sign.

As well as being a sign of good luck, good chances, and good times, it is also a warning.

That might seem like a very bad thing, but the truth is quite the opposite. Warnings come so that you are able to protect yourself, thus avoiding whatever negativity might have been waiting on the sidelines.

Before you leave, read the meaning of seeing a green butterfly.


So, have you found the yellow and black butterfly spiritual meaning that really rings true to you?

If it feels relevant or important, no matter the reason, you’ve likely found the right meaning or message for you, but please, don’t give up hope if you don’t understand the spiritual omen right away.

Just keep your eyes open for other signs that work as pieces for the big picture puzzle. 

16 thoughts on “Yellow and Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning: 9 Signs For You!”

  1. BELIEVER for sure!!! Our beautiful Aunt Helen just recently passed:(( As I’m sitting outside this morning reading my prayers 2 black and yellow striped butterflies came right by me flying around. One flew off but the other continued to flutter by me for a few seconds:))) I always say hi to them and how beautiful they are!! Of course it’s my spiritual side. Thankyou for a good read this morning! #Godbless

    1. My personal feelings are to think of the morning as a rising. Then and only then people can stop morning. I wish you well and many blissfuliness to you

  2. This day my youngest child my son had 2 seizure out of nowhere , I was so stressed seeing him go through this, so we go to the hospital,on ,so he was released and when we walked up on my porch there she was and didn’t move no matter how close we got. I just feel like my parents or my guide’s was saying it’s going to be okay.

  3. Was just reading my Bible yellow and black butterfly pass in front of later another can by.I have been having seizure for the last it encouraged me to pick myself up and thank GoD.for coming to see about me.

    1. I was also reading the Bible today at a bond near where I live. And suddenly as I looked up I saw a yellow&black butterfly fly past me and I wasn’t sure what it meant but it made me smile and astonished how big and beautiful it was

  4. A black and yellow butterfly with blue dots was standing outside my home, I had just moved to Tennessee, starting over and no matter how close I got to it it didn’t fly away in fact it allowed me to touch it on its wing multiple times. I never experienced something so strange yet so beautiful.

  5. I saw a yellow and black bird thought it was a butterfly, it came closer so it could allow me to know it was a bird. It set for a minute then flew away. Then flew along a yellow and black butterfly seconds after the bird flew away.. I never voiced my thoughts out my mouth. I took it as a kiss from Heaven.. In deeper thought I realized God heard my thoughts and sent the butterfly after thinking the bird was a butterfly. They left and I felt the Love they left me. I felt God heard my thoughts.

  6. My beliefs are there for good luck like today I seen yellow and black butterfly flying straight across in the yard while I’m seeing it from my window in my room then seen one yesterday flying around in the yard and again today I seen one at my neighbors house.

  7. I recently lost our Golden Retriever “Bear” and the sadness caused me such pain. Our family missed him so much and I felt lost and scared. I prayed for a sign from God that Bear was ok and happy and a Yellow monarch flew in front of my face. I knew that was my sign he was ok. I then dipped into extreme sadness again a week later then I prayed to God to send me another yellow monarch so I could be sure and while me and my mom were sitting on our backyard swing. My mom says look at the beautiful yellow butterfly and it flew past us. There is a God and heaven and we will all be together with our family and pets again. Thanks be to God!

  8. I was given a yellow monarch when a prayed for a sign during extreme grief over a loss. I asked for a sign twice and received a bitterly about 1 week apart.

  9. Avatar
    Kimberly Benavidez

    I regularly see yellow and black butterfly’s usually while teaching children outside. I know this is my son Angelo who passed away at at age three. He would of been 18 this year my love.

  10. Wow! I have to say I have seen a solid black huge butterfly and about 1-2 weeks before my dad past away and later read about the meaning and felt so sad after learning it. However I have seem several beautiful colorful butterflies in my garden and in my yard while I’m out there and I feels so angelic if you will. I’m a spiritual person and feel I have had a significant personal growth last 3-5 years..TODAY I saw yellow and black HUGE butterfly…it fought hard to stay in view as it was flying towards air from outside fan..I almost heard myself speak for it…” come on..look up this way”! It was beautiful almost as big as my had open wide from thumb to pinky tip. Thank you for sharing info..God Bless you!

  11. This is the magic of our guardian angel fully I believe in this and I hope everyone sees in their heart to trust and have Faith for the true blessing for this creature by the way it’s so beautiful and totally seeing it right wow it’s so special.

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