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Home » Spiritual Beads Color Meaning: White, Green, Brown, and more

Spiritual Beads Color Meaning: White, Green, Brown, and more

Spiritual Beads Color Meaning: White, Green, Brown, and more

In today’s article I will talk about the spiritual meaning of the different colors of beads and their powers.

Beads are beautiful accessories. They are used to adorn the body and add beauty to your looks.

Several cultures, tribes, and traditions believe beads to be a supernatural object of purpose and greatness. This is why you will find beads in their shrines, churches, or spiritual places of worship to gods.

In today’s world, people have lost the spiritual essence of beads.

They have limited the relevance of beads to what it does to the body.

However, the universe desires to speak to us through the colors of beads, and this is why you should pay attention to what you are about to read.

Whenever you buy a bead, always pay attention to the length, color, and weight.

These 3 things are important factors that define what beads mean to you. In addition to this, if you receive a bead s a gift, don’t be in a haste to blush at its beauty.

Take time to meditate on the reason for this gift, and what it means to your life.

Finally, if you ever dream of wearing a bead, it is nothing natural. This is a message from the universe, which we are going to discuss in more detail as you read on.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Beads


In the spirit world, beads are commonly known as an object of purpose. That is, whenever you see a set of beads in the dream, it describes a life of purpose. This is saying that you have a purpose to fulfill in life, which you must never take for granted.

Beads have been giving men a new meaning to life for years, and it is going to do the same to you – if you pay enough attention to their energy and essence.

In addition to this, beads are known to be a spiritual sign from the universe. Therefore, always think about your bead before wearing it.

This is a simple spiritual exercise that will help your mind to harness the energy from the bead into your soul.

Severally, people have worn the solution to their problems as beads without knowing. A little attention to the bead you are wearing might be the solution and answer to the puzzles in your mind. 

Beads are also known to be connected to the goddess of wealth. Therefore, people that suddenly see themselves wearing beads in a dream should expect lucky money to come into their lives. 

Symbolic Meaning of Beads

Symbolic Meaning of Beads

In Africa, kings and traditional rulers wear beads a lot. Therefore, beads are known to be a symbol of leadership and royalty.

There is a myth surrounding this, which says that “anytime a man constantly dreams of wearing beads, it is a sign that he will become a king someday”.

Now, this myth might not be entirely true, but there is some wisdom to what it portrays.

Dreaming about wearing beads is a sign of leadership. Africans believe that beads are powerful enough to ingrain you with great wisdom for leadership.

Another symbolic meaning of beads talks about being marked by the gods.

It is said that special people walk amongst us that are marked out by the gods for a purpose.

Therefore, if you see yourself wearing beads in a dream (when no one is), this might be saying that you are special.

It might reveal that the universe has specifically marked you out for a spiritual purpose.

Sometimes, beads can unlock your hidden potential. The reason for this is that a realization of how special you are will lead to a discovery of your potential. 

Spiritual Beads Color Meaning

Spiritual Beads Color Meaning Chart

In this section, we are going to talk extensively about the spiritual meaning of beads’ color.

This should help you to further understand how special beads can be, and how much benefit they can bring to you if you pay enough attention to them. Let us get into this right away.

Green Beads’ Meaning:

Green is a special color. It reveals nature, vegetation, and growth. Green beads carry the same spiritual energy. Green beads are connected with the force of all life.

They are connected to everything that grows. This is why they are known to bring abundance and growth to people’s lives. Having a green bead will attract prosperity to you. In your business, it will boost your income and profit massively. 

Blue Beads’ Meaning:

Blue color has a special calming and therapeutic effect. Just like the calm blue sea and the beautiful blue sky. Seeing the blue color brings this soothing energy close to us.

This is the same with wearing a blue bead.

Whenever you wear a blue bead, it is saying that your mind is flooded with peace.

If you are having a hard time in life, start wearing a blue bead. The energy from this bead will help to stay calm – even amid all turbulence. This is how to stay in control – even when things get out of control.

Yellow Beads’ Meaning:

The yellow color is a little bit wild. It sends a rush of energy into our souls, which makes us do things we deem impossible. Wearing a yellow bead is no different.

The yellow bead is a sign of energy and enthusiasm. Whenever you notice that you are losing enthusiasm and motivation, yellow beads can restore the energy to your consciousness.

With yellow beads, you will suddenly become motivated to give it another try. Furthermore, yellow beads are synonymous with the god of light. It is believed to illuminate the soul and bring clarity whenever it is needed. 

Brown Bead Bracelet Meaning:

The brown color is a little bit dull. However, this does not mean that it brings bad news to the soul. It is mostly connected with mother earth, which we call the soil.

Wearing a brown bead bracelet reveals your desire to become emotionally stable. The brown color depicts stability and spiritual grounding.

Therefore, whenever you need to be in control of your emotions, a brown bead bracelet will help. It will also help you to rediscover yourself, understand yourself and harness the potentials you have.

