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11 Ankh Spiritual Meanings: Egyptian Cross Symbol

11 Ankh Spiritual Meanings: Egyptian Cross Symbol

The ankh is an Egyptian symbol that can speak to us in diverse ways. You don’t have to be an Egyptian or an African before you enjoy the power of the Egyptian cross symbol.

You might be asking “can symbols speak to me?” well, the answer is yes.

Symbols can speak to you in many ways. The universe can communicate divine secrets to your consciousness through symbols.

Therefore, it is crucial to always be on the lookout for auspicious signs around. 

Whenever you see the Egyptian symbol, it connotes a possibility of a supernatural presence.

Now, before you run off in fear, I will discuss the concept of supernatural presence later in this article. Many interesting but divine facts are hidden in the ankh, and this article seeks to reveal them to you.

Furthermore, you will be able to make use of the ankh after reading this article.

Several answers in your heart will be answered concerning the spiritual meaning of an Egyptian cross symbol or the ankh.

What is the Ankh Cross?

Ankh Cross

It is believed to be the first and original cross. The ankh cross originated from Egypt. In ancient times, it is always given as a gift by the gods.

Unlike the Jewish cross is straight and intersected at the far top, the Egyptian cross symbol has a loop above the cross, which is believed to be a symbol of the sun or a symbol of divine light.

In the olden days, it was a tradition to always expect the ankh.

Whenever a king is coronated, the ankh must come to him as a sign of approval by the gods.

This is why you will find the ankh cross in many ancient Egyptian temples. It is revered highly by the Egyptians and religious Africans.

This tradition has found its way into the western world but has not gained prominence.

Several people have reported seeing the ankh symbol more than thrice in their dream, but they don’t have a clue about its divine meanings.

The ankh cross originated from the Egyptians. This is why it carries so much power. Now, can you enjoy the power of the ankh cross as a non-Egyptian? Yes, you can. As long as you have faith in the ankh cross, you can enjoy its power.

The next big question is: What are the powers of the ankh cross? We are going to look into this later.

However, let us address an important topic in the next section.

What does the Ankh Symbolize?

Ankh symbolism

The singular symbolic meaning of the ankh is life. All over the world, the believers of the ankh cross have this singular meaning.

Because of its association with royalty, several people believe that receiving the ankh cross as a gift will bless you with divine life.

Now, it is believed that every king that receives the ankh cross from the gods will enjoy long life during their reign.

Furthermore, if you dream of holding the ankh cross symbol, it is a sign of long life. 

The ankh symbol is the center of life and exudes vitality and strength to those that believe in it.

This is the only symbolism of the ankh symbol.

Now, from this symbolism, 11 spiritual messages and meanings can be extracted, which we will discuss later in this article.

The Egyptian Cross Symbol Representation

Egyptian Cross

Whenever you see the Egyptian cross symbol, what does it represent? Well, let us talk about this in detail.

  • The Egyptian cross symbol represents long life. This is the first spiritual representation of the Egyptian cross symbol.
    • Whenever you find this sign, death stays far away. The Egyptian cross symbol is believed to be a great warrior over death. Therefore, kings keep the symbol close to them for long life during their reign.
  • The Egyptian cross symbol represents YES from the gods. Have you been asking for an affirmation sign? Then, getting the Egyptian cross symbol might be all that you need.
    • Whenever you see the Egyptian cross symbol, it means that the universe supports what you intend to do. Severally, we tend to be in conflict concerning the desire of the spirits and our desires. However, with the Egyptian cross symbol, you will attain a balance, and suddenly know what to do.
  • Traditionally, the Egyptian cross symbol carries the power to heal the sick. It is logical to connect the Egyptian cross symbol to health. Without health, there will be no life.
    • For example, if the reason for an impending death is sickness, the Egyptian cross symbol will come to heal you. Through the healing, you will enjoy a long life.

11 Ankh Spiritual Meanings: The Egyptian Cross

Ankh Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you see the ankh, it is a sign of divine life. This is the general meaning and symbolism of this spiritual symbol. However, this singular meaning can be broken down into 11 specific messages.

These specific messages will help you to further understand what the Egyptian cross symbol means to you. Therefore, let us get into this right away.

1) Divine Life

The foremost message from the ankh symbol is divine life. With the ankh cross symbol, you will enjoy a long life.

If you dream of giving the ankh to a friend or family member, it means that your friend or family member will also benefit from the long life you have. 

2) Think of Eternity

  • Do you know that the spiritual world is real?
  • Do you believe in eternity?

If not, then you should expect the ankh cross soon. Because of the affinity between the ankh cross and divine life, it can also inspire you to think of eternity.

It will inspire you to think of life after death.

The divine life from the gods does not end when we die.

It continues even into the afterlife.

Our deeds in this world will determine our fate in the afterlife. When you see an ankh cross, you should meditate on the afterlife often.

