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8 Dead Butterfly Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism in the Bible

8 Dead Butterfly Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism in the Bible

Do you know what is the dead butterfly spiritual meaning and symbolism in the Bible? Let’s find out!

Butterflies are one of the most fascinating creatures in the universe. Right from when I was a kid, I love seeing butterflies around me because of how they beautified the environment.

Seeing a butterfly was something I eagerly looked forward to every morning as a kid. Apart from the amazing thrills that come from watching them flying around the yellow flowers in my parent’s garden, I was told that seeing a butterfly has a lot to do with fairies.

Therefore, I always looked forward to seeing a fairy one day – well, it never happened. But I still have the same thrill when I see a butterfly.

This story can be the same for you as well. There is no denying that there is something special about butterflies. They are fragile, yet unique in how they show up in our lives and leave huge imprints.

Therefore, butterflies are one of the special messengers of the divine. Angels can use butterflies to alert you of their presence. A lot of spirit beings use butterflies to communicate with us.

What of dead butterflies?

It is sad to see a dead butterfly. However, whenever you see one, it is time to pick up your notepad and receive from its wisdom. From what I have seen, there are 8 different spiritual meanings of a dead butterfly and I am going to share them with you in this article.

Let’s go!

What does it mean to find a dead butterfly?

What does it mean to find a dead butterfly

Finding a dead butterfly sends a lot of signals to our minds. However, there will always be a signal that stands out among all other signals. This signal is called caution.

The first I saw a dead butterfly, a lot of things kept running through my mind. However, what stood out to me was a caution. I was fixed on that spot for minutes ruminating on the reason for the death of this butterfly and what it means to my life. This was the moment I entered a new spiritual level of transformation.

Therefore, whenever you see a dead butterfly, it is a sign of caution. Never ignore this feeling.

Never joke with this feeling.

As you pay attention to the caution sign in your soul, more revelations will be unveiled to you, which will give you direct messages from the universe through the dead butterfly.

In addition to this, there are different species of butterflies in the world and they carry different spiritual meanings.

Therefore, when you see a dead butterfly, as much as caution is the first signal you will receive, you must also probe further by looking at the color or species of the dead butterfly to get a more precise and accurate interpretation

Let me help you out with that! Kindly read on.

Dead monarch butterfly means

Monarch butterfly

Whenever you find a dead monarch butterfly, it is telling you that you are about to enter a new phase of your life.

You will have been sensing a change of vibrations for weeks before having this encounter. Therefore, the dead monarch butterfly signifies the end of an era, which will lead to rebirth and renewal.

The rebirth and renewal are the beginning of a new era. It is the beginning of a new phase.

Therefore, the best way to take advantage of this message is to begin to prepare yourself spiritually and mentally for the new phase of your life.

Dead white butterfly

White butterfly

Whenever you find a white butterfly, it is a sign of peace.

Therefore, when you see a dead butterfly, it is a sign that you have lost your peace as a result of the challenges you are facing.

It is describing the troubles of your heart. In addition to this, finding a dead white butterfly is a sign of spiritual contamination.

Your energy has been compromised by negativity. Therefore, you need to go for spiritual cleansing to clean your energy. If you don’t do this, you will attract a lot of negative things into your life within a short while.

Dead red butterfly

Red butterfly

Whenever you find a dead red butterfly, then it is a symbol that spirits of the dead are watching over you.

This is to give you solace after losing a lost loved one. The red color is a sign of love. Therefore, a dead butterfly is a sign of dead love.

This is a sign of someone close to you that has died.

Whenever a dead red butterfly shows up in your house or on your path, it is a sign that the soul of your lost loved one has come to visit you and tell you that he/she loves you and is watching over you.

It will help you to grieve less. It will fill you with hope and gill you with the strength to move on – despite the loss.

Dead black butterfly

Black butterfly

This is a sign that evil is around you. However, do not fear.

The fact that the black butterfly is dead is a sign that you are protected from evil people who might be around you.

Although, it is wise to become cautious of your environment and the people in your life, be rest assured that the universe is watching over you and protecting you from harm and danger.

Seeing a dead black butterfly is a defensive sign against harm.

It is a sign of protection.

Spiritually, a dead black butterfly has come to tell you to not allow fear to settle in your heart. no harm will come to you.

Dead yellow butterfly

Yellow butterfly

This has come to caution you. Seeing a dead yellow butterfly is a warning sign.

Most especially, if you have been treated badly in the past by the people you trusted or helped at one time or the other.

There is a subtle way that these evil treatments that we receive from people can influence us.

However, whenever we see the dead yellow butterfly, the universe has come to caution us from making the mistake of repaying evil with evil.

The dead yellow butterfly has come to tell you to not allow hate and unforgiveness to snuff out the light of love on the inside of you.

Dead butterfly meaning: 8 Spiritual messages

Dead butterfly spiritual meaning

In this section, we are going to see the 8 general spiritual messages of seeing a dead butterfly.

