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What Does the Evil Eye Mean? 9 Colors Meanings

What Does the Evil Eye Mean? Colors Meanings

We often use evil eyes or take your Nazar off emojis in our captions or posts to secure us from the bad fortunes to happen. But do you know- What does this evil eye mean and represent? So let’s scroll down from your social world and jump into the actual one.

In today’s article, we will ride you into the depths of the most believable myth of the evil eye since the golden days.

We promise to acknowledge you with some unknown and must known facts about the evil eye symbol.

What does the evil eye mean?

What does the evil eye mean

First being very clear of the meaning- Evil eye is a bad or wicked stare from the ill-willed to us or on our loved ones.

Since the days of yore, Evil eye is used as an invoke of curse to harm the ones on whom it has been glared upon. The degree of damage to the one facing it can be from slighter to the major level.

Orderly, to secure ourselves from the spiteful venoms, we usually wear stones as bracelets, rings, or necklaces. The most popular among these are evil eye stones. But the unrevealed fact is that- Every evil eye stone has its benefit according to the color and your birth signs.

On account of this, let’s wave into the meaning of each evil eye protector as per your astrological signs.

Evil Eye color meaning

Evil Eye color meaning

Blue Evil Eye Meaning: 

The blue one has the lion’s share among all the evil eye stones.

  • It is a widely spread marketable product in form of jewelry;
  • Represents fate and karma protection and is known to inbuilt calmness and ease around one’s environment;
  • It helps to open your path of interrupted communication and let the flow of relief come down to your way;
  • It broadens your vision for new information and frame of mind.

Red evil eye meaning: 

In general, red is taken as a sign of danger or warning but when it comes to protection, the red stone provides the enthusiasm and energy to fight back against vicious individuals.

It secures your confidence back and self-assured you to chase after your life goals. Sometimes, we become tenser about the things that aren’t that much to worry about. 

Red ones are very effective in such times to abate down your nervousness. And keeps away all the fears and anxieties developing within you due to an evil eye.

White evil eye meaning:

Also regarded as transparent evil eye stone. They immune our soul with the sight of clarity. This stone takes the charge of enlightening the purity and cleanliness in us. It shows the new ray of hope and complies us with the neutral feelings to look ahead in plans.

Green evil eye:

The green marks as a code of success and happiness in your direction. It frees your mind from the stress, bringing back the relaxation and enjoyment of life.

Greenstone has the power to increase the charm of your power. It makes you feel a new state of balance and freedom to look upon new ideas.

So, choosing a green evil eye stone is the pointer of your overall great health both mentally and physically.

Brown evil eye:

It is a solid stone for wholesome protection against fierce forces of nature, it comforts you with stability and growth in terms of business.

It will make you realize a strong connection with Mother Nature. And how the Earth’s elements will make your surroundings bloom again cheerfully. It consoles you with a sense of warmth and security as well.

Grey evil eye:

Grey is the color of grace and glamour in a person’s life. A lot of times fate brings in the upsetting incidents which lower down our spirits to get up again.

The grey evil eye stone is purposely developed to chop the sorrow off. It uplifts you to step out of your coziness and expose to complexities to sleek again.

Pink evil eye:

Pink is the resemblance of the rose by hook and crook. It speaks for love and friendship. All the souls need love to hold on in life.

The happiness comes, when at the end of the day your warm-hearted ones are proud of you. Distress in any relationship will make your heart heavy enough to worry.

To contradict the tensions between you both, try the pink evil eye stone to serene your connections.

Purple color:

If your imagination is trapped inside a black hole and you are not able to think demonstrably.

Then it’s important to observe your lifestyle and give a thought to a purple evil-eyed stone.

This color will help to unlock your gateways of artistry and inspiration and rebalance your life with successful outcomes.

Yellow or golden evil eye:

Where in the long run we search for joy, sooner or later it is found near us. For this, we require a cluster of attentiveness to approach our destined goal.

Yellow and gold color stones make sure to reinstate the old days of youthfulness and positivity again in you.

It will glow and enrich you with wisdom and prestige.

Black evil eye meaning:

Black is the signifier of power, but the mysterious and secretive are the other two sides of black. Just as the force nullifies the force, similarly the parallel opposites neutralize each other.