3) You are not alone

The ankh has a loop shape over the cross, it is believed that the loop shape contains divine powers to invoke the presence of a spirit.

Whenever you see the ankh on your wall, it might indicate the presence of a spirit in your environment.

Now, the ankh symbol cannot invoke evil spirits into your home.

Therefore, let your heart be at ease. The ankh cross can only invoke angels, the higher spirit, or the spirit of your dead loved ones. The presence of the ankh symbol indicates that you are not alone.

4) Multiplication

The ankh cross is also a sign of multiplication. It has divine powers that bring increased productivity to your business and life.

If you desire to improve your business, hang an Egyptian cross symbol in your workplace.

It releases energy that multiplies your results in no time. This is one of the ways to use the ankh cross symbol to your advantage.

The multiplication power of this spiritual symbol means more profit for your business.

It also means an excellent result in your academics. You can make use of the ankh cross as a charm to make more money or pass an examination.

5) It is time to connect with the source of life

The ankh cross symbol also talks about spiritual connection. If you have lost touch with spirituality, the ankh cross symbol can help you to restore balance.

  • This symbol gave my spiritual life a meaning.
  • It gave me another chance to reconnect with the source of life.

It will do the same to you if you are open enough to its power. Whenever you see the ankh cross symbol in a fountain, the spiritual world is calling out to you for a connection.

6) Protection

Whenever you dream of wearing an ankh cross tattoo, it is believed to be an omen of protection from sickness.

If you are suffering from a terminal disease, this dream might be a sign of recovery. It also reveals the cause of the sickness.

Whenever you have this dream during sickness, it means that the sickness was caused by a spiritual attack. However, don’t be scared. The ankh cross symbol has come to protect you from further harm. 

7) Healing

In connection with the previous spiritual message, the ankh cross symbol also has healing powers. It is believed to have a cure for every sickness.

Keeping the Egyptian cross symbol in your home will drive away every form of sickness from your environment. It will fill you with good health and strong bones.

The same energy in the gods will be transmitted to you, and this will fill you with vitality.

Divine life is full of energy.

Therefore, the Egyptian cross symbol will transmit the same to you. We have received several reports from people who placed the Egyptian cross symbol on an injury and instantly stopped feeling the pain.

This is an example of how powerful the Egyptian cross symbol can be.

8) Fertility

For those looking for the fruit of the womb, the Egyptian cross symbol might be the sign of an answer.

The loop on the cross correlates with the genital organs of a female. It is believed to also represent the sexual intercourse between both man and wife to have a baby.

Therefore, if you see this symbol around, it is time to conceive. Therefore, you should be full of joy and hope. Just like Sarah in the bible, God is about to surprise you with a child.

9) Good Luck

The Egyptian cross symbol is a sign of good luck. It is believed to be an indication that something good is just around the corner.

Most times, this sign will come to people that have waited for years to actualize their desires.

These people have almost given up the hope of a better tomorrow.

If you fall into this category, then the ankh cross symbol is a sign of good luck. It is an encouragement from the universe to keep believing and working hard towards accomplishing your desires.

10) Clarity and Precision

The loop on the ankh cross symbol is a sign of light.

In the spiritual world, light talks about clarity. Therefore, keeping the ankh cross in your home will take away every form of confusion in your mind.

Its energy will calm your mind, and reveal hidden things to you.

11) Love

As strange as this sounds, the ankh cross can also speak about Love.

  • In Christianity, the cross is a symbol of the love of Christ.
  • The ankh cross also speaks of love but in a different form.
  • It talks about the love between couples.

Whenever you see the ankh cross, it might be time to get into a relationship. If you are in a relationship, then it is a sign of love, mutual respect, and openness.

Can I use this Symbol for Protection?

Spiritual protection

Yes, you can use the ankh cross symbol for protection. The ankh cross has divine power that does the following:

  • Gives long life. The ankh cross symbol can prolong one’s life. Therefore, if you are scared of dying young, an ankh cross is good to protect you.
  • The ankh cross can be used to protect you from negative energy and spiritual attacks.
  • The ankh cross can be used to protect you from bad luck. If you have experienced bad luck in the past, the ankh cross symbol is the best way to stop this from continuing.
  • The Egyptian cross symbol can also protect you from sickness and poverty.

Can this Cross be Dangerous?


No, the ankh cross is not dangerous. It is going to be dangerous if you have wicked intentions towards others.

However, if your heart is pure, the ankh cross is a blessing. The energy keeps people in peace and safety.

Therefore, there is nothing to be wary about.

Final Words

Adequate information has been disbursed in this article concerning the ankh cross symbol. With the knowledge you have gotten, you don’t need to wait for the ankh cross to drop on your laps.

Get it today, and place it in your home to enjoy its numerous spiritual benefits. Furthermore, be open to receiving it into your life whenever it comes from the spiritual realm.

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