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11 Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Blue Jay: It’s Pregnancy?

11 Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Blue Jay: It’s Pregnancy?

Do you know that a blue jay is more than meets the eye?

Probably, you have seen it and felt strange in your body!

Well, your suspicion has just been confirmed. THERE IS SOMETHING SPIRITUAL ABOUT THIS BLUE JAY.

Biblically, there are several spiritual meanings, symbolisms, and signs from this bird. I have outlined 11 special biblical meanings, and I will share all of them with you in this article.

Not only that! We will also discuss if this bird is closely associated with pregnancy

Sounds interesting, right? Then, make sure you read this article till the end to find out more. 

The Blue Jay meaning in the Bible

The Blue Jay in the Bible

The virgin mary in the Christian religion loved the color blue when she was alive. Therefore, that color seems to be a sign of her presence. Now, when the blue jay shows up, it is believed that the virgin mary is protecting you from harm.

Furthermore, blue jays are an omen of direct discourse with God. They reflect a life of total commitment and submission to God.

In essence, they are teachers of morality – helping us to become righteous in our ways.

This bird is not mystical as we think.

Unlike birds like eagles, a blue jay can be seen anywhere.

Their extremely loud voice makes their cries unique, and their bright colors make them conspicuous. 

They may be seen as ANOTHER CREATURE OF NATURE; however, they are more than we can imagine. 

  • In many religions, this bird can be used as a symbol for several things.
  • But, in Christianity, there is something spectacular we need to discuss:

Firstly, it was seen as a positive sign that brings good luck. The native Americans held on to that belief for a long time, and it has brought them safety.

Surprisingly, some deep Christian scholars believe that this is a creature that reveals JESUS.

Now, some people argued about this; but when you take a closer look at a blue jay, you will observe its bright colors, which reveal the glory of God.

Here are 5 highlights you should know about the spiritual meaning of blue jays in the bible:

  • It is an omen of the righteousness of God;
  • Biblically, this is a biblical indication of inner peace and calmness;
  • This is also a symbol of forgiveness;
  • When you see blue jays, it is a spiritual sign of the love of God;
  • Finally, it indicates good luck.

The Blue Jay symbolism in the Bible

Female Blue Jay

The Bible has a lot to say about this bird. There is a plethora of symbolism and spiritual messages from this bird. 

Firstly, it is known as a creature of great strength

Also, it is believed to represent the dominion of God on the earth.

Now, this dominion inspires people to trust in God much more and devote themselves to living their lives according to his will and plan.

Below are the symbolisms of this bird:

  • Strength;
  • Courage;
  • Hope;
  • Inward Light;
  • The presence of angels;
  • Good Luck;
  • Forgiveness.

In several areas of our lives, we can look up to this creature for strength. Also, God can speak to us through this animal – thus providing guidance when we need one

When things get tough, the blue jay will fly into your life as an omen of hope and great comfort – telling you that everything will be alright.

Depending on the passage of the bible, this creature has several interpretations and symbolisms. The only constant thing is that – it always points our minds to the love of God. It assures us that God never ceases to protect us from danger. 

Read the spiritual meaning of finding blue jay feathers.

Is a Blue Jay a sign from heaven?

Heaven signs: Miracles and warnings

Yes, it is a sign from heaven. In the past, a lot of people only accepted that this was a creature in the sky. They doubted its ability to communicate spiritual things to us.

In recent times, things have changed. 

Throughout several cultures, we have seen people believing in signs from God and angels. Some people get messages about the future through this sign.

It also aids them when it comes to making important calls.

Guess what? Blue jays are one of God’s special signs and messengers.

Christianity sees this bird as an omen of truthfulness, precision, divine intuition, and clarity of mind.

They believe that seeing this bird brings deeper messages that only the higher powers can convey to us.

These are 7 signs from this spiritual bird:

  • A sign of patience in tribulation;
  • A sign of Love and Compassion;
  • A biblical sign of the presence of your angel;
  • Spiritually, it is a sign of deeper intuition;
  • A spiritual omen of heightened sensitivity;
  • This is a sign of companionship;
  • It is also believed to be a heavenly sign of prayer.

11 Biblical meanings of seeing a Blue Jay

Biblical meanings of seeing a Blue Jay

Have you recently seen this bird? Then, there are 11 biblical messages for you. All over the bible, this bird has been used as a sign of protection. Others have seen it as an omen of happiness. However, let us discuss these biblical meanings extensively to equip you on how to align with the energy.

1) Inner Strength

One of the spiritual meanings of this bird is a sign of inner strength. This can also be called inner fortitude. 

The amazing blue feathers of this bird daily remind you to harness the power of courage you have. They are inspiring you to never be held back by fear. Rather, move forward with bravery, and gusto.

Always remember that you possess divine strength – like the biblical Samson. Therefore, never cease to tap into this power whenever you need it.

Do you need to focus on your goals? Then, your inner synergy can help you out

To get to a high point of persistence and staying power, ensure you become open-minded enough to believe that a particular incidence of your past has made you who you are.