The malevolent energy has also been empowered by the same black evil eye stone which is the color of dark magic.

Hence, carrying a black evil eye stone ring on the middle finger of your right hand will protect you from the unknown compulsion.

Evil Eye symbol meaning

Evil Eye symbol

Evil Eye has been introduced by Greek spiritual teachers in the 6th century BC and step by step- Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hindu, and many more cultures started believing in the concept of an evil eye.

Some believe that it occurs due to supernatural events while others consider it as an intentional ill-sight of others to cause you harm.

Since then, evil eye stones or amulets come into existence.

Today, all over the world it is viewed as a universal symbol for protection and safeguard. It is meant to perform a function of a shield and reciprocate the effect on the one by whom an evil eye is sent.  

Evil Eye jewellery meaning

Evil Eye jewellery

We generally put on jewels to enhance our elegance and beauty. Just like the other jewelry pieces, we can also wear evil eye stones according to our preferences. The following evil eye treasures are:

Bracelet meaning: 

Wearing an evil eye bracelet shows you up as a statement of positivity protected from harm and suffering. It builds up the environment of productive and self-confident energy around us.

Necklace and earrings meaning: 

Extremely popular these days, eye-charm pendants and necklaces gained approval in fashion as well as positivism. People favor putting on these beautiful works of art and expressing the dimly viewed eyes on them to fade away.

Evil eye stone: 

Countless people believe in stones mythology and don them on their fingers as rings. The evil eye stone is one of them to be easily accessible and the most trustable by all.   

Did Evil Eye affect you?


A doubt appears into our minds frequently, If we are affected by an evil eye? Does someone glare their ill-vision on me? But the reasons to justify ourselves are never seen.

The underneath can be your explanations to an evil eye gaze upon you:

  • The laziness that does not allow you to go out and catch up with family and friends, pulls you off from your near and dears;
  • The tiredness developed within you, which makes you inactive and immobile grip onto your schedule;
  • Random headaches, anxiety, fear, and destructive behavior;
  • The opportunities being snatched away from your hands, after talking about it;
  • Emotions begin out of your control, not permitting you to focus or concentrate on the present.

Which evil eye-colored stone to wear – Depending on your Zodiac sign!

Zodiac signs


Aquarius is one of the independent signs that believe to be rebellious and inventive in life. Many times, Their unusual yet original nature causes them to get caught in spiteful visions.

So, turquoise or light blue eye stone is their defender leading to good health, peace, and healing in hard times. This stone enlightens up the wisdom in you by clearing out the unsophisticated understanding in you.


Aries are said to be the most confident astrological signs. Their lively character depicts their passion for power and love.

They are bold and courageous enough to walk alone to the path of difficulties. Red evil eye stone is the appropriate one for them to punch off the cruelty. It strengthens out their spark and makes them the frame of attention again.


Pisces reflects sensitivity and selflessness as their vital personality trait.

They are naïve to worldly affairs. Sympathy is their inborn quality due to which a lot of people try to take advantage of their kindness.

Their sentimental nature let them into the hideous ill-will of others. Light green colored evil eye stone is the right one for Pisces to ensure the restoration of luck and desired aims back into their lives.  


This zodiac sign indicates the persistent and determined attribute of a person. They are warm-hearted and loving personalities but their resentfulness and inflexibility can cause great damage to them.

The dark green stone acts as a defense for the ones born in the Taurus sign.

Green evil eye helps to prosper them with happiness and degrade down the envious side to soothe their life. 


Cancers are overemotional and protective individuals when it comes to their dear ones. But who knows that even your close ones can stab you back with vengeful insight.

Therefore, White or transparent colored evil eye stone is a must necessary for people born in this astrological sign. It open opens the door for fresh beginnings and purification of thoughts. However, clear out all the clutter and obstacles away.


Virgos are claimed as practical people with intelligent skills.

They carefully analyze the factors before making any decisions in life. To Be a perfectionist in every work they do, at times they become harsh and critical towards their colleagues.

Therefore, brown color evil eye stone is a favorable one for them to a steady and tranquil life.


Air as their element, Leo’s are generous and full of will kind of people.

They dare to stand alone against hundred. But because of their egocentric and dictatorial identity, they receive loads of hatred and misfortune from others.

