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11 Spiritual Meanings of Lavender: Symbolism and Power

11 Spiritual Meanings of Lavender: Symbolism and Power

Today I will talk about the spiritual meaning of lavender, its symbolism and its powers.

Lavender is a plant that is native to the Mediterranean. It is an ever-green and blooming plant that beautifies the environment and gives you a feel of serenity and comfort.

Without a doubt, there is a more spiritual side to lavender than we can understand.

The spiritual realm can use the lavender plant as a sign, message, and symbolism to everyone. This is why it is important to understand the spiritual meanings of this plant.

Every time I see the lavender plant, a surge of energy rushes into my soul, which has led to several changes. This experience prompted me to study a bit about the spiritual side of lavender.

I discovered some amazing things, which I am going to share with you in this article.

  • Have you felt a connection with lavender?
  • Have you dreamt about the lavender?
  • Do you hear the name lavender everywhere you go?

Then, there might be a message waiting for you to be unlocked. This is why you should read this article till the very end. Some amazing facts will stand out to you, which might be the beginning of a new journey and experience.

The Lavender Symbolism

Lavender Symbolism

Whenever you see the lavender, a sense of peace floods your soul. Well, you might not have this experience if you don’t pay enough attention.

However, the surge of peace is believed to be a calling card from the spiritual energy of lavender.

The symbolism of the lavender plant is all about peace and calmness.

Whenever you see a lavender plant, it signifies peace. You might be going through a storm at the moment, the lavender plant has come to help you out of the rut. With peace and a calm soul, you will find your way out of every problem.

Furthermore, the lavender plant is a symbol of tenderness.

It reminds you of the beauty in a tender heart.

One of the most beautiful creations of the universe is flowers.

However, they are one of the most tender creatures. Therefore, a tender heart is a beauty to behold.

This type of heart shows genuine care and love towards others and believes in the best of other people.

The universe might send the lavender plant to reveal your heart to you like tender or inspire you to develop a tender heart that easily loves people, and believes the best of them.

Lavender Plant Symbolism:

Lavender Plant

The lavender plant is what produces the lavender flower.

Therefore, it is seen as a source of all things. Seeing the lavender plant reminds you of your source. It encourages you to connect with your source.

The lavender plant is firmly rooted in the soil, which is a representation of stability.

Therefore, it is also a symbol of stability. Whenever you see the lavender plant at night, it is a sign that you are not emotionally stable. This might be caused by a break-up or betrayal. However, with the energy from the lavender plant, you can attain stability in your emotions.

Lavender Flower Symbolism:

Lavender Flower

Whenever you see the lavender flower, let it remind you of the blessing of hard work. It is believed that the flower of the lavender is a sign that your consistency will pay off.

Have you been working tirelessly without any tangible result? Then, the lavender flower is a sign of hope.

It has come to tell you that everything you desire to see will happen.

The lavender flower is also a sign of progress. It means that you are making progress in your life. You don’t have to wait for the physical manifestation. All you need is a little faith and trust in the universe.

What does Lavender mean Spiritually?


In the spiritual world, lavender is a sign of divine message and omen. Whenever you see a lavender, it is expected that a message is coming from the universe.

This is why attention is always required. Whenever you pay attention to the lavender, a message must surely come to you.

Now, the different messages that can come from the lavender differ according to your situation, and time of day. However, you must always be open to receiving messages from this spiritual object.

Another meaning of the lavender reveals that the universe has great plans for you.

At certain times, we are going to feel lonely.

However, with the presence of the lavender plant, a constant reminder will be in your heart that you are not alone.

This is going to fill you with the hope that something good is on the way for you. I have a lavender flower beside me right now, and it has given me a sense of companionship.

I feel the presence of the universe all over me as I write, and this has released powerful energy into my being. This can also be your experience.

11 Spiritual Meanings and Powers of Lavender

Spiritual Meaning and Powers of Lavender

There is more to the lavender than you have read so far. Right now, we are going to discuss the 11 spiritual meanings and powers of lavender, and why you should not take it for granted. 

1) The universe cares about you

Whenever you see a lavender flower on your doorstep, it is a token from the universe. This will come when you are depressed or lonely.

Seeing a lavender at this point in your life means that the universe cares about you.

The lavender flower on your doorstep is an indication that the universe sees all that you are going through, and is making moves to get you out of the situation.

Whenever you see the lavender flower on your doorstep, take it into the house, and place it where you sleep.

2) The spirit of your loved one has come to visit

Have you recently lost a loved one? Then, a lavender flower might be a spiritual message from your dead loved one.

In several cultures, it is believed that a lavender flower in your room indicates the presence of your deceased loved one.

Now, this is not to scare you; it is to console you for the loss. It is said that the lavender flower is an indication that the deceased also misses you, and thinks about you all the time. Therefore, let this be a consolation to you.