Whilst you are not defined by this, you must also draw strength from that revelation

2) True Friendship

Friendship is powerful.

In life, we cannot do without one. But do you know where the problem lies? It is in finding who to trust.

Well, if you have friends, but you are doubting if they are loyal or not, then, God has sent the blue jay to assure you of their loyalty. 

Blue jays exude true friendship, loyalty, and respect

Their uplifting presence can positively impact people’s social relationships. 

When you are down, lonely, and depressed, blue jays will keep flying into your life to remind you that you have good people who are ready to hold you by the hands and support you all the way

3) The angel of God is around

One of the common ways to depict an angelic presence is through birds – like blue jays

Therefore, biblically, this bird is an omen of the presence of an angel. It is believed to be a sign from the biblical angel Gabriel.

It always signifies the coming of a spiritual light – in the form of an angel, who will provide guidance on your path.

As the Bible explains, “The Lord will send his angels to guard you wherever you go” (Psalm 91:11), which suggests that a blue jay sighting can be taken as a sign from above; one that should encourage us to take heart in knowing that our heavenly Father is watching over us.

Do you know what that means? It reveals that God is watching over his children – YOU included.

4) Be persistent

This exotic and lively bird is seen in different parts of the world.

Commonly, it is known for its resilience.

It possesses the inner power to be determined enough to get the job done. 

Similarly, the bible agrees with this as well.

Blue jays are seen as a sign of hope and divine strength. God sends this sign to us as an encouragement. He is telling us to stay persistent.

No matter how tough things might seem, YOU WILL NOT FAIL.

5) Healing

Several verses of the bible come with different interpretations.

When it comes to the spiritual meanings of blue jays, it is a sign of divine healing, which comes from faith

In the bible, God healed people through the stork in the heavens. He also fed them and healed them of their hunger through those storks. 

All of these point to the fact that every believer in God should expect to be healed from their sickness, injuries, or accidents

6) Spiritual Awareness

Your spiritual senses need to be at their peak.

This is why God has sent this bird to you. Blue jays are commonly seen as a spark in the spiritual senses of people. 

Trust me! These birds are sent to create a sense of reverence for the spiritual world, and all it represents.

This is why you should open your heart to this bird.

When you do this, your discernment will shoot up, and it becomes easy to perceive things and see into the future. 

7) It is time to let go of bad habits

In the bible, it is believed that GOD CORRECTS THOSE WHOM HE LOVES.

This simply means that God will send this bird to also correct you when you need to be straightened out.

Whenever you form a bad habit, this bird comes to you to warn you of it.

It is telling you to let go of those habits for your benefit.

8) Protection

  • Have you felt vulnerable recently?
  • Or you felt like someone is trying to hurt you at night?

Well, God has a message from you, and the blue jay is the convener.

This is a message of protection. 

In the bible, Isaiah 41:10 reveals that God is with his children. Since you belong to God, there is no need to be scared of anything. You are safe – with an angel as your guide in the form of this bird.

9) It is time to let go of hurts

Have you heard the saying “FORGIVENESS IS DIVINE”?

This is what the bird has come to reveal. Biblically, God has sent this bird to inspire forgiveness in your heart.

The time has come to release every hurt and unforgiveness in your heart. It is time to break free of that shackle.

10) The Holy Spirit

The Christian religion believes that the holy spirit comes in the form of a bird at all times.

Therefore, a bird like a blue jay perfectly represents the holy spirit. It means that God’s presence is forever abiding with you. 

11) Answered Prayers

This bird has also been sent to bring divine answers to you.

Therefore, if you have been praying to God without tangible answers, the loud noise of this bird is an omen of answered prayers

What does it mean when You See a Blue Jay in the Morning?

Seeing a beautiful blue jay in the morning

Seeing a blue jay in the morning has 4 spiritual meanings:

  • It means something good will happen to you during the day;
  • Seeing this bird at 4 am is an encouraging sign. It means that despite your failures of yesterday, you have another opportunity to make things right and better;
  • Spiritually, this reveals your spirit guide. That is, it tells you that you are not alone;
  • When you see this bird in the morning, it means you are about to make a huge decision.

Is Blue Jay a Sign of Pregnancy?

Blue jay and pregnancy

The visit or presence of this divine bird can be a sign of pregnancy. There are several reports of people who saw this bird and found out they were pregnant.

If you suspect you are pregnant and have seen a Blue Jay recently, I recommend that you take a pregnancy test.

This bird is likely to bring you a message from heaven related to your pregnancy.

Take the test, clear your doubts and find out if Blue Jay revealed your pregnancy to you!

Final Words

Birds are omens. This is why we must learn to decipher their relevance in our lives.

By putting things into context, it will be easy to know what they say to us.

Henceforth, when next you see blue jays in your home, keep in mind that they have a rich spiritual heritage, and you should not trivialize what they mean. They might be the sign you need for a transformation. 

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