Golden evil eye stone jewelry has the originality to reimburse the radiance and glow onto their track.


The magnetic aroma of scorpions, make them the observable figure in people’s eye. The drama and incidents revolve around them.

To clear out their route and become inconspicuous, scorpions should undertake a chance to use black color eye stone.

It will enable them to authorize over their noticeable strike and look forward to bringing prosperity into their life lane.    


Who can crack better humor than a Capricorn?

They are very prudent and very ambitious but once they are miserly affected by someone. They have a quirk to hold grudge against those who provoked them.

Grey color evil eye stone is a match for them to emphasize their willingness and revive the coolness in their persona.


Gemini’s have the sensuality to value friendships till the end. They are multi-talented to adapt to the versatility of life with open arms.

The positive attitude pictures them as young blood beings. The more caliber they have, the more they are tricked down by near ones.

To save themselves from ugly visions, Gemini’s must attempt for yellow color evil eye stone to tarnish the inactiveness and exhaustion in their passage.   


Air is the element of Librans that tells the supremacy of their communicating skills. They know how to handle situations sensitively and carefully.

They are dignified to understand the situations and play fairly. But their unsuspecting innocence gives rise to gloomy energy multiple times around them.

They should wear pink evil eye stone as a guard against ill-gaze.


These idealistic and restless birds are jovial and freedom-loving. Due to their straightforward nature, they add the new enemies to the list of foes.

Sometimes, their optimistic look towards the future gives them a threatening and inauspicious impression as a result.

But they are suggested not to lose the faith and crack a shot on purple-colored evil eye stone.

What does the evil eye represent?

Blue Evil eye

Some people have the habit to praise and compliment you on your victory but on the inside are jealous. They are desirous to have all that which is yours without struggling. Such people are revealed as evil-eyed for you.

Supposing to rescue yourself from such people, the eye-charm amulets are used as a boat to save you from sinking into the water. Having them on you makes you feel a new vibe around you and frees you from the threatening affairs that would arise in the future.  

How to use the evil eye for protection?

Spiritual protection

To save yourself from wicked eyes, it’s simple to carry the evil-eyed jewel pieces as your ornaments.

They are available in the form of earrings, ring stones, bracelets, pendants, and even as wall hangings and interior furniture for decoration at homes. Wearing one kind of evil-eye item is enough to return the negativity to the sender.  

They also mark us as a bossy and independent outlook for us to clothed on with any attire. They are a royal and unique piece of art with significant meanings and always look classy to put on.      

Popular Evil eye protectors


Other than eye-charms, people also believe in other methods to remain safe from ill-eyes. These are:

1) Coconut breaking: It is a Hindu ritual to break a coconut before the new beginnings in life or business. It is done as a belief to keep all the unpleasant and bad vibrations away and make the environment pure by the grace of god’s blessings. It is also believed that a flawed or black coconut from inside is the indication of misfortune approaching you.

2) Mirror mascot: If we look back to history, a mirror is made for the sole purpose of reflection. Apart from this, Mirror talismans serve the same purpose to bounce the bad aura back to the originator. This is why mirrors inhabited a special place in our living rooms.

3) Magnet as a cleaner: As stated in a few traditions, the opposing energy is being magnetized by the magnets just as it attracts the metals. So, running over a magnet over your body from head to the toes will withdraw all the resisting aura inside you. And burning these lodestones afterward will completely tarnish them.

4) Hamsa: Hamsa has been hung as hangings and home decorative pieces. It is not just an ordinary swing but has a powerful essence to carry fortune and good luck to the homes. It’s a palm-shaped hanging representing the 5 fingers as dominant and mighty in opposition to a hostile stare. These fingers are also counted as the five blessings of- faith, hope, solidity, peace, and wealth from the creator. 

Where I can buy one?

You can get your lucky charms or evil protectors from any local shops to big pocket shopping complex malls. They are even available in online stores as modern segments of jewel. Just like crystal stones, you can even customize them according to your will

On the footnote, if anything is severely affecting you and your family. We will recommend you go for the evil eye stones following your birth date and astrological zodiac.

For any assistance, you can ping us in the comment section anytime. Our spiritual experts will be to help you.

So, what did you think about the evil eye color meaning and symbolism? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comment below!

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