3) Don’t give up

Seeing a lavender plant connotes tenacity and persistence.

It reminds you of the ability to weather the storms of life. It encourages you to never give up on your dreams – no matter how unrealistic they might seem.

Most times, we fail to understand what goes on behind the scenes, and this is why we make hasty conclusions.

However, with the help of the lavender plant, you will understand that the universe is working behind the scenes to help you accomplish your goals in no time.

4) The power to grant spirits passage

It is believed that the lavender plant/flower has the power to grant spirits direct passage to the underworld.

For example: The spirits of people that were unjustly killed might find it hard to pass into the underworld. However, placing a lavender plant/flower on their gravesites can grant them safe passage to the underworld.

It is believed that the lavender flower has the spiritual ability to keep a spirit at peace. When next you visit the gravesite of your deceased loved one, it is best to take along a bunch of lavender flowers.

It is a peaceful omen for spirits.

5) Purity

The lavender is a pure plant that exudes an energy of purity. Whenever you feel a different energy in your environment, getting a lavender flower might be the best remedy for cleaning your environment.

There are several other ways to purify your environments like bay leaf and others.

The lavender plant is also powerful to this effect. You don’t need to burn it as incense.

The presence of this plant is enough to purify your spiritual atmosphere. This is one of the spiritual powers of the lavender flower and plant. 

6) Healing of the body

Whenever you dream of bathing in a pool filled with lavender flowers, it is believed that the universe is healing you of a particular sickness.

Lavender is a plant that carries divine healing powers. This is why the extracted lavender oil can be used to heal.

Therefore, seeing the lavender in a pool might be a sign of healing.

Now, this message will only make meaning if you are sick. What if you have this dream without being sick? Then, that is an indication that someone close to you is sick, and will be healed. 

7) Emotional Healing

Whenever you receive a lavender flower as a gift in your dream, it is a sign of emotional healing.

When it comes to the subject of emotional healing, you need to understand that it is not only people that were betrayed that need emotional healing.

Going through stress during the day might tamper with your emotional balance, which requires healing.

This is why you must be open enough to receive this message from the universe. By receiving the lavender flower as a gift, you will suddenly find the balance to heal up emotionally.

8) Stress relief

After having a stressful day, you might want to get a lavender flower.

The smell of this flower is believed to have therapeutic powers. This means that it has the divine ability to keep your soul calm and peaceful.

If you were stressed at work, inhaling a lavender flower might take away the negative energy in your soul, and suddenly make you happy and encouraged.

It is believed that the fragrance of lavender flowers carries the power to activate your chakras.

9) It cures sleeplessness

Whenever you have sleep problems, get a lavender flower for yourself.

You can also get lavender oil. This has the power to cure sleeplessness.

The fragrance from the lavender flower or oil will take away the negative energy obstructing your sleep, and flood your mind with peace.

10) No more nightmares

If you have been experiencing nightmares, a lavender flower might be the best solution.

Because of its therapeutic powers, you can leverage that energy to cure your nightmares. The purifying power of the lavender plant will also take away the negative energy in your room.

11) You desire great things

The lavender flower can indeed reveal your innermost desires.

For example, if you dream of driving a car that is full of lavender flowers and plants, it is a sign that you have a strong desire for great things.

It means that your mindset cannot accommodate mediocrity. Take this as an inspiration to keep dreaming and acting out your convictions.

Lavender Spiritual Meaning in Love

Lavender for relationships

Receiving a lavender as a gift is a sign of love and relationship. It means that the universe has blessed your relationship, and it will blossom like the lavender flower.

It is also believed to be an encouragement that you should trust in the intentions of your spouse.

If you dream of a dry lavender flower, this might not be a good sign for your relationship.

Dry lavender flowers are a sign that your relationship lacks the love, sincerity, and friendship that is needed. It might also be an indication of the possible end of the relationship.

Whenever you dream of receiving a lavender flower from your ex, it means that you are healing up from your broken relationship.

Lavender Tattoo Meaning

Lavender Tattoo

Having a lavender tattoo is one of the ways to keep your mind in constant peace and serenity.

It brings the energy of the lavender closer to your soul and gives you the peace you desire.

Furthermore, it strengthens your resolve to do great things in life.

Lavender Meaning in the Bible

Lavender in the Bible meaning

In the bible, lavender can only mean one thing, which is royalty.

The lavender is purple, and God uses the purple color as a sign of royalty.

Therefore, through the lavender flower, God is encouraging you to never settle for less. He is inspiring you to always aim higher and dare great things.

Final Words

With the lavender plant, you can do amazing things if you are open to it. Let the messages from the lavender’s spiritual meanings and symbolism unleash the best in you. Furthermore, we hope that you find healing and calmness through the power of the lavender.

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