Out of these 8 different messages, you are going to find at least 2 messages that speak directly to you.

An open mind is a secret to harnessing the power of the dead butterfly.

1) You have lost touch with your inner joy

Inner joy

There is this sense of contentment and joy we have if we learn to look deeply into our soul. However, we can lose this joy due to the following reasons:

  • Focusing on outward results that inner manifestations.
  • Allow negative influences on our minds.
  • Becoming jealous of people and their glory days.

Once you fall into this trap, you are going to lose your inner joy. This is what the dead butterfly has come to tell you. It is time to find that joy again. That joy is pure, it is what will give you the strength to keep your hopes alive even when all other things have gone south.

2) You have stopped growing


The only reason why the butterfly will stop developing is death. Therefore, whenever you find a dead butterfly, it is a sign that you stopped allowing yourself to grow.

From my experience, growth comes with a lot of responsibility. However, it is a necessity of life.

Open up your heart and allow yourself to pass through the growth process. You will become better and life will become easier. 

3) Let go of every negative feeling

Negative butterfly message

The dead butterfly is a warning to you that you are the reason for your lack of progress.

The negative feeling you have towards life and people has stopped the universe from bringing good fortune and luck your way.

The moment you remove every negative feeling from your heart, you will have the strength to move on with your life with speed, and the universe will open you up to fortune and prosperity.

4) Don’t stop expressing yourself


This is something I love about butterflies.

They will never stop showing forth their colors and how magnificent they are.

Therefore, when you find a dead butterfly, it is a sign that you have stopped expressing yourself and your uniqueness.

The reason for this is that you are scared of being rejected or scorned by people.

However, the universe is telling you to not stop. Keep showing forth what you have. You will be surprised that people will love you beyond what you expect.

5) Build resilience and endurance


Butterflies are resilient creatures. As fragile as they are, they can endure hard situations and circumstances.

The dead butterfly has lost the battle for life and it is a sign to you. Keep your resilience.

Keep your endurance. It might be hard right now, but your resilience and endurance are working far more good than you can imagine.

6) Develop new ways of doing things


You cannot desire new results and hold on to old methods. Therefore, the best way to enjoy what the new world has to offer you is to evolve.

Start developing new strategies and ways to behave, take advantage of opportunities, and live your life. By doing this, you will open up yourself to a better life.

7) You have failed to reach your full potentials

Butterfly landing on you

The dead butterfly did not reach its full potential because it has no life anymore.

Therefore, whenever you see this sign, the universe has come to give you an answer to the question of your heart.

The reason why you have failed to reach your full potential is because of your laziness, negative beliefs, unwillingness to change, and negative external influences.

If you can eradicate all of these, you will grow exponentially into your potential and live a fulfilled life.

8) Enjoy life while you can


The butterfly has a short lifespan. However, they enjoy life within that short while. Therefore, the dead butterfly is a reminder that your life is short.

Therefore, take advantage of the time you have to do good and be kind to people, appreciate yourself much more, and enjoy what you have.

Dead butterfly meaning in the bible

Dead butterfly meaning in the bible

Whenever you see a dead butterfly, God is telling you to forgive those who hurt you. The hurts you are nursing are going to affect your prayers from being answered. 

In addition to this, God is telling you to become heavenly conscious because life on earth is short.

Always learn to obey his commandments and live a good life on earth so that you can reign with him in heaven – after your life on earth is done.

Dead butterfly symbolism

Dead butterfly symbolism

The dead butterfly is a symbol of the souls of your lost loved ones who have come to check on you.

The dead butterfly is a symbol of sorrow in some cultures and traditions. It is believed that whenever a dead butterfly is seen, the happiness of the world has been snuffed out.

Therefore, for these cultures, a dead butterfly brings great grieve to them. Their hope will be the resurrection of the butterfly or the coming of a new butterfly.

The dead butterfly is a sign of protection from evil. Most especially if you saw a dead black butterfly.

Can a dead butterfly be a negative message?

Butterflys and messages

It is rare for this to happen. Most times, when a dead butterfly appears to you, it brings caution and not a prediction of misfortune or calamities.

If you don’t pay attention to caution, then you will become a victim of misfortune.

Dead butterflies bring caution messages from the universe. They also bring hope to the bereaved individual.

Final words

Learn from the short life span of butterflies. Live the best life you can. Enjoy what you have and allow yourself to love people genuinely. This and many more are the wisdom from the dead butterfly. 

Are you ready to enter a new phase of your life? Then allow the dead butterfly to lead you there! Do you already know what is the spiritual meaning and what does it mean to find a dead butterfly? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below!

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  1. I’ve had 4 monarch butterflies fly into my car, literally, within the last few weeks. Feels like a bad omen or something. Saw a dead one on my lunch walk as well. Any insight?

  2. My son found a wing from a Monarch Butterfly while walking at the beach by the lake, then about 20feet ahead I found the monarch butterfly without one of it’s wings? On the sand by the water dead. What’s does it mean?

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