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What Does It Mean When You See A Black Butterfly? 11 Meanings

What Does It Mean When You See A Black Butterfly? 11 Meanings

What does it mean when you see a black butterfly? In this article I will talk about 11 spiritual meanings of the black butterflies.

Black butterflies have different kinds of associations. These include aging, power, fear, death, anger, sexuality, elegance, fear, evil, and remorse.

In general, people perceive black butterflies as a symbol of death and misfortune. But, some cultures consider black butterflies to be representatives of transformation and positive change.

It is the reason why people often look for guidance in their life when they see black butterflies.

With these signs, they learn how to be optimistic in their lives.

It is because the black butterflies are also symbols of recreation and rebirth. For this, they enable us to bring freedom to our spirit, body, and mind.

So, if you want to see what messages are stored for in you, you can read the following sections. These will help you learn the meanings behind black butterflies.

What does a Black Butterfly Mean Spiritually?

Black butterfly

Gaining freedom:

As per some urban legends, God saved the black butterflies from the hands of death. That is why people now consider them as freedom symbols. It is because they represent an unbound spirit by the earth’s confines. 

Store of wisdom:

The color black further represents wisdom, mystery, and sagacity.

When you see a black butterfly, it is a sign that you are receiving some secret wisdom reserved for selective people. Moreover, only those who are completely prepared will be able to gain this store of wisdom.


Another thing that black butterflies symbolize is rebirth, reconstruction, and renewal.

In case you see a black butterfly, it can depict that you are about to have major transformations in your life.

They further suggest longevity. It can also mean that soon you will be transitioning into a position of power. 


In many places all over the world, including China, the Philippines, and Central America, people regard black butterflies as representatives of death.

As per the folklores, a black moth or a butterfly can mean that you are going to lose one of your family members.

They may even appear in your house when someone has died or if someone is sick. It can also represent the death of something like the end of a project, employment, and relationship.

Transitions in one’s life:

All butterflies go through a process of regeneration in different stages of their life to get their majestic appearance. So, if you see a black butterfly, it can signify that you are going to have a total metamorphosis or change in your life

What does it Mean When you see a Black Butterfly?

What does it mean when you see a black butterfly

Looking at the bigger picture in your life:

Black butterflies, like other butterflies, only have a short lifespan of thirty days. Still, these butterflies try to make the most out of it. These butterflies show us how we must avoid taking anything for granted. 

Even a dead loved one can send you such a message to look at the bigger picture in your life. It means that you must learn to live to the fullest and not worry about what may happen. This is because your dead loved one is always by your side.

Hence, you need to come out of the present situation irrespective of how stressful it is. And you need to remind yourself that miracles happen every day. 

Create your path:

Black butterflies appear to be magical. They are rare in nature, and when we see them, it is because the universe urges us to create our path.

If you are searching for your purpose in this life or if you are facing financial difficulty and see black butterflies, take this as a sign. Black butterflies urge us to be hopeful for the future and to forge our way in life despite all the suffering and pain.

If you think negatively of yourself, it is time to get rid of these images. Instead, try to cultivate the thoughts of what you want to be and the potential to fulfill such dreams. The only thing that you deserve the best.

Do not follow the crowd; instead, go with your instinct

11 Black Butterfly Spiritual Meanings

Black Butterfly Spiritual Meaning

1) Monetary and financial problems

You can see black butterflies when you are facing monetary and financial problems. It can be a sign or a message from God that you need to think more sensibly and calmly.

You must let go of any anger or frustration that you are feeling inside to welcome new transformations in your life.

Therefore, black butterflies can symbolize new beginnings in your life.

2) Death of a loved one

Several cultures indicate that black butterflies symbolize a negative omen.

In case you notice a black butterfly on your hand or in your house, you must spend as much time as you can with your loved ones. It is because black butterflies can signify that soon you will have to experience a death of a loved one.

So, if someone is ill in your family, you must spend your time with time.

It can also be a message that you need to stay strong and support your family at such a moment. Moreover, it is also something that will help you to protect your family and prevent any fatality. 

3) Having transformations

Your life is going to transform if you see a black butterfly.

They represent natural cycles and enable you to understand all good things that happen in your own time. Black butterflies represent beautiful outcomes that come once you get over the difficult times.

It is also a representation of your journey of self-growth and self-development.

So, if you see a black butterfly, it is time that you start thinking about bringing changes to your life. 

4) Fight to age

If you are getting old and noticing black butterflies, it may be a sign that you are successfully fighting the signs of aging.

It is difficult to embrace the process of getting older. In case you are lazy and inactive, then seeing a black butterfly can indicate that you need to do something healthy and productive instead of remaining idle.

5) Better relations with family

If you are seeking guidance for your familial relationships, then black butterflies can indicate a positive change in those relationships.

In case you feel that your family is not supportive of your decisions, do not let that cloud any judgment that you make about them.

It is because these things ruin the bonds that we share with our family and friends.

Black butterflies indicate that your fights are about to end, but you must take the first step to mend your relationship with your family. 

6) Problems related to sleep

If you see a black butterfly appearing in your dream, it can be a sign that you are facing a lot of stress in your life.

Maybe you are thinking too much about whether you have made the right decision or not. These types of thoughts often tend to affect our calm and peace.

