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Home » Herbs for Money: 7 Herbs to Attract Money, Abundance and Success

Herbs for Money: 7 Herbs to Attract Money, Abundance and Success

Herbs for Money: 7 Herbs to Attract Money, Abundance and Success

Do you know that herbs can attract your money, abundance and success? I’ll show you some herbs and even some spells to try. You can be sure you’ll love it, as I’ve tried it myself!

This is a fact. With the use of herbs, you can attract good luck into your life. You do not have to qualify for everything before you can enjoy them. The right energy is all you need, and with herbs, you can surround yourself with the right energy for success and good luck.

Herbs are powerful ingredients for success, breakthroughs, and good luck. However, many people do not know the power of herbs. I am going to open your eyes to see the possibilities that lie in making use of herbs for money.

10 herbs attract success and money, and I am going to show them to you with their unique characteristics. The universe has provided several means to attract good luck, prosperity, and success. The use of herbs is the easiest way to attract success into your life.

Let us take a look at the different herbs that attract money and success.

The best herbs for money, success and abundance

Herbs for money, success and abundance

If you want to make good money and attract success into your life, the following are the best herbs to use. 



Medically, this is a medicinal plant that has many health benefits. Aloe is a plant that has many healing properties. However, it is a plant that can attract good luck and success into your life. If you are experiencing setbacks in your life, you can make use of aloe.

To achieve this, you will dry the aloe in the sun and hang it on your doorstep. Once you do this, you will notice a change in the vibrations around you.

Every negative energy will be flushed out and positivity will engulf your being. Once this happens, you will become a magnet that attracts success and prosperity. 

The softness of aloe is believed to make things easy for you. Therefore, if you are experiencing hardship, aloe will make everything smooth in your life. The energy around the aloe plant is meant for positivity and attracts every good fortune to your life.



This is tested and trusted. Allspice berries attract good luck and prosperity into your life.

From my experience with allspice, I can guarantee the effectiveness of this herb. I never knew the effectiveness of this herb until I used it. Let me show you how I used allspice to attract prosperity and success into my life.

The first time I did this was when I was studying in college. I have tried it severally and it has worked just fine.

I took 7 allspice berries and placed them into my pocket. These berries brought me good fortune. It worked for 7 days before I changed the berries. With the allspice berries in my pocket, the aura around me changed and I began to enjoy good luck and progress.

If you do not want to put the allspice berries in your pocket, then you should dry them and burn them.

Allow the smoke to run over you.

When the smoke of allspice begins to smell around you, prosperity will begin to draw towards you. Burning the allspice incense will attract prosperity and good luck into your life.



This leaf will attract prosperity and wealth to your life. Whenever you use the basil leaf, prosperity and goodness will come into your life magically.

The basil leaf has many other magical properties, which makes it very beneficial to your life. Basil leaf will bring your peace and love as well.

  1. To enjoy prosperity with basil leaf, put the leaf inside hot water and let it soak for 20 minutes;
  2. After this, pour the water on the floor of your house or your kitchen;
  3. Then, use a mop to clean the water;
  4. As you clean this water, let your mind be focused on prosperity and success;
  5. Let your mind be focused on attracting money and success.

Once your mind is focused on this, good luck, success, and prosperity will be attracted to your life.

You will begin to notice instant changes. The first thing you will notice is a change in the energy around you. Once the energy has changed, then, it is only a matter of time before you will begin to see physical shreds of evidence.

Another way to use the basil leaf is to sprinkle it on the floor of your house. Once you have done this, walk around and release words that attract success and prosperity. After this, sweep out the basil leaf and say these words:

Money, wealth, riches abound

Find your way to me safe and sound

Fill my pocket and wallet full

Banish debt with harm none rule.

Keep reciting this chant while sweeping the basil leaves out of the house. It will drive away misfortune from you and bring prosperity and success into your life. Basil leaf is a powerful herb for success and prosperity. Therefore, ensure you follow all the instructions to get the best result.



This herb is a powerful ingredient for success and prosperity. Clove is one of the most respected herbs in the witchcraft world. This herb – when used in the right way will make you prosperous in your business

Gamblers have used this herb for their games, and it has brought them so much luck. Therefore, if you love betting or gambling, then clove is a good herb to bring you luck.

Burn clove in a charcoal fire and let the smoke surround you. You can either walk around the smoke or stand in a position for the smell of clove to fill you up. While this is happening, let your mind be on your desire for wealth, luck, and success. 

Clove is widely known to eliminate any negativity around. The smoke that comes from burning clove herb is repulsive to negativity.

