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7 Black and Yellow Butterfly Spiritual Meanings : Symbolism Revealed!

Black and Yellow Butterfly Meaning

You must have come across the amazing moments in your life when you encounter butterflies around you.

  • But have you ever thought that these speechless flies are actually around you to communicate some message to us?
  • Do you know the meaning and spiritual perspective?

Let’s understand the black and yellow butterfly spiritual meaning and symbolism and the message conveyed to us by nature.

The yellow butterfly is considered a symbol of hope as well as guidance. In the early days of Christianity, the yellow butterfly was considered the sign of the soul.

By the way, let me tell you one thing that the yellow color represents confidence and gold. Hence butterflies, represent wealth and are precious. The yellow butterfly is also a symbol of rebirth and transformation. 

As Seasons Change, the leaves change their color from yellow to red. This represents the sign of caution. There are different types of butterflies like Monarch, which is orange in color, Red Admiral, which is with orange spots.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black and yellow butterfly?

What is the spiritual meaning of a black and yellow butterfly

According to research, 70% of people believe that the Black butterfly represents misfortune and an omen of death. And another 30% believe that it’s a sign of positive change and is a symbol of transition and renewal.

You might also have come across some butterflies which have two colors, and surprisingly, they have different meanings and spiritual perspectives. As we have already discussed, yellow is an attention-seeking and bright, beautiful color. 

Yellow with the combination of black gives a brighter color. Moreover, the yellow and black butterfly is considered a symbol of happiness. Spiritually they indicate that you will find happiness very soon, but you need to be wise.

Black and yellow butterfly landing on you meaning

I know many of you have a question mark about this! Let me clear out your doubt. Maybe, the butterfly wants to land on you as it might be looking for a perfect place. If you’re a cynical person, it actually doesn’t mean anything if a butterfly lands on you.

But if you are that type of person who chooses to take a more spiritual approach to your life, then a butterfly landing on you could be packed with meaning.

Butterfly landing on you

Let’s see the positive side of it. If a butterfly lands on you, it is an indication that you will hear some important news. It may also be considered a sign of financial development, and the vibes around you will turn positive.

Just like a coin has two sides similarly, everything has some good and some bad points about it. In this case, the negative point is that the landing of butterflies represents ‘death’. In my view, it’s all about destiny and faith. Don’t think about it too much!

Dead butterfly

According to some cultures, it is believed that a dead butterfly is considered as a warning, and also believe that you will soon lose your friend or a family member who is close to you. Many people believe a dead butterfly is not at all a bad sign.

Moreover, it is just the cycle and doesn’t bring any bad vibes. There is a myth relating to the same, which says, if you see the yellow butterfly first in the spring season, then you will soon suffer from fever.

Inside the house

Well, if a butterfly visits your house, then it represents good mental and physical health. It also symbolizes good luck, brings money to the home. Sounds great, right! Do you know what it means if you dream about a yellow and black butterfly?

Well, according to research done on the same, it is found that there are a few reasons for that. If you had a dream that a yellow and black butterfly was attacking you, then it reveals the negative intentions of the people whom you love and admire.

And if you dream about a butterfly entering your mouth, then it symbolizes that you willget new opportunities to grow and develop. 

Butterfly inside your house

If you dream of eating a yellow and black butterfly, then you are going to lead a luxurious life with your talent. If you Dream about the butterfly entering your house, then it signifies the gain in monetary value.

Killing a yellow butterfly symbolizes you are going to talk to the sweet people. If you dream of a giant yellow and black butterfly, then happiness and longevity are about to visit you. 

If you dream about three butterflies on the same flower, it is a natural calamity sign. And if you dream about a lot of yellow and black butterflies together, then it is a sign that your depression from your life is leaving you, and your family and friends are going to treat you like a prince/princess. Isn’t it cool?

Flying around you

Well, you may get delighted to know that if a butterfly is flying around you, it means that your loved ones are trying to communicate with you from heaven or trying to give you blessings and messages. If a butterfly is flying near the grave of the dead person, it is an omen of the happiness of that person. 

An interesting factor is that if you want to send a message to your loved ones who are in heaven, mumble a message to the butterfly.

It will carry the message to your loved ones. Though it’s just a belief, one could feel that their loved ones are with them, and it’s definitely a good sign, I believe!

Does black and yellow butterfly indicate luck or bad luck?

black and yellow butterfly indicate luck or bad luck
  • In many countries, Black and yellow butterflies are a representation of great luck. However, as mentioned above, there are many superstitions around yellow and black butterflies. 
  • Few countries like China and the United States of America consider them as a symbol of death. From my perspective, the most common thing is that the butterflies are treated as good luck. 
  • Many cultures in the world believe that the yellow and black butterflies are the souls of the demented. For example, Christianity believes that yellow and black butterflies are the symbol of a soul. 
  • Butterflies depict the same as Celtic animals in Christianity. The butterflies are treated both as a sign of good and bad fortune depending on cultures in the world. American natives believe yellow and black butterflies bring hope and guidance. 
  • In fact, Native Americans treat butterflies as a god. The reason behind this is God Quetzalcoatl, who has appeared as a chrysalis, then to emerge as different colors of butterflies. They also represent a fresh and new life in other cultures. 