The black butterfly represents that you will soon be able to get rid of all the problems that you are currently facing in your life.

As a result, your stress will decrease considerably, and you will be able to have a more peaceful sleep at night. 

7) Acceptance of change

We stated already that black butterflies represent changes and transformations in your life. But we often have difficulty in accepting these changes.

For this, we must understand that we embrace these changes fully. It will allow us to be in a position to transform our lives and change them for the better. 

8) Eliminating negative energy

A black butterfly often appears in front of you to show you your healing capabilities and courage.

You can turn darkness into light in your life by replacing negative energy with positive energy. Here, one needs to focus on perseverance.

Life may throw challenges at us, but it is during these times that we need to recognize our strength and eliminate all negative energies. 

9) A reawakening

When you go through a spiritual reawakening, your ego dies. It gives birth to new energy, limitless freedom, and new methods of thinking.

Thus, when your ego dies, you will be able to reawaken and take rebirth in a way that you go through an entire transformation

10) Rethinking your next actions

While you are rethinking your next actions, it is important to take a seat back.

It needs to be that way, especially when you are seeing black butterflies flying around you.

It means that before we take the next step, we must take our time to focus and decide on what our next action is going to be.

On the other hand, we must avoid rushing with our decisions as that can be detrimental. 

11) Be more secretive

We talked about the importance of thinking through before you take your next action. But, at the same time, you need to be more secretive when you are planning your next action.

It is because their negative energies may conflict with your interests, and eventually, it will negatively affect you.

Therefore, you must only share your secret plans with someone whom you think has your best intentions in their mind. 

Meaning of Black Butterfly Flying Around You

Black butterfly flying around you

If you see a black butterfly flying around you, you will likely receive positive news. It can be an increase in your salary, a promotion, or getting a job offer that you have been waiting for.

In case you are struggling with your present relationship, seeing a black butterfly will mean that better things are waiting for you.

But we need to be open to such positive changes in our life. For instance, if you do not embrace these changes, you will not be able to invite healing into your life.

As a result, you will remain stuck with the same old negative patterns

Black Swallowtail Butterfly Meaning

Swallowtail butterfly
Swallowtail butterfly

Black swallowtail butterflies mean that soon your life is going to go through a major transformation.

If you see a swallowtail butterfly, it is a sign that you need to learn how to be more confident in your life to be able to take the next step.

Moreover, you need to eliminate all your worries. If you do not, it will affect your confidence. Also, believe in the right timings of things. 

Does a Black Butterfly Mean Death?

Butterflies and death

Some cultures associate death with the black butterfly. Sometimes, it indicates the death of a family member or a loved one who is close to our heart.

What you need to do after seeing a black butterfly is to take that as a sign and give your valuable time to your loved ones and family members. It is also a time when you will need to cultivate your strength.

Like butterflies have a life cycle, we too have something similar to that. As a result, seeing black butterflies also symbolizes a kind of transformation in our lives where there is a death of the old self.

It enables us to accept the new us and reawaken our spirit.

Black Butterfly Tattoo Meaning


Black butterfly tattoos represent Celtic and tribal tattoos.

These tattoos further symbolize the temporality of our lives. Most of the time, we tend to associate something bad with black butterflies.

However, it can be one of the best tattoos for someone who is going through a change in their life. 

Final words

Black butterflies often represent positive changes in our life. For instance, if we are going through a difficult phase in our life, seeing a black butterfly will mean that soon there will be positive transformations in our life.

It will mean that in a short amount of time, we will be able to solve all of our problems and get rid of any negativity or stress that may be affecting us.

In addition, it also signifies that the relationship that we share with our family and friends will improve

So, do you already know what does it mean when you see a black butterfly? Please, feel free to share your comments below!

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  1. I can only hope these things are true! We lost our son just under a year ago. It has been a very long, hard, painful, unbearable year. In the last 3 days we have seen 2 big black butterflies flying in our garden! I pray we are in place for some healing and positive energy. I know I will never get over the loss of my son, but I need to heal to be able to honor his life and memory.🦋

    1. This is spiritual sign that ur son came to meet u as it’s spirit guide thing …. He came to mate u as Black butterfly is sign of our loved once came to meet us … Next time if u see please talk n say something loving or whatever u can say …

  2. Hi sir/madam…it’s a very good wisdom and a knowledge to be aware and be conscious about the dearly black butterfly…..I haven’t not seen one yet but I have see yellow ,white and a red ones and I am on a spiritual journey and I had an spiritual awakening 5 years back and been learning lots of Devine wisdom and now it’s good to know some inside wisdom of adorable black butterfly….all the living creatures and amazing manifestations of the creation by the creator and he him self is loving, caring and amazing to be called as your beloved father/mother……he cares for us 24 hours….how grateful we all should be to the whole universe and they are the number one power full force who support and care for us….I can keep on writing but in a short ….I would like to say …he who has the almighty power to stop a fast moving Express train in a spot with a blink of an eye or even the full creation for as long as he wants…..we are all so grateful to have cosmic father and a mother figure like our beloved……thanks for all of the readers time and please forgive me if I have said anything to hurt anyone…..may God bless you all and have a great day

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