Black Bead’s Spiritual Meaning:

This talks about protection. Whenever you are scared about something, wearing a black bead is all the assurance that you need.

With this bead on your hand, ankles, or neck, you will enjoy the protection of the universe. In addition to this, a black bead is saying “don’t touch me”.

In the spiritual world, wearing a black bead is a symbol of defense. It is saying that you are not vulnerable to spiritual attacks. This is a message that warns evil spirits against attacking you. It is saying that your guardian angels are actively warding off negativity and bad luck.

White Beads Meaning:

Whenever you see a white bead in a dream, it is saying that your guardian angel is around. Furthermore, white beads are an omen of clarity and purity.

Whenever you need to understand a concept, wearing a white bead will help you to attain clarity.

In African culture, a white bead is connected to the river goddess, which brings fertility and abundance. This is why Nigerians especially revere a white bead to spirituality and traditional practices.

What does this mean for you? Wearing a white bead draws you closer to the spiritual world. It makes you spiritually sensitive.

Red Bead’s Spiritual Meaning:

In the spiritual world, red bead means passion and desire. Whenever you use a red bead, you are simply saying that you have the desire to achieve success.

Have you lost your passion for success? Have you become unmotivated because of your failed dreams in the past? Then, you should get a red bead for yourself.

Wearing a red bead will inspire your passion. In addition to this, it is believed to be a love gift. Giving a red bead to your spouse will spur love in his/her heart.

Wooden Bead Bracelet Meaning:

A wooden bead bracelet is saying that you should take action when needed. A wood is referred to as a dead object that cannot move.

This also defines someone that does not have the passion to take action.

Furthermore, it is descriptive of laziness. That is, an unwillingness to put in the required effort to achieve success.

Seeing a wooden bead bracelet in a dream is saying that you should not be lazy. In addition to this, a wooden bead bracelet is an inspiration to be hardworking. 

What are the Spiritual Powers of Beads?

Spiritual Powers of Beads

Beads carry divine powers apart from their different spiritual meanings. Let us look into this right away.

Healing power:

Whenever you wear a blue bead, it is a spiritual sign of healing. This is saying that you will enjoy divine healing (if you are sick).

Wearing beads brings healing. Whenever you feel sick, it is best to wear a bead.

Most especially wearing a blue bead. It is believed that a blue bead carries healing energy to stabilize your body. Therefore, keep it around you whenever you are sick.

Courageous power:

Do you need an additional boost to make you daring? Then, wearing a bead will help. The energy from beads can make you courageous in the face of confrontations.

In addition to this, it will help you to take bold steps – even when it seems foolish to others.

Wearing a bead will also give you the confidence to stand for what you believe in without fear of castigation.

Beads are very powerful spiritual objects. It makes you feel like a superhero that can achieve any impossible situation. If you need this type of booster, then try wearing a bead.


  • Do you lack clarity?
  • Do you need direction in one aspect of your life?
  • Are you searching for answers without any tangible success?

Then, you should try wearing a white bead. White beads carry the spiritual power to bring clarity whenever you need one.

In addition to this, it eliminates confusion in your heart and suddenly sheds light on cloudy situations.

The purity of a white bead is the reason behind its powers. Furthermore, its connection with the river goddess makes it powerful enough to tell you what to do whenever you need direction.

Wealth and Good luck:

Having a green bead is a sign of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that wearing a green bead will make you wealthy. It will open you up to money-making ideas that will boost your profitability at work.

Furthermore, it will increase your chances of getting a nob if you need one.

Beads can attract good luck into people’s lives.

Therefore, always make use of them whenever you want to get a job or boost your financial strength. You can combine green and gold bead colors for a stronger effect.

Spiritual sensitivity:

Wearing beads increase your spiritual sensitivity.

Beads are powerful spiritual objects that will make spiritual signs real to you.

Have you ever desired to become conscious of the spiritual world? A white bead is the best option. Wearing this bead will suddenly make you aware of the spiritual world.

Furthermore, it will take you on a journey to spiritual awakening.

Beads are also believed to be a connection between us and the spiritual world.

Therefore, wearing them is indicating that you are open to the messages from the spiritual world. With this, you will attain a higher level of awareness.


Dealing with pessimism is dangerous. It makes you see nothing good in what you do. However, you can overcome this by wearing a yellow bead.

With yellow beads, you will become positive about everything around you.


Wearing a red bead can attract your twin flame to you. It has the energy to make people fall in love with you.

Once you know that you are in a season of love, wearing a red bead should be a major part of your accessories.

Should I wear Beads for Protection?

Using beads for spiritual protection

Wearing beads for protection is a perfect way to avoid spiritual attacks.

It has an energy that repels negative forces and energy.

For your protection, it is best to wear a black bead.

Final Words

Don’t be carried away by the colors and patterns of beads. Focus on the spiritual meanings attached to them, and wear them according to your need and desire. This is how to harness its energy to your advantage.

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