Yellow and black butterflies represent the loved ones demented in the Irish culture. The term “Colias crocea” refers to the cabbage butterfly, which is the yellow butterfly.

We can see this cabbage butterfly in European countries. The meaning of butterfly in Greek mythology is the important psyche like soul and personality.

This generally symbolizes that an aura, the light, and the focus is needed in life. In Persian culture, butterflies represent flee. Flee is the verb that means fly.

Do yellow and black butterflies symbolize something negative?

yellow and black butterflies symbolize

As we have already wrapped up this topic, let me provide you with some additional information.

Personally, I love this unique combination of yellow and black butterflies that are rare to see. Some people believe that they are positive while others are negative, but sadly most people believe that they are considered death and misfortune. 

Usually, yellow and black butterflies are a symbol of the inner awakening of the soul, a new vision and perspectives to look at things, thoughts, and freedom from all the negative thoughts. Yellow and black butterflies on the flowers cherish the new beginnings of nature. One should explore positivity over negativity. 

You should think positive and go on a path that leads you to a new beginning in all the works you are interested in, and then happiness will be your best friend. After all, happiness is the only thing which we all need. Isn’t it?


Butterflies represent many things in spirituality, art, dreams, and mythological interpretations. However, it depends on the person, whether the butterflies are positive or negative.

Butterfly has many different colors.

The different color of the butterfly signifies different meanings and many other things and signs of spirituality. However, their meanings get different as the culture changes.

So, do you already know the spiritual meaning of a yellow and black butterfly? We look forward to your comment below.

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15 thoughts on “7 Black and Yellow Butterfly Spiritual Meanings : Symbolism Revealed!”

  1. BELIEVER for sure!!! Our beautiful Aunt Helen just recently passed:(( As I’m sitting outside this morning reading my prayers 2 black and yellow striped butterflies came right by me flying around. One flew off but the other continued to flutter by me for a few seconds:))) I always say hi to them and how beautiful they are!! Of course it’s my spiritual side. Thankyou for a good read this morning! #Godbless

    1. My personal feelings are to think of the morning as a rising. Then and only then people can stop morning. I wish you well and many blissfuliness to you

  2. This day my youngest child my son had 2 seizure out of nowhere , I was so stressed seeing him go through this, so we go to the hospital,on ,so he was released and when we walked up on my porch there she was and didn’t move no matter how close we got. I just feel like my parents or my guide’s was saying it’s going to be okay.

  3. Was just reading my Bible yellow and black butterfly pass in front of later another can by.I have been having seizure for the last week.so it encouraged me to pick myself up and thank GoD.for coming to see about me.

    1. I was also reading the Bible today at a bond near where I live. And suddenly as I looked up I saw a yellow&black butterfly fly past me and I wasn’t sure what it meant but it made me smile and astonished how big and beautiful it was

  4. A black and yellow butterfly with blue dots was standing outside my home, I had just moved to Tennessee, starting over and no matter how close I got to it it didn’t fly away in fact it allowed me to touch it on its wing multiple times. I never experienced something so strange yet so beautiful.

  5. I saw a yellow and black bird thought it was a butterfly, it came closer so it could allow me to know it was a bird. It set for a minute then flew away. Then flew along a yellow and black butterfly seconds after the bird flew away.. I never voiced my thoughts out my mouth. I took it as a kiss from Heaven.. In deeper thought I realized God heard my thoughts and sent the butterfly after thinking the bird was a butterfly. They left and I felt the Love they left me. I felt God heard my thoughts.

  6. My beliefs are there for good luck like today I seen yellow and black butterfly flying straight across in the yard while I’m seeing it from my window in my room then seen one yesterday flying around in the yard and again today I seen one at my neighbors house.

  7. I recently lost our Golden Retriever “Bear” and the sadness caused me such pain. Our family missed him so much and I felt lost and scared. I prayed for a sign from God that Bear was ok and happy and a Yellow monarch flew in front of my face. I knew that was my sign he was ok. I then dipped into extreme sadness again a week later then I prayed to God to send me another yellow monarch so I could be sure and while me and my mom were sitting on our backyard swing. My mom says look at the beautiful yellow butterfly and it flew past us. There is a God and heaven and we will all be together with our family and pets again. Thanks be to God!

  8. I was given a yellow monarch when a prayed for a sign during extreme grief over a loss. I asked for a sign twice and received a bitterly about 1 week apart.

  9. Kimberly Benavidez

    I regularly see yellow and black butterfly’s usually while teaching children outside. I know this is my son Angelo who passed away at at age three. He would of been 18 this year my love.

  10. Wow! I have to say I have seen a solid black huge butterfly and about 1-2 weeks before my dad past away and later read about the meaning and felt so sad after learning it. However I have seem several beautiful colorful butterflies in my garden and in my yard while I’m out there and I feels so angelic if you will. I’m a spiritual person and feel I have had a significant personal growth last 3-5 years..TODAY I saw yellow and black HUGE butterfly…it fought hard to stay in view as it was flying towards air from outside fan..I almost heard myself speak for it…” come on..look up this way”..lol! It was beautiful almost as big as my had open wide from thumb to pinky tip. Thank you for sharing info..God Bless you!

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