Therefore, it cleanses your environment and expels every negative energy around you. By doing this, you will attract prosperity. This works well for self-employed individuals. 



This is a special herb, which is known to bring good luck to your life and everyone around you

The beautiful aspect of this herb is that you can use it in different ways to achieve the same purpose.

The most effective way is to burn the thyme incense and walk around your house. It is believed that the smell of thyme brings good luck. You can also soak thyme in holy water and use it to bathe. This will make the fragrance of thyme ooze out of you and bring prosperity your way.

Thyme is an herb that makes you lovable. Therefore, it will attract good people to your life who will change your life. In addition to this, thyme will open doors of opportunities to you.



This herb will also attract good luck and prosperity into your life. Whenever things are going wrong in your life, you should try using the spearmint herb for yourself.

From my experience, spearmint is one of the less-complicated herbs that can be used to attract success your way.

I have used the spearmint for myself several times and it has worked wonders. Whenever I begin to feel negative energies of disappointment, fear, and expectation of failure, the spearmint is what I use to cleanse myself of these energies.

Whenever you keep negative energies around you, you will never attract good luck, prosperity, and success.

Therefore, spearmint is the best cleansing herb that brings good luck to your life. It will purify you of every negative energy and fill you with positive energy, which will create the necessary atmosphere for prosperity. 



This is a very effective herb for success and prosperity. If you have been experiencing disappointments constantly in your job, ginger will do a good job for you. I never knew that ginger is a powerful herb until the universe opened my eyes to it.

The smell and aura that ginger creates will attract good luck to you in your job. If you are an entrepreneur, ginger will attract clients to you magically.

You can enjoy the power of ginger by following these steps:

  • You can eat ginger. This will fill you up with positivity. In addition to this, the energy you need will be supplied to you abundantly. You will begin to see changes in the way you see opportunities. One thing I have observed from ginger is that it fills you with confidence. There is something magical about ginger. Whenever I eat ginger, I am confident to face my fears, and take advantage of every opportunity. This healthy self-esteem will become instrumental for your prosperity in days to come. 
  • You can boil ginger and drink the water after it has cooled down. This is effective for attracting success and prosperity into your life.
  • You can dry ginger herbs and hang them on your doorstep. It is believed that everyone who enters your house will enjoy prosperity and success. In addition to this, the ginger will prompt the heart of people to give you gifts and opportunities that will not have come naturally. 

Ginger is a door opener. it will open opportunities for you in places you least expect. Therefore, always learn to use this magical herb to attract wealth into your life.

How to use herbs to attract money and luck?

Using herbs to attract money and luck

You can attract money and luck into your life by using herbs.

I will guide you into the 3 different ways of using herbs to attract money and good luck.

  • The first place you need to take care of is your mindset. If magic is going to work, you need to take care of your mindset. If your desire to make money and become successful becomes high, then, the first step has been taken. No matter how powerful the herb is, your desire is important. Channel your desire in line with success and prosperity.
  • Make use of incantation or witchcraft spells with your herb. You can chant these spells when you are bathing with the water from the soaked herb, or after hanging these herbs on your doorstep. I will give you 2 incantations that will attract wealth and good luck into your life.

The first incantation goes thus:

The wind of change – I feel tonight

The waters are calm and the sky is bright

Luck be mine – come unto me

My desires are true – so mote it be

The second incantation goes thus:

Money Money come unto me

In abundance three times three

May I be enriched in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

This I accept – so mote it be

Bring me money three times three.

Note: By eating herbs, you will develop the right smell, which will create an aura of Goodluck and prosperity around you. Eating herbs like ginger, thyme, rosemary, and basil will attract money and good luck into your life.

How to use herbs for protection?

Herbs for protection

The best way to use herbs for protection is by doing a purification bath.

A purification bath will purify you of every negative energy that will attract external evil to your life. In addition to this, the purification bath will protect you from negative energies.

Herbs like rosemary, sage, and lavender will rid you of negativity and protect you from external negative energies.

The protection bath will be done 3 different times in 7 days.

You will have the first bath on the 1st day at the beginning of the day.

You will repeat it on the 4th day

Finally, on the 7th day, you will do the protection bath at the end of the day – before midnight.

Final words

Herbs are powerful. They are one of the blessings of the universe to humanity. Therefore, learn to take advantage of these divine instruments. Herbs carry the positive energy for your success and prosperity. With the information in this article, you will be able to use herbs to attract success for yourself.

If you learn to leverage the power of herbs, you will experience ease, comfort, prosperity, and progress in everything you do. 

Do you already know the best herbs for abundance, money and success or the best spell to do that